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I have gone from younggrandma to just yg. Now,
I am using my real name.
I don't think anyone who knows me will have trouble figuring out who that is!

I have been gone a while dealing with things in my own life. I am back now to help once again. Do not expect answers from me that just tell you what you want to hear. Life is to short for nonsense. :)
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Gender: Female
Location: KANSAS
Occupation: Homemaker,EMT, ER worker, Medical assistant
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There is a kid in my lunch class. I need to walk by his table to get to mine and every single day he is at his table already with his food. I will walk by and try not to look at him like a creep (I'm kinda diggin him, btw) but sometimes I'll look at him and he'll be looking at me already. I love it and usually I'm the one who breaks the glance. We'll look at each other while I'm walking to my table and he'll look at me until he can't anymore without turning around. What does this mean? Does he think I'm cute? What do I do? Thanks! (link)
I think the chances are great that he likes you. You are doing something that is getting his attention.

Why not try for a reaction from him? Next time you walk by and catch him staring, give him a wink and a smile. ;)

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Thanks! (:

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