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I have gone from younggrandma to just yg. Now,
I am using my real name.
I don't think anyone who knows me will have trouble figuring out who that is!

I have been gone a while dealing with things in my own life. I am back now to help once again. Do not expect answers from me that just tell you what you want to hear. Life is to short for nonsense. :)
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ok i have a friend i will call her "Missy" she wants to be my locker partner next year and she is moving in 2 summers from today. But my other friend i will call her "Malina" she wants me to be her locker partner and will be really really really mad at me if i be "Missy's" locker partner because "Malina" hates "Missy". But i don't want to hurt there feelings by being locker partners with one of them. But i don't have anyone else to be my locker parter because eveyone thinks i am fat and ugly and stupid. "Missy" and "Malina" are both my best friends in the whole world. Who should i be locker partners with next year? Thank you whoever answers my questain i really need the help! (link)
Talk to them both and explain the situation.Then have them draw straws or pick which hand a rock is in or something.Make it easy on yourself even though I know that sounds like a silly idea. If you don't the loser will just blame you and you don't need that.

ok i have this friend and well he rlly wants to loose his virginity cause he feels weird at his age...(peer presure) and so he asked me if i would do it with scared of wht ppl wouldthink (ive alraeady lost mine)...but i dnt wanna sound like a slut or anything
pleasee help me!! thnks!! (link)
if you don't love them...don't have sex with them. If this guy is wanting to loose his virginity because of "peer pressure" he's not mature enough anyway. Stay friends and tell him not to rush into things because of what other people think. You neither!

The problem is I have this boyfriend, who i care about a lot.. but.. i think he im starting to not like him like that anymore.. there are some problems.. like he wont talk to me or anything!! hes like the shyest person in the world when hes around me and i hate it!! cause when hes with other people hes like crazy.. how can i make a break up... so we can still be friends or at least talk to eachother..?? (link)
You need to talk to him and tell him.Say something realize the bf/gf thing didn't work out but you really would like to stay friends. See how it goes.

ok my boyfriend invited me over to his house to watch a movie and his parents were not home. and about half way in the movie he leaned over and kissed me and we started making out and them he took all of my clothes off and we started having sex it was so much fun!!! My friends were all asking what happend at his house should i tell them? (link)
I hope he used protection first thing.Second thing is I wouldn't make a habit of doing it at his house...What if someone walked in on you? Man talk about huge embarasment (sorry spelling)!
Third, keep your private life to yourself.Don't uh, kiss and tell.

My boyfriend says that I ignore him! And I don't think I am! I talk to him whenever I see him and between almost every class and everything! I dunno if because usually my friends are around he doesn't want to talk or what. I've tried talking to him more and talking to him when no one else is around. Is he just like really shy or what? Cause it's like really annoying when he says that I don't talk to him or else I ignore him! Help! (link)
You just keep trying to include him.If he doesn't want to be included there isn't a thing you can do about it.Maybe he's looking for an out I don't really know.Good luck with him.

I have this friend and we have become colser and closer each week but, like we just became friends last year all over little conversations at a time. And we got closer because of one of my best friends. Well, we knew each other since like kindergarten but we really didn't like each other and then last year we became really close. Well, she doesn't like sports, is a prep but doesn't think she is, wears clothes that she thinks are in style but aren't,acts like she is perfect, and has become really punkish. I am like the opposite. Soo all a sudden she has really been annoying me but I honestly don't know why. She tries to be something is isn't and is annoying also. I don't know really what to do. I can take time off from her and things because we aren't that close it matters but that won't work really have already tried....What do I do?? (link)
Accept her as she is. She doesn't know what she wants to be yet and is trying diffrent things.You have diffrent intrests but you can still be friends.Unless she gets into some really weird shit or something don't worry about her annoying behavior. If it gets to be to much I guess you move on.

Well, My friend is REALLY into this one guy. She told him she liked him on a class trip. They aren't going out but are really close. I found out a couple of days ago that he KISSED her in the copy room..*cough*. Anyway, He isn't really into her and says he likes her as a friend. But, He's touched her in places, called her hot and now kissed her. What's up with him? He says he wants to just be friends but...doesn't seem that way. It seems like either that's incorrect or..He's using her.
By the way, He's had tons of gfs before and isn't a virgin. I'm worried about my friend. He's that kind of guy that..could rape. I'm really worried about her.

Any idea of what's up?

-En Garde' (link)
He's just pushing it to see what he can get away with.He's more interested in sex than friendship if you ask me.I would be telling him to get lost.He must think he's the greatest thing that ever walked....It would be fun to knock him down a couple of notches!Tell your friend to keep away from this creep.

Lathy, I been talking this guy I know over a year now. we becoming friendds and of course were in drama class together. frist part of the year I gotten know how sweet he is and he started talk to me and say hi and stuff. he sweet and loving to everyone. I at frist like him as a freind. then when part after a year or so I start to open up more and tease him and try to saysomethinng funny but come out wrong and I feel like I am showing him I like him. I think I am sarding him away. he say he cool with that I like him, I he gives me hugs stuff like that. he like that other girls.. online he talks to me little. he smart to. thing is I want like him as a freind but all of sudden I say something stupid or did something not me. I am trying be me but its hard becouse I think I having feelings for him I dont want that becouse were seniors this year. i lost other guys firends i had. one my nighbore say he promise visted me never did. sorry this is long. but this guy i know he like me and stuff but i want expaline to him why i been acting like this around him. hes knows it not me. i know he use know sweet amanda like me.. i am lost i think beocuse i see other girl flarting him. he seem think funny but he dont really flart. anyway it all i say. if u dont understand i understand want me send u email and i will try explaine better..
I think I falling in peaces of a guy but I think best to tell him why I think he understand if not he a jerk? right? i know how to moved on..

Thanks (link)
Just be friends for now and see how it goes.You really can't help it if you have feelings for him. Our feeling don't always do what we want them to do they!? Just be yourself.He seems to understand and I doubt he thinks you're stupid or anything.A little nervous maybe....If I didn't help feel free to email with more info.

my boyfriend and I have been dating for quiet awhile now.. (1/2 a year) and now he's thinking i don't like him anymore, when he's the one who shows a lack of interest in me.. what do i do? i'm so oblivious to the situation. I really cannot lose him, he means way too much to me... I'm not the perfect girlfriend, i do have my flaws as everyone does, but i never knew i had one of showing no interest.. help (link)
unfortunatley i would say he's the one loosing interest.He probably feels a little guilty about it and is trying to make it seem like it's you.I guess you shower him with attention and see how it goes....hope it goes your way.

ok i was dateing this 21 year old guy and i fell in love with him but then i had to move away and then i came back where he lives and we live in the same home but he has another girlfriend and now i want him back but i don't know how (link)
There is nothing you can do about it.Well, there probably is but you'll look like jerk.If he feels the same you will get back together. I wouldn't sit around and wait though.

i've been really doubting Jesus Christ these past few days. i believed in Jesus before and i trust that i'll believe in him once again, i just need some motivation and i need to be reminded again of his grace and glory. please help me turn my life back to God. (link)
This is one of those things you will have to do for yourself.Talk with your parents and your church.

hello to get straight to the point i lost some one i loved and i dont mean a family happy he moved on and im happy i have a boyfriend now to. he says i can talk to him about anything its werid to talk to him now though. and i like my boyfriend alot but i still think about my ex ALOT and i cant get him out of mine. its driving me crazy. please help (link)
You say you are happy he moved on...I don't think you are. You can't be that happy with the new guy if you can't get the old one out of your head.Be friends with both until you can decide which one you like.

Hello everyone i have a grandpa ( sorta ) well he doesnt talk to me ever i try calling him to see if he would like help around his house and garden and stuff but he says no ill ask katie to do that. On Forth of July last year i was trying to help clean up and then mii cousin ran in and spilled water all over the gradage on top of me so when she was sitting in there i did it to her and i got "grounded" to my grandpas basement by my grandpa. He has Ryan, Me , Jon , Katie , and Jessica as his grand children but he is always bragging about Ryan mii older brother and my 2 cousins Katie and Jessica its like he doesnt even notice me and my little brother. Please Help Me (link)
It sounds like you are doing everything you can to help. I guess if he doesn't want it to bad for him. Have you asked your mom why he is acting like that? Maybe she could shed some light on the matter.You're doing all ya can kid so you've nothing to feel bad about.He may regret his actions one day though...sooner or later you'll get sick of trying.Good luck

Alright heres the situation. I am in love with my boyfriend call him Brayden, I'm honestly in love with him. We dated for two months over the summer and then broke up. Today is our one month anniversry and I know that I love him. We live a state or two away from each other but we can't deny our love for each other. I just went to a new high school becuase i moved away from my old one and I met my friend, lets call him Josh. Well me and Josh have gotten really close we're not best friends but we know almost everythign about each other. He's the first person I see when I go into school and I find my heart begin to race as I think about seeing him. He's ussually the last thing I think about at night and the first when I awake. He's the only one I really talk to at my school becuase I drifted from my other friends and he jsut got over this one girl he liked. I helped him get through it telling him that if she doesn't see what a great guy he is and how amazing he is then its her loss and he deserves way better. I have been there for him though all his problems and vice versa. During the 4 months I didn't date Brayden I was in deep deep like with Josh then i stopped liking him when Brayden asked me out again becuase I was still in love with Brayden. I know its really confusing but I love Brayden but I deeply like Josh. Brayden's a state or two away and Josh is right there in my school. What should I do? .... ((Josh doens't like me, He goes for the skinny preppy girls and im a bit on the heavy side, but not real big and i'm a bit punkish ... 15/f)) (link)
Well, if Josh doesn't like you....and I'm not really convinced of that by your letter, There shouldn't be much of a decision here.I would write and keep in touch with B...He's really to far away to do you much good.He can't go to dances or anything with you.Josh is close by.Try being friends with Josh. That is the first step.If your appearance doesn't suit him you could always change that...I wouldn't though he should like you for yourself.Good luck

A girl in my group of friends who i HATE is moving ..all my friends are like crying but i cant wait till she moves -is this wrong of me? Im kind of confused and its hard to keep it from my friend but i know if i told them i was happy theyd think i was a bitch ..what do i do?? (link)
Keep it to yourself.You can dance around and cheer at home though...I encourage it.:}

Okay my little sister asbolutely refuses to go to school she wants to drop out thing is shes not 16 is there anyway she can drop out before shes 16? My parents and I have tryed everything even bribing her to go to school and it doesnt work. So is there anyway she can drop out before shes 16? If so please explain in details. Im really worried for my sister and its hurting my parents bad because they dont want to get in trouble. Thanks! (link)
If your parents are unable to do the homeschooling thing no point in talking about it. I do know there are truancy laws about kids going to school but they vary from state to state. Your parents can probably call the school superintendant and find out for sure. They may want to check with school or have a real heart to heart talk with your sister....actually you might be best one to have the talk with her, and find out why it is she doesn't want to go.Maybe she is being picked on or something.

ok, i am in love with a beautiful girl. but i love her for her personality and the way she asks and shes just perfect! i would like do anything she asked and would take a shot for her. but then comes the problem. i moved to africa about 6 weeks ago. i wake up at like 3 am every morning to talk to her but this move is still breakin my heart. i never actually go the chance to ask her out be for i moved cause i new it would make it all more painful for her. so my questions are, what should i do about this move because i'm goin to give her up and second, i wanna ask her how she feels about me but i dont wanna ask cause idk how she'ld react. i'll rate if u show me you gave this sum thought... (link)
well, I think you tell her that you would like to write her and see if she will write you back. Don't go telling her how much you love her or anything at this point. You are both to young for one thing and you will scare her off for another.If she's bright she will figure that out anyway through your letters.You may be able to talk online too.Remain friends but don't be obcessed about it,okay? Who knows what future holds....just keep in touch with each other and see what happens.

What do you guys think of a 18-year-old(f) dating a 24-year-old(m). And don't give any of that "age doesn't matter crap" bcasue it does. What do yall think of the maturity levels?

The biggest problem I see... The 18-year-old is still a freshman in college and the 24-year-old graduated 2 years ago. (link)
Thats a pretty big age gap.As you say the maturity level of the couple would matter a lot.Some 18 year old girls are very mature and some are not.Same with 24 year old boys.

Once people graduate and get out into the world it is usually a whole new ballgame.They go to work, get a place, take on responsibilities that one in school doesn't have.This will usually change people too so, you are right to have concerns about that.

If they really love each other it could work out,though I don't think the odds are in their favor.

ok well im 15 and in 9 grade and theres this boy that i like but i dont really know him. Well ever since the beginning of the year i always caught him staring at me and smiling but never anything else, then we gradually started talking but only in class (we have one class together)well this semester i sit right next to him in class and we talk all the time but only in class. if we see each other in the hall we never say anything. yesterday our class was in the computer lab & we were only allowed to sit by 1 person at a table. well i got up for a minute to go look at another computer that no one was at or by and he came over and sat right next to me and we just sat there talking and then he put his hand on my leg. then the teacher looked at us an he got up and went to sit next to this girl i hate but hes friends with her. so what the heck?! im so confused so if u could just tell me if hes hinting he likes me or if he just wants to confuse me? plz i rate high!! (link)
You don't say where on your leg he put his hand.Could be testing you to see what he can get away with....proceed with caution. Talk to him whenever you get the chance, go out of your way to sit next to him etc..See what happens.

I've gotten a couple ridiculous questions in my inbox lately- disgusting questions and some that, i just don't have any idea what to say to them. but i feel bad just not answering these people. does anyone else have this problem? (link)
I've not gotten anything disgusting. I did get a goofy one.Ask a goofy question get a goofy answer is my motto.Just someone acting silly & was kind of a nice change actually!

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