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I have gone from younggrandma to just yg. Now,
I am using my real name.
I don't think anyone who knows me will have trouble figuring out who that is!

I have been gone a while dealing with things in my own life. I am back now to help once again. Do not expect answers from me that just tell you what you want to hear. Life is to short for nonsense. :)
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Okay my little sister asbolutely refuses to go to school she wants to drop out thing is shes not 16 is there anyway she can drop out before shes 16? My parents and I have tryed everything even bribing her to go to school and it doesnt work. So is there anyway she can drop out before shes 16? If so please explain in details. Im really worried for my sister and its hurting my parents bad because they dont want to get in trouble. Thanks! (link)
If your parents are unable to do the homeschooling thing no point in talking about it. I do know there are truancy laws about kids going to school but they vary from state to state. Your parents can probably call the school superintendant and find out for sure. They may want to check with school or have a real heart to heart talk with your sister....actually you might be best one to have the talk with her, and find out why it is she doesn't want to go.Maybe she is being picked on or something.

ok, i am in love with a beautiful girl. but i love her for her personality and the way she asks and shes just perfect! i would like do anything she asked and would take a shot for her. but then comes the problem. i moved to africa about 6 weeks ago. i wake up at like 3 am every morning to talk to her but this move is still breakin my heart. i never actually go the chance to ask her out be for i moved cause i new it would make it all more painful for her. so my questions are, what should i do about this move because i'm goin to give her up and second, i wanna ask her how she feels about me but i dont wanna ask cause idk how she'ld react. i'll rate if u show me you gave this sum thought... (link)
well, I think you tell her that you would like to write her and see if she will write you back. Don't go telling her how much you love her or anything at this point. You are both to young for one thing and you will scare her off for another.If she's bright she will figure that out anyway through your letters.You may be able to talk online too.Remain friends but don't be obcessed about it,okay? Who knows what future holds....just keep in touch with each other and see what happens.

What do you guys think of a 18-year-old(f) dating a 24-year-old(m). And don't give any of that "age doesn't matter crap" bcasue it does. What do yall think of the maturity levels?

The biggest problem I see... The 18-year-old is still a freshman in college and the 24-year-old graduated 2 years ago. (link)
Thats a pretty big age gap.As you say the maturity level of the couple would matter a lot.Some 18 year old girls are very mature and some are not.Same with 24 year old boys.

Once people graduate and get out into the world it is usually a whole new ballgame.They go to work, get a place, take on responsibilities that one in school doesn't have.This will usually change people too so, you are right to have concerns about that.

If they really love each other it could work out,though I don't think the odds are in their favor.

ok well im 15 and in 9 grade and theres this boy that i like but i dont really know him. Well ever since the beginning of the year i always caught him staring at me and smiling but never anything else, then we gradually started talking but only in class (we have one class together)well this semester i sit right next to him in class and we talk all the time but only in class. if we see each other in the hall we never say anything. yesterday our class was in the computer lab & we were only allowed to sit by 1 person at a table. well i got up for a minute to go look at another computer that no one was at or by and he came over and sat right next to me and we just sat there talking and then he put his hand on my leg. then the teacher looked at us an he got up and went to sit next to this girl i hate but hes friends with her. so what the heck?! im so confused so if u could just tell me if hes hinting he likes me or if he just wants to confuse me? plz i rate high!! (link)
You don't say where on your leg he put his hand.Could be testing you to see what he can get away with....proceed with caution. Talk to him whenever you get the chance, go out of your way to sit next to him etc..See what happens.

I've gotten a couple ridiculous questions in my inbox lately- disgusting questions and some that, i just don't have any idea what to say to them. but i feel bad just not answering these people. does anyone else have this problem? (link)
I've not gotten anything disgusting. I did get a goofy one.Ask a goofy question get a goofy answer is my motto.Just someone acting silly & was kind of a nice change actually!

Okay this is not even a question. I get that so don't start saying how i should ASK a question. I am answering a question that is asked 24/7.

"I really like this guy. How do i get a him to like me too?"

Okay. Simple. YOU CAN'T!!! You cant 'make' a guy like you. He has to do that all by himself. People fall for people that dont like them back all the time so get over it!!!

Sorry if i seem rude. it's just pissing me off. :) (link)
It does kinda seem like it's the same questions over and over again doesn't it.Sometimes I wanna say...Go read some of the already asked questions. :}

theres this guy i like alot bu hes liked this other igrl since 1st grade and they are going out and before he found out she liked him he liked me and i miss him soo much i cant stop thinking of him and i dont think it will ever happen (us going out) but i like him alot alot and i wish something would take my mind off him but nothing does...if my friends say something I somehoe link it to him and the girl hes pging out w/ is like one of my good friends and she know i like him

(7th grade) (link)
I'd tell you to just stop thinking of him but. easier said than done right? You probably wont stop thinking of this guy until you find another one to think about. You really should try to talk about something else with your friends though or they may get a little tired of hearing about it :}

Does anyone know any really good girl books a 7th grader at the age of 13 would like?
Thanks. I'll rate 5's. (link)
Are the 'Anne of Green Gables' books to old fashioned? Mine read Stephen King...Shes kind of an oddball (still)

Am I the only one that believes people should type correctly when asking a question? Is there some way to create something that would change words that were "Chatspeak" to English?
For example:

there is dis boi, i relli relli like him! wat do i do?

Would become:

There is this boy, I really, really, like him! What do I do?

I know that is a dumb question to start with, but it's an example. I don't know how to create a program that would change the "fake" words into "real" words.. if you know, and would share, you rock!
You're not the only one BELIEVE ME.Wish I knew a way to fix it myself.If it's to bad I just ignore.

Some of you earthling youth speak strange language.

Hey it's me again, the thing is, I am friends with this other girl, she's really sweet but I geuss she just doesn't like him. The thing is, the whole of last term he knew I liked him and he avoided me, it's only after I told him I had a guy that he relaxed and started acting nice. I mean for my bday he even gave me a card that said I looked stunning....I'm getting totally mixed signals!!! And yeah I don't blame him for wanting a gurl, but then why doesn't he give me a chance at all? I mean online he seems to be pretty interested in the same things that I am and we just click, I just wish he'd be the same here!!! (link)
Maybe he gets nervous when he thinks you like him. It could be he likes being your friend and is afraid that if you start dating it could mess up your friendship.You two really need to talk about it, do it online if you have to sometimes that is easier.It really sounds as if he has some feelings for you.keep up the online chat.I also think you need to talk about what would happen if you dated and if you thought you could still be friends if you should break up sometime down the road.I think he will come around sooner or later.Keep talking but just do put on to much don't want to scare him off.Keep after it and let me know if I can be more help.

Theres this boy that I used to like and he didn't even know what I looked like. Recently, I said hi to him in the halls and now he knows what I look like. My friend asked him if he thought I was pretty and he said yes. We have been talking online everyday for a long time and we feel we know each other pretty well. We don't know each other well enough in person, which I'm going to try to accomplish soon. I had a friend talk to him and he was saying that I wasn't the right type of girl for him, all though when he described to me the girls he likes, it sounded so much like me it was scary. He says I would be a better friend, like I am now, then a girlfriend. I really want to change his mind! Maybe if he gets to know me in person, he would! What can I do? I know we are perfect for each other, and his friends and my friends know it too. I have started developing feelings for him again, but he doesn't know and if I tell him, i'm afraid he'll reject me. Help!

~ Does he like me!? ~ (link)
He said he liked you as a friend. continue you online talking and he may eventually decide he'd like to try something else. Don't be pushy and try to rush things because you're right, he'll probably be turned off by that.Also keep friends out of it.Nothing is worse than a bunch of he said, she saids...not to mention things could get screwed up.Keep chatting and hopefully he will come around soon.

ok theres this guy every day in the last class of the day he hits me in my arm and stuff does that means he likes me...or NOT?? (link)
It could mean he likes you. What are your ages.Young boys will do this, not to good at expressing themselves.Does he say anything? If he is flirtting then I'd say odds are good he likes you!:)

Okay well there is this guy and I like him ALOT and I mean we talk all the time but everytime we talk he asks me to do stuff with him and I say yes but when it comes to the point im not ready and if i say no im a total loser and i like him but i think he is using me

*Please help!* (link)
Kinda looks like you're being used.That doesn't make YOU the loser.If this guy loves you he will respect your wishes not to do anything without making you feel like a loser.If he doesn't then why do you want him anyway?

Ok my neighbor is bi and she invited me over one time with her and another bi girl who i didnt kno was bi but then we got really really drunk and i made out with both of them and i woke up and i thought it was REALLY gross i mean ok and then i found out they werent drunk but i was and so they kept telling me i was bi and im like NO IM NOT and they keep telling me i am soo i dont believe them but am i? (link)
NO.It sounds like maybe these two set you up by getting you drunk.They don't sound like they are good friends so steer clear of them.Good friends don't set you up like that.......what losers.You are fine, nothing to be ashamed of. However what they did could very well be considered rape.They are no friends of yours.

hey yall ok i give great advice to friends about girls but i cant give me any. so... i like this girl she nos it i told her she imed me and said i like u more as a friend but i wrote a letter to her saying i understand but should i give it to her and after i give it to her should i ak her out plz help (link)
I think you should give her the note....Better yet tell her in person that you understand.Then, you stay friends and don't ask her out right away.Maybe over time if you are good enough friends she will change her opinion and she will want to date.You will send a mixed signal if you ask her out now...You just told her you understood that she only wanted to be friends right? Good luck to you :)

I really want my boyfriend to kiss me before I kiss him. I was thinking of asking one of my best friends if they would tell him that I want him to kiss me before I kiss him. Do you guys think that will work? And does anyone have any other ideas? (link)
I think you should stop worrying about it and let it happen in it's own time.He will kiss you when he's ready to. Hope you don't have to wait too long :) Don't get others involved in it. None of their business and could be embarrassing for him.

Okay so, there is this guy that I like. The only problem is, I don't think he knows me. He is in my drama class but we never talk and I am sorta nervous to be around him. My friend is really good friends with him though, but I am also nervous to tell her! I really like him though, what do I do?!? (link)
Well when the friend you have in common is talking to him you march right on over and get introduced.I know you are nervous but it will be okay.You will hit it off or you won't.You'll never know unless you try!

My boyfriend and I have been dating for about 6 months, and lately I feel as if I'm losing him very slowly. Everyday he seems less and less interested in me. (Example) He gets off the phone more often without a reason, and isn't passionate when we kiss. I'm wondering if he's slipping through my grip, or is there a way for me to stop this...

Retro_romance (link)
There is probably nothing you can do to stop this.Talk it over with him and see whats going on.You will find out sooner or later anyway so ask.If he's loosing intrest for some reason, go out and find someone else and turn this one loose.

Alright, I think I like my friends ex. I went out with him before they went out. She said I couldnt like him so I stopped. Well I said I stopped but I didnt.. after what seemed like forever he asked her out, and they broke up exactly one week after, because she was a flirt with so many other guys.. what do I do? They are over but i dont want her to get mad!! I dont know where my head is?!?!?!? (link)
If she is your friend she should be happy for you.True friends do not dictate who your other friends are. So long as she isn't dating this guy then I see nothing wrong with you seeing him.You found him first anyway!

Well theres this guy ive been talking to for like 6 or 7 months now i met him through my friend. Well hes pretty cool and all. But hes always telling my friends that he likes me and all this stuff but we've never met in person all we do is talk on the phone and hes going to ask me out pretty soon and i dont know if i really should because it would cause problems with this girl and i havent even met him and probably never will since im always so busy i mean we've both been at the same parties but never noticed it or anything. So my question is when he askes me out how should i tell him no with a good reason without hurting his feelings?!? Thanks a bunch xoxo (sorry its long ill rate a 5 if you give a reasonable answer) (link)
You be truthful.Explain why you just want to keep it as friends.That doesn't mean you can't meet each other someday.Friends talk in person too! Lots of luck!

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