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I have gone from younggrandma to just yg. Now,
I am using my real name.
I don't think anyone who knows me will have trouble figuring out who that is!

I have been gone a while dealing with things in my own life. I am back now to help once again. Do not expect answers from me that just tell you what you want to hear. Life is to short for nonsense. :)
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i have this really great friend that always hangs out with me and share secrets with me and everything.but one day she said she saw something with a boy and they wouldn't anyone about it.and for awhile she would always ask me to change seats so she can talk to him it's like they like each other!what am i supposed to do? (link)
They probably do like each other.It is bound to happen sometime.She is still your friend don't worry about that, but when a guy comes along that they like....they turn to mush.You will too, just wait and see.Tell her how you feel though.

i have a crush on a boy and i can't get him to notice me!i tried everything but the only thing he likes about me is my mp3 player!i started bringing it but that only made him attracted to the player!wat am i supposed to do??? (link)
If all his interested in is your mp3 why not start a conversation about music? Common intrest right? Try it.

Okay so this year my class and i are all going to washington for an end of the year trip, And my bff asked me to room with her, but i dont really wnat to but i say yes anyways. Now here's where it gets hard for me, my other friends (4 of them) asked me to room with them and i'd rather room with them and have tons of fun...BUT i dont wanna leave my friend alone.. and i would ak her to room with us but they all hate her and there can only b 5 to a room...what should i do? i dont want to be a bad friend but i DO want to have fun :(...i rate 5's! (link)
You room with the lone friend. You tell the others that she is your friend too.There are already 4 of them in a room, none of them will be alone.

Is there some reason why you can't have some fun with them before you are confined to your seperate rooms? Probably not.

If they are good enough friends I think they will understand.

I have this friend who always talks about me but is like in all my classes. I don't really like her but my other friends get all mad at me if i get mad at her. Should i just tell her i dont wanna be her friened or should i be her friend? (link)
If you don't like her then she isn't your friend. You don't have to all be friends with the same people.

Just tell them ALL that you don't like for people to talk about you behind your back and anyone who does isn.t really someone that you need for a friend.Don't single her out.

Don't tell her you don't want to be her friend.Just don't be.

Well lately everyone is telling me to "DROP" every little thing that happens. Like if i'm upset about something, they expect me to just forget about it, or drop it. idk but its hard for me to forget things easily.. but i do forgive.. now my boyfriend is starting the drop it thing about something that happened 30 minutes ago... and when we talked it would be the 1st time we talked about what happened... ugh. help
What happened 30 minutes ago?

Be careful you aren't repeating complaints over and over again, okay? They may get tired of hearing about it.You don't have to forget about anything just don't keep bringing it up.

my boyfriend is pakistani and muslim. i am white and agnostic. i really care about him and he's head over heels for me but his parents wont let him do ANYTHING (were seniors in high school living w/our parents)with me (b/c of my race- wow im a victim of racism for the first time and it sucks!). he lies so much to see me but even then its not a lot. i see him at school and then occasionally after school while his parents are at work. we NEVER EVER go on real dates and it drives me nuts!!! i feel as if i deserve someone who can take me out and see me without lying or sneaking around. the situation just SUCKS. should i break up with him or just settle for seeing him barely ever? (if i broke up with him i'd still be friends with him)i really dont know what to do- i feel bad breaking it off but i'm unhappy in our current situation- its not fair to me.
message by x0x0rebeccax0x0

Basically you're just friends now.I'm afraid that you're fighting a losing battle with this one.
Diffrent cultures have diffrent standards and I'm sure that his parents probably expect him to live by theirs.He may decide at some point that he doesn't want to live life as tradition calls for in his native country but until then you don't want him getting into trouble with his family. Just be friends for now. Make sure he understands your reasons.

Ok, about a month ago I noticed a small lump around my crotch.. I have just noticed it getting bigger.. Its about 5mm long, and 2mm high.. what do you think it is? could it possibly be cancer? if so.. what sort?

17/m (link)
If it's getting bigger you really need to have a doctor look at it.It could be a lot of things that aren't cancerous but still see your doc.

At lunch time i sit with all my friends and stuff and later on in lunch some guys come join us well theres this ine guy named Brian and sometimes he'll message my shoulders just outr of the clear blu,and flirts with me and other stuff but shuld i flirt back?? I really like him but he has a GF
I jst need some ideas please ill rate (link)
Of course you flirt back.Flirting never hurt anybody that I know of.He could be trying to make the gf jealous but you don't know that for sure.So flirt your heart out.Maybe he's interested.

I have this aquaintence that I see on campus from time to time. We went to the same high school. 21/f. We had this class together and some girls were talking about her and being really catty because she has lots of money and she is sorta fake but not offensive. She has never been anything but nice to me. I didn't appreciate that those chicks that didn't even know her were judging her. I still see her every week and I think about that often. Should I say anything or is it just water under the bridge? (link)
I wouldn't say anything to HER about it.I think she probably just doesn't know how to act any differently.Next time the others bring it up you should tell THEM that, hey I went to high school with her and she has always been nice to me.Sometimes people will cut down someone because they are jealous of them...That is probably the case here.Just put your opinion out there if it comes up again and leave it at that.

I think I have a problem. You see I am terribly clumsy so I bump into stuff,fall, and trip alot. As a result I get really bumped and scratched up. My problem comes in with the healing. While my wounds are healing I enjoy the sensation of the pain. I enjoy it so much that when they scab over I tear them off so I can feel the pain all over again. I don't bump into stuff on purpose. But I do enjoy the reprecussions alot. 21/f. Is something wrong with me? Could this lead to a cutting fettish? (link)
Your not bumping into things etc on purpose THAT YOU KNOW OF.Could be doing it subcontiously.You need to talk to a professonal about this before it gets worse.Any ER can get you in touch with someone to help you out.

There is this girl that I used to be really good friends with but she ended our friendship because she found new friends. I was fine with it because she sort of just stopped hanging out with me because I wasn't "punk enough" to hang out with. I didn't really care that she ended the friendship but now everyday she acts like we are still friends. Today she blew up in me & my friends face because we heard from someone that she was talking about us again (she's done this before and said she would quit because she's scared of me and my new friends) and she started screaming and got this really scared look on her face. Plus yesterday in our Science class me and my friends were talking and talking about my friends religion (Jahoba Witness) and my ex-friend walks over and says "so is that a TV show or something?" and we all told her it was a religion and she said "So you're a Jahoba and a Witness? Well I'm prejudice" We all looked at her in shock and she later told us that she has no idea what prejudice means anyway. The whole problem is that she keeps talking about people and thinks that makes her cool. My friends want to jump her but I don't know what to do. We aren't friends at all not even FWB. She just won't leave me and my other friends alone. How can me and my friends tell her to go away? (link)
Tell her to talk to you again when she has something nice to say about somebody.What a wicked little girl! It sounds to me like she could be jealous that you have new friends.She is trying to get your attention.You just have to tell her straight up that she needs an attitude adjustment and you aren't a mechanic so get lost.You don't need friends like her. tell her to grow up.

my boyfriend always fingers me and eats me out but the problem is i never have an orgasm. i was wondering why that is or if theres anything i can do to have one?
14/f (link)
If he's your age he probably just isn't doing it right.Even if he's a little older he probably isn't doing it right.I can't believe i'm telling you this! If you think it would feel better elsewhere you have to tell him where.He doesn't just automatically know these things.You'll just have to experiment until you get it right.When you do you'll know it!I hope that didn't sound mean my saying he isn't doing it right...that wasn't my intention there is just no other way to say it! NOt his fault.You teach him!okay? Feel free to ask more if the need....arises.

this is kinda imbarrasing to ask... but i gotta know. i shave down there, ya know? and well sometimes it gets gross. i usually wait like 2 days before doin it again, but i dont know its wierd. and sometimes it even bleeds! OH! and i get these little red bumps. is this normal? is there somethin i can do to make this stop?
thanks in advance! (link)
Put some powder on the bumps.They have a medicated one that burns a little but will heal the bumps pretty fast.Wait until they heal a little before you shave again.Be sure to use a good shaving lotion too. It sounds like razor burn.It is bleeding because you're shaving off the bumps! It's a normal thing, nothing to worry about.Use lots of the shaving lotion okay? And use a new razor too.That will hopefully keep it from happening to often.And don't be embarrassed you won't know unless you ask!

My dog barks at the slightest movement or sound. He chases my four cats around and when hes on a walk he chases cars. He is a Border Collie, so it is natural for him to try to herd things. He is so out of control sometimes that he will see the neighbor dogs from the inside window and will throw himself at the window, barking like a maniac. What do you suggest I do? (link)
Dogs are the best aren't they? Maybe you could have a vet give him some valium.LOL.Really though I think a vet could perhaps give him something to calm him down somewhat.Probably not completley.If not he could suggest something.Most of the time (around here anyway) they will give you advice over the phone and you won't even have to take him in.

I have a Blue Healer in my back yard so I do know a little of what your going through.He does a real good job of rounding up the grandkids now and then.Cat's don't hang out much around here either.Take him to the vet or call one and see if they can think of anything to help you.Good luck.

ok when i was 13 i dated my boyfriend nows best friend... i am now 16... he was my first love... i was in love with nathan (my boyfriend nows best friend) for almost 4 years....i have just recently got over him... i got over him when i was 15... i am now 16... paul(my boyfriend now) doesnt understand how much work it took to get over nathan... now paul still talks to nathan.. but i need nathan out of my life and paul is bringing him back into it... i dont know what to do to keep paul but also keep nathan out of my life... i dont want to tell him to chose cuz thats not right.... please help!!!!!!
i do rate! (link)
First of all are you sure Paul is drug free? I sure hope so. You don't even want to deal with that kind of mess.

Is it possible that Paul is trying to help Nathan out, maybe trying to get him to get help, or are they just friends? I'm just full of questions tonight! I have a bad habit of thinking out loud, sorry.Maybe you should ask yourself these things though.He's really not much of a friend if he isn't though. So that brings us right back where we started!

The ideal situation would be for you to ditch him. But, I don't suppose that's possible for you yet. I do think he should have more respect for your feelings on this.It's not nice to make him choose,however Nathan is bad news.Never mind that he's your ex he has major problems that could get Paul in trouble too if he were in the wrong place at the wrong time.Then where would you be?

I don't think you are asking to much in this case to tell him that you don't like him hanging around with Nathan.Tell him you are concerned for his saftey and what it would do to you if he should get caught up in Nathans problems.

No matter what you decide to do, You will probably ALWAYS have some feelings for Nathan.Bad as he is today he was your first love.
We always tend to remember those guys! I sure hope all works out for you.Sorry I couldn't be more help.Feel free to ask again if you think of anything else that would be of help.

how can i tell him that i love talkin to him becuz he makes me laugh he is so funny but what do i do (link)
I think he knows that you love talking to him or you wouldn't be laughing! He must enjoy making you laugh as well. I think this guy know you like him.Maybe he's just shy about saying so yet.
You just keep laughing with him and I think you'll see results soon.If this doesn't answer your question feel free to give me more details.I don't mind long ones.Keep smiling!:}

so a few weeks ago i started a new diet. i'm just eating healthier; more fruit, vegetables and healthier alternatives to food i used to eat. but ever since i started i've been having to go to the bathroom alot more. is this normal? will my body eventually get used to this new food? (link)
It sure will! It's normal you're eating more fiber and stuff.Glad to know i'm not the only one dieting!If you need any encouragment to stick to it drop me a line anytime!:}

Here's the deal. I am 21/f. My mother and father are divorced. My father has a son (with another woman) and he has my little brother(with my mom) my whole brother stays with my mom. Every since they split 10 years ago my father has not been doing much of anything for my brother. He only gives him something on christmas and his birthday. He hardly ever sees him and I am furious. I feel he should pay child support to my mother for my whole brother. My momma is having to carry all the weight that he should be sharing. My half brother gets to see daddy all the time. Why should my half brother get all and my whole brother gets next to nothing. If it matters My half brother is 13 (born out of wedlock) and my whole brother is 12) Should I push her to stick him for child support. She feels that since my dad and my step mom raised me she has no right because he didn't stick her for child support. My mom did things for me though. Should I push her or just back off.
The lack of money is keeping my brother from things he would rather do like piano lessons, boy scouts and movie going. I don't think its fair. Help me decide! (link)
I think I would give her some encouragment.Your dad is just as responsible for your little brother as he was for you and your half.Be careful that you guys don't hold any resentment for the littlest one. Your dads behavior isn't his fault (not that you do anyway just mentioning).It's nice he thinks of him at holidays but he is responsible for every aspect of his life until he is at least 18.Your mother shouldn't carry the burden alone.I totally agree with you. Push a little.

I am ALWAYS craving sugar! This wouldn't be so bad, but I have braces now and have to stop eating it :S I tried eating small amounts but it is still messing up my teeth so I have to stop almost entirely. But I'm so weak, lol, and always eat food with a high sugar content! How can I stop, or at least lessen, the cravings and eat less sugar? I don't like fruit so please don't suggest that :) (link)
They make a lot of pretty good sugar free stuff nowadays.Give some of it a try.It does take a little getting used to but once you do it's great.

Ale(girl) and i(girl) are really close. She means the world to me and we gone to each other for everything but now she acts as if she hates me and i dont know what to do?.. help me please (link)
You gotta ask her.Otherwise you'll never know.When you find out let us know and maybe we can be better help to you, okay?

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