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Q: which is a more trusted brand:
trojan or lifestyles?
Lifestyles. Trojans have a reputation for being too small/tight (I think it's a marketing thing, to feed the guy's ego. Oh, my giant penis is too small for the average Trojan...) and also for breaking often. They're more well-known, but they're not as good.

Q: 14/f

ill just flat out say it. i cheated on my boyfriend. but here's the situation:

my boyfriend of 3 months and i are not allowed to see eachother at the moment. lets call him ian. he is 17 and i am 14. my mother doesnt approve, so we cant see eachother. before this mess started happening, we were having sex. dont prejudge us. back then we were both completely in love with eachother. now all we do is argue yet we're still together.

well i am in high school and he graduated last year. i met this one guy who i really liked. lets call him mike. mike and i kinda got caught up in the moment last night and had sex together.

right now i feel so bad about cheating on ian cuz i know he'll never forgive me. and i truely do love him. when we're together, its the best feeling in the world.

but my problem is, what should i do? i dont want to break up with ian and i dont want to tell him but i feel so bad. please dont call me a slut or a whore. please give me actual advice, i need it.
You NEED to tell him. Do you want your relationship with Ian to be based on a lie from this point on? Relationships cannot function properly without trust, honesty, & respect. You took advantage of his trust & disrespected him by cheating on him. If there's going to be any chance of salvaging your relationship, you need to step up & act like an adult & tell him what happened. It's not fair to hide it from him.

Q: hey,
My name is justin. i am going to have sex with my girl for the first time.i was just woundering about if i need to shave or trim the area below because i hadn't ever do that and im am kinda hairry in that area.
so wat girl prefer to keep it ,trim or shave it?
and iam asking girl.Please give me your opinion honestly because i am kinda enbarassed to ask my girl that question.
Another question : iam goin to buy condom, and my deck is like 14 cm long, so wat condom size should i buy?
tanx for ur patient and answering my question soon.
The shaving/trimming preference varies with each girl. I personally like it at least trimmed, & shaved is great but not necessary.

As for the condoms, a regular size should be fine. Trojans are the most advertised, but are also really likely to break. Try something like Lifestyles or Durex.

Also, it would be a good idea to pick up some lube to make it less painful for the girl. Don't get anything that will destroy the condom, like Vaseline. Try something like Astroglide.

Q: ___ in every ___ girls that has sex will get pregnant.

can someone fill in the blanks for me??
im talkin DEFINITELY usin a condom & maybe on the pill as well [although i wouldnt be on it for that reason]. but still protected in some way nonetheless.

im 15 and a virgin no im not plannin on havin sex soon im jus wonderin for future reference! thx
The pill is 99% effective WHEN USED CORRECTLY & condoms are about 98% effective, but again, only when used correctly. Therefore, 1 in 100 girls using protection will get pregnant. I don't know the statistics for girls not using birth control.

Q: I just want some opinions on this:

Do you think it's wrong to let your boyfriend go to a strip club?

I personally think it is wrong, but then I see some girlfriends even go with their boyfriends to stripclubs!! I just don't get it. How could you let your boyfriend get turned on by another woman? ..or let alone get a sexy lap dance by another woman? I personally think that can even lead to the thought of cheating.

What do you guys think? I am 18 and my boyfriend is 17 and he will be 18 next month. I don't know whether to never let him go to a strip club(since that is a common thing for men to try out at least once in their lives) or to let him try it out. I am really uncomfortable with that idea.
The only thing that I think is wrong is that you consider "letting" your boyfriend go places. He is neither your pet nor your child; where he goes and what he does is at his discretion, not yours. Granted, you're allowed to have your opinion on the matter, but to put yourself in a position of "letting" him do things is absolutely ridiculous.

That said, I would have no problem with my boyfriend going to a strip club as long as it wasn't something he did constantly. If it's a special occassion, why not? I would ask him not to get a lap dance, but I don't think there's anything wrong with looking sometimes. It's human nature. It's not like he's cheating on me. Like it or not, people in relationships, especially teens, do occassionally get turned on by other people. As long as they're not acting on these impulses, you can't blame him for being curious.

Q: This is very embarassing to ask, but im sure you`ve heard worse so bare with me here.
Awile ago I had sex for the first time.. and it was towards the END of my there was no disgusting stuff or anything like that..
but anyways
he didnt wear a condom so i was afraid i would get pregnant.. but 4 days later i started taking the pill..(birth control not the day after pill)
which i THINK kills the sperm when you take it..
so there`s no chance i could be pregnant right?
I mean I was on my period, it was my first time, AND i started taking birth control 4 days later.
Of course there's a chance you could be pregnant. Every single time you have sex you run the risk of pregnancy, despite the fact that you're using contraception. Birth control won't kill the sperm-- it tricks your body into thinking its pregnant so it doesn't release some type of hormone that I don't know the name of. Getting pregnant can be a long process- up to 16 days- & birth control usually takes around a week to become effective - so if you weren't impregnated during those first 11 days, you should be fine.

But don't be foolish-- you CAN get pregnant on your period, and it doesn't matter that it was your first time. You cannot prevent pregnancy by jumping up and down or douching afterwards, either.

Q: could you get pregnant if the you had sex without
any protection whenever a girl is on her perid?!
Yes. ANY TIME YOU HAVE SEX YOU CAN GET PREGNANT/GET THE GIRL PREGNANT. There are certain times of the month when women are more fertile, but there's always a chance regardless. Even if the guy didn't ejaculate inside her, there's always precum. It only takes one little sperm to get pregnant.

Q: Do u think im too young for sex? I WANT TO SOOOOOO BADDDDDDDD! uhhhh..hes 17, but he promises me i wouldnt get pregnant if we used a condom in he took it out before he cummed in that true?
Yes, I do. You're a child. Sex makes babies. Children should not be making babies.

Sex is overrated anyway. This isn't true for EVERYONE, but a good number of people who lost their virginity young because they thought they were ready end up regretting it years down the road & wishing they were ready. You'll never regret waiting, but there's always a good chance you'll regret doing it--especially if you end up pregnant.

There's ALWAYS a chance of pregnancy every time you engage in sexual intercourse, even if you're using a condom, birth control, & he pulls out before he ejaculates. The only SURE way to prevent pregnancy is to remain abstinent.

Could you handle a kid if you were to get pregnant? Ignore him if he says he'll be there for you & support you if it happens. Some guys are asses who just say it to get in your pants, & some genuinely mean it but end up scared when it becomes a reality. You can't count on your parents or guardians to support you, either. So think about it long & hard--if you end up pregnant, can you support a child by yourself? Could you carry it & give it up for adoption? Could you handle the emotional, physical, and psychological pain if you abort it?

Really, don't do it. There are other things you can do that are just as satisfying as intercourse. You're young. Quit trying to grow up so fast.

Q: I've always been the type to worry about STDs but I went a little far with my boyfriend and we have preformed oral on each other. Even though I might have the chance of already having caught something is it ok for me to ask him to be tested? Where might he get tested?
Of course it's okay, but offer to go with him and get tested yourself too. It's only fair. You can get tested, free & confidential, at Planned Parenthood.

Q: well ok i am going out with someone and we where thinking of having sex. but i am so scared. he has no dieses or anything like that since we are both virgins. but i was scared about using a tampon what if it breakes or something and when are you supposed to have sex is;'nt it like 2 weeks before your period? i want to but i am just so worried bout getting pregent.
.... oh and do you have to use a douche afterwoods??
Virgins can have STDs too. You can contract them from oral sex as well.

You can get pregnant at ANY time, unless you're infertile, you've had your tubes tied, or he's had a vasectomy, all of which I doubt. It's quite possible that the condom could break & you could end up pregnant. Your best bet is to remain abstinent until you can handle the possibility of getting pregnant. Can you handle a baby right now? The only person you can rely on if you end up pregnant is yourself. Don't be certain that if you end up pregnant, he'll stick around because he promised to or your parents will help you out. If you don't have the emotional and financial capabilities to raise a child on your own, I'd hold off on sex for now. Could you handle the physical and emotional pain of an abortion? Again, another reason to hold off on sex.

If you absolutely insist on having sex, your best bet is to be on birth control (patch, pill, shot..), have him use a condom, have him pull out before he ejaculates (just in case the condom breaks, better safe than sorry), & do it a few days after your period. If the condom does break, look into the Morning After pill, although that wreaks havoc on your insides so don't use it every time you have sex. The Pill works 72 hours after intercourse.

Q: i'm 15 years old & i haven't gotten my period for about two months. i've been having it since september 2004 & it's been sort of normal for about 8 months. i'm a virgin & i know this is going to sound extrememly juvenile but is there some way that i could be pregnant without having sex? as i said, i don't mean to sound juvenile but i've heard people say things like, "it's in the water" & is it actually possible? i'm just really nervous, & i'm racking my brain for an answer. could it just be that my period isn't on time? i haven't really been eating any differently. please don't treat me like an idiot, i'm just scared.
Don't worry about it. Many things can contribute to your period not being on time-- stress, if your weight is fluctuating, etc. You CAN be pregnant without having sex (say, if the guy has ejaculated & got it on his hand then fingered you), but if you've only masturbated, you're fine (unless you have magical sperm-producing fingers, in which case I suggest you sell yourself to science ASAP). There's no reason to buy a pregnancy test.

Q: Ok here we go. Ok im 16 and ive made a commitment to myself that i would never have sex until i am married. Im not saying now but in the future..can i still do stuff that wouldnt be considered having sex. and is that all guys want...i mean i had a bf for 2 and 1/2 weeks (not long) and he told his friends that he was going to have sex soon. I dont know y he thought that b/c i was uncomfortable even kissing him..(he was 2 yrs older) and im just worried that in the future ill find this amazing guy and all he'll want is sex and i wont give it to him (unless we get married) is that so hard for guys to handle...will he end up cheating on me and have sex w/ someone who will give it to him? so is there pleasureable stuff that we can still do ...thats not sex?
You've made that commitment to yourself; it's up to you to decide what's "allowed" & what isn't. You can always do other things without having intercourse as long as you feel comfortable & like you're staying true to your promise.

But just because there are things other than sex doesn't mean that you have to rush into them. Unfortunately, yes, some guys will cheat or break up with you (girls too, this works both ways-I'm not being sexist) if you won't have sex/fool around with them. But once you find a guy who loves you for you, he won't do that. Sex or sexual things can bring you two closer together, but they can't be the focus of the relationship. After 2 1/2 weeks, you've had zero time to even lay the foundation for a good relationship. If this guy is looking for sex already, it's rather obvious that he doesn't love you for you. Don't fool around with him to make him stay with you. Any guy worthy of your time is going to stick around because he loves you, not your vagina.

Q: Is their any other type of birthcontrol bsides condoms that are easy to get confidental and no to expenisve
Birth control at Planned Parenthood is priced based on your income. If you go in alone & don't have a job, it's supposed to be free.

Q: what are the "birds and the bees"? i have heard it a lot and i have an idea of what it is but can someone explain it completely? thanks! ill rate!
The old fashioned name for the sex talk. I never got it so I can't tell you the specifics, but I'm sure you'll figure it out =P

Q: Are guys supposed to masturbate? This was a big issue at school today. I was wondering if most guys masturbate. K thanks .. ♥ Tiff
No one's SUPPOSED to be doing anything. There's nothing wrong with a male or a female masturbating; it's perfectly healthy. There's also nothing wrong with not masturbating.

Q: Hey. Is it true that guys won't have sex with girls if the don't shave their vaginas?
It's possible if he's just a shallow jackass just using you for sex, but if he really loves you, no.

Q: I really like this guy alot. I have never felt so comfterble with anyone. the thing is we arent going out.. And im not sure if he likes me anymore. I really just wana belike.. "listen I like you alot and I wana be official." Because I like him alot. I just wana blurt out everything I feel but im afraid he doesnt feel the same way! Also theres another thing. I feel so comfterble with him that I kinda wana have sex with him but im a virgin and ive never even been fingerd! But I dont wana give myself away cause im afraid to lose him! WHAT DO I DO?!
I wouldn't do anything until you're official. If he's not willing to commit himself to you, he's not the guy you want to be losing your virginity to. Take a chance & ask him out-- it's better to ask & be rejected, because then you can get over it & if you don't do anything about it, you'll never know. If he does feel the same way, don't rush into things. If he likes you for you, he'll stick around regardless of how far you go physically.

Q: Everytime me and my boyfriend are making out, I always feel like I'm the one leading, and I don't like that. I don't feel like he is kissing me with passion. He just kind of does whatever I do, and lately he hasn't been using as much tongue as he used to. What could this mean? Is he just bored or what? And how can I get him to kiss me with more meaning?
If you're the only one he's ever made out with, he may not be used to it, so he's just following your lead. If he's using less tongue, he may be trying to convey to you that he wants you to use less. Try different ways, & chances are he'll follow.

Q: alright, i dno if this is allowed, but when i have sex, the guys penis doesnt always go into me where its supposed to go into easily. It always takes quite a while, and it really bothers me, because i love sex, and it takes up more energy trying to do that than anything else. please help w. any ideas and i rate 5`s all the way unless its a smart ass answer

He may be too big/you too tight, or you may not be wet enough. Try using lube?

Q: how much do i shave down below?
i am not quite sure please help me asap
Whatever you're comfortable with.

My name is Kailey. I'm 17 years old & a senior at a high school in Massachusetts. I'm told that I'm mature for my age, but I'll let you be the judge of that. I love giving advice, but I'll tell you the way I see it, so you may not always like my answers. I especially like giving relationship advice. I don't claim to have all the answers, but I've been in a relationship for almost 2 years now and I feel as though I can give good advice on the subject.






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