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Q: So I decided that I want to get a different hairstyle. Right now I have long golden/brown hair with golden blonde highlights (but it looks natural) and in the front its layered, but in the back it's one length. I was thinking of getting it a certain style in the back, where your hair ends in two different lenghts (someone told me its called razored or it's another form of layering). A lot of blondes have this hairstyle, and the only celebrity who I saw that kind of resembles what I'm talking about is Mariah Carey in her one video Shake It Off. So my question is what type of hairstyle is it called in that video between 1:11- 1:43? (1:42 is the example of what I'm talking about for the back of her hair) And do you think it would look good on me, or weird because my hair is highlighted, would it look weird because my hair would end on two different lengths?

Thanks so much!
i think it would be cute.I love that hairstyle.Especially with your highlights,it will really bring them out.When you go to a hairdresser,bring in a picture of mariah carey's hair from the back and front so she has an idea of what you want.I always bring in pictures of celebs to my hairdresser lol

♥ danielle

that wavy one i think is the haircut,but it's just in curls,i could'nt find any from the back im sorry :(

i tried looking up her back of her hair on google, but i got nothing, do you know of any other hair styles similar to layered or razored?

Byes guys im done on advicenators it was a good 6 year run :)


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