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Q: I'm applying for Starbucks, and while I know they probably won't hire me yet (I'm 16 with no other past jobs, this would be my first one) I need to try. Its pretty much the last place I'm turning in my resume...

But there's this one question that I don't know how to answer correctly. My mother, a former McDonalds boss, shot down all of my answers. And well, here's the question:

"Describe a situation where you have provided excellent customer service in your most recent position. Why was this effective?"
hmm,i had this question on one of my applications too.I left it blank because it was going to be my first job too,i think it asks you meaning "recent position" like the recent job you had how did you provide excellent customer service? make sense? so since it's going to be your first job i wouldn't write anything.


Thanks, I guess I'll leave it blank then. It kinda scares me though :)

Byes guys im done on advicenators it was a good 6 year run :)


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