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Q: How come when people ask you a private question and rate you, it doesn't count torward your raiting? I personally take more pride in answering a question that was asked to me personally because that person took the time and chose ME to give them the best advice.
I wondered that myself,i think it would be a good idea to have ratings count when their personally answered by you.I would see if your question is in the FAQ under the topic "miscellaneous" or if you are a moderator suggest it here :

♥ danielle

Hmm wow i guess i understand but thats still kinda stupid i mean who would really do that?! thts just odd to me

Hey thanks, yea I am a moderator, didnt even think about what you suggested. I just wrote them and told them it should count because those questions, we take more pride in answering because they chose us ya know. Thanks
Additional- Hey I just got my reply back as to why we can't get our full raiting from a private question. They think ppl on here would cheat like go to school ask YOURSELF a bunch of questions.. Go home and answer them then you can rate your self a 5. Who has time for all that? I think it's retarted but I guess I understand. Thanks bunches cuz now atleast I know why!

Byes guys im done on advicenators it was a good 6 year run :)


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