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Q: I'm just curious to know if anyone has or knows someone who has a foot fetish? My boyfriend has one, and I dont have any problem at all with it (i actually happen to like it..go figure!), I'm just curious to know about other people's experiences.
Well one time on the radio the djs were talking about foot fetishes and the guy really seemed to love feet i even like on their website the dude liking the girls toes and feet.Theres this kid at my school who LOVES when girls have their toes painted and in cute sandals lol its pretty hilarious i must say.It seems to me that guys like girls feet more then girls liking guys feet.Personally to me i dont really like feet that much i even hate people touching my feet well because it tickles ha but also i dont really like my feet i dont think their very cute i think i have huge feet if you ask me lol.But yeah i hope i could answer your question or err opinion or poll thingy?

♥ danielle

yup! my bf is like that as well...he is very into feet. :)

Byes guys im done on advicenators it was a good 6 year run :)


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