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Q: im 14/f and i was asked to prom by my boyfriend of a few months (2-3). he goes to a different school and they only have a junior prom so what im asking is do you people think 14 is too young for prom. i have to say im a mature 14 and my bf thinks so and thats why he likes me besides numerous other reasons.we wouldnt have sex or go to parties afterward so is just prom too young for a 14year old????? my parents know and are ok with me going but i still dont know..
thanx a bunch
Are you a freshman? I dont think thats too young,i know alot of mature 14 year olds.The guys your boyfriend people should understand that and if anyone would care if a 14 year old is going to prom thats stupid,when i had my freshman dance a couple juniors came to it and some thought they felt too old or like they shouldnt of been there,there was even a couple the guy was a junior and the girl was a freshman and everyone ended up having a great time and didnt care how old anyone was,so i think your fine hun.Have a good time at the prom!

♥ danielle

thanx ya i am a freshman but its my second year in high school in our school

Byes guys im done on advicenators it was a good 6 year run :)


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