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Me and my boyfriend are getting closer ..I think i love him because everytime i am around him i am very very nervous about what i will sya how i look and how i act and i get butterflies in my stomache and when i tell him i love him he says it bak and it feels right with everyother guy that tiold me tha ti felt really weird but i never said it bak to them if i did i said it fast so do i love him????I am 13 and a girl.. (link)
I don't think anyone other than you yourself can truly say whether you love your boyfriend or not. However, although it may not help, but it did for me, my former teacher once told me, "There's one question that can test whether you truly love someone. Imagine if a situation arose where the best thing for your boyfriend/girlfriend would be to give him/her up and never see him/her again for the rest of your life. If you're truly, TRULY willing to do this, it's love."

Not sure if that'll help, but hope it does.

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I would do ne-thing for him ♥

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