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hola, im melissa.
my friends are my lifee.
im always loud as hell.
im never quiet, ever.
i go to the mall alottt.
i love abercrombie and hollister.
coach and chanel are love.
i love flip flops.
i love nailpolish.
i have a swearing problem.
im really really random.
i dont listen to anyone.
don't tell me what to do
i won't listen, i promise.
i talk back way to much.
i lovee boys. alot.
i love straightning my hair.
i love laughing till i cant breathe.
im easy to get along with.
it annoys the shit out of me when people type like this: LiiKeE o-M-G!~ ii WuZ aTt thA maLl yeSterDaii aNd ii b0ugHt tHe cuTesT puRs3 0N s@l3 f0R lyk3 9000 d0LlaRsz ! o-m-G iisnT thAt Ch3@p ? Liiik3 0-M-G ii kN0w! 0H EM GEE!

lmao okay thats it.


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where can i get one of these bags that look like this:

i know they are really expensive so i was wondering where i could get a fake one that doesnt cost a lot ..and that i can buy in store or in person.. cause i dont like buying online. thanks!

at the mall or flea market, they have stands that sell fake designer purses. i was at the mall the other day and i saw one EXACTLY like that for only $68! the real ones can range from $500-1500, some even more. so just check around in the mall and in flea markets, but the ones in the flea markets look more real. good luck with it and i hope i helped!

xo melissa
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im in the 8th grade and there is this really sexy beyond sexy guy i like but hes in the 6th grade. im pretty short and hes taller then me so thats good. what i want to know is it okay to date someone that young?i know people say age doesnt matter but give your honest opinion!

omg, lolll the same thing at our school too! im in 8th grade and theres a LOT of sexyy 6th graders, haha. but i definitely think you should ask him out.. like the other person said before anyone else does!

hope i helped and good luck with it!

xo melissa (please rate!)


what do i have to do it lose a lot of fat in my legs in a month?

run! run, run, run! lol trust me, it helps soo much. run on a tredmill or outside for 30 minutes every day, and trust me you'll see a difference in about a few weeks.

hope i helped and good luck with it!
xo melissa (please rate!)


i have rele bad armpit smell and i wash no scrub my armpit in the mourning but it doesnt seem to work i use deodorant wat can i do to eleiminate or minimize smell

secret deodorant works really good. they just came out with a new line called "secret clinical strength" and can be found at walmart, target, or any other drugstore.

hope i helped and good luck with it!

xo melissa (please rate!)


im 13/f. okay so firstly dont say any of these things:
-you still are going to develop
-give it time
-boob job
-push up/padded bra

alright so i recently got my period in feb. so i guess that means i'll get boobs over time. ha. kay so i really need some boobs im like speed bumps. i know im still developing but seriously. is there anything i can do to have them actually get bigger. im a 30A and recently went looking for some really good push up bras to make me look bigger at walmart but they didnt fit properly or they didn't really look right (no padding ect). i have a bra now and its like padded and kinda push up, but i need a really good one.

so pretty my questionnss:
-any way i can get my boobs larger not huge but atleast a little bigger
-any good bra places that will have push up/padded bras for the size 30A
-anything else. =]


the only thing you can do is get a push up bra. victoria's secret has the BEST BEST bras, but they're kind of pricey but in my opinion they're definitely worth it. they don't carry a size 30A, but they do carry sizes 32A and up, so you'll definitely be fine wearing a size 32A.

hope i helped and good luck with it!
xo melissa (please rate!)


kay so i read that girls can get circumsized. how is that done.. or like ... HOW? or how is that possable. like how do the girls get that done.. JUST WONDERING.

its most commonly done in egypt and other countries, and basically its when a girls genital gets sewn together. its mostly done because of the religion, where the parents don't want the girls to masterbate, have sex, ect. hope I helped!


mine doesnt want to work wen i click it

when you press the link click "save" then it will be on your desktop.


For the dance team at my school we have to learn double spins, working on triple spins. I think its just where you spin in a circle on like your left foot, and while spinning, your right leg is bent and you put your right foot on your left knee. Sorry if that's confusing. So my question is, is that how you do them? And are your arms supposed to be at your side, out to the side, or in? Please just explain to me everything you know about double spins! Also, if that is how it is supposed to be done, I cant do it! I can spin around one time but then I lose my balance what should I do about that? Please help me! It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

when i first started out doing double & triple spins, it was really hard at first. i kept on losing my balance, and my gymnastics coach told me that you have to be tight when you do it. in other words, tighten up your body (mostly your butt) when you do spins, so you have more control.


I am trying out for the Poms team at my school. Tryouts are on Saturday, March 17th. There are tryout clinics the 14th, 15th, and 16th. Those are just to learn what is expected at tryouts. Anyways, I have to have my right and left splits down for one of the requirements, but it turns out they check your splits on the 14th instead of the actual tryout day, which I wasn't aware of until yesterday. I am extremely close, and I can go all the way down, but my back knee is kind of bent. I want to make the team so bad! Any advice on how to get better at my splits in a short time? I stretch a lot and try to go further every day. Please help!!! Thanks so much! I honestly would love to hear anything at all that you think might help :]

stretch, stretch, STRETCH! you have to stretch soo much before you can get the splits perfectly. i think i was 6 when i learned how to do the splits, and at first it was really hard to do it. when i stretched, (i took a gymnastics class) it was soo much easier. doing a warmup like this really helps with the knees:

also another warmup is sitting down on the floor with your legs spread out, then reach down your hands and touch one foot for 5 minutes. then, switch. this seems to help a lot. hope i helped and good luck with it!

xo melissa

*ps* poms is really fun! good luck with making it! =)


Alright. This isn't quite as bad as the title makes it sound. I am 22/f and over Christmas while I was home I ended up running into my high school math teacher. He was only a year or two out of school when I was in high school. We had a pretty good conversation and I was talking a lot about my school, stress and thesis and he was funny and offered great advice. Anyways He sent me a really nice e-mail over the weekend (apparently he got my e-mail from another teacher I still stay in touch with) and asked me how was going, wished me the best and asked me if I’d like to get together for coffee or dinner when I'm finished.

So, he isn’t that much older then me, but it still seems a little awkward to agree to a date with someone who taught me. I think he is, at most, seven years older then me, but I want to know what other people think. Would be acceptable to go to dinner with him? I would really like too...

yes, that's perfectly fine! sit down with him at dinner, ask about what's been happening in his life, etc. if you feel uncomfortable with it, then you don't have to do it. i think that that's a pretty sweet idea, though! good luck with it!

xo melissa


so i'm 14/f and i weigh 130 and i'm 5'4 almost 5'5. i want ot lose weight like 10 15 pounds cause i feel like i'm over weight, can anyone give me some pointers to losing weight kinda fast? my dad said that theres a new diet, and you eat alot in the morning and when your at school and stuff you burn it off and then you slow down at dinner and stuff, does that make any sense?

all you can do is excercise, excersise, and EXCERCISE! maybe run a mile a day, run on a tredmill, dance lol, or do anything that keeps you moving. also eat healthy, here's a really good meal plan that helps you lose 1 pound a week. plus if you excersice maybe 4 times a week, you'll probably lose 3-4 pounds a week.

Lose one pound a week, by trimming 500 calories from your daily diet. Try some of the following food and beverage swaps.


Lose: bagel with cream cheese and coffee with cream and sugar.

Choose: toasted English Muffin with light cream cheese and coffee with skim milk or nonfat creamer.

Save 500 calories


Lose: 20-ounce soda, one cup orange juice, and second glass of wine

Choose: unlimited H2O, naturally flavored seltzer and unsweetened tea

Save 500 calories

Daily Lunch Sandwich:

Lose: sub roll, the mayo, high fat meats and cheese (bologna, salami, pastrami, etc.)

Choose: whole wheat bread, spicy mustard, lean turkey or ham, reduced fat cheese.

Save 500 calories


Lose: candy bar, chips and 20 oz soda

Choose: baby carrots, string cheese and an apple

Save 500 calories

Lose: Steak, fried potatoes, dinner roll, buttery vegetables

Choose: Grilled chicken or fish, baked potato with tablespoon sour cream, sautéed spinach (in 1-2 teaspoons olive oil and garlic)

save 500 calories


Would you say kissing on the shoulder is a sluty thing to do in a 6 month relationship and you both truly love eachother but he kisses your shoulder..would that be considered kind of wrong? i dont know why i feel its a bit slutty or maybe its just me

nope, this is not slutty at ALL! it's perfectly normal. it probably feels slutty, or weird, to you because you're probably not used to it. hope i helped!

xo melissa (please rate! thanks!)


what is the difference between abercrombie and abercrombie and fitch?

abercrombie is for kids which carries smaller sizes and is way cheaper than abercrombie & fitch

and abercrombie & fitch is the adult/teen clothing store which is almost the same as abercrombie kids but it's way more expensive.

hope i helped!

xo melissa (please rate!)


Ok well yesterday I got the courage to ask my mom if I could use tampons instead of pads, cuz well I play volleyball and so she said yeah i could, so we bought the Playtex Sport Tampons Regular.
Is that a good brand to start off with?
Well anyways, I think i got the main idea of how to put a tampon in... so correct me if i'm wrong

first you put the first part into the vagina, and then push in the second part inside of the first part, then take out the first/second part (they are inside of each other) and the string should be coming out of your body.

is that correct? tell me if thats wrong and how to do it.

Also another question is... (might be really stupid) Where do you put the tampon in?

like I know theres the butt hole where you poop, and then theres like a flab of skin where the pee comes out... but where do you put the tampon in?
like i can't bend down and see the hole, so how do i know if i'm putting the tampon in the right spot? I read the directions and they say i have to insert it 45 degrees angle, so how would it look like? Like would the back of the tampon be closer to your front? or back?

IDK i'm so confused... I had the courage to ask my mom if i could use tampons.. but I am REALLY uncomfortable to ask her how. and like ask her to show me.
plz help me!!!
thanks soo much!

Oh and how long are you supposed to keep tampons in maximum? 8 hours is ok??

all playtex tampons are definitely good to start out with, plus it's plastic which makes putting it in easier. and yup, your right about the insertion part. well you actually have 3 holes. your pee hole, vagina (where you put the tampon in) and your anus (butt hole, lol) here's a diagram on how your vagina looks like (don't worry its a drawing lol)

also the instructions included inside the tampon box should help too. and yes, 8 hours is the maximum. good luck with it and i hope i helped!

xo melissa


Okay, so I haven't been on in forever and I just got on and rated all of the answers to my questions. Will they rating the affect the columnists? or is it to late?

Thanks :]

nope, it's not too late. it still affects them, so don't worry lol.

xo melissa


i have kinda of curly frizzy hair and i straighen it everyday. Im going to florida in april and im not gunna have time to strighen my hair everytime i take a shower. is there antying, such as shampoo, conditioner, cream, spray, anything that would make my hair straight, if not just a little straight? also is there anything i can put in my hair when its wet that when it drys there would be pretty curls and not fizzy ones and can withstand the heat?


sunsilk anti proof works amazingly on getting straight hair. also sleeping on a satin pillow helps A LOT. after you shower, blowdry your hair for about 10 minutes, that helps too. hope i helped and good luck! xo melissa (please rate!)

p.s. have fun in florida


can you bring them to the beach? like the tote bags? or will sand ruin them? is it like ok to bring them there? or does it not look right? opinion pleasee.

those are really cute bags to take to the beach! very summery. i actually think that those bags would be very cute to take to the beach and the sand won't ruin it, just don't let it touch the water lol! hope i helped and good luck!

xo melissa (please rate!)


my face is wicked shiny! yeah, mostly it's my forehead. and in pictures it looks so retarded. what can i put on my face to make it less shiny??

and yes, i already do wash my face.

i used to have the same exact problem as you. theres this stuff called Clean & Clear Morning burst, you wash your face with it in the morning and it controls shine all day! you can buy it online here:

or you can just to to any drugstore and buy it. hope i helped and good luck with it!

xo melissa (please rate!)


how much does it hurt to break your hymen? i think i might have accidentally done it shaving down there because i saw blood and i felt a pinch but im scared i might have just cut myself

there's no way that you could of cut your hyem, unless you actually shave inside of your vagina lol! you just cut yourself, no big deal! put some unscented lotion or baby powder down there to soothe it. you can on only break your hyem by having sex, using tampons (sometimes) horseback riding, (sometimes) and gymnastics (sometimes). hope i helped!

xo melissa (please rate!) thanks!


so on my myspace someone wrote something that really hurt my feelings but idontknow hu it is. it was telling me im a whore basiclly can you please help me.

change your password. ive heard of this happening ALOT, and basically, crazy-ass people out there steal your password and log into your myspace and write comments and ruin your whole myspace. change your password and report it =] good luck with it and i hope i helped!

xo melissa (please rate!)


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