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hola, im melissa.
my friends are my lifee.
im always loud as hell.
im never quiet, ever.
i go to the mall alottt.
i love abercrombie and hollister.
coach and chanel are love.
i love flip flops.
i love nailpolish.
i have a swearing problem.
im really really random.
i dont listen to anyone.
don't tell me what to do
i won't listen, i promise.
i talk back way to much.
i lovee boys. alot.
i love straightning my hair.
i love laughing till i cant breathe.
im easy to get along with.
it annoys the shit out of me when people type like this: LiiKeE o-M-G!~ ii WuZ aTt thA maLl yeSterDaii aNd ii b0ugHt tHe cuTesT puRs3 0N s@l3 f0R lyk3 9000 d0LlaRsz ! o-m-G iisnT thAt Ch3@p ? Liiik3 0-M-G ii kN0w! 0H EM GEE!

lmao okay thats it.


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I haven't cut my hair for the longest time. My bangs, you know the totally unoriginal side sweppy bangs. Well mine were more like up to the eyebrow and side swepped like with a flip. Those are quite long now so I have been wearing them differently so they aren't in my way anymore. Anyways, I will be in France for a semester and I would really like to get a haircut like a European style. (No bangs).

Can you guys find me some up-to-date hair styles which have some European flare. (length doesn't really matter but a little longer than the shoulder would be preferable and no bangs. Yes layers). I also think the Victoria Secret model hair sytle is supremely sexy haha.

go there, then the 10th picture is a really pretty, popular european hairstyle. hope i helped!

xo melissa


My little sister is 9 now. But when she was 8 she got pregnant. It was a miracle that she and her baby made it through. Now she is pregnant with twins and I don't think it is good! She said she will not slow down and she will have a baby every year of her life! She says she loves being pregnant! My parents dont care. How do I get her to slow down.

uhh really quit it.. there is a 99.999999999999% chance that this is real.. so its fake. seriouslyy stop


sorry if this is long but i really need advice ok i live with my dad, and i need to get bras, i need/want a cupped bra, but
1. i don't know wat size i am and i dont know how to figure it out.
2. and i dont know which 1 would be right for me
i would like to have 1 regular sports bra, 1 regular cupped bra, and 1 sports bra that is sorta cupped. how many bras do you think i should need? how do i get those bras with my dad?
as much advice as possible plz help me!! but i can only go to walmart and target. i also won't ask someone who works there!

just as that person said below, that's how you measure your breasts. for the dad part, ask him to drop you and a friend off at walmart to look for "swim suits" (or say anything-- like school supplies, clothes, shoes, etc.) walmart actually has really good bras! i was at walmart with my little cousin (she's 11) and she was getting her first bras there. they had bras for as low as $2! look around with your friend and try some bras on. make sure they feel comfortable and not too tight, make sure the bra isn't pinching into your back and it's not riding up. choose bras in skin tone colors so they don't show through your shirt. a skin-tone color and a gray color are the best color choices to choose. avoid white because it shows through shirts. when you buy the bras, make sure to buy something else too (like a tshirt) so your dad thinks that you actually bought something, and stuff the bras in your purse so he doesn't see them in the bag. trust me-- i've had experience with this LOL! walmart has a wide variety of bras, including sports bras and cupped ones too. just look around and you should find everything you need! =) hope i helped and good luck with it!

xo melissa
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So I want to lighten my dark brown hair, and I read this online:

chamomile spray - hey this works best for dark brown hair make some chamomile tea let it cool down then wash your hair with it it will make your hair a few shades lighter,or you can spray it on your hair (without using the sun)every day for 1whole week than it will lighten it.

Has anybody tried this??? Please tell me anything about it, and if you want to edit the directions that’s fine.

Before and after pictures would be appreciated if possible…you could cover your face with photoshop or paint…

i actually helped my friend do her hair, and her it looks great! i don't have any before and after pictures, but basically it was a really dark brown and once she put the tea in her hair it's lighter.

Spray or comb a cup of strong chamomile tea into hair. Leave on for twenty minutes, shampoo and rinse.

have someone help you with it, like a friend. good luck with it and i hope i helped!

xo melissa


hey umm remember that people say the virgin coconut oil is good for your hair?
well wat does it do to it?
and also how do you use it?
after shampoo?
afer conditioner?
or after you take a shower? GET MY PIOnt? please help me or please give me a really good website... oh and does it make your hair long.. or healthy or what... thanks and i hope you anser my question =]

--EDIT-- nope

apply it on DRY hair, before you take a shower. Heat it in the microwave for about 30 seconds, and apply it to your hair starting at the ends. Work it up either CLOSE to your roots (if your hair's oily) or to your roots (if it's dry).

It helps if you clip your hair up. Leave it in for about a half-hour. If your short on time, its okay to shorten the time though. Wash it out with shampoo. Wash it twice for good measure. Use either a clarifying shampoo (buy the Suave one because it's really cheap) or a lot of regular shampoo that's see-through ish (like, not super creamy). Follow with conditioner, like usual, because it'll help seal in moisture. Plus, you just washed your hair twice.

do this two or three times a month. It'll make your hair shiny and soft and strong and basically every desireable adjective that describes hair :)

hope i helped!
xo melissa

how do i get those kinda eye makep? i wanna transform my eye like that when i do my make up but i dont know the color of eye pencils or shadows tools or how to apply it on...

this is what you'll need to get that look:
- a black, liquid eye liner
- a black, pencil / stick eye liner
- black / gray / white trio eye shadow
- a q-tip
- black mascara
- eye shadow brush

first, start with a clean face. make-up is like art. you have to start out clean & fresh if you want it to look the best :] moisturize your face & apply a light foundation. pull the outer corner of one eye with your non-dominant hand with your eye closed. slowly pencil in the line right above your eyelashes. it should be very thin. next, take the black / gray / white trio eyeshadow. take the white eyeshadow and apply it right under your eyebrow. then, take the gray eyeshadow and apply it along the crease of your eyelid. the black eyeshadow should be applied very lightly. just line it across your lid & dont over do it. take the black mascara & put two coats on the top & one coat on the bottom. make sure you move the mascara tip to the left & right to get extra volume. lastly, you should apply the liquid eyeliner. it's the same thing with the pencil / stick eyeliner. pull the outer corner of your eyes & slowly yet carefully line across your upper lid. end with a dramatic curl on your outer corners. optional: apply the pencil / stick eyeliner on your bottom lashes. make sure you dont put it in the inner corners of your eye! use the qtip to slightly smudge the liquid liner, or to clean up mistakes :]

the look is called a smokey eye, & can be very dramatic. it's usually a night-time look.

i hope i helped & you can find all those things at a simple drugstore. there aren't any specific brand names. and it also depends on how much money youre willing to spend. here's some more tips:

i hope i helped & good luck :] ♥


Ok , I'm still a virgin and I think I'll stay that way until I'm married. But a masturbate sometimes and it feels real good but I want to stop. But I'm just so dirty and I want to do it but I'm too young! (I'm 13 , not 17 just cause of my username). What should I do?

don't worry, this is totally normal! most people think that it's wrong that they masturbate, but it's really not. its also healthy! hope i helped!

xo melissa
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do you know any ways to get taller i would really want to be 5'6 or 5`7 when im 14. im only 5`1 and im 13.... any advice?

that should help you=)

good luck with it!
xo melissa


Odd question, what are some recently popular shoes (ones that can be worn every day/with jeans.)?

wow, a lot of shoes are really popular nowadays.

old navy flip flops, everyone wears those!

ugg boots

birkenstock clogs (even though i really don't care for them)

^ those are the real ones that are $130, you can get fake ones at target

abercrombie & hollister flip flops are really popular in my school too.

abercrombie kids-

abercrombie & fitch-


hope i helped!
xo melissa
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Does anyone have any good lies I could leave on my friends myspace as a comment for april fools day? Something kind of believable? Thanks! I tried to think of some, but they're bad.

tell them that you are pregnant, i did that today to my friends and they got a kick out of that. lol good luck with it!

xo melissa


Well I need this answered quick, because its already April Fools Day. So I would really like some good pranks that I can use on my family. Any one that are hilarious would be great!!


Cream Cheese Deodorant
Scrape off about an inch or so of your victim's deodorant and replace it with cream cheese. It will take a few minutes to sculpt the cheese in place to look like the deodorant. When finished, put the lid back on and back where you found the deodorant. When your victim needs to freshen up again, he will get a cream cheese surprise

Salty Toothpaste
Sprinkle some salt on your victim's toothbrush. When this person goes to brush their teeth, he or she will get a salty tasted treat.

Shampoo Shower Prank
Glue a bottle of shampoo to the shower shelf (to avoid damage, use clear caulk on a surface that can be scraped).

Bar Of Soap Lather Prank
Take some nail polish and coat a bar of soap with it. Let it dry. Then put it in the bathroom shower. When your victim tries to use it, he or she will go nuts trying to get it to lather up.

Unable To Open
Glue all the bottles of shampoo shut so they cannot be opened.

Terrible Aim
Sprinkle some water with yellow food coloring all over the toilet seat and floor. It will look like whoever used the toilet before you was a terrible aimer.

Food Coloring In Hand Soap Dispenser
Put some food coloring inside the hand soap dispenser. When your victim tries to wash his hands, they will end up worse than before he decided to wash them.

Urinate Forever
Impress a buddy who is in a room next to the bathroom. Excuse yourself to go to the bathroom, but along the way get a large bucket with water and take it in with you. Then slowly pour it in the toilet. It will take forever to finish pouring it all in. Your buddy in the room next door will say, "WOW" as he will think you are taking a very very long pee.

haha, these are all really good. i tried the first one with the cream cheese deodorant to my dad, and he was screaming "what the hell is this?" lol it was really funny. good luck with it!

xo melissa
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im 12 years old and i didnt get my period yet im worried but u know all my family got it at 13 but im still worried and i cant stop getting scareed

hmm, why are you on here when you're only 12? don't come back until you're 13 you don't want to get in trouble LOL! kk well anyways, dont worry about it! if your family got it at 13, then chances are that you will get it at 13. some girls don't even start until there 16! just incase you start at school, always be prepared by keeping a pad in your purse and in your locker and also a pair of pants in your locker. even when you start, your flow isn't heavy at all! if you start at school without a pad or tampon just roll up some toilet paper and stick it in your underwear until you can get a pad from a friend or the school nurse. it's completely normal to be scared about starting but don't stress over it!

here's a really good website for you:

hope i helped and good luck with it!
xo melissa
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I live in Canada and I'm having my gr.9 farewell (grad, basically)soon. Is a summer dress good enough for the occasion? I'm not a very dressy person, but I don't want to seem out of place. I know floor-length is too formal, but should it be more fancy than a summer dress?

the dress should go a little below your knees, no longer than that. if the weather is warm when you have your graduation, they hey, go for that summer dress! go for colors that are cute like soft pinks, purples, oranges, etc. also, match your dress with some cute matching accesories. your hair can be curled and be left down, or curled & half up-half down is really pretty too. here is a website for cute dresses:

since you live in canada, i don't know if you have that store near you can also online shop. good luck with it and i hope i helped!

xo melissa


i hate my height..i'm 5 6...i hate being this tall...i'm 14/ there any ways of being shorter??

nope, just as other people said wear flat shoes all the time. that's not tall at all! my 12 year old friend is 5'8 lol! there are many advantages of being tall, you can model, play volleyball, basketball, or any other sport.

hope i helped!
xo melissa
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Am I skinny yet?

ummm, hun are you kidding me?


Is masturbating bad for you when you have your period?

it's not good or bad, it's just the same as when your not on your period. just make sure blood doesn't get everywhere! =)~

hope i helped!
xo melissa
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Can someone tell me what type of dress most girls wore on their grade 8 grad?

Like the green one in the second row, or someone simple, or something cute but simple but special material like the two poka dotted ones on the 2nd row?

Because Everyone last year wore like the green one but I was wondering if it's ok to wear like the poka dotted ones, I don't want to be dresing disrespectful or anything.

And what style did most girls have their hair? Leave it normal, striahgt down, Curled down, or tied in a half pony tail and curled?

Oh and I'm taking my friend too so what dress would look good on an asian?

those dresses are all soo pretty! the polka dot one is really cute also. i think you should pick the polka dot one, its not disrespectful at ALL! girls in 8th grade at my school had polka dot dresses, also. your hair can be straight down, curled down, or half ponytail curled, any one looks cute. and for your friend, you don't want to get a dress for her similar to hers. the green one would look absolutatly cute on her!

heres my friend at her 8th grade graduation:

she has a polka dot dress similar to yours, and i think a hairstyle like that would look adorable!

hope i helped and good luck!
xo melissa
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how do i change my password for my screen name for aim????

sign onto AIM
go to My AIM
edit options
change password

and follow the directions on that page=)

hope i helped and good luck with it!
xo melissa
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17/f, and a Junior in high school.

This year for the junior prom, I'd really love to learn how to make a dress out of silver duct tape, just to have some fun with the whole experience. My date is a good male friend of mine, and we both think showing up in silver tape to prom would be amazing and a lot of fun.

So, my question is- is there any site or any guide I can follow on how exactly to make a dress like this? I mean I know the tape sticks to itself and not to your body, but I need to figure out how to get it to fit right and the like.

Also, if you have any suggestions as far as accessories go- things I can use for a corsage/buittoneire combo or something, I'd love to hear it. Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

scroll down and you download an instruction guide that teaches you how to make the dress.

^ that website is pictures of a girl who made a duct tape dress for prom, even the shoes were made of duct tape! for her bracelet she wore an entire roll of duct tape, so if the dress rips at prom she could easily fix it=)

good luck with it and i hope i helped!

xo melissa
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is it bad if im 14 that is 5ft 10???? tell hte truth

no way, you are DEFINITELY normal! my friend is 12 and she's 5'8! that's really good to be tall because it makes you look older, you can be a model (lol) and also join a lot of sports, such as basketball and volleyball. hope i helped!

xo melissa
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