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hola, im melissa.
my friends are my lifee.
im always loud as hell.
im never quiet, ever.
i go to the mall alottt.
i love abercrombie and hollister.
coach and chanel are love.
i love flip flops.
i love nailpolish.
i have a swearing problem.
im really really random.
i dont listen to anyone.
don't tell me what to do
i won't listen, i promise.
i talk back way to much.
i lovee boys. alot.
i love straightning my hair.
i love laughing till i cant breathe.
im easy to get along with.
it annoys the shit out of me when people type like this: LiiKeE o-M-G!~ ii WuZ aTt thA maLl yeSterDaii aNd ii b0ugHt tHe cuTesT puRs3 0N s@l3 f0R lyk3 9000 d0LlaRsz ! o-m-G iisnT thAt Ch3@p ? Liiik3 0-M-G ii kN0w! 0H EM GEE!

lmao okay thats it.


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what are some good qualities people look for in a cheerleader? is their a good weight for it? is it required to be able to do flips and such...cause i cant do flips, not even a cart wheel, or splits...should i not go out for it cause i cant do flips and such?

If you can't do a cartweel or splits, then you can't make the squad. In order to make the cheerleading squad, you have to have a back handspring which is basically a back flip, so I don't think you can try out. If you really want to be a cheerleader, then sign up for gymnastics for a few months until you get the basics, such as splits, cartwheels, back handsprings, etc.


i need to change my profile to private because im sick of my teachers looking at it. There's nothing bad on it but it's none of their business. So how can i make it private. I tried changing the setting but it doesn't work.

Change your age to 15.


i straighten my hair almost everyday and i have a lot of split/dead ends.. what could i put in my hair before i straighten it so the heat dosnt distroy it even more?

thankss =]

EDIT: yes, it does damage your hair because they put chemicals into your hair to keep it straight. i think that it's so totally worth it because i hate to keep on having to straighten my hair because it wastes time and it damages it more. also, when you get it permantenly straightened and you get it wet or take a shower, it stays straight which is greattt=D so to answer your question, yes it does damage it but not as much as a regular straightener does. hope i helped!

Pantene Pro-V heat protecting spray, it works really good! that's what i used to use before i got my hair permantently straightened. hope i helped and good luck with it!

xo melissa


where can i get the necklace that this girl has in this picture??? its so cute

for the necklace, just buy a ring or just use one you have at home and put it on a silver necklace chain. and for the clothes, i've seen MANY juicy clothes at TJ Maxx, Marshall's, and Nordstorm Rack for really cheap! The sweatshirts are 40 bucks im sure, and the Juicy Tshirts are 30 or 20. also, hollister and abercrombie are really 'in' and cute, just check in the clearance side for cheaper clothes. same with forever21, charlotte russe, and wet seal, ADORABLE clothes that are really cheap! (more expensive, for adults and young adults)


how do i show what my rating is on my advice column? Thanks.

you need to be rated at least 5 times or more. hope i helped!

xo melissa


If you push 'delete your column' on the site map will it delete it write away or will it say 'Are you sure you want to delete' or something? Supid question I know. I just was going to click on something else and I almost pushed the link to delete my column.

i used to wonder the same thing LOL! i was scared that if i clicked it, it would delete my profile, but it actually says "if you want to delete your profile, email dangernerd at"

hope i helped!
xo melissa


Not to sound goofy or anything
but are myspace bullitens real?
like ones that are like
you you will loose the one you love most and stuff.

nope, they're just chain letters that are totally fake! don't believe them, it's just for fun! hope i helped!

xo melissa


well im a little chubby and i need to loose some weight because i have a boyfriend and i feel that he really doesnt like me because of my weight.what is a good way to loose weight.


Slimfast Optima shakes, they come in DELICIOUS flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, french vanilla, caramel, and more! they are only like 100 calories i think, and they help you lose weight, control your hunger for 4 hours, and just taste great! also quit all the junk food and EXCERCISE!!!!! run, swim, jog, whatever! just do something that keeps you moving. hope i helped and good luck with it!

xo melissa


I never thought of getting my healthy fixes from a box in the freezer until I stumbled upon the SKINNY COW ice cream sandwiches. they're delicious & worth the mere 150 cals with 2 grams of fat. id like to try more sweet, healthy snacks & meals that are good for you-& taste great! any suggestions are greatly appreciated. thanks a bunch in advance.


Slimfast Optima shakes, they come in DELICIOUS flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, french vanilla, caramel, and more! they are only like 100 calories i think, and they help you lose weight, control your hunger for 4 hours, and just taste great! also frozen yougurt, fruits and veggies, etc. hope i helped and good luck with it!

xo melissa


I need your help deciding what the ideal menu for a public dinner would be.

Not knowing what would be the best dishes to serve is making this an impossible task.

If you will tell me your favorite foods, or point me to your favorite recipes, it would really help a lot.

You can list as many things as you like. They don't have to be fancy things at all. I am all about the comfort food baby! :)

This will be a mixed group of people so I would like to have something for everyone.

Cooking for a banquet is not as hard as trying to figure out WHAT to cook!

Everyone will receive feedback.

Thank you!

P.S. If all that was a lot to digest, pun intended, here is a summary: Please list all your favorite foods.

-TACOS. my favorite food in the WHOLE world! =]
-chicken tenders
-french fries
-ice cream
-soup (any kind)
-baked potatos
-mashed potatoes
-pork chops
-hot dogs
-grilled cheese
-mac and cheese

^ that's a pretty fun & cool menu!

LOL hope i helped!
xo melissa


Okay me and my friend Jane, need advice, how can we look great and buy stuff cheap??? Give us a list of stores and we'll hit the mall!!...remeber...CHEAP.
-jan and jane

TARGET. dude, i can't tell you how much i love target! they just got a new line with really fashionable stuff that's soo cheap, i got a really cute shirt for 4 bucks! also to have the 'in' style, check abercrombie and hollister's clearance's, they are really good! the t-shirts on sale are usually $10-19. forever 21, charlotte russe, and wet seal also have very cute clothes for a really good price. hope i helped and have fun!

=] xo melissa


like my nose has a random bump on it and i HATE it!! its hereditary in my family and like my nose it cute looking from the front and ugly from the side and idk if people notice or there anything i can do??

plz help!

cover it up with cover up, or if it's acne use acne medication. dude, you're 11? don't come back until you're 13.. you're probably gonna get your account deleted! well hope i helped!

xo melissa


how long should they last .
and like
how do i actually give one
how long should it last
and is it wrong to give one in a movie theatre?
sites ?

1. it depends, really on how long you & your partner want it to be

2. by giving a b/j, you suck on your partner's penis.

3. yeah, it's extremely wrong to give one in a movie theater, you will probably get kicked out and there's a chance that little kids are around, and people really don't wanna see that stuff going on in a public place.

only search

hope i helped!

xo melissa


I heard sex makes your breasts grow if you do it enough (not by getting pregnant). Is this true?

nope, this is a myth! i looked it up online. hope i helped!

xo melissa


I didnt pay attention to the person who gave me the website that gives a lot of info on herbs, vitamins, etc. But whoever you are can you please give it to me again. I had to do a quickrestore on my computer and where I stored my favorite websites were deleted.

i'm sure that's your question, hope i helped!

xo melissa


Can anyone tell me a quick way to wash cabbages, greens, fruits, etc clean with no dirt in it?

I haven't did it for a long time so I forgot and I didn't want to tell me dad when he told me to. Last time I took an hour and he yelled at me because they STILL had dirt in it. I was soaking them for hours and they still had dirt, or that I couldn't see them =( it makes me feel realyl bad when my dad scolds me

this is what my mom does, and it works really well:

you get a big bowl and put it in the sink and fill it up with water, then put the fruits/vegetables in the bowl of water and sprinkle baking SODA (not baking powder) on them and let them sit for atleast 5 minutes. it works very well! hope i helped and good luck with it!

xo melissa


What is the correct method of washing hair! like how long do you keep shampoo in, how should you massage conditioner into your hair and what not!

this is my shower method, but it all depends on the type of shampoo & conditioner you use:

first, when i get in i stay in for a minute or so then i shampoo, leaving it in for a minute then rinsing it out.

then, i wash my body with body wash & a sponge

after, shave whatever needs to be shaved

then last, i put conditioner in my hair and leave it in for 3 minutes to really make sure it's soaked in well.

so i would say you should keep the shampoo in for 1 minute and conditioner in for 3 minutes. for the conditioner, massage it in for 15 seconds and let it sit for the 3 minutes. hope i helped!



I'd like to start using a menstrual cup but don't know the differences among brands. Any recommendations? or are they all pretty much the same?

there's something called the Diva Cup, i heard that they work really well but i never tried it. hope i helped and good luck!

xo melissa
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Ok tomorow is my friends get together with the most popular guys in the 8th grade and im in 7th. I know this guy wants to make out with me whcih im a liitle freaked out but thats not what im worried about. I have no idea what to wear. I have these really cute shirts but i can't decide. Please pick your favorite!
but this is in yellow

Be honestt!! hurry please
and thanks ahead!

i have the last one in white, and it's soo cute. pair it with some jeans, flip flops, accesories, and a cute hairstyle, you'll look fabulous! hope i helped and have fun!

xo melissa♥


Hey I really like the movie "A goofy movie" which came out in the late 90s and I really want to know where I could buy it. And I'm talking about the first one not the second one. I live in Australia, so if you're american don't say an American shop. I really don't know where to find it because it's kinda old...thanks!

^ ebay, they seem to have a lot of those movies out for sale! you order it over the internet. hope i helped and good luck with it!

xo melissa


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