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hey my names amy and im here to help! i'll answer all your questions as best as i can and i hope i can help! I've been through alot and i can deal with almost anything... so.. BRING IT ON! lol you can always IM me online with AIM... on YiAlNuKvEdEaS.. thanks your great! love ya!
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Hey amy i read some of the other advicenators and i felt compelled to tell u something. I am a 16 yearold male and i have a 41 year old girlfriend. I know itsounds weird but i really love her a lot. She gives the best head in the world and i mean the best. Now ive been with a lot of girls before but she is the most mature out of all of them and the best. One thing i love about her is she loves to have intimate sex. She knows all of the sensitive spots. Now heres where i need your help. She doesnt know how old i am and she just asked me to move in with her. She told me she loves me. How do i approach my parents? Well if uyou could get backto me as soon as possible that would be super.

oh wow... well curt.... wow..... your crazy.. but whatever sinks your submarine um.. ... first.. tell her how old you are.. than if she still wants to move in and everything.. than work on telling your parents.. umm.. tell them the truth i guess.. but i guess make it important to them that love is love no matter what the age right?! well good luck curt!! GOOD LUCK!!

*well my ex boyfriend is coming over tomarrow and i made him a scrapbook of all our memories cause i want him to know how much i still care about him! he has told me 3 times since we've been broken up he loves me and hes said he misses me all the time! but theres also another girl that he likes and im trying to pretty much win him over..but anyways..i was just wondering if you had any ideas on how i could do like a scavenger hunt kinda thing to lead him to it cause i want this to be special!!! please help asap! thanks!* (link)
gosh lol well hmm a scavenger hunt.. haha i ALWAYS THOUGHT IT WAS ADORABLE! when people put out rose pedals to lead people to things.. but if you dont want to.. you can give him clues.. like... ... where we had our first kiss.. or something.. (and if it was on your bed he could go there) tahn you give him another one.. that says.. the gift you first gave me.. (than place a clue there) you know than lead um all up to.. the last clue that says.. right infront of you is how much love i still have! than have the book there.. haha im sorry that this idea sucks.. but it would be really cute!

last summer i met this guy..he came to missouri(which is where i live) cause he was visiting his grandma! well we met and had a blast together and i really liked him..only downside was he lives all the way in washington! well ever since we've met we have talked all the time on the phone and internet and hes been saying for quite a long time that he loves me and wants to be with me..i also feel the same way..i just dont know because he lives all the way in washington so we wouldnt really see eachother all that much! he said that him and his friend are coming down here this summer for a week to a week and a half and he wants to spend the whole time with me so im pretty excited about that! and hes talked about after he graduates and goes to college for 2 years coming here and living here so we can be together..he always says he feels like we are suppose to be together and i feel the same way i just dunno what to do! please help! sorry this is kinda long! (link)
heyyyyyyyy wow well first off congratulations!! not everyone is so lucky to find a person that they feel that they are ment to be with thast just fantastic! hmm well its a drag that he live in washington and you in missouri!!! wellts good taht you talk online and on the phone but i know that it would be hard to keep a relationship!!! if he's coming down this summer though and possibly moving out here theres a great chance that you could be seeing eachother enough! i mean i beleive that if you love him than you should be with him! people travel and people go into the army being married and things like that and they make it cause of their love! just remember you gotta do what you gotta do and therse all that is to it! i say go for the relationship even if your 1000 miles away! hope it all goes well! x0x0x

Hey Amy, you should kno who this is by the time im finished, well here i go. I have made out with this girl 19 times in 2 dates, yes i know, its alot. I love it. anyways, just thought i would let you know i love her( if you remember this from 1 of our convos) yeah thought i would let her know over this.

Lover boy (link)
hey! well sounds like you've been doing a lot of making out! must be a lucky girl!. haha its good to know you love her. she probably loves you too if this is how your realtionship is going. haha oh i bet she loves making out cause otherwise she wouldnt of done it so many times lol so you must be a good kisser.. keep up the good work with your g.f.!

see ya later lover boy!

hey i really like this one girl at my school but im not sure if she likes me and i needed some tips on how to find out if she does. (link)
well ... lets see.. ... notice if she flirts with you or shows any signs of finding you intresting ... if she talks to you alot and is around you alot that could be a good sign.. but because you dont know... you could ask some of her friends.. or ask some of yours.. see if people know who she likes? you could always talk to her about who she likes also.. thast the direct way to get your answer but sometimes thats hard.. maybe you ought to let her know your intrested to get results from her! but it wont be that hard to figure out if she does or not! hopefully she does and it all works out!

Hi i need a girlfriend badly.And was just wondering if you would have any tips for me?thank you (link)
go for girls that like you.. go for ones that are sweet and cute.. sometimes the Ms. popular im so sexy ones can be really hurtfull if you didnt know that by now... once you find a girl you like.. flirt with her.. but dont over do it. thats never good.. but do it so shes knows your intrested... if you get a sign back that she likes you too.. ask her out... than go from there..

just be yourself.. dont change for people.. let them change for you.. you'll be most happy that way

AH! I NEEDA KNOW WHAT "69" means! (link)
wellll its like what the 6 and the 9 look like... imagine the circles as heads... and the line part to be the body.. 69.. its a girl giving head and i a guy eatin her out at the same time!... there ya go.. stay safe

hey amy i really need ur help on this one. well im 17 years old and im in need of help. well lets just cut to the chase i am a female and i have male genitalia. basically what im saying is i have a penis but i feel all girl feelings. i really like boys but i havent found the right guy to share this with. now i do have one friend thats a lesbian and i am really close with her. should i let her know or just go down on her? the sooner you got back to me on this the better. thankyou for being there for me.
wow as odd and as crazy as this is ive decided to answer for you.. i could imagine it would be hard to share this with other people. well its good to know youve found a really good friend thats a lesbian too! that sounds great! but as hard as it might be i think you ought to let her know. its only fair to her! you couldnt "go down on her" than let her know.. it could really upset her and that wouldnt be good. so try donig that. i think it should help... i hope it does

i know this is stupid but i need to know! how do u french kiss?
this is really a question you answer on your own but there are a few tips... let the other lead if youve never done it before.. never close your mouth completley cause you might end up biting there tounge or lip.. than just move your tounge around in theirs and just open and close your mouth you'll find a rythm and do just fine! everyone does! lol

im 16 years old and 8 months boyfriend ..which is the father and is 19..wont have anything to do with me..he wont even touch me anymore yea he comes over every now and then but he doesnt stay breaks my heart because i love him so much..he says he loves me but it definately doesnt feel like it..what can i do? (link)
gosh this is never easy on anyone i would imagine.. the only thing i can think of is try talking to him and let him know that its okay!!! i bet he feels close to the way you do.. that hes too young.. that he messed up.. that hes not ready that he cant do this.. just let him know its okay that you feel the same way!!!! maybe once he knows that you know what he's going through he might lossen up and be loving again.. its just a rough time for him as it is for you... i think all you need is time hun!! hope i helped sum! x0x0x0

hey amy!! well um i am like in love with this one guy but uh he keeps on putting me aside for this one chick he likes. and he know i like him and all but yeah...neways i got real mad at him and then we got into this big fight and we are really pissed off at each other!! so i dono what should i do? should i apologize? what should i do? thanks love ya x0x sarah x0x lol btw i'm 13 (link)
boy oh boy where to begin...... lets start with the beginning.. you say your in love with this boy.... gosh sweetie think about that stuff.. at 13 what really is love.... i would think for days n days about that...

okay so next thing... if he keeps putting you aside for another girl thats not good he's using you as a backup.. when this girl he really likes gets angry at him or they fight let me guess he acts real sweet n stuff... yeah hes using you for when the girl that really likes him isnt likin him so much... im sorry but thats deffenitaly what i think..

okay so next i could understand why you guys would fight over this it makes alot of sence... but i dont think you should apologize.. if hes going to use u.. theres no need for you to say sorry.....

so heres what i think you should do.. let him know you dont want him to use you just when he needs you to get back at another girl tell him you really like him and if he cant give you back what you give him than hes not worth your time.. and maybe he'll come around and like you tons.. or he might just stick with this other girl..

but at 13 dont sweat it chicka! theres a whole lot more guys you'll date that will be much more worth your time i promise! hope i helped!

i went out w/ this guy like 2 yrs ago. and i fell totally head over heels in luv w/ him- he was gorgeous,funny, sweet,talented, everything a girl wants. after about a month of heaven on earth, he broke up w/ me. i was soo depressed. back in like jan. he started to go out w/ a chick named summer, and he felt the same way about her that i did about him (we are still very good friends), but she played him. they broke up and he was 'devastated'. the last month or so, he has been really really flirty w/ me, but i dont know if its bcuz he likes me or if its just him being him(he has a flirty personality). starting 2 fall 4 him again,but i dont want to get hurt by him again. what can i do? (link)
ask him about his intentions.... does he mean to flirt because he likes you or just to have fun! that way you'll know exactly what direction your going in before you get mixed up and get hurt! good luck!

so wanna make out? and do u kno who this is? (link)
lol hey there, idk how much of advice you need on this one.. but yeah you owe me.. and i know who ya are gorgeous!

my boyfriend and i broke up on monday. and i knew it was gonna hppen since a week and a half ago. but. i still like him. and i need to get overhim, hes a very bad person. i need to stop thinking about all the good feelings and times we had together. because i start crying again. i want to be over him. i wake up every morning with a heavy heart and i dont think he even cares. thats what gets me too. any advice on how to forget? (link)
keep very occupied dont find your self with alot of time to do nothing!! thats never good! and try to find someone knew or something new that intrests you completley! it should help! x0x0x0x0 luv always x0x0x0

There's this guy @ school, Derek, who I'm friends with, and I've known him for a few years.. and I've been in love with him for the past 2 years. School just ended, and I just can't comprehend the thought that I won't see him again for another 3 months. The thought of it makes me nauseus, and I get depressed. Last night I cried myself to sleep because I missed Derek so much.. and school just ended yesterday. He doesnt have a cell fone, but I have his house #. I wanna call him, but I don't wanna sound dumb. Ive never called him before, and he doesnt have my number. I dont know what to do.. I just really wanna see him, or atleast talk to him. I'm going to go crazy this summer if I dont. What should I do? Btw im really shy :/ (link)
heyyy its alright to be shy and to worry you wont see your friends over the summer!!! just think even if you didnt call him youd probably see him anyway right? think if all your friends went to the mall he'd tag along right? youd see him there... but i still think you should call him! friends call eachother all the time! its totally normal chicka! just call him like a friend and he'll think nothing of it! that way it wont be such a big deal and you wont have to feel shy!!! i say just call him hun, we all get a little nervous before we cal the guys we like for the first time.. its gonna be alright!! x00x0x hope i helpedx0x0x

I really like this guy he played me (kinda) and we were goin' kinda not goin' and now he all of sudden dont liek me what happend and what shoudl i do??

LonelyBaby (link)
im so sorry that this happened to ya, i know how ya feel... being played is never good... i dont know what else to tell you besides the fact that boys suck! he used you and lead you on to like him, and than found someone else to use! hes afraid he might really like you if he keeps kinda goin' with ya so he had to find a new chick! IM SORRRRY CHICKA!!!! but all you can do is try to remember your better than that okay?! x0x0x0x0x hope i helped sum xx0x0x0x

I love you amy poo

you no who!! (link)
lol hmmm.... amy poo? werid... well umm im kinda reallllly liking someone else right now.... so.. idk if i can help you sorry

i dont know if you remember me but i asked you a question about what i should do about the kis that i like and how he likes me to and you told me to go for it and ask him out well i hope you do remember but anyways i found out that he was a girlfriend and i know that if they broke up and we went out that his ex-girlfriend would get so many girls at my school to like hate me! I dont know what i should do he told me the next time he sees her hes gonna break up with her if he does should i ask him out still?
-signed confussed and puzzeled (link)
id say the key to life is living how you want it and not living for other people.. i guess inorder to have ANY kind of relationship you have to not care about what the others say. so yeah if his ex tells people to hate you that might suck for a while but people will realize shes only jealous... if you like a guy you should ask him out... even if his ex will hate you... live life for you!!! hope i helped!

Ok so this girl keeps leading me on but I'm not sure if she truly likes me or is just trying to get me to break up with my girlfriend. I really like her but I don't know what the fuck is going on. (link)
the only thing i think you should do is talk to this girl who is leading you on... and do you have feelings for your girlfriend.... because if you really like this other girl it seems kind of hard... maybe you should re-evaluate that situation first.. should you be with her? and if you really like your girl friend... forget about the girl whos messing with your head... life is a big enough game itself.. no need for little ones inside of it... hope i helped

well here there amy cakes. i was just thinkn bout you and your not on so i thought i would just write for advice i really want you and i think you do to so lets just give in to temptations and do it pleaseee
your secerate admirer (link)
well um... im sorry but i dont know who you are.. otherwise... i could let you know what i think... write for advice again and let me know who you are..

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