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hey my names amy and im here to help! i'll answer all your questions as best as i can and i hope i can help! I've been through alot and i can deal with almost anything... so.. BRING IT ON! lol you can always IM me online with AIM... on YiAlNuKvEdEaS.. thanks your great! love ya!
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hey i really like this one girl but i dunno if she likes me, should i ask her out or wat???
thanks. (link)
if you really like her and you want to ask her out.... maybe you should do some more research first.. find out if she likes you a little or a lot or not at all.. you know this way you'll know what answer you should expect when you ask her out.. lol think about if she gives you hints that she likes.. than go with that... hope i helped! luv ya

ok, well i'm an 8th grade girl and i really like this 7th grade guy, and he asked me out and i said yes, but i'm wondering if that's weird or not.. idk, i'm just confused, please help me!
~mandy (link)
heyyyy dont be worried about being with someone whos not you age.. yournger or older.. you know you just have to really like him enough to not care that people might think its dumb or weird! all that should matter is what you two think! and if your happy than i wouldn't worry about it being so wrong! hope i helped!

May 17, 2004, ((st. patricks day)) one of my best friends committed suicide. She was 13 years old. She was born on September 11, 1990. Her name was Alyssa, and she was walking to school late and she was walking on the tracks. She heard the train coming and she turned around, put her hood up, and gave the thumbs up sign to the conductor. He couldn't stop the train. Alyssa got hit and died. A month later the investigators claimed it to be suicide, which everyone already knew. She had tried committing suicide a couple weeks before that, but I had to drag her off the tracks by her hair. I had made her go see the school counselor before that and I guess she still wanted to committ suicide. The night before she was hit, she wrote R.I.P Alyssa on her and her boyfriend's bedroom wall. She killed herself for many reasons, but I only know of how her boyfriend was cheating on her and she was in a gang and family problems. She told me there was more though. I tried so hard to convince her that death wasn't the soulution, but she didn't listen. I did everything I could to help her. Anyway, I know it's long but I thought you needed to know the whole story.
So my problem is, I still haven't been able to cope with it. I cry all the time and nobody seems to understand me. I miss her so much. I've already seen numerous counselors but they haven't helped me much. I just want to know if there's any way that I could start the "healing process" or if it'll just take time. I would appreciate all the help. Thank you so much!

Love, RacheL

R.I.P Alyssa Gonzalez.. I miss you so much.
9/11/90 - 3/17/04 (link)
rachel.. honey... let time heal things.. im sure this painfull occurance in your life left a giant cut in your heart.. but hun the cut will soon heal into a scare .. the scare is gonna hold memories of a life time.. but after time it will be easier to deal with .. i know its been long since she died.. but there enough time to fix anything.. hold on and keep going strong..... just try to realize that right now.. alyssa is in a better safe and carefree place! love you! and take care!! ask me a Q anytime!

okay so recently ive been hanging out with some friends that i wouldnt normally hang out with them out of school or sports. They smoke pot and they talk about ti all the time. since ive been hanging out with them i have been wanting to smoke it but i know its not the right choice. What do you think i should do? (link)
dont smoke it... i mean if you really look at these ppl you hang out withl.. there having or gonna have long term brain problems. and trust me you dont want them! so dont smoke weed or anything for that matter! its just bad!! for you and others around you! hope i helped! x0x0x

My best friend likes this one guy, but secretly I like him, and I think he likes me! I read in her diary, which she let me read, trhat she was mad for him! What can i do! (link)
thats a tough one you have to realize wether the guy or your best bud means more to you.. and if that doesnt work .. talk it out.. let your friend know! its always better to let your feelings out to her yourself then have her find out by someone later.. hope i helped! ask me for help anytime!

Hey Girls!!
I Was Just Wondering If Anyone Had Any Tips On How To Make Your Make-Up Stay On All Day?
Thanks For Any Help!
*.x-Tee-x.* (link)
go to the store.. buy water and sweat proof things.. this way they stay on! buy good brands too.. test a few out.. maybe powder isnt as strong as luiqed.. keep that in mind... hope i helped

Ok, i have a lot of guy freinds, and i dont have a crush on them or anything but every once in a while i kinda "feel more" for them then just freinds, so sometimes i flirt n stuff. i dont really think i like them. i just want them to think of me as more then a freind like i think about them.or do they? that probably didnt make sence but if anyone could help me a little. i will rate, thanks.
by the way im 13. (link)
hey im 13 too and totally understand what you mean.. its normal to want them to have a lil thing for you.. it creates a specail feeling and always adds fun to life.. ... some probably already think of you as more than a friend.. so keep the flirting up.. but make sure its just once in a while so they dont think your crushing on them hard... hope i helped

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