Sooo there is this guy at school who I thought was really cute so we ended up facebook messaging eachother he started the conversation and we were flirting hardcore. So anyways he told me like 3 times he wanted to hangout and I gave him my # and it's been 2 week and he still has yet to call/text me! He will flirt with me on facebook but when it comes down to actually texting/calling me he dosent do it eventhough he asks me to hangout. Ugh I dunno what type of validation he wants but what should I do in return to attack his ego a bit? I don't like guys who play games

Well how old is this guy? Guys can be shy too and making the first move is hard. There can be lots of flirting and strong signals, but he is probably nervous. If you are willing to suggest hanging out, he should take that lead and loosen up. Next time you are flirting online, just mention an idea. "Hey want to come over?.." or.."Want to hang out at the mall..? or the movies..etc. Even make it a group hangout the first time if you will feel better about that.
But to answer your question, he might not be playing games, he might be shy. So try lightly suggesting a day to hang out..if he doesnt bite the bait then, move on.


i really want to do something to make my boyfriend wicked horny but something i can do in public lol please give me sometips that will make him so crazy horny :]]
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

hmm something in public.

-if you two are sitting next to each other rub his inner thigh and give him a cute sexy flirting look lol
-just dressing sexier than normal like maybe if hes told you how hot you look in a certain pair of jeans/shirt wear it
-kind of brush up against his lower private parts using your behind he will get an instant hard on! lol
-even tease him by talking sexy to him like saying "mm i cant wait to be alone later " and kind of wink at him
- im not sure where in public you are talking about but maybe sit on his lap, get a little flirtacious in a pool, have cleavage show, etc.

im sure you will have no0o problemo turning your guy on! have fun :)


Ok so heres the deal. I have a really good and easy job. Im basically a concierge at a resort. I get paid good money for doing almost nothing. There is only me and one other girl that have this job. The problem is that my boss is totally unfair and my coworker gets everything her way. For example, the past 2 weeks she has gotten a extra day off and i got none. I keep my mouth shut all the time but i just got hit with the last straw. We are changing our schedules for the summer time and it was supposed to go into effect on a saturday which would mean my coworker would be workin on friday. shes arguing and doesnt want to work friday. neither do i. but my boss gave her her way and shes now off friday and i have to work for her when its supposed to be my day off. i tried sayin its not fair but everyone expects me to be so easy going that it doesnt matter what i say. i still have to work. and it makes it more difficult because my boss is my girlfriends dad and i live with them. (by the way i am female too). im soo fed up at this point that if it were any other job i would quit but its too good of a job. how can i get them to take me seriously??? i really need some advice.

i know hhow this goes, at my one job my two bosses are buddy buddy and talk down to the rest of us, dont give us credit, and take whenever they want off.

my other job the managers gave other girls more hours, i was a waitress making good money, and i was stubborn and walked out because i couldnt take it anymore. i totally regret it because the money was good. i should have let it go or talked to them calmly.

so my advice from my mistakes is to talk to your boss. let him know ow you are feeling. he might now realize how unfair he is being. you dont seem to complain much. and she does,, so maybe he is just accomodating her requests because you dont speak up. so i would tell your boss you think its unfair, etc. and try to work out a comprimise. dont let your stuborness get the best of you and quit because i did that and regretted it becasuse i made good money.

i wish you luck..hopefully your boss is understanding


I'm 16/f- Sorry if this is long. One of the girls I met this year is throwing her sweet 16 party soon.At first I wasn't even on her invite list. We aren't that close, it's more like we're acquaintances. But I'm pretty close friends with a guy who the birthday girl would LOVE to go out with, and when he got his invitation to the party I was right next to him. He asked if I was going and of course I said "No, I'm not exactly invited." At this he said "Well I'd go if you went too." All of the sudden I'm invited, VIP, the works. I'm not stupid and I know I'm being used, but should I go anyway?


aw thats cute! your guy friend may like you as more than a friend. def go, and it will be hilarious to see how jealous the birthday girl gets when she sees you dancing with him.go and enjoy, you dont even have to talk to the bday girl. enjoy the food and have fun!


First i wanted to just say thanks for your advice. the thing is there are still 6 girls who now can get me to strip for them anytime they want. the last time was yesterday this girl julie had me take off all my clothes in front of her and 2 girls i didnt even know. i just stood there completely naked while they looked at me and giggled. it really felt wierd. but they seemed to really like it. but thanks for your advice.


hey no problem paul. anytime :)


i'm a junior and im already soooo nervous about college! not applying and getting in, but im nervous about like living there and all the new people. i have really close friends, but im not a partier and i actually like living in my house with my family. im not allowed to live at home, but im so scared and its still like 2 years away! calm my nerves!!!

You have nothin to be nervous about. I go to a local college for right now, but most of my good friends went away to college. Trust me, all of them were nervous to leave and was nervous about making friends..but tey are all back for break and they love collegge! they all made friends but at te same time we are all still close and when they come home for weekends we hang out, and we make trips to their colleges for the weekend. you dont HAVE to party at college..and im sure if you are only a couple hours away you can come home a couple weekends a month . dont worry about it right now, just enjoy high school because it will go by so quick! concentrate on having fun, and getting good grades to get into college :)



So I use to work at a mcdonalds but I had to quit because I didn't have transportation to get there on time and to get back home but I ended up making myself look really bad when I decided not to show to work on a busy day and also by quitting the next day . I really am starting to regret quitting especially because there's a bus and train to get there and because I really need the money right now....so I guess my question how can I get my job back ? How can I talk to my manager and convince her enough to let me come back after making her look bad by stoodn her up on a busy day and leaving the next day? Please I'm willing to do anything to work again.

i had a friend who didnt show up to work a couple times and the manager was about to fire him. he talked to her and explained he was having personal problems, and the manager gave him another chance. if you talk to your manager and explain you want to make things better, he might give you another chance. you have to make a big effort to not call out or be late and show that you are really committed. good luck, and i hope your manager understands!


okay so at my school this girl who started crap with me last year and again on myspace over the summer. and i said stuff to her to defend myself. and she doesn't like me. and she gives me dirty looks now. and she's really mean & so are her friends. & no one likes them. & she does drugs and drinks all the time. and i heard when she was in 7th grade everyone found out she had sex with this one guy. and i don't get like why is she soo mean & does drugs when she knows she shouldn't be like that?

she doesnt sound like shes worth knowing or having on your good side anyway..so basically just ignore her and stick to your friends. i bet shes known as quite the..'slut..' soo its better off to not talk with her. not everyone is going to like you..and i know i want as many people as possible to like me because i think im a pretty nice person...but i know of one person who doesnt like me for no reason but who cares because i dont like her either haha. so just brush it off and dont worry. i dont get why shes so mean and does drugs either, but that her problem. always stay true to yourself


okay so like my mom found out that my b./f and i had sex and like sh flipped ou and pressed charges on him in like a billion different wanys and like so we go to school together. im 15 hes 17.

and like hes scared to talk to me or look at me or interact with me and like the court papers are saying how he cant look at me and if he follows me or something to walk me to class they say its like stalking and this is tearing us apart so badly.

and like i love him so much and also...

he screwed another girl twice and is in love with like 2 other people yet! he said he'd wait for me when this court crap is over and he even wanted to marry me!

and its hard cause i feel that spark and we really had a thing going you know what i mean?

and i think this court thing is changing him into someone that like feels guilty about what he did and etc.

idk what to do.
please help i really need it
[its harder cause im bipolar and i have add so its harder to deal with all this and my mom is against anything i do and is dring me mad!]

This probably isnt what you want to hear, but i think you need to move on from him. I know your atttached to him and you really care about him and everything..but from what i heard about him being in love with 2 other girls is NOT good. You desserve someone who likes you and thats it. On top of this, the court is involved. It is against the law which sucks but you cant do anything to change this situation..and there is no way you can be together now unless you sneak around. i dont suggest this. This is only my opinion..i just dont want to see you guys get in trouble with the law..and i definitely think you desserve someone better than him


Okay im 16/f to start off =]

My problem is that I am so insecure.

Like I know that my bf wont cheat on me, well I don't know like 100% because well... here is my reason.

Like this person i know told me a story about this really really handsome and well mannered Lawyer and he turned out to be a serial killer

Like its completely unthinkable but it happened ya know?

So that's the problem. I hear all these weird stories, especially see on tv about how her husband stabbed her like over 20 times when they were married happily and had 3 kids.

also all those stories and shows on how guys cheats on their girlfriends.

I know those are some psychos and weirdos out there doing that, but I can't help but to wonder about those things.

I mean don't get me wrong, I love my boyfriend, Okay we been only going out for couple months but we were best friends before going out and known eachother for over a year so yeah =]

And he's really a nice guy, heck he was voted as the most friendliest person and has really good moral values such as no drinking and drugs and no sex till marriage.

But I cant help but to be paranoid about all those things.

Like i would get really paranoid if he even talks about another girl. I mean he doesnt talk about a girl like oh she's really pretty (unless he's joking...) but like he told me he had to work with 2 other girls one day and etc... and i got paranoid although i didnt say anything.

Or when he doesnt call or doesnt pick up my phone. Which is really not usual, and he always has a valid reason why he didnt pick up nor called. So i suspect im being paranoid again, but then later i think, what if he's just a really good liar?

So little stupid things bothers me like that.

What is wrong with me? I really dont understand why im so insecure and stuff like that! it makes me mad because he doesnt deserve all that non-trust thoughts going on in my head from me.

Hey nothing is wrong with you in a bad way..but you just need a self confidence boost. You should be confident in yourself and have the attitude like "yep, my guy is with me because he really likes me..and he wouldnt do anything to hurt me." Hes with you in a committed relationship..if he wanted to mess around he would have told you he didnt want a relationship, etc. There would definately be signs if he was cheating. You would notice hes unhappy with you, not wanting to hang out,making excuses why he cant hang out, cutting phone convos unusually short, you would be hearing busy tones while trying to clal or something, he wouldnt have stuff about you in his info or myspace at all so he can appear single..and other stuff like that.
Maybe a good idea to do is to make a list of all the things you lvoe about him..and at the end tell him to make a list for you..that could be cute! Or, fill out one of those myspace surveys about your bf or your number 1 friend or whatever. Before you give him your answers written down on paper, have him write his too! And this way, whenever you feel those silly thoughts come on, look at the nice things he wrote about you! I think that can help..because theres nothing better than a little reassurance to help boost your confidence! :)
feel better..and remember..hes with you because he knows your worth it and he really cares about you a lot!


i work in a restuarant and my boss is really weird. he's like in his thirties but always hits on me and asks me when im finally gonna let him take me home. it makes me really uncomfortable but i dont knw what to do about it. i asked him to stop but he just tells me to stop teasing him and that he knows i want him.

plz help if you have any advice.

Oh, im 16 btw

that is so disgusting! i've heard stories about this kind of stuff going on with people i know also. if i were you i wouldnt let him talk to me like that. i would say something to my parents and they would know what to do and how to handle this. he sounds like a nasty perv molester..and i think you should get this guy in trouble QUICK because who knows..he might make a move on you or force you to do something? i dont want that happening. you should get him in trouble ASAP. Tell his boss or another manager..tell your parents..talk to police..,etc..because nobody desserves to be harassed.
good luck hun!


To cut a long story short theres this guy i work with and at first we were really close and he was txting me loads. we started goin out even though he has a girlfriend. me and this guy hav done stuff, my friend has started working with his girlfriend and now he has put cold water on our relationship. he sed that it cant continue any longer, but then sends me txt msgs and when were on our own its great, we secretly meet up which is exciting.... but im confused, i feel hurt and jealous. i think i need to get over it but dont know how. please advise me on what to do??

I understand you like him..but this guy is a loserr! If he really wanted to be with you he would dump his gf ...not go behind her back. If he cheated on her..he would cheat on you too. You desserve a guy who just wants to be with YOU..not toy you around while going out with another girl.



wel im 19 and trying out for a job as a secretary. these jobs are veri high paying. i have been to 5 interviews so far, the first one fell through even tho i thort i was really good but apparently he wanted more. so in the next one i gave the boss a blowjob (he had already promised i would get the job if i did), but he went against his word and didnt. the next two bosses i did the same, and did it to comletion like before, but they kept going against their word and not giving me the job. the last guy i had sex with, thinking other girls would probably have done that, but he still refused after. what am i doing wrong?! help.

You need to have pride in yourself and not do those kind of sexual acts for some pervert. Dont do anything like that again..be professional. If they ask for a sexual favor..walk out and even report itt to the police. That is disgusting. Even if the guy asks for a sexual act and i say no..and even if i get the job i wouldnt take it because i wouldnt want to be around a scum like that. You desserve better than that. Keep looking for jobs..but do nottt do sexual things for these idiots. Keep your pride and respect ffor yourself high..be professional..and you will get a job.



okay... so theres a guy... hes just like totally hot! i've been crushing since primary school nd i've been thinking about telling him that i like him but i dont know if i should. bcoz if i do, he'll probably think im a freak/werdo! lol. i was actually thinking of writing him an anonymous letter or something. but that could lead to complications. :(. i dont know wht to do.

Hey, if you write the letter..he might really like it..but he wont know who wrote it! Meaning..you wont have a chance with him. If you start conversation with him..get to talking more and more..maybe even online or on the phone..make plans to hang out and who knows you might end up together! You dont have to go right up to him and tell him hes hot or that you like him..because it might freak him out. Gradual talking and getting to know each other is much better
I Hope I Helpeddd :)


I was best friends with a girl who started getting on my nerves and she bossed me around, it got worse one day i school we got into a fist fight never talked again we hate eachother now. I tell her im better off and i have more friends. we have many classes together one. In one of them we have to do a group project of 3 and no more. The 2 girl I thought I was working with didnt want me working with them anymore and everyone else already had groups. She had two people to work with from the begining. I was one of the only people working by myself=/ I was devastated and almost cried but didnt let anyone see that it hurt me so i stayed strong especially in front of her. The other person working alone is really smart but also kind of weird and not exactly sociable. Im a pretty girl in school hes the total opposite of what I am and I asked him to work with me. Im afraid people will laugh at me and Im afraid ill be commiting social suicide becasue we have to make a presentation and its embarresing for me to not have anyone but him to work with I dont know how to deal with things im stressing so much about it the project is due soon their is no way I would ever get together with him helppppp!!! I feel like crying everytime we bring up the whole situation of the project hwo cold i even do it.

This is my honest opinion..you feel kinda like an outcast right now..immagine the 'weird kid' you described..he probably feels the same way. Nobody says you two have to be best friends...but get the project done..because that is priority..and dont worry about what others will say. I dont judge people like that..i dont talk to certain people just because they arent extremely popular..i think its pretty shallow when people do that. I bet the kid is harmless and probably really nice. I talk to one of the social outcasts of my school sometimes..she looks to me for advice and she trusts me..it feels good that someone who i dont talk to the often has that much respect for me.
PS- keep staying strong with the whole problem your having with your ex friend. Make new friends..but in order to make new friends you have to keep an open mind ..dont shut people out
I hope this helped :)


ok this might sound stupid and all but all of my friends have gone out with like a million guys and i have like never. I like never liked anyone except for this one guy, but I don't really know how to tell if I really like him or not. This makes me wonder if im like a lesbian or something even though I don't like girls but still, I don't seem to like anyone, how do I tell if I like guys the way I should?

Please I hope you can help!!

i dont think there is anything wrong with you. you just arent boy crazy..its not a big deal at all! i know a couple girls who focus on school and thats it. it doesnt make you a lesbian.

ps- im so sorry for the late response.. i had account trouble!


You know those movies that show a 12 or 13 year old kid with a girl his same age? They're young and cute and share their first kiss with eachother. Like the one in 8 crazy nigts! Well, I get this feeling that lots of girls my age have had that fantasy childhood, and well, i just haven't! In my town the only oppurtunity for those kind of relationships is with the school boys. The only place you can really get to know them is at school. Not throught sports or clubs and whatnot.They're mostly jerks though. I'm 13 and I really can't accept that i'll never have that fantasy realtionship. I think I'm pretty (as told by some boys at camp), I'm very confident in myself when it comes to my body, I'm pretty friendly, and I have a sense of humor. I do tend to get cranky with boys who try to be funny. HELP MEE!!

dont get so down just because you didnt have that "perfect" relationship yet. a lot of people dont have their first relationship and kiss until 15,16,17+ ..so be patient yuou sound like an awesome person..you will have a great relationship one day. there is nothing wrong with you and you dont need help..just be yourself and be patient..you have your whole life to be getting romantically involved.


Hi, my name is Delores, and I dont knwo what to do! There is this guy who always watches me. Help!! Do I go to the police. He invited me inside his house several times, and once I went with him and he put my hand on his penis. What should I do?

well obviously dont hang around this guy..dont go to his house.maybe get an order of protection out. stalkers arent good ..gota terminate them lol


I just got a new boyfriend and, although I have not had that many boyfriends in the past, I have had my share of seeing a guys "thing". Somtimes my friends and I have fooled around and some guys were flashing us. Anyways, so i have seen a few "things" so I know like about an average size. My new boyfriend however, doesnt have a "thing" as big as the others Ive seen. I am not going to be having sex anytime soon, but still, I dont know what to make of it. I dont know whether I should breakup, or maybe not even make a big deal. My brother always said its not the size, its how you use it. I never really understood that too much, but I just am a little worried. Any advice would be very helpful. Thanks a bunch!
(Age 16) (My bf and I are the same age if you need to know that.)
Thanks again!

the size doesnt matter! dont you really like your bf for the great guy that he is? if you are eveen THINKING of breaking up with him because he doenst have a big enough thing for you...then you need to just be a prostitute ..lol im sorry but its the truth. the size doesnt matter! dont make a big deal out of it..it just doesnt matter and i hope you understand that pene size doesnt matter..what matters is that hes a sweet caring bf..he is right? so its all goood :)


i have been going out with this boy for a week.
i want to invite him to my house to just hang out, however, i don't know how to bring it up to my parents. i know this is immature, but i just think my mom would be embaressing and constantly check on us.

how do i bring this up to my mom and have her not intrude?

just ask her if (his name) can come over..and tell her you dont want her embarassing you or being overprotective. let her know how important it is to you for her to trust you and not intrude. dont give her a reason to be suspicious and intrude **example** dont shut the door and start giggling, making sounds like your doing things ., lol im sure you wont..but you know. and maybe i dont know ..do something clever like leave a pile of junk..bubble wrap,,something on the hallway floor so you will hear her if she walks down the hall to your room

good luck!


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