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Q: Okay. So my boyfriends been wanting to finger me for awhile. So I let him, and it hurrrt. He could only put like one finger in haha. Well we were dirty texting later and he was gone for the weekened so he asked how he "could make it up to me". I said "maybe a few fingers could settle this ;)" and he was like "hahaha a few?? You can't even handle two :P" Yeah he was joking but don't guys waaant their girls to be really tight??
Yes they do, but maybe he's trying to prep you for actual sex.. because fingering the hole doesn't feel good, it's fingering the clitoris, which isn't near the hole that feels good. He prob wants to see if he can fit more fingers in because you know, guys' things are thicker than 2 fingers circumference.

Q: Ok so I'm a 20yr old male that can't stop drinking soda what can I do. ???what other drink can I replace it with? ?? That taste as good I love orange soda,sprites, and Dr.pepper the most plz help any advice would be good
Thank you
Add carbonated water/alka seltzer to normal fruit juices. Just drink in moderation.

Q: Alright, I am having my Sweet Sixteen next month. I am not the kind of person that goes to parties a lot nor has them, haha, I'm in the marching band.. yea.. geek. So this is why I am stressing, I want my party to be spectacular. I am planning to put a chocolate fountain on the table with the food and the blender to make smoothies and virgin pina coladas. I also want to have a paint fight. I will tell everyone to bring something white, an old shirt or something and we're gonna fill up water balloons with paint and just go wild. If you ever had a paint fight before, PLEASE tell me how it went! I'm also gonna bring out my Ipod and speakers and blare my music. Also, at around 10ish pm we are going to play manhunt.

My question is, would you come to my party, if you know, you were invited? Does it seem fun to you? If it doesn't sound fun to you, what can I do to make it more fun and interesting? Thanks for your input!
You could tell your guests to wear bathing suits under their clothes too and if you own a pool they can jump into it after the paint fight to clean off.

If not, you can have a water gun fight.

Or if you have a sprinkler that would also work and be fun!

Then after, provided it is a sunny day, people can dry off in the sun and don't have to change or anything.

Q: Female/15
What kind of hugs can tell you that some likes you? Is it a usually tight or loose hug?
A lingering, tight hug is definitely nice.. but there are some guys who seriously are not good at hugging and those who are afraid to touch you. It's hard to tell, sometimes.

Q: Okay... since I broke up with my bf I am sooo horny. Haha. Before him, I had never masturbated but while we were dating he started fingering me and I kind of relied on it haha. Well now were done but I'm like soooo horny. And I don't know what to do. I really don't want to masturbate... But what else is there??
There are vibrators if you don't feel comfortable doing the work yourself.

Q: Sorry, "mental health" was the closest category i could find, haha :D

AH so this is an odd question, i'll try to make it sound serious though...

So, it's never really bothered me before...
But I realized lately that i find WEIRD things...attractive. like, sexy, whatever you want to call it.
Like, I don't know how to describe it really. I just find things that people normally dont care for, really sexy. only with guys, by the way, and its a bunch of different, random things...its always the little tiny details i focus on, though.

haha this question sounds so's very frusturating that i can't explain it.

ok so here are a few examples off the top of my head...

-when guys adjust their ties(or look nervous in general, really)
-the way the joker slowly turns around/slowly lifts his head up... (in the dark knight)
-little facial twitches guys make (again, being nervous, also being suprised or angry)
-small, quick noises some singers make while..singing. cant describe that too well.
-aang the avatar when hes ...powerfully bending...HAHA a loser...on the other hand...PRINCE ZUKO when hes really pissed and/or...powerfully bending fire. haha what is WRONG with me
-on tv shows/movies, when a guy will say something really little, like one word, where they'll say it in a husky tone, or their voice will waver or something like that...and i just replay that one second of them saying the little thing over and over because i love how it sounds...
-im 15, and it seems as though i tend to find older men, much older men. i usually, ahem, CRUSH, on guys anywhere from their late twenties (such as heath ledger) to their early 50s (such as alec baldwin). i really never like teenage celebrities or guys in their earlier 20s...i would prefer Michael C. Hall to taylor laughtner ANY DAY! ;)
-i dont really find guys' bodies that attractive...i mean...DONT get me wrong, a tan guy with a sixpack is great, but i dont seem to obsess over them as much as a lot of my friends...for example, most of the conversations between us while talking about guys go like:
friend- OH MY GOD he has such a gorgeous BODY!!!!!!
me- yeah i guess...he has a weird face though...

hahaha wow this is really pathetic..but dont worry people, i can laugh at myself.

but..ultimately, i was just wondering if anyone else finds themself doing anything similar to this? or am i just a complete freak? haha.

oh, this isnt some weird fetish or something, right? that would suck...

Different people have different turn-ons, don't worry about it. Personally, I don't pay attention to guys' bodies as much as I do their faces.

Q: i want to start using but im not exactly sure how it works and the whole torrent thing confuses me. how do i get started? thanks so much!
You need a torrent program. If you know what file you want on an external site, use ĀµTorrent or with a program like Vuze, it has its own searchbar in it.

You can also use for torrents.

Any additional questions, I can try to help. Drop one in my inbox.

Q: Uh, I want to try smoking weed. Just once, it's just something everybody wants to try, ya know? Maybe I'm alone in that but idk what to expect when I do try it. I know most people don't get high on their first time or they aren't as bad. Please tell me about you're first time? Thanks!

Don't say to not do it because I'm not going to try it once and become a huge pot head, I value things in my life and watching what has been happening to my brother's friends (which is whom I will probably try it with) I just want to do it once. once. once.

The deal is that people do not get physically addicted to pot, but psychological addiction is possible after long-term usage. If you try it once, it is not likely you will get addicted, unlike with other drugs. My first and only experience thus far with all this was with special brownies, not smoking. It may be different from smoking it, but I didn't like how it felt, but everyone's different. It's true, you will have to inhale a certain way or you won't be able to feel anything. What someone told me is that you have to take in air and smoke, both so you don't like choke and cough a lot on the first try. I heard you can also get high off of secondhand smoke, so maybe it would still work.

Q: sooo here are the basic questions ..

- how much does it hurt? i mean, it's a little piece of skin, little flesh, it can't be that bad, right?
- how much does it cost?
- how long does it take to heal or till you can change the jewelry?
Costs around $25, I would say. It hurts like you're getting a shot when the needle is going through, but you're fine afterward, unless you get an infection. There may be inflammation and reddening around the area. This is normal, but don't touch it or put any sort of medication on it. It takes 6 months to 1 year to heal, depending on how fast your body responds to wounds. I would suggest changing the jewelry after about an year has passed to be safe. Choose a nice belly ring, like one made out of surgical steel so you don't risk any allergies. Make sure the place is legitimate. Your piercer should go over all this and more with you. If you have any more questions, you can drop a question in my inbox.

Q: I go to Total Bally Fitness and I want to lose the fat and get lean muscle. My weight loss goal is 55 pounds in 3 months. I currently weigh 165, and am 5'4".

But I have no idea what to do at the gym.. when I go I just jump on whatever but I don't think that's the best way to do do it. I can't afford a personal trainer so can you give me an idea of what I should do?

When is the best time to go to the gym, too? morning or night? and how many times a day should I eat? Is it really true that no meal should be bigger than my fist?

thanks a lot!
I think you should exercise in the morning because you'll be more energized during the daytime as opposed to night, when you would want to wind down.. eventually to sleep.

Actually, it is good to eat little snacks/meals throughout the day to keep your metabolism up. However, your meals don't have to be small if you choose to eat just 3 times a day. I would suggest eating a big breakfast, a lunch smaller than that, and a dinner even smaller than your lunch.

As for the gym, you can ask other people working out their for tips and make new friends. You should warm up and cool down with any ol' stretches and things you probably remember from gym class (like "beauty queens", for example).

There's no such thing as spot weight loss, like if you want to lose weight in your butt, you do exercises targeted towards the butt. That builds up muscle in the butt, but weight loss is overall and there are certain places you lose weight from first, regardless, but this is going off-track.

So just choose the machines you feel are doable for you and switch them up every 10 minutes.

Q: I have read tons of "Don't commit suicide" pages, and I fully understand how "wrong" it may be to commit suicide, but what you people don't understand is how much of a failure I am. All this, "It's going to be ok" Or "I love you" Or "You'll make it!" is nothing but a load of crap. I'm not going to make it, I'm going to continue to mess up, and be a failure, there is no hope, and there is no reason for living. If I am going to live, it's going to be for me, not for my family or some random friend. There is no point in living if I can't be happy, do what I want, or eventually get what I want. Basically, my life is worthless, and I was wondering if anyone who has been suicidal in the past has any experience to share. "See a doctor" and "Take medication" are on my to do list, but I don't see how they can fix my crazy. And even still, I don't think they can fix my constant aptitude for failing.
A lot of it has to with attitude. That kind of mentality sets you up for failure. It's kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

It's funny how you say you're a failure, but what I'm reading here, to me seem like the thoughts of a mature and articulate individual. You're capitalizing, punctuating, and spelling correctly.. using quotation marks and a vocabulary word like "aptitude". Maybe that stuff sounds insignificant, but that doesn't seem like the marks of a failure to me. You already researched reasons why not to commit suicide and you're asking for advice here. You think you're a failure, and everyone is most harsh on themselves.

I don't have any way to help you because I go through this myself. All I know is that the present may suck, but there is a lot of time for me to alter that. =\ You're definitely right about living for yourself and not for other people. I think shitty situations leave people with no hope and the only option that sounds appealing is suicide, but there must be some way to change your circumstances, which are probably what are causing you to feel this way. I don't know why you feel like a failure in general. Your mistakes don't sum you up as a human being. You're more than your supposed "failures". This sounds silly, but suicide would be the ultimate "failing at life". It's taking the easy way out. I am glad you're at least trying. That also isn't failure.

Sometimes seeing a therapist/psychologist/psychiatrist or taking medication has helped people, believe it or not. It could really just be something biological.

Q: Okay so this may sound really shallow but i dont really care. I'm always embarrassed when i go skiing because i look dumb. I don't know where all the girls i see get their clothes but i can't find cute things anywhere. I want some form fitting pants to wear and a jacket that matches my skis and boots. Is that too much to ask for? I'm really thin and dont like looking all bulky and whatnot. Also i'd like it to be semi practical so like if its snowing a little i wont get all wet. My boots are yellow and my skis are light blue and yellow. Links and stuff are appreciated. Oh and not ridiculously expensive. thanksss
I don't think it's not shallow to want to look cute.

I suggest wearing a pair of dark skinny jeans! Dark so if they get wet, it's not as noticeable. They are cute paired with anything. You could wear a pretty yellow sweater with a white tank top underneath.

example of yellow sweater: (Victoria's Secret sells cute sweaters and you can just search at the mall for a cute sweater)

example of tank top:(you could get at Abercrombie, Aeropostale, or American Eagle)

Any color jacket would work. Dark brown would be cute, so you get some color variation.

Q: helloooo. its been a while since ive posted but well im back!
my best friend's birthday is monday,
but we wanted to celebrate it on saturday the 12.
well.... pretty much the whole weekend :)
soo yeah.
she had the idea to throw a pool party for 15 people & stuff but her mom didnt reserve the place so its not available.. bummerr right?.
i was thinking of a hotel party on the beach but i dont know what hotel will allow 15 teenagers in a hotel room without gettingg complaints. teens... whataya gonna do about them??
soo yup! that's prrrretty much it!
if you have any ideas (cheap preffered if possible please) write back & let me know!
x - banana
about the hotel party, go for it!

rather than renting out a hotel room, some hotels have specific ballrooms you rent out for party purposes. i've seen them and been to them. i'm not sure about the reservations process and how long before in advance to book a time. you should try that.

also, some hotels have pools. it might be hard to have it by the beach because of transportation issues if you live far-ish away from the beach.

=) hope the birthday party turns out to be a success!

Q: i've had my formspring for a couple months now, but everyones stopped asking as many questions. i post my formspring on myspace & facebook ,but i still want more questions. so how can i get more from people? (with out having to get formspring its self to ask me random questions.)

for you who dont know what is ... it's a website where people come & ask you anonymous questions & you have to answer .
not sure how you put your formspring link on facebook, but in case you didn't already do this:

some people remind others once in a while to ask people to ask them questions on their formspring using their status. you can do that. pimp out your link there.

also, in the lefthand side of your profile, there's a box. you can put your link there so it's more easier to access.

lastly, you can also "cheat." a lot of people just ask themselves questions. not sure what to ask? you can use this:

if you have hilarious answers to questions, it helps people wanting to ask you more. if you give one word answers, give short answers, or don't really answer the questions it deters people. it gets annoying because all anyone wants to ask is about your sex or love life anyway. so it's understandable that you aren't truthful about every answer because some things are meant to be private.

Q: how do i ask questions in my posts on tumblr? i click the 'allow someone to answer this question' before i submit my post but it always says 'answers disabled' i dont get what it means and i cant comment on other people posts by adding a note.. i dont know how. :(

can someone please help me!! its driving me crazy!! thanks
okay there may be some confusion here.

in other people's tumblr posts on your dashboard:
not everyone has the reply option enabled. you can only reply to a post if the user lets you. the above is an example of someone who allows people to, and the bottom is an example of someone who doesn't. so you can't always add a note to someone's post by replying to it.

did you mean you did this:
but it's not allowing people to answer?

did you do this? this may be why, not sure. go to customize your dashboard:

drop me one in my inbox if it doesn't work

Q: I want to study pre-med, biology, or pshyciatry in college. Something scientific, and I need to narrow my list. I have 3 possible colleges that could be my first choice- College of William and Mary, Lehigh University, and Rochester University. Which school is best for a sciency major? If there are any websites I can compare schools by major or anything that would help, but I can't find any. If not, writing the school you think is the best scientifically would help a lot, and hopefully it's pretty unanimous!If you can prove why the school you choose is best, that would help a lot as well. Thanks
College of William and Mary, in my opinion. It's prestigious. Lehigh I've heard is business-y. How about Cooper Union? It pays for everything if you get in. Use the official Collegeboard website to help compare colleges. Your high school should have a site that helps you with this kind of stuff. I know mine did.

Q: whats the point of soap? its scrubbing hands together that is important, isnt it?
Soap and scrubbing loosen the bacteria so it comes off more easily. Regular soap is not antibacterial. Just dumping soap on your hands and rinsing them off is not enough cleaning!

Q: Is it absolutely (scientifically?) important to take it at around the same time every day? Or is that just what they tell you so it's easier for you to remember to take the pill?
I think it's like how the body has a biological clock. You wake up and go to sleep a certain time and it would be important for the drug to start working at a certain time so it gets used to being active at that period, if that makes any sense.

Q: I am a virgin but I'm still pretty young (16). My boyfriend has had sex before and he's a little older than me (18). He asked recently if we can start having sex. I love him a lot but he doesn't know I'm still a virgin. I don't want to be embarrassed and tell him about it but I heard that if we have sex then I will bleed on him. That sounds a lot more embarrassing to me.

So, I want to tell him that I haven't had sex yet. How do I tell him this without making him mad, upset, or afraid? I do want to have sex with him and I love him a lot so I know he deserves to know but I don't want to scare him off or make him mad that I haven't told him sooner.

What are the right words?
Not to repeat anything anyone else has said, maybe instead of outright declaring that you are a virgin, you could reword it, "I haven't had any experience yet." And add some more details if you wish, like whether or not you are comfortable with any kind of sexual activity. Be upfront.

If he's the right guy, he's not going to be upset. He'll be glad you were honest with him. It's better that way because if you ever do have sex, he would go gentle on you, and not expect anything. Sometimes boys like that girls are virgins. That would mean he was special, your first.

Q: My family is ordering 25 baby chicks. :) so far I'm naming one Poachy and one Iwo, but I want more cute names. help?
What's missing from the bottom list is Sunny/Sunshine!


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