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Okay so, at my school I'm known to almost EVERYONE as the Advice-giver. People always have come to me for advice. Be it on dating, school, things you wouldn't BELEIVE. I guess my friend pushing me to make an advice column ran me here. So yeah.
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Silly question, but I'm curious.
I currently run a pretty popular Tumblr blog. I'm constantly posting and adding pictures to my queue. It's sorta like a pretty pictures/princess/pink/cute/magic picture-type blog.

I would like to start another blog, a seasonal blog. Like I post fall pictures right now, in the fall. Winter in winter, spring in spring, etc.
But how hard is it exactly to run two succesful blogs? Assuming my seasonal blog would become succesful.

Also, is a seasonal blog a good idea? Do you think it would be succesful? (link)
This is actually a really good question. I asked help from one of my Blogging friends. So in a combined effort to answer, heres what we got:

Two blogs are fairly easy to run as long as you have time time/patience to deal with comments, posting, editing, etc. Personally The seasonal blag does sound like a good idea along with the other one. My friend has like 3 or 4 blogs and suggests that you udate your original blog and say "Hey! I have a new one so don't miss out on this one too! That does not mean this one is closed!" Of course, you could always have an attempt to combine the two, but to a lot of people it would be too confusing. Otherwise, if you have the time, Go for it! Sounds good to me.

read advice get advice make favorite read feedback advicenators

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