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Q: i have a dance this saturday and i have NOTHING to wear the theme is retro romance so basically lik 60's or 80's IDK!
my school just had an 80's day for our winter this is deffinitly fresh in my mind haha.
mostly girls wore like some kind of skirt with leggings underneath.
then a shirt that covered one shoulder and dropped off the other.
you can cut shirts to make this work

p.s. wear bright colors

Q: If I had to pick my 5 best features, I think they would be this:

(in NO particular order)
1) hair
2) stomach
3) eyes
4) legs
5) hands. (lol)

1. My hair is brown and curly, I can straighten it!!

2. I gues im pretty slim.

3. My eyes are dark green with dark blue around the outside.

4. I have slim legs.

5. Idk I like my hands they are cool lol

links are always appreciated.

Love yahhh! hahaha

1. [for your hair] wear it both straightened and curly. on 'curly days' be sure to use some sort of curling gel to style it, and to make sure your hair doesnt frizz later on in the day. on 'straightened days' its pretty obvious, straighten your sure to get everything in the back too!

2. [slimness] this is deffinitly an advantage in the world of fashion today. to show off the figure you have, try wearing longer shirts that are tighter.

3. [green&blue eyes] with such cool sounding eyes, you need to define them and bring them out. try wearing skin colors of eyeshadow, and if you are more daring with your styles, you can wear the green&blue crazy colors as long as you do them right. (just look in any seventeen magazine) also!! for defining, line your eyes with eyeliner. knowing your haircolor, im guessing you would need a darkened brown (it looks black) but if you are lighter complected, get a lighter color. darker, vice versa

4. [legs] with slim legs, you can easliy wear many types of pants. you can wear tight jeans really well, they show off your legs. skirts also look good on slim legs but if your really tall, make sure the skirt doesnt make you look like you have stilts as legs...some of the make you look that way.

5. and as for your hands, well...i cant really tell you just love them i guess haha.

xoxo helpachick

Q: I'm totally clueless on what Hair Straightener to buy. My hair is wavy and it's in between thick and thin hair. My hair is healthy. I want a hair straightener that is at a good price too. My mother probably wouldnt buy me one if it was too expensive. Between $20-$40 is good. Please help me find a good hair straightener that isnt so expensive for my hair type. I dont plan on using it EVERY SINGLE DAY but more than once a week.
well your hair sounds a lot like mine, and i bought a revlon straightner. it was within that price range, and i've used friends that are different types of revlon than mine, and they all seem to work pretty good.
xoxo helpachick

Q: Ok...i Dont know of any stores that sell Country style clothes all i can find is them vintage ones..I live in Iowa if that might help a lil. and im a girl Please help me find a store!
Thanks in advance :)
hey im from missouri so most of the stores are probably in iwoa too. i know orchelns has lots of country style clothes, and vanderbelts. also some tractor supply stores will have clothing sections too.
xoxo helpachick

Q: I'm 13/f and fit in kids large. I want to know if you think I can fit in a juniors small. Thanks.
oh yeah deffinitly.
because really their just about the same size, so i guess you'll just have to try them and see how you like the juniors fit...but most likely, yes!
xoxo helpachick
---have fun shopping haha

Q: how long do you keep disposable razors for... is it only one time? or can you use it more than once... and if so for how long
how long depends on the brand of razor, but every one i've used anyway you can use way more than one time. usually about 4 or 5 before they start getting dull. you'll be able to tell...once they start not shaving very good just pitch it and get another one out.
xoxo helpachick

Q: i really need to find a strapless black size 36b push up bra that actually works. victoria secret is wayy too expensive, so if you have any ideas, please tell. oh and i would like it to be under $30.
thanks in advance
my school just had their winter formal and i had to get one for my dress and it worked extremely well and it didnt feel annoying or anything at all either. i got mine at kohls. they have a wide selection there but if you dont know exactly what one you want you could go to jcpenneys or dillards or something and ask the people actually assigned to that apartment what a good one would be. xoxo helpachick

Q: What are the best products to scrunch your hair with? I have sorta wavy hair and its thick. thankss :]
i have the same kind of hair and i use curls up! it works really good -and smells good lol- but you can get it almost anywhere in the hair supply section. xoxo helpachick

Q: I have really dark hair & brown eyes & somewhat tan what shades of eye shadow would I use?
since your darker complected, you can (and should) wear the darker shades. no im not sayin you have to wear like black eyeshadow or anything like that lol. just the darker shades of colors like, dark greens, dark pinks, beige, darker browns...xoxo helpachick

Q: I'm 13 years old going on 14 this December. I currently have my first hole pierced in my ear. I got it done in the first grade and wore earrings for a while. Then, a few years ago, I kinda just stopped, but last week, I started up again because yet again, I'm interested in wearing earrings. I really like the idea of piercings, and I would love to get the cartilage at the top of both of my ears pierced. (how much is it? will it hurt?) I asked my mother and she said that "I don't need it there".
I tried saying things like:
"Well I know, but I didn't need my first hole either."

and she says how I don't wear earring anymore, and I tell her the truth:
"I only have a few pairs and they're bent anyway."

my sister has both her first, second, and third hole pierced, so I kinda hint in how it isn't too fair how she has 3 piercings and I only have one.

I even offer to pay for it, and clean it, and do that on my own so she doesn't have to remind me.

it's kind of convincing her .. but I really want to get it done before my birthday (December 18) and I want to get it done before school starts.

to answer your question about does it hurt and the cost: people make it sound like it hurts a lot worse than it actually does. it just pinches for a second then its over. a few days after it will probably hurt a little bit, but after that it'll be fine. then i got my cartilage done at icing (by claire's) and there it only cost around $25. but since they hurt a little bit afterwards i'd only get one side done at a time so its not to much of a pain. as for your mom...well my mom was a little easier to convince but if i were you i would just keep trying the part where "you will pay for it and all your earrings for it" and that its what you want and it should be your choice as to what you want in your ear. but don't be too snobby about it towards her or anything; remain calm lol thats always the trick! good luck! xoxo helpachick

Q: Heyy. I just wanted to know what clothing stores you reccomend. I'm looking to buy new clothes for summer. Maybe links and such. Just cute clothes from different sotres that you like. Just not super duper expencive. I like Delias, but I can't fit into they're jeans (too big), and I like forever 21. I even like Abercrombie. I would aslo like to know some stores that you might think I could fit into they're jeans. I'm rather small. 00's don't fit me, unless they run small.
Thanks so much for your time!
hey! i love this is a good question for me to answer:P
-american eagle
-dillards/jcpenney/sears/macy's/you get the pic
-old navy
there are certain brands of jeans that run small i know for sure does is Mudd.
have fun! xoxo helpachick

Q: whever i wear pajamas with tank tops it always looks weird cause i have no bra on and i feel uncomfortable looking like that. i found this reaaaaaaally cute pjs but i dont want to get them cause it has a tank top. how can i solve this problem? please dont says camis cause i cant find any cute cami pjs that i like.
hey whenever i'm like staying overnight somewhere, i just go ahead and wear a bra to bed under my tank top. because your right it does look kinda weird without one, so when your somewhere where ppl will see you in your pajamas, just go ahead and wear a bra. then when your just at home, it doesnt really matter because ppl arent going to see you and the ones that do (family) probably won't care. xoxo helpachick

Q: I'm looking for clothing companies that design clothes that have a sort of bohemian, retro-esque look similar to the clothes at Forever 21, Gadzooks, and 579. What are some other clothing companies and stores that sell that kind of clothing?

Thank you.
the first store that pops into my mind is Vanity. i'm not sure if you have one where you are, but it reminds me of gadzooks and forever 21 sooo much. also, sometimes Rue 21 and DEB might have things like that in their stores, too. xoxo helpachick

Q: i'm looking for a bathing suit..but i want one that is cute but not sluty..but sexy still...
please help...
hey! well here's some stores i've seen lately that have some cute swimsuits!
Old Navy

xoxo helpachick

Q: ok for my 8th grade graduation i need a dress...i want one thats not too dressy yet not too casual and isnt longer than my graduation gown so a little past knee length...can anyone give me suggestions of where to ifnd some for preferably under $100? some links would be helpful...tyvm
hey! some places i would go would be
forever 21
jc penneys
xoxo good luck! helpachick

Q: I really like abercrombies clothes but they are really expensive but abercrombie kids in fairly reasonable and i was wondering if i had a chance to fit into their clothes. i wear a small/medium now in juniors and the only reason i switched to juniors about 4 years ago is because all the clothes just didnt fit right like the pants werent long enough and the shirts were loose and stuff. well i know abercrombies clothes fit tightly both kids and juniors so do i have a chance to fit into their clothes?

the nearest abercrombie kids to me is like 45 mins away and i dont wanna drive there if i dont have any chance? any ideas?
hey! yeah i know some people who have done that with abercrombie. i think i might have tried it a time or two too. if i remember right the kids store clothes fit too. xoxo helpachick

Q: Okay so I bought these awesomely cUTE tops for like $30 and they are cute. One is green and one's pink. I couldn't find my size and since I don't mind buyin small things I bought it. I tried it on this evenin and it's like tight (but cute still) and it's like relly short. Like 5 inches above to navel short. So I was thinkin like wear it under a hoodie or one of those hooded jackets....think it'lll luk cute?
yeah i think as long as you have the 5 in above the navel part will look cute!
xoxo helpachick

Q: I have a situation. I'm hanging out with my friends tomorrow and it will be mostly outside in the woods. Anyway, it's supposed to be around 45 degrees outside. What can I wear and still look cute in? I want to stay warm! female//15. thanks!
hey! well i know exactly how you feel...
what i would do is wear of course some jeans and then wear warm socks and tennis shoes. as for your top, wear a long sleeved shirt and a hoodie over that. it should keep you warm. if you're a person who's hands and ears get cold easily, then bring some cute looking gloves and a ear band or cute hat. as long as you wear clothes you like that are warm, i think you'll be ok! have fun
xoxo helpachick

Q: my skin is extremely dry and flaky on my face. however, i am acne prone, so i dont' want to use a cream or something that could cause breakouts. however, the light moisturizers, such a cetaphil moisturizer (which do not cause my face to break out) don't help with the dryness much! any suggestions??
hey! well you sound exactly how my skin is at times, and when it gets dry like that i use mary kay velocity moisturizer. it works really it moisturizes but you dont break out! xoxo helpachick

Q: any one got pictures of some cute hair syles for long hair thats easy to do by myself or maybe the help of my mom? thanxs
hey! well i couldn't get the pictures to paste on here so here are some links you can go to to look at the pictures should have some instructions too!! xo helpachick,,n88m,00.html

hey im helpachick & i want to help you if i can. more than most of the questions i answer i have experienced something close to that myself. so feel free to ask&leave stuff in my inbox or whatever, and i'll try to get back soonish.

what about me?
I'm in college majoring in Fashion Textiles and Merchandising. I love fashion, boys, my friends, music, and love being active and outdoors. theres a lot more i could put about me but this is advicenators not myspace!!
ask away^.^




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