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Q: How much does this boy like me? (im a female and 14)
1. Helps me with anything i need (serisouly) he's even covered the heater thats next to me in science bcz i said i was freezing
2. Has geuinely thanked me for coming to his soccer game and watching him
3. Holds the door open for me and walks down the hallway with me (even though we dont say anything) its kind of cool :)
4. Laughs (nicely) when he pulls out a pic of me and friends acting like losers from my backpack. he looks in my backpack all the time and finds that picture
5. (most important) but hes shy :(

looking at #1-4, i'd say that this guy definitely likes you! however, since he's shy he just can't show it off as much. He also is probably afraid that maybe you don't like him back, or that he might scare you away if he tried to be more outgoing. If you like him back, you should make it a mission to talk to him more, and show a little flirtiness and thankfullness towards the things he says/does for you!
xoxo helpachick

Q: Ok, not really, but 18 and the other day i was at work and one of my friends came in with some of his friends.
i'd never seen them before, but from the second i started talking to them, i had the BIGGEST connection with one of them.
ok so im in to the bad boys, with tattoos, big trucks...ect..
but this guy i met is way different, he's so adorable, in a christian band, sweet as hell...!
anyways, when i got off work, we all hung out for like 3 hours...and me and him flirted so much, and we got each others numbers...
then i find out he has a gf, of like a month, who happens to be in my grade, and way ugly :( anyways he called me last night, and we talk on myspace lol and he really wants to hang out!
...i seriously cant stop thinking about him!!
and he's so different from what i normaly go for, and he's 18 also.
so...what shall i do about this gf???
i dont want to sound like a bitch but, i really want him, and honestly i dont care what it takes to get advice?????????
THANX!!! :)
well, not to put a damper on your mood but you really shouldnt start out being 'the other woman.' next time he asks you to hang out or you get on the topic, you need to tell him straight out that you don't want to hang out unless he doesnt have a girlfriend. This would tell him that you don't want some other girl to be mad at you, and that you don't want his girl to be mad at him. If he really likes you too, then maybe he'll realize that he can't have his girlfriend and be flirtin it up with you, and he'll have to choose the better end of the deal ;)
xoxo helpachick

Q: 15/m
well my best friend christopher and i have made a bet that we will both have girlfriends by halloween. well our high school football season is coming up (we go to an all-guys school) and it's basically where all the girls go to meet guys, plus mixer season is coming up too so that will help. but does anyone have any advice for me? i'm not just trying to get a girlfriend for the sake of getting a girlfriend, if that's what you're thinking. i am actually looking for a good relationship! i just wanted some help!

just be yourself and have a good time. just act like you do around your friends. also be sweet and joke around. be funny girls like that give them a hard time but in a flirtatious way. make sure you go up and talk to them though, dont wait for them to come to you first.
xoxo helpachick


I have been dating my girlfriend Caitlyn for two years in October. She is the most amazing girl i have ever met and about 7 months ago i gave her a promise ring and i know Cait is the girl i want to spend the rest of my life with. Sometimes we get into little fights and blow them way out of proportion. About a month ago we had one of these fights and she wouldn't come to a party with me that night. At that party, i got pretty drunk and slept with a girl from another school. I didn't tell her about it and everything seemed like it was fine until this girl i slept with showed up at my baseball game and just so happens to sit down next to Cait and her best friend without knowing it was them. They start talking and pretty soon Becca, the girl from the party, has to go so she asks my girl friend if she could give me a ring back that i had left at her house (the promise rings we gave each other. i guess i left it there that night) of course my girlfriend gets curious why this girl has my ring and so she asks becca about it and she told her the whole thing. After the game Cait brought the ring up to me and said that my "little friend Becca" thought i would want it back and asked her to give it to me. I was totallly shocked and had no idea even what to say. Cait broke it off right then and there. I need to find some way to make it up to her. She is the love of my life and i totally regret what i did but she won't even talk to me which is really awkward since i am at her house all the time since her brothers are my best friends and her dad is my football coach. How can i get her back?
ok im going to tell you right off the bat what you did was at the top of any girls lists of "jerk things to do".
but enough of that, and more of what you should do

she's obviously going to be mad for a while, but try giving her some space because thats really most likely what she feels that she needs from you: space.
so just say little things to her to have her know you are still there but dont push it too much. after a while if she still doesnt respond (which will most likely be yes&no's.) then you'll just have to do something really sweet to tell her you want her back. what that is will have to come from your heart and be really personal...something between the two of you that will make her feel so loved. however there's no garuntees that she will forgive you even at that because you did hurt her. but its worth a try and if she doesnt forgive you make her know how sorry you are (which you should be doing now anyways) and just try to be her friend.
theres really not a lot i can tell you to do, just do things for her that come from your heart and maybe you can win her back over since she always loved you before and you are still the same person. make her see that:)
xoxo helpachick

Q: you answered my question about feeling up. is there anyways to make it more fun?also do you know how i can make my boobs hurt it weired to go to second before going to first?answer asap thanks
hmm making it more fun..
well without going any farther than second, what you can do to him is while you guys are kissing move your hands under his sleeves and feel/sort of massage his arms muscle area, and if you want to move your hands to his back and feel around on it. unfortunatly, i dont think there is a way to make it less hurtful in that sensitve area...but it seems like [for me anways] that i have days where they hurt and days where they dont really.
and i dont think its that weird as long as you feel comfortable with what your doing/have done.
xoxo helpachick
have fun...but be carefuly =)

Q: me and my guy went to second before 1st. i havent been to first yet but he massaged my boobs and there really sore!is that normal?and is that considered getting felt up/going to second?answer ASAP.thanks.psh he went under my bra but it wasnt off.
yeah this would be considered going to second base, weather your shirt was off or not. but your boobs are sore if things press on them hard usually, so yes this is normal.
xoxo helpachick

Q: hey my boyfriend and i have been together for six months we'll its a few dats short lol I wanted to get him something little and cute to kinda show that i care and i didnt forget but i def dont want to do anything big.

any ideas of something cute and little to do but still shows i care alot about him?

thanks soooo much=]
just do something kind of fun, like a picture of you two in a frame, or burn him a cd with a bunch of your songs on it or songs that remind you of the two of you. something down that alley, just things you can give to him and everytime he sees it he is reminded of you!
xoxo helpachick

Q: I really want to know because everyone else has already lost it and I'm 14 and I havent!
well thats really up to you.
and even though it may seem like 'everyone' has lost theirs, there's also the 'everyone' that hasnt. so dont feel pressured just because of that. in fact, having sex shouldnt be a pressure at all. it should be when you've been with a person for a long time and you are very in love and happy with them, and trust them with all your heart. also, you should both be ready...this is where it comes in as not a pressure. i feel that if you still feel pressured by it, then your probably not ready to do it with that person. whenever you do decide to do that with someone, it will come more naturally than you think, and it wont [well shouldnt, if its for the right reasons] be just because everyone else is doing it.
xoxo helpachick

Q: theres this guy that i really like..i think he likes me too but i don't wanna ask him out cuz thats do i make him ask me out?
talk talk talk.
the first step is to talk to him as much as you can. not annoyingly, but make him know you want to be social with him. talk about things he's interested in, and ask him questions. guys like to show off things they know, because well, almost all of them are at least a little full of themselves:P
get to be friends with him, but flirt at the same time, telling him you wouldnt mind having more of a relationship.
hopefully he'll get the picture, and make His move!
xoxo helpachick

Q: right im 15/m and i love my gf to bits and i meen bits! she is the most beatiful caring lovable person in my life and i have a sudden urge to by a gift for her i want something perfect any idea's ppl? thanks for your time:) xx
aw this is sweet when guys want to do this.
my boyfriend gave me a ring and i love it so much i wear it everyday!!
so something like this...i dunno if she's a jewelry person. but if she is give her a necklace or a ring or braclet. something you know she would wear and that you like too.
or you could surprise her in some way...however you want to go about doing that.
also you could give her a picture of you guys in a picture frame because most girls like pictures and stuff like that
xoxo helpachick
p.s. be sure to sign the card with something sweet at the end!

Q: k so me and my boyfriend have been dating a while k so a really long while. and just recently we have started arguing and it's like everyday. and i really love him. but i dont know what to do. because i am tired of arguing but not tired of him. and i dont want to lose him. because he means so much to me. but we argue over the tinniest stuff. it is soo stupid. sorry if i am going on and on. and sorry if its a stupid question i would just like somebody else's opinion. k thanks. :)
i know exactly how this goes, and what you have to do is just bring it up. the next time you guys start arguing again, just do the whole 'sigh' thing us girls are good at, and say well there we go fighting again. or something like that. and then you two need to talk about it. tell him that you feel like you fight all the time now and your really worried, and just whatever you feel. tell him. and talk about it. between the two of you, hopefully you guys can work it out one way or the other.
good luck!
xoxo helpachick

Q: f/17
me and my boo, weve been talking for a long time like 6 months, and i think its time i ask him out since hes so shy. I seriously think hes never been in a relationship before and im surprised he grabs my hand wen we walk or puts his arms around me alot. I want to ask me out but dont know how. Hes really shy with that, and how can i ask him to be my boyfriend without flipping out, like getting a heart attack because he gets nervous?????I really want to be his girl, i need advice. How can i ask him to be my boyfriend???
for the first part of your a situation like this your just going to have to go for it. the way it sounds, he probably isnt apposed to the idea of being with you, since the two of you already act like it. maybe he's just unsure of what you will say if he asks you, and yeah, he's shy. but im sure if you ask him, even if he does blush or something he would most likely love the idea, and have no problem with it really, so if i were you i would just go in for the punch.
the 'feel his lips' kiss you should try either right before or right after you ask him. just i dont know its kind of hard to explain how to kiss...ok tap kisses are light and quick, right? so for a longer more feeling kiss, you should lean into him a little more and put more pressure on his lips [nothing to hurt him of course...haha] and stay there for just a few seconds and release. and if you decide you want "spit" then you could go ahead and french kiss him by after leaning in for your kiss moving your tongue to his mouth and moving it around for a few seconds, and if he doesnt respond by doing the same then bring your own tongue back. i hope things go well for you just dont be afraid to move right in and do what you need to do!
xoxo helpachick

Me and my Boyfriend were kisssing and he stops kissing me grabs me,and kisses me on my forhead..He always does that and then after he is finished he grabs me tight and Holds unto me for i was teling my friends about what had happened And they just Looked at me like it was the stupidest thing ever...err..They didnt find it cute i think they found it childish or origninal and i dont think much men do such things..Is it me or was it realy sweet? or am i just a sucker for stupid things such as that.
no, i think that is really sweet:)
your friends might have thought ok why did she tell me that or they might possibly be jealous, too.
doesnt really matter, as long as you know he's being sweet and that's what matters!
xoxo helpachick

Q: I've liked my bestfriends boyfriend since before she started to date him. And now after two months they broke up. In fact shes even going out with someone new again. So I have my chance to go out with him. And I took it. I told her and a lot of different people that I was only going out with him to hurt him, which I would never do. I even about convinced myself that I didn't even like him. Now he said he loved me and at first I was hesitant to say I love you too, but I said I love you. Everything would be great but I know its just not right to go out with your bff's ex, especially when she says she doesn't love him when she really does. Also summer vacation just let out and she is going to a new school next year so she'll probably never see him again but I will. I just want to know if you think I made the right decisions in what i did. and if you think otherwise don't be afraid to tell me becuase I don't want to make the same mistakes twice.
honestly, i dont think its right for anyone to go out with their best friends exboyfriend. because believe me i know that even if your over the guy, it is a little awkward and well pretty annoying...really annoying. so unless the friend comes out and talks about omg i think he likes you and is all you know, girl, about she doesnt care, then next time if this doesnt happen i would not go out with the ex. and if you do, dont lie about why your with him. because when people do that it only hurts other people more when they find out you were lieing. whether it was directly towards them or not.
xoxo helpachick

Q: Is it okay to lick a vagina during sex? Me and my spouse haven't tried sex and we are newly wedded but I'm just making sure if is it okay to lick a vagina.
in general yes this is ok: this is called "eating her out"
but just in case you should probably check with her to see if she is into that. some people arent and you should either ease into it and see if she pushes you away from that area or just flat out ask her.
have fun;)

Q: Well I like this guy named kyle, we dated before but only for 6 days because his friend lied to me and say that he was cheating on me, which he wasnt. We've started talking again& I like him alot, but I think he's changed, he's had a couple girlfriends since me& well none of them have been real good, like to him or anything- I think he's starting to become a "player" and well I want to change that, how can I? He likes me too which helps.
yeah, i know what its like to want to change some things about a guy. and well since he likes you it makes it that much more easy. just let him know you like him too but not the things he does. and let him know what kind of girl you are and exactly what you stand for. you could go ahead and start going out with him and just keep on putting your foot down on the things you dont like. if he likes you enough he'll get the picture and Want to change.
xoxo helpachick

Q: the quote "here's a little something that every girl should know, it's okay to hold on, but eventually, you'll have to let go."

i know its time to let go , my brain is ready to but my heart just wont give up . i still talk to this guy all the time and he always says he loves me and junk , but i know he doesnt mean it . i have tried to stop talkin to him &nd it works for a couple of days , then he starts callin &nd sayin he misses me &nd junk . i just give in . i dont know what to do . someone help me !
i know exActly what you mean. he keeps calling you, saying he loves you, and you fall for it. to sum that up.
well the same thing happened to me.
except one of the days after calling me and saying that, he got a girlfriend. and my best friend.
so he probably, he's not over you either. but sooner or later he's going to "move on" anyways. and even though even then he might not be all the way over you, it will hurt you a lot and you have got to try to prevent that from much as possible.
so i dont know exactly How your going to go about doing this...but i'm just going to talk.
there is a lot of guys out there, and pretty soon your going to find another one you really like. and aside from that, there are a lotta hot ones to look at for the time being. you just need to start noticing, you can do a lot better. you know he doesnt mean that he loves you, which is good on your part, so since he's 'just saying that' you can know to look for someone who will treat you a lot better and mean it.
just keep letting yourself know that, and whenever he calls next just tell him no you dont mean that and you need to give me space to let me get over you...because i need to. it is the best thing for me and i know you Dont love me, but if you care at all you will want the best for me.

xoxo helpachick

Q: 15/m last year one of my friends told me that she loved me. i told her we'd be better off as friends and i pretended not to like her...cause i really do i dont know why i did it i guess i was just scared of her leaving me cause all the friends i've had broke up with me and i didnt want to go through it again but i really regret not letting her know how i really feel cause i really do love her and she's a really good friend to me and a fun person to hang out with we talk and everything but i dont know what to do? help please
welp hunni theres only one way to fix this...and thats to tell her exactly how you feel as soon as possible! i know because i've been in your place and the other girl before...but im telling you especially if she's your friend anyway she's gunna want to know that you feel that way. and since she used to like you it shouldnt seem really random that you come out and say that, if your worried about that. if she asked you why you waited to tell her, tell her the truth and since she's a good friend that she is, she will hopefully understand
and even better, hopefully give you a second chance!
xoxo helpachick

Q: This may seem like a stupid question..but when you kiss someone, like a boyfriend, are you supposed to feel something? You know what I mean..
thats a tricky question and probably puzzlment to a lot of people.
but i think that it depends on the person your kissing, and your own feelings towards them.
for instance i've kissed guys and not felt a thing until the boyfriend i am with now and i really really love him a lot, and every time we kiss i feel something. so i think it depends how you feel about them to describe what you feel when you kiss. but dont stress if you dont feel the "fireworks, etc." right now b/c im guessing your in your teens like a lot of us, and well, its ok to not have found THE ONE just right now. becuase its a great feeling when that actually comes:)
hope i helped
xoxo helpachick

Q: what does"grass is greener on the other side" means?
ok, example.
you are in a really bad relationship say its abusive or something. and you could get out...
well people say the grass is greener on the other side because if you ended that relationship then things would be better for you and "greener" the other way around
xoxo helpachick

hey im helpachick & i want to help you if i can. more than most of the questions i answer i have experienced something close to that myself. so feel free to ask&leave stuff in my inbox or whatever, and i'll try to get back soonish.

what about me?
I'm in college majoring in Fashion Textiles and Merchandising. I love fashion, boys, my friends, music, and love being active and outdoors. theres a lot more i could put about me but this is advicenators not myspace!!
ask away^.^




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