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Hi, I'm 13/f and there's this kid i know. Lets call him Bob. So, i went out with bob last year and then ended breaking up with him, because i reallly didnt like him anymore. This year, he asked me out again(like 3 times!!) and i kept saying no, but now im having some doubts, i dont know if i should go out with him or not, because there is someone else that i really like, but bob is also very sweet. Please help me! Thanks in advance.
i know how you feel ive been through the same thing. no i wouldnt go out with bob just becuase he's sweet because the truth is you dont like him. wait until something you really want comes along..thats what i would do. xoxo helpachick

Q: I'm 15/f.
I need soem really good alternative/rock bands! so anyone that could help please help!


hey im a rock fan myself so here are -some- good ones:
hinder, shinedown, yellowcard, afi, evanescence, the killers, jack's mannequin, panic!at the disco, all american rejects, alien ant farm, taking back sunday, switchfoot, linkin park, coca, saturday night at the apollo, hawthorne heights, smile empty soul, staind, crossfade...if ya want more/different ones just ask! xoxo helpachick

Q: if you cant get someone out of your head, were they meant to be there?
most likely, yes. short simple and sweet!
xoxo helpachick

Q: Please please help...I used to like this boy a lot..Before being together he mentioned that he has already a girlfriend..I told him to break up with her otherwise there is not even a possibility to be with me..He told me that he would do but he needs time because he was with her for about 3 months.I told ok.But after tow days he told me that he had not the chance to do it but he will do it soon.(We were together these 2 days)I told him that i don't want to be with him anymore...He made efforts to be with me but i refused.I did not tell him the truth.I told him that we just hurried up and that we don't know each other a lot...We stopped talking each other.Every Sutterday juring summer we used to go to the same cafes.He was with her.Now, i have a friend Ann who used to be friend with him the period we were together.She told me that he would break up that he used to like me very much, maybe too much AND that he didnt like his girlfriend but he was with her only because he had had sex with her.Now we started talking again.He first talked to me..I starded liking him again for once more.He is STILL with the idiot UGLY REALLY UGLY girlfriend..He is looking at me and smiling...i went somewhere noone was and he came there after some minutes..My friends tell me that he likes me.I like him.But i don't think that he will be with me again.It is said that he likes his girlfriend.He is really popular so everyone knows about him..I don t know..How can he like a girl who used to mean nothing to him?What should i do now???I mean, i would like to be with him but how?????????Please tell me...I want him to be with me only with me.I cry and cannot forgive myself for being that idiot.
thats a complicated one...but ill try to help as much as i can! so first of all, stop blaming yourself for everything. HE was being the idiot... when he really wanted to be with you and leading you on like that but not breaking up with his girlfriend. you did nothing wrong. it was good of you to be the bigger person and say that you wouldnt be with him when he still had a girlfriend. but so now you like him again. and boy do i know how this feels.. you say he's popular and everyone knows a lot about him. i had stop at this for a second..i know some people who were/are very popular and yet a lot of people know nothing about them. they assume. so what they say could be true, maybe he has developed new feelings for this girlfriend. or maybe he's with her because..(i know its shallow) there's no one else he'd go out with. i think you should keep talking to him like you have been and since this wouldnt be the first time to break the ice and talk about it, go ahead and tell him how you feel. say your giving him one more chance to be together and if he cant do that then just forget about him. you dont need someone that keeps hurting you like this. xoxo helpachick

Q: I have really dark hair & brown eyes & somewhat tan what shades of eye shadow would I use?
since your darker complected, you can (and should) wear the darker shades. no im not sayin you have to wear like black eyeshadow or anything like that lol. just the darker shades of colors like, dark greens, dark pinks, beige, darker browns...xoxo helpachick

Q: Ok well i started going out with this one guy named jonathan.The thing is dat he knows i like somebody else and i know he likes somebody else.Yes it seems wierd but we told each other that since the beggining.Its like we like each other to but it kind of feels wierd to know he dosent only think of me...i know he probably feels da same way but i dont know.I seriously dont think we are going to last.Although i wish it did=/So if you were in my place what would you do??
if i was in your place, i would tell him exactly what you've just said here. how you feel. you'd probably find that he feels the same way. usually when you can feel that something isnt right in the relationship, it isnt, and you can both feel it. so you two can talk it out after that and see what you can come up with between the two of you! xoxo helpachick

Q: is it normal for a gf to not want her bf to look at other girls?
i think it kinda depends. if your b/f looks at like celebrity girls that's fine b/c he's a guy and looking at girls is something guys but if he sits there and checks out girls you guys know, then i dunno. i wouldn't really like it that much if it were me but if he slips once and a while you have to understand...he's a guy. xoxo helpachick

Q: hi im breanna...i just turned 16 last month.....a week b-4 my b-day me and my boyfriend had sex and out of all the times i eva had sex my cherry has neva popped. we didnt use protection..... but this time when me and him had sex he came in me >>>>>>could i be pregnant?
yeah..there's a good chance you could be pregnant. but before you freak out either go to your doctor or use one of those at home pregnancy tests to be sure. good luck...xoxo helpachick

Q: I'm 13 years old going on 14 this December. I currently have my first hole pierced in my ear. I got it done in the first grade and wore earrings for a while. Then, a few years ago, I kinda just stopped, but last week, I started up again because yet again, I'm interested in wearing earrings. I really like the idea of piercings, and I would love to get the cartilage at the top of both of my ears pierced. (how much is it? will it hurt?) I asked my mother and she said that "I don't need it there".
I tried saying things like:
"Well I know, but I didn't need my first hole either."

and she says how I don't wear earring anymore, and I tell her the truth:
"I only have a few pairs and they're bent anyway."

my sister has both her first, second, and third hole pierced, so I kinda hint in how it isn't too fair how she has 3 piercings and I only have one.

I even offer to pay for it, and clean it, and do that on my own so she doesn't have to remind me.

it's kind of convincing her .. but I really want to get it done before my birthday (December 18) and I want to get it done before school starts.

to answer your question about does it hurt and the cost: people make it sound like it hurts a lot worse than it actually does. it just pinches for a second then its over. a few days after it will probably hurt a little bit, but after that it'll be fine. then i got my cartilage done at icing (by claire's) and there it only cost around $25. but since they hurt a little bit afterwards i'd only get one side done at a time so its not to much of a pain. as for your mom...well my mom was a little easier to convince but if i were you i would just keep trying the part where "you will pay for it and all your earrings for it" and that its what you want and it should be your choice as to what you want in your ear. but don't be too snobby about it towards her or anything; remain calm lol thats always the trick! good luck! xoxo helpachick

Q: hey . like i just got my period june 23ish and ive only had it like once. is that normal or weird?
and my friend kimmy said she only had it once.
do i really have it .
yeah you really have it. when most people start for like the first year or so the schedule's all messed up so you might have a few really close together then some like months apart! but don't worry you'll even out after a while. xoxo helpachick

Q: im 14 years old and a few months ago (maybe like 2) i got my period and i dont have boobs. I thought that you get them before your period? im only like a 32 A and i feel werid wearing certain shits .. when do you think ill get bigger?
hey its ok if your not to big up there yet. i know lots of girls who've had that problem and dont worry it will change. xoxo helpachick (i'm guessing probably relatively soon since your 14)

Q: Ok well over the summer i have been hanging ouy with this guy named Pat and like at first i went to his house and we were just like friends but after a while he kinda started holding my hand when we were watching tv and stuff and were not even going out and he is not allowed to date till school starts and im starting to really like him but i no its wrong to do stuff and were not even dating yet but its really hard to tell someone u like to stop. so what should i do please help.
i agree that you should tell him how you feel about acting that way before you go out. and plus, i dunno where you live but schools about to start for everyone anyways, so it wont be that long till you can be going out! xoxo helpachick

Q: my puppy is adorable but he can get very aggressive and bites a lot. Is there a way to make him stop?
like others have said, don't hit it becuase that would be abusive, but shake a finger at it and tell him no in a very firm voice. also, dogs do not like being flicked on the nose. so if the "no" doesnt seem to work after a while, you can give him a little flick on the nose and a few times after that, he shouldn't be into biting you anymore. xoxo helpachick

Q: I have a hairy stomach

there i said it, lol

seriously, my stomach is kinda hairy, not like thick dark hair, its blonde but there is a lot of it. If i shave it, it will grow back coarser and darker (just like leg hairs do) and i would have to keep shaving it the rest of my life. Nair causes a skin reaction and i get red and it burns and waxing would probably irritate my skin as well. What can i do to get rid of this gross hair that i feel i am the only person who has it?

PLease dont tell me to just accept it for part of who i am , that kinda pisses me off a little becuase i dont want it so why should i accept it? please respond!!
just like your legs, the hair grows back, right? so along with your legs, if you don't want the hair there, your just going to have to keep shaving it. i know it's kind of a short answer to a big problem but that's they way it's gotta be if you dont want hair there..and i'm guessing you don't want to wax your stomach:P
xoxo helpachick

Q: Can too much attention freak a girl out and make her back off? Even though you're really close? I've heard people say this before, but I'm not too sure, and now I'm affraid that I've been bothering my girlfriend with too much attention.
as long as you let her have her space, like spending time with her other friends and stuff, it should be fine. but girls like it when their boyfriends give them lots of attention. xoxo helpachick

Q: Okay..I have a reaaally bad Tanline on my chest from a halter top swimsuit. My 8th grade Promotion is in 2 weeks, and i'm wearing a strapless dress. What should I use? Will self tanner work? Oh, and I don't want to go to a tanning salon.
hey i would try either tanning lotion or spray on. or the thing that me personaly would do, would be to layout in the sun and like pull the straps of your swimsuit down and so you can tan over the white strap line. xoxo helpachick

Q: how one can be most success in ones life?
bringing success to yourself means that you have certain goals set for your life, and you meet those goals. but when you meet those goals, you shouldn't slack off but maybe set a few new goals that are the one step higher. also, doing the things you enjoy will make you feel good about what you've done in your life, along with doing good things for others. xoxo helpachick

Q: if a guy you are making out with puts his hands on your boobs like ONTOP of your shirt, not under it, is that sexual harrasment or assault? what if while youi were making out he put his hands in the back pocket of your jeans and squeezed your butt? is that harrassment? thanks so much!
hey! its not harrasment or assault unless you tell him to stop and he won't. otherwise, if you don't do anything to stop it, its not considered harrasment. xoxo helpachick

Q: I'm in really bad pain. My head is stuffed up, so is my nose. I've been achey all over, my head hurts. I've been so cold, yet so hot at the same time. I also have no appetite and my throat is killing me, feels like I have a ball in the back of my throat. I'm light headed and dizzy, I don't now what's wrong. Do you? Please help.
Rest. Rest. Rest. sounds like you have the flu, fever maybe, etc. what you need to do is take advil or motrin, drink some 7up or something, and sleep. even if you can't sleep just lay in bed or on your coach with a movie or something and rest. xoxo helpachick. get better soon!

Q: ok my ex im going to go see a movie with him on friday and he said he is going to hold my hand i say ok thats all rite and mind you i have a bf. and then in had a dream that i was going to kiss him and someone found out and told my bf and he was so upset i broke up with him before and he looked like he was going to die and i didnt like that so i invited a freind to come along so it doest look weird and she might not be able to come if she doesnt should i still go? or should i not go at all? i mean i love my bf but then im falling back in love with my ex so if i kiss him & find out i dont and love my BF does it make it ok to do? or should i even go through with this at all? idk but if i feel to do this at all i ocbiously dont have much feelings for my bf imean i say i love him but i dont feel that tingly feeilng when i see him hes just there kinda feeiling! what should i do plz help me!?
hey! if i were you..i would go ahead and go to the movie. and if things go farther with your ex b/f, maybe that's telling you something. your not feeling that spark for your present boyfriend anymore. and you feel something again for your ex. i think that you should be true to yourself and others, and let things go the way your heart wants it to go. don't play your present b/f just because you dont want to hurt him. people have to get hurt sometimes to make themselves stronger, plus it would hurt him more if he found out while you were still together that you loved your ex and not him. xoxo helpachick

hey im helpachick & i want to help you if i can. more than most of the questions i answer i have experienced something close to that myself. so feel free to ask&leave stuff in my inbox or whatever, and i'll try to get back soonish.

what about me?
I'm in college majoring in Fashion Textiles and Merchandising. I love fashion, boys, my friends, music, and love being active and outdoors. theres a lot more i could put about me but this is advicenators not myspace!!
ask away^.^




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