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Q: does anybody have any suggestions on halloween coustumes..
hey! ok well if you cant think of anything you want to be, then just look in your closet for the weirdest clothes/combo you can find. or go shopping for some cheap weird clothes that look really funny when worn together, and wear them. just be a hodge-podgey costume! xoxo helpachick
have fun!

Q: Last saturday I went on a "date" with my guy friend Jake. After we went out to eat, we sat in his car for a few minutes and just talked. I've never hugged him, or anything. But we were sitting there, and I put my head down to pick something up when he touched my hair and said, I love your hair. you look so beautiful with it. After that I was like, omgosh he's the best guy ever! Is this normal? Like just from him touching my hair and telling me I look beautiful - like I think I'm really starting to like him.

Sorry if this sounds cheesy.
of course this is normal! he was complimenting and hitting on you!! he' to you too!--most likely!!:D:D
this wasnt very long...but i hope i helped

Q: Hey, So I screwed up really bad. I stole 3 pairs of pants from one of my friends. But then I gave them back, I said sorry and explained myself and everything. But now I don't feel like any of my friends like or trust me. What can I do to get our friendship back? PLEASE HELP!!
hey! well i guess what you could do is let them borrow some of your things. especially if they ask to borrow a specific thing be like oh yeah sure! and let them have it. i think you've done all you can on your end about saying its up to them to forgive you now. xoxohelpachick

Q: There's a girl that I've liked for about 2 months. She's just about my perfect girl, but had been going out with this guy since I met her. I gave up on her about 2 weeks ago cuz he friends said she always has really long relationships. I moved on to this other girl and her and I hit it off. I told the 2nd girl that I like her today, and she said she liked me too. But not 10 minutes after that I found out the first girl was finally single. I think I might like the first girl more, but now it's like the 2nd girl expects her and I to go out. What should I do? Which one should I pick? And how do I not make myself look like an asshole either way? I'll rate high for good answers.
hey! alright well i'm a girl, and i think a girls point of view on this question could be very helpful!! well if girl 1 (the girl you liked first) if her boyfriend broke up with her, she is obviously going to need some time to get over him. (she most likely liked him a lot since they went out for a long time) so while that is happening, maybe since you already told this other girl you like her, go out with her for a little while...see how things go and you might find that you really do like her as a g/f. if you still think that the first girl is the one for right now, after a while break things off with girl 2 and then ask the first girl. make sure the 1 girl has had enough time, and that you have CLEARLY made your decision on the two ladies. good luck xoxohelpachick

Q: im a really petite girl...but a have a really wide and sorta i guess flabby butt. I neeeeed some excersizes of something before cheering starts!!!
well, i'm not sure if your a girl who likes running, but it really does help!(plus the endorphons (sp?) dont suck to bad either:P) if you REALLY hate running, then try those excersizes that come in teen magazines and stuff, those 10 step ones that if you do every night, they can get you in better shape. try these things and see if they work...i hope i helped ya and good luck! xoxohelpachick

Q: OK I am very sorry if you all are tired of these questions but I'm HOPELESS and can necer tell if they like me or not, so here we go.
Ok he talks to me a lot and sometimes flirts with me. I never see him doing that with anyone else and he somehow finds a way to go by my desk/lunch table.
So.. does he like me? I'm very bad at this and please no answers like "Are YOU BLIND" or "What kind of a hopeful idiot are you?" ... All 5's :/
well, to tell you the truth i think everyone has the same troubles with guys as you are having at one point or another. but if he doesnt do any of that to anyone else, he probably likes you at aleast a little!:) (((if you like him you should show it by flirting back, maybe that would show him you do like him, and he MIGHT ask you out))) but yeah, i think that he probably does like you a little...and he's probably hoping you'll like him back! hope i helped xoxohelpachick

Q: alright well im 14 a freshman in highschool and i really like this guy in my grade he is soo nice to me online but like i think he likes some other girl and like in school i dont even see him so i have no way in trying to talk to him there and i just really wish he would like notice me as a person that likes him .. and it sucks because i dont think he ever will but all my friends are telling me not to give up on him cause it would be sucha '' cute couple '' but still any ideas how i could like talk to him online and just let hint him but not like making it akward .. ya know?? or any other ideas..

pleassee help me =(
heyhey i'm here to help! well first of all i think that you should be able to talk to him more than just online. you should ask him when your on sometime if he's like going to the upcoming bball game, next dance, something like that and you are :Dgoing too! so then you'd see eachother there, and be able to talk in person!yay online, however, just be all flirty or whatever, i dont really know what to say, maybe hint on something that he did a long time ago that STILL makes you laugh now!! see what happens i dont know if that was much help or not
xoxo helpachick

Q: Okay. I just got the nerve to try out a tampon. I was all relaxed and read directions and I finally got it. So, I was excited I did cause I wimpped out before. and my mom got all mad at me cause she said i could get toxic shock syndrom and like something in my vagina broke? What the heck is she talking about? Im scared to use another one cause she freaked out. So help me please!!!!!!!!
hey! you'll only get toxic shock syndrom if you wear tampons ALL THE TIME and dont change them every few hours (just like you would a pad) also DONT sleep in them, because that is keeping the same tampon in too long and that's what causes this disease. if you always remember to change them, than use them if thats what you like!
hope this helped xoxohelpachick

Q: Brutus is the perfect example of Aristotle’s tragic hero. He holds high rank in society as Caesar’s best friend. Not only is he known for his social position, but also as the most honorable man in Rome. However, his honor also becomes his tragic flaw. It clouds his judgement and eventually leads to his downfall.

how can i close that intro or make it better?
ok here goes...i hope you can follow me:P

...Not only is BRUTUS known for his social position.....

......Brutus' honor clouds his judgement.....

xoxo i hope it helped helpachick

Q: soemone i kno died and im really bad at dealing with it its been awhile and i still get thoose days that i just miss them so much is there anyway i can cope better?has this happened to you?if so howd u deal?
omg this has sooo happened to me! wow this is weird that this question is the one the computer gave to me! ok grandpa died 3 years ago and for a long time i felt sad whenever i thought about him...longer than it maybe should have been. well now that it is the third year i'm finally over it and i can be ok, but when i was cleaning out my closet the other day, i found the last birthday card he ever gave me before he died. it made me sooo sad i sat on my closet floor and cried, because of the grandpa-grandaughter relationship thoughts that went into the letter written at the bottom. i found that thinking about the happy memories spent with him helped me cope with the loss. at first even that was sad because i knew i'd never have those with him again. but now i realize that he would want me to keep going and make so many other happy memories too. live life...the person will always be with you and watching over you! xoxohelpachick

Q: im getting my nails done tomorrow for a formal and i was wondering if i should get gel nails, tips, or acryllics? (sp) i have had gel nails before and i really liked them but what is everyones opinion? easy 5 =] xO
i think for this formal, since its not just a mess around with your nails type thing, you should go with the type of nails you already know you like. although they all look neat, gels might be YOUR best bet because you already know that they work for you and you like them a lot. its a formal and you most likely want it to be dont let your nails ruin it by getting a kind you might end up hating!

xoxoxoxo helpachick

Q: Hey everyone im starting to get into country.. and i really like anything by keith urban.. im not sure what other country songs to download, i dont want any really hardcore haha country stuff but simmilar to keith urban so if you guys could give me some songs thatd be great!
hey! well i happen to love keith urban too (not to mention he is down right gorgeous :P) and another country singer who's style is a lot like his would probably be dierks bentley. he's around the same age as keith, and i guess fairly new to country music, he's probably only been out a couple years. recently i got to go to a concert of his and it was so awesome. he got put in to the Grand Ol Opery, which is a great honor. Some of his songs are "what was i thinkin'" --my favorite-- "come a little closer" that's just one of many country guys who are really good to listen too...but he is probably one of my favorites! xoxohelpachick
*~*~*i hope you enjoy!*~*~*

Q: There's this boy that I've known ever since 5th grade (we are in 9th grade) we are very close besides the fact that I NEVER SPENT TIME WITH HIM BESIDES SCHOOL!!! Yea we would talk on the phone, text and stuff but, I would LOVE to go somewhere with him one day but there are 2 problems:

1.) I am afraid that if I am alone with him, he might put the moves on me and we might have sex! (Only a kiss will do)

2.) I am afraid that if I go to the movies with him or something, that he might try and play me by taking me somewhere far, leaving me alone or embarrassing me.

What can I do to overcome my shyness and how do I explain to him that I am shy?

P.S. I gave him some excuses! I don't want to seem like a liar or that I don't want to be with him because I DO! it would be like a DATE or something.. My FIRST date!
hey ok well if this guy is your friend in school, then he'll most likely want to be outside of school too. for a first time away from real "school" just ask him if he's going to the upcoming basketball game, and if he is say so am i and then maybe try to set it up so you can both meet there. after that/or other than that, get all your friends to go to a movie and him and some of his friends too. see what happens and if you both go, dont let him go to far with you, but it would be alright to flirt.

Q: how does volleyball help your heart?
well not only volleyball helps your heart, but any type of excersize does. If you are excersizing that gets your heart pumping and thats good for you! xoxohelpachick

Q: I want to have a really fun birthday party this year at my house. I have a pool table and a large backyard. I am turning 14 years old and my birthday is around december 15th. Depending on the weather, mostly all of the party has to be inside because of the cold. I am probably inviting around 30 people. What are some good ideas of what to do such as games, food, decorations and activities? Or if not at my house, where would be another great place to have a party for my age? Please help.
ok well first of all wow...i hope you have a big house if you want to pack 30 people in the same general area to all hang out! maybe you could try a public place..somewhere. you could try roller skating or ice skating (even if you arent good at it, sometimes its a great way to get close to your crush- couples skate, or maybe you need to hold on to someone so you dont fall flat on your butt) or i guess you could go for pizza and then a movie everyone would like. or if there is somekind of dance at your school around the time you want to have your party, have it be that everyone goes to the dance and you could all go out for ice cream or something afterwards. watever you do just make sure it is something that everyone will have a fun time doing.

Q: OMG!I told one of my friends (we just became friends this year) that I liked this guy. He is kind of a flirt but not too bad, and what happens the next day? She flirts with him more than usual and he didnt even talk to me once! Ugh how can I steal him back from the B-word!!!!!!!!!
omg i so cant believe your friend did that! ok well anyways on with your question...maybe if your school has a dance coming up, that would definitly be a time to flirt and socialize with him. and if you could get him to dance a few slow ones then that would for sure give you some time without having to worry about your "friend" to butt in. another thing is if you have any classes with him without her in it you can try and talk to him there, maybe pass him a couple of notes "just to be cute" sort of a thing. in the halls it would definitly be good to talk to him like a friend, and since he's a flirt he'll most likely hit on you, so then that's your que to start doing it back. once you've done this for a little while he might start to like you, and your friend will be history in his opinion.

Q: ok well I havent talked to a friend of mine for a VERY long time until a couple of days ago, and I had feelings for him before and I think I still do cause he makes me laugh he cheers me up and everything, but I am talking to another guy and I dont know what to do I let the guy im talking to know that I kinda still like someone from my past???
ok so this other guy that you've recently started talking to obviously likes you. but you still like the guy from the past. if you still have some pretty strong feelings for the past guy, you never kno he might for you too. so i wouldnt go with the new guy for right now. if you did go with him the old guy might be hurt, and you might not even know it. then for the new guy (your question:P) well just tell him that --say if he asks you out-- that you're just not ready for a full steady relationship right now. i really hope this helped!!! xoxo

Q: ok when your in i fight with someone and they say your that liike another way of saying "your done" as in im gonna fight you??or does it mean something else??
please help
i rate 5 for anything resonable
i fully understand what your going through right now. i understand all about being in a fight with someone and being over wat that means when they say that is that they never want to be friends again (or b/f g/f ever again...watever the case) even though they say this though they might not mean "not friends EVER AGAIN" they could have just said that because they are really mad and right now they mite feel like they never want to be your friend. obviously this person is really mad at you, so even no matter wat rude things they do or say to you, be nice to them, and if you pass them in the halls sometime give 'em a smile instead of some smushed up i hate you expression. give them a little time and maybe they'll let some things blow over...please ask anymore about your fight if u need help b/c last year and a couple months ago...i've almost lost some very valuable friends myself...i can give you some great advice if you need it! if you do tho make ur subject "helpachick this is for you" so i kno its you!xoxo good luck!

hey im helpachick & i want to help you if i can. more than most of the questions i answer i have experienced something close to that myself. so feel free to ask&leave stuff in my inbox or whatever, and i'll try to get back soonish.

what about me?
I'm in college majoring in Fashion Textiles and Merchandising. I love fashion, boys, my friends, music, and love being active and outdoors. theres a lot more i could put about me but this is advicenators not myspace!!
ask away^.^




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