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Q: So my friends which are like a group of 10-15 people all hate this one girl. This girl keeps talking about all of my friends and my friends fight back by making fun of her. I know its not right but thats wut i do to.We've been teasing her about everything like her bushy hair, her possey of 2 people compared to ours, her outfit, and pretty much wut every girl finds offensive.Shes also been making fun of us too(not like we care but still)shes been pissing us off. So then one day she started crying and started cussing at us and screaming about being all mean.Now of course we're being all soft to her and saying hi. But she's stilil talking behind our backs. So my question is wut do we do?? And "tattling" is not our style. I rate high for good but not cheesy answers.
alright well first of all, if you want her to start liking you guys back...DONT TALK ABOUT HER
then, maybe say your sorry b/c you obviously hurt her feelings...then maybe she will notice that you really are nicer, and she'll be sorry she's said such mean things about you too.

Q: 13/f, so i went to my old schools dance and this guy named alex that i have known and been friends with for two years slow danced with me. He pulled me in realy close so were were like hugging and then he grabbed my but and also he tried to kiss me. Everyone says he likes me but when my friend and i asked him he said he dosnt like me. Do you think he likes me and also what should i do because i am majorly in love with him and never want to let him go but i think i just did. i am so mixed up please help
hey ok well if the guy tried to kiss you and was all over you when you two danced...he definitly likes you! were you THERE when he was asked if he liked you?? b/c if you were then he probably said no b/c you were right there, and maybe he was afraid you didnt feel the same way or didnt know what to he was afraid to admit it right then. i would keep talking with him and being friends...and flirting and if he makes any more moves...take them! and maybe you two will be able to hook up!xoxohelpachick

Q: does anyone know any good myspace websites where you can put backgrounds & pimp it out sort've lol =) i'm a girl sooo girly would help.

hey! yeah go to
you can sign up for free and get a really kewl space of your own there! xoxohelpachick

Q: alright .. so you girls all know about discharge. can other people smell? because sometimes i can smell it .. when im going to the bathroom, or i think i smell something weird when im sitting in class..
does it really smell , or is it because i know its there?
help - and fast. smells but the good thing is only you can smell it!!:D yay so just don't act like anythings wrong either, b/c then people will be like whats wrong or something...and that would be embarassing. but no, its only you who's close enough to smell it.

Q: tomarrow is picture retake day and im getting my pictures retaken first pictures came out terrible.. i was wearing alot of liquid cover-up and you so could lips were was soo humid that day so my hair was like a big ball of frizz and i had at huge pimple on my cheek.....i dont have a pimple on my cheek anymore im gonna scrunch my hair and wear powder cover up ..... do you have any other ideas on how to make the pictures come out better...heres a little info about me:brown shoulder length hair with alot of highlights makeing me alomst blonde...perfect eye brows.....really dark brown eyes...and i wear makeup but i hate dark eyeshadow it makes me look terrible
hmm well it sounds like you have a pretty good idea make up wise! yeah for eyeshadow i'd wear some kind of maybe light brown or whitish color.
i have it sounds like the same physical features as you, minus the highlites, but usually people like us look pretty good in a lot of colors!YAY my personal favorite color is pink, and thank goodness we look good in it! also blues, some browns, red, and green look pretty cute too. i'd wear one of those colors if you have them for your shirt. something that doesnt say a lot on it, maybe one word if you choose(ex. hollister or aeropostale etc.) but that will look good in a picture. jeans or even sweats will be great b/c no one can see the bottom half in the picture anyhow. smile wide and you will look great!

Q: Well lately I've been bored around the house and decided that in order to be more active (since its cold outside and winter is when I pack on the pounds more) that maybe I could make up a dance. The thing is I never took dance lessons and stuff so I was wondering if anybody knew a site that taught like basic dance moves. And I guess more experience stuff. Its not like I'm going to show anybody this stuff, this is for my own amusement, a challenge of sorts, so I'll take some medium dance moves to that I could work on and maybe finish. Thanks for any help!
hey! ok well i'm not sure what kind of dancing you want to try, so here is a site that appears to have many different kinds of dances and tells you the main idea of how to do them. good luck!

Q: first off: WILL RATE A 5 IF YOU HELP ME OUT! ok i had this dream...let me explain it...

there was this evil being (kinda like soemthign that came out of and it kept chasing me around and trying to kill me. but i guess it kinda had a human form. kinda like the guy who had knocked up pheobe. but he was trying to kill me. he would get ahold of me and then like drag me around and stuff, liek torturing me before he killed me. granted, i made alot of escape attempts, many failing fromthe start, many almost suceeding but not quite. then he had gotten me into his truck (dont ask) and was going to drive it off the cliff and dissapear before it hit bottom. He said he would let me live under one codnition. I provided him with an heir. at first i refused, but i guess the fact of knowign my life was on the line scared me so much i gave in. then i remember
thinking "i have to tell steve i can never see him again. for his safety" (see, i even think of you in my dreams!) then the guy, before taking offmy handcuffs, told me that he wanted a daughter b/c he already had a son. the next thing i remember i was outside and i had a son on my knee then somethign came jumping out at me and scared me shitless and i woke from it.

That was the dream. and my boyfreind got upset b.c i told him (online this afternoon...he is out of state on family business...his mom is sick) and he goes "so even in your dreams you would rather cheat on me than die. i would rather die personally. but its a dream and we cant always control our dreams" then he signed off! didnt say good bye or anything. is he mad at me? does my dream mean anything? I WILL RATE A 5 IF YOU HELP ME OUT!
ok well personally i dont believe your dream MEANS anything. i do think it means that you love your b/f very much though...that you would think of him first. tell him that if that would have happened in real life, you would've (if your REALLY would've) thought of him first. tell him that you love him and you want him to have the best life he can. so if you ever get pregnant, youre going to tell him right away, and also that you would never WANT to cheat on him...tell him he should think of the dream as sort of rape-you could never help being just happened.

Q: well yeah so this stared like a really long time ago so yeah well i had 3 best friends, one since i was 5, one since i was 7, and one since i was 6.W were really close and would do everything i mean everything. we would walk home from school and have a sleep over every friday and i would always be over to there houses because i dont live on the same sreet as them. so anyway in the middle of the summer, 2 out of 3 of my friends slept over and soone friend already had her priod and so that night the other 1 did anyway this one girl at school that we used to hate well she started being nice to us.and so we made plans with her to go to lunch and then a near by store. well it turned out one of my friends (the girl who just got her priod) couldent go so it was just me and my other friend. so the night of the sleep over we were planing on telling the girl we were going to lunch with and we were going say that they got there priods and brag about it. so at the place me and my friend were telling her that they got there priods. so after that, that girl starteed geting nicer and nicer to just one of us and so the new girl wanted to be in are group.(we well call her the new girl)(we well call the girl that the new girl is being nice to betty)(we well call the girl who was out to lunch with me pickel)(and we well call the girl who was on vaca tall)so anyway yeah so the new girl wanted to be in the group with us. but we (me, tall, and pickel).but betty did because new girl was being nice to Betty was mad at us.about 3 weeks later we became friends with betty agin but we stell dident want her in the group. well thenBetty found out that me and pickel told new girl about her getting her priod. and betty forgot that she told us to brag to new girl about it. so now she was mad at me and pickel. well then she forgave pickel and was stell mad at me and i dont no y. so whatever about 3 weeks later it was her b day and she was being nice to me agin. then new girl got pickel to notg like me any more. to make a long store short none of my friends even talk to me any more and on halloween 10 min befor i was all ready and about to go to there house 4 trick or treating they told me that i wasent going trick or treading with them any more. theve made me cry so many times about this mass and im starting to get over them but its really hard because i've been friends with them for so long and i dont want to through that all away. please answer this ill always rat 5 so yeah and dont not read this just cuz its long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP ME!!!!
wow...well this is really complicated. but i had a BFF who ditched me for this really bratty girl to. the whole grade knew how mad we were at eachother and it lasted for such a long time, and seriously i was pretty sure the two of us would never hardly talk again. but then after a while i just got so tired of being mad and crying about it and everything. so i think you should do what i did. just try to be totally over it around them. act toward them like you would anyone else, and dont be mean or act mad. dont act like their best friend however b/c you want them to know your still hurt. after a while maybe tell them that your sorry for whatever you did, and if there's ever a way to be friends again, (and if you want to) than you totally would try to be friends. but if being friends doesnt work out, you should move on with new friends who will be true friends to you. (because ditching you not only for totally a new crowd and on halloween alone were some pretty low things to do) good luck i hope i helped!

Q: Ok This guy that i like, he's awesome. well my friend JJ was sopossed to help me become his friend. thing is now shes his friend and ain't helpin me any. i feel like shes gonna hook up with him!!! WHAT SHOOD I DO???? HELP PLEASE
omg well, first of all it was wrong that your friend isnt keeping her promise very well. But, her being good friends with him now could work to your advantage. what you need to do is when she is hanging with him, go over there and hang out to. soon enough the three of you will become friends, and you will be able to flirt with him after that, and hopefully he'll like you really well too...more than a friend!!:D

Q: what is the best kind of straightener?

ive had 2 different brands and both of them have at some point stopped heating up (the light goes on, so i know the power is on)
the first kind i had was a ceramic tools and the second was a vidal sassoon.

any ideas why they keep dying on me? and suggestions for a good ceramic straightener?
well, i'm not sure why that is happening it could be just b/c they are old or something. (if you've had them for a long time) but a really good straigtner is revlon. i have that kind and have had the same one for a while and it works really great!

Q: can anyone help me think of some love songs that are about knowing someone for a long time& then falling in love with them? I'm trying but I keep running a blank! thanks in advance! :D
aww well there are some pretty good love songs out there heres a couple

=You and Me Lifehouse
+Like You BowWow feat. Ciara
=Real Fine Place to Start Sara Evans
Why Cant I Liz Phair
Only Hope Mandy Moore


Q: ok so i know you gyes hate these qustions but i cant answer it on my own. ok so i still like my x but he has a girl friend.shes really mean and dose not want us to be today she went home sick and my x DID NOT seem to care. So today he huged me and flrted with me. He also spraed his favorite colnge on me which smelled really good!! I dont know if i should ask him if he still likes me or just let narure take its corse?? I really need help on this one i want to know if he still likes me??
i rate 5s
well i think that you should let nature take its course on this one, but i'm betting to guess your x isn't very happy with his new g/f anymore. just see how things work out and go with the groove!

Q: uhm, i am kind of confused here. it has been a week of this great guy being really sweet and nice. Maybe you answered and read my question about "does he like me?" well basically he always offers me his jacket so i can be warm and he meets me after a couple classes, and yesterday he gave me a hug the whole time we talked (like we were hugging and having a conversation at the same time. And he got dumped 2 weeks ago. I am thinking that this is maybe why he hasnt me out yet. That is fine; I can wait because he is worth it. But I would just kind of like to know when you guys think he might ask me out. thank you! :)
hmmm...well how long it will be until he asks you out kinda depends on how attached he was to his last g/f. if they were really close or together a long time, then it might be a month...but on the other hand if they werent together that long and he really likes you anyways, he might ask you out in the next couple weeks! hang in there and just give him some time...he SOUNDS like he's worth it!

Q: ok hey, question for the girls. How would you feel if your boyfriend did something like this for you on Xmas. (by the way i am the male not the female lol) I get 2 roses, and put each in their own wrapped box. Ill say "when this rose dries up and dies, i will love you more," then give her the box and let her unwrap the first rose. then say "when this rose dries up and dies, you will love me more," then give her the box and let her open it. Then i will take a third box and say "when this rose dries up and dies, i will STOP loving you." and she will open the box, and it will be a glass rose. (for all the blondes out there, glass doesnt dry up and die ;-)) Ever. lol. what do ya think?
awww well from my viewpoint since i'm a girl i think that would be very sweet! yes you should sooo do that!

Q: Mrs. Abbott is my math teacher and is soooo boring. she is very old. she dismisses us like four min. after the bell. we have five minutes to get to class. we have already sent her an e-mail. wut should i do?
well, as a matter of fact i have a teacher like this too, and we're always late to our next class. one thing you could try is have a whole bunch of people go in on their own to the office and complain, then maybe your principal or someone would have a talk with about letting her class out more on time

Q: i just asked a question about my boyfriend. there is another boy that likes me and i really like him too. he is considered a nerd. in this school, appearance is everthing.i don't want to be considered a nerd!!! what do i do?
i think that if you both like eachother, appearance SHOULDNT matter! if you both really like eachother, who cares what other people think

Q: I started my period back in June. This month I got it on October 10-16. Then I got it again October 19-21. It stopped for a few more days and came back again on 24th ( It only lasted a day ) Is there a reason for gettin it 3 times in one month? I know they will be irregular for a while but is this normal?
some periods are close together, and some farther apart. i'd say since you just started they will be irregular for a while...everybody's is. the one day on the 24th was probably the same period as the 19-21. this happened to me one time when i first started and it just happens because your body is trying to get everything that's going on worked out. so its ok if it stops for a day or two and comes back to finish up. dont worry what is going on is normal

Q: ok so i like this guy and for once a guy is taller than me hes 6 foot and im 5'8 so im thrilled anyways i have 2 classes with him and one of the classes i have lunch in and he eats with me and ill still his seat or he'll give me his cookies bc he knos i like them and he always gets to english before me on purpose bc he knows it bugs me only problem hes kinda shy and so am i thats why i think he might like me but i dunno i want him to ask me out does he like me as just a friend or is this flirting? should i give up or not? im not the kind of person to make a first move so i want him to someone please help! i just want to know what is going on if what im doing is right if i need to flirt more or whatever so yea help me somebody please! thanx bunches!
hey...well this is how it sounds to me. i think that this guy probably likes you as a friend...but wishes to be more. the problem is he IS shy, so it will take him a while to make much of a big move. keep flirting a lot and become really good friends, so he'll feel comfortable asking you and telling you things, and maybe give him the signs through flirting that you like him too. this way he'll know that he can talk to you about *you and him* when he's ready...which will hopefully be soon! xoxohelpachick

Q: Hi. I am an 11-year old girl and I got my first boyfriend. His name is Dylan. We were going to go to the next dance together which is two weeks from now but this morning he asked out another girl. What should i do?

Furious gurl
hey...well omg i can't believe he asked out another girl when he was already going out with you! i think since he did that, maybe you should ask him "where the two of you are" in other words, if your still going out or if that was his way of dumping you-by asking another chick. and i think that maybe you should just go to the dance with your friends since he did this. Hey-look at it this way you'll be able to dance with any of the guys if you go single!!:D
well i dont know if this helped much but i hope so and thanks for asking!!xoxohelpachick

Q: k for halloween i'm being a cowgirl. i have a cowboy hat and stuff but i'm just not sure how i should wear my hair. it's not very long.. it just touches the top of my shoulders when it's straight. i was wondering if i should put it in pigtails or if i should just leave it down? what would go with the 'cowgirl' theme more? thanks
i would wear pigtails! they're cute and kinda different and i think they would definitly show the 'cowgirl' theme your going for!
have fun on halloween! xoxohelpachick

hey im helpachick & i want to help you if i can. more than most of the questions i answer i have experienced something close to that myself. so feel free to ask&leave stuff in my inbox or whatever, and i'll try to get back soonish.

what about me?
I'm in college majoring in Fashion Textiles and Merchandising. I love fashion, boys, my friends, music, and love being active and outdoors. theres a lot more i could put about me but this is advicenators not myspace!!
ask away^.^




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