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Q: i'm trying to get close to this girl and talk to her more on aol so i can ask her out pretty soon. what kind of things can we talk about?
hey! well if i were you, i would start by just talking about stuff going on at school. (with other people, the sport stuff, school play, w/e.) but just get her talking in that simple conversation. then find out what she's into and all about. talk about her interests, and also talk about yours! then...of course flirt w/ her once you guys are talking comfortably!!
xoxo helpachick

Q: i realy like this guy and i think he likes me to, but im not sure. how can i tell and how do i get closer to him
I'm 14 and a female
HEY! well one way to get closer to the guy is just start talking to him like a lot more. not annoying like or anything, but just talk and get to be really good friends and maybe once your good friends, he'll start feelin like makin some moves!
xoxo helpachick

Q: Me and my best friend,kay have been friends for 4 years and were totally close. Around Christmas, birthdays, or special occasions i tend to get big gifts. Like on time i bought her a green flower necklace ($20) and earrings ($10). At christmas i gave her a adult make up kit ($30) and her birthday this year i got her the black eyed peas cd (monkey business)($14), a unique black shimmering purse ($50), green 7up label shirt ($6) and a black shimmering belt($3) to go with the black purse. Then for her last year birthday i got her Nordstrom pajamas ($20-$30)and a piggy bank with her name panited on it ($40). Is that too much? But thats how i share my love for her. That's just the way i am i go a little over, but there neccessary. I hate if someone else got the gift i wanted to give her before me or i see something perfect and i don't get it. I don't really look at the cost that much. Everything i gave she liked because of her personality and the way she favored them. When she buys my gifts she feel there like 5 levels under mine. She doesn't have the money like my parents do, but i love and cherrish whatever she gives me. I love everything she gives me even if it was a damn peanut. I just the thought of her thinking about me. She wants me to tone it down. It will kill me! My mom even thought to give her a coach purse ($198- $300). I said no that's no what she would like that's something i would lik so. This is just the way i amd and my family we go overboard. Basically we go to the best stores for the gifts we know won't fall apart. I never had anyone complain about me giving them too much. She always talks about the cost all the time like a she's an adult and it gets annoying and takes the fun out of a few things. What should i do should i ddown size or just stay me? HELP ME (i rate high*)!!!!!!!!

hey! well if i were you i would downsize your gift to her a lot. you can still get it from an awesome place, but give her something the same size as to what she would give you. you don't want to make her uncomfortable b/c of what she gave you. have a good christmas!

Q: This Wednesday, the 30th, my high school stated that it would no longer be sponsoring a Junior or Senior prom...and thats final. They tried to explain why it was they made their decision. I actually agreed with the decision, and strongly believe that despite what the students say; it's all being done for the right reasons...after all, it was a difficult decision to make.
Maybe you've heard about it on the news before, or will soon. I'm a Junior, and this is an all guys high school, in New York. The teachers expressed that they were willing to listen to students this time, and they wanted feedback on not why they should bring back the prom - because thats not happening no matter what - but instead what can be done as an alternative. In other words, how can they sponser something that can be just as fun, or even better, and not have to know that there will be after parties or excessive spending in which people will do wrong things.

That Wednesday, I took my own time during class to find the principal, assistant principal, and those who were majorly involved to see if I could hold a meeting next week. I wanted the meeting to be for the people in my grade, anyone who wanted to attend, to see if we could brainstorm, be heard, and come up with a creative alternative, this time without limits. The teachers have said that they are willing to think outside the box this time, such as an overnight weekend trip from maybe Thursday to Sunday at theme park - anything goes. So my question you have any ideas of your own for alternatives; and how should I present this to my classmates in a way to get positive feedback (by the way, most do not see this decision as I do, but rather as being 'punished and unfair'). Thanks in advance, serious answers please - will rate 5.
hey! well...i think that the theme park thing actually does sound like a pretty good idea. definitley something having to do with like a couple days of a trip. taking away prom is a big deal, so something really big has to make up for it. you live in new york, which is home of the city that never sleeps, so if you don't live in new york city or that close to it, maybe you could go there from like thurs. to sun. and just do different stuff the whole time. be able to get in groups of so many or as one big group and go do fun things! or maybe you should travel out of state, like to florida or texas, or i know chicago is a really really awesome place to go. hope you can find something to do to find stuff to do in certain cities google them and you should find travel guides! good luck hope you can go and have a good time even if it isn't prom
xoxo helpachick

Q: Sorry its long if you don't like long questions skip it!!
Hi everybody!
Okay this is kinda dumb but i`m just curious if its something i shouldmaybe be expecting.

Okay well my boyfriend *for a year and 7 months*
was tellin me how he`d like to purpose to me and everything. Yea it was sweet but kinda shocking. well he brought it up again last nite and told me he couldn`t wait. well this is how he told me he`d purpose.

It would be on christmas eve hopefully snowing.we'd be by a fire place and stuff cuddled up and then he'd ask me. So my question is do you think i should be expecting that this year or maybe some other time like in the future. reason i thought maybe this christmas eve is cuz he said he's buying me something special and he can't wait.

I know you guys cant tell the future but im just curious of what you think. thanks alot in advance
hey! well yeah...i think he probly means this year. that is probably why he's telling you that now, and also he's telling you about your "special gift" bling bling. aww it's so sweet good luck and gratz if you say yes!
xoxo helpachick

Q: Hey well I'm 13/f and my winter formals coming up and I want an updo but not something too fancy its my first dance.Any suggestions on what to do pictures or websites will get automatic 5s!! Please and thank you!!

oo p.s I don't want anything to do with curls and I have straight hair and I want keep it straight!

once again thank you in advance
hey! one website that looks like it has some good do's is another is
have fun at winter formal!
xoxo helpachick

Q: okay, you probably don't remember me...i have the friend who used me to get his girlfriend and all that other stuff....well, now i've got a bigger problem. his girlfriend keeps saying stuff about me to others. like, my sister told me that she told some people i was trying to hook up with my best friend which is so not true. then she said something about me always hanging out with him. okay, before we had this whole situation, yes, i did hang out with him. we went to see a movie every once in a while and we talked on the phone for hours. but why does that matter? he loves her, not me. i'm not bothered that they're together. i'm annoyed that she makes stuff up about me. and now my best friend won't even tell her to stop. he defends her and says i'm lying about everything. how can i be lying if she posts the crap she says about me online and everything? what do i do? he's always been a good friend, but lately it's just not worth it....
hey! (yes..i do remember you) well that is totally lame on what your friends girl is doing. i'm not sure on how to get her to stop posting the crap, but you definitley need to talk to your friend about it. lets time she says something make sure they are together and walk up to him and tell him what you heard. if it is true she is bound to show it, and if he still doesn't believe you, then maybe get a couple other people to tell him what they heard too. after he hears from so many people (not just you close friends b/c then he'll think their just making it up too, but other people need to tell him too) once he hears it so much maybe he'll start beliving and do something!
good luck xoxo thanx for asking me! helpachick

Q: Does anyone know where I can find free ringtones for a Verizon Wireless cell phone? The make of the phone is Motorola V276.
hey! well at you can download ringtones! :D:D also at you can get free ringtones of songs.
xoxo helpachick

Q: well, my best friend is a guy. here's the deal. you see, i liked him for a while and he knew it. so he kind of led me on because he knows me well enough that i'm willing to do anything for love. (yes, i'm very dumb...) he also has a girlfriend and for a long time, he tried to make her jealous by also hanging out with me. of course, i found out everything that he was doing (a little late). and i was really mad at myself for letting him do that because all he was doing was using me to get her to want him. so now they're madly in love and i've moved on. i even put in my two weeks notice at my job because they both work there. but here's the problem...lately, i've been getting along better with my other guy friends and he has a problem with it. he keeps telling me he doesn't care and it's my life, not his, but i can tell it bothers him. what should i do? it's like he uses me as a back-up "girlfriend" just in case he loses her. what do i do?
hey! well i would tell him that you know what he was trying to do, use you, and enough is enough. tell him that you will not hang out with him if that's his plan. and also, keep hanging out with your other guy friends and tell him that he shouldnt be mad at you for that b/c your not using anyone
xoxo hope i helped helpachick

Q: ok im 13/f and me and my bf have been goin out for like 3 weeks now and our birthdays are really close (3 days). he dosent have money so he felt bad he didnt get me anything... i mean REALLY bad. so bad that one of my friends told him i was crying over it! he stil feels bad but honestly... I DONT CARE! i mean sure it would be nice to get something from him but yea i dont care. well heres the thing... he said hes going to get me somthing for x-mas and i shouldnt get him anything since he didnt get me anything for my birthday. but..... he said that about his birthday present that i gave him, i didnt want to get him one b/c it would make him feel bad but then everyone was like "omg its not going to make him feel bad! get him somthing!" so yea i did.

i dont no if i should get him anything. PLZZZZ HELP!!!!

if you think i should then tell me what i should get him.... i have already heard about gift cars (but i cant do that b/c thats what i got him for his birthday), CDs, music, but i need a lot more ideas!!!

hey! ok well i think you should get him something for x-mas anywayz! cuz yes it would be sweet and it would show that you really care even if he says oh no that's ok. hmm and wat to get him?? well lets seeee....does he like to wear like hats?? baseball, pimp style, w/e that would be good. along w/ that you could do like just something little like gum or candy that he likes or something like that.
xoxo helpachick

Q: mkay there's this guy i like and he likes me too. so he sat with me at lunch today and we barely talked. im not sure wat to talk about.. any ideas? thanks.
ugh! i hate it when that happens! well what you can do is just start talkin about like if you know that there's a band he likes like just say yeah they have a new album comin out (if they do) or they really need to record some new stuff. or talk about sports, or other stuff he's interested in. maybe talk about what you're gonna do this weekend, something funny that happened earlier today...etc etc.
xoxo hope i helped!! helpachick

Q: My boyfriend and I been going out for a little over a year and I feel like im a noboby to him cause he never opens up with me, he won't tell me what he's feeling. Example..Just a feel minutes ago i called him and hes like hello and im like hello and he said what do you want and i said what do you mean what do i want don't you want to talk to me? he says no i don't want to talk to anyone and i asked him what's wrong and he just won't tell we got into a fight to because i hung up on him because he was being rude to me. This happens all the time! And i can't take it anymore, i want to feel like im his girlfriend when im around/talk to him not a fucking noboby!...Do you think i'm just wasteing my time on this, is the relationship dead? help please...
hey! yeah well it is kinda jerky for him to do that to you. tell him how you feel and if i were you, i would break up with him. tell him why your doing it so he knows, but definitley don't waste your time with him
xoxo helpachick

Q: hey do u know any scary movies PG 13 i was gonna have a movie night at my house this saturday night

respond by thursday PLEASE thanks bunch latta

heyhey i LOVE scary movies so this question is great!!!
***Ring 2
****The Others
*****The Village
*****White Noise
****Amityville Horror
***The Grudge (really dumb but fun to laugh at)

Q: okay i want to make my friend a christmas present but the thing is i dont know what to make her please give me some ideas i will rate a 5
hey! well before i have made those tie blankets i think they're really cute! also you could make a tie pillow to match it or instead!
xoxo helpachick have a good cmas

Q: ok so i have to babysitt my sisters kids.. the girl is 4 and the boy is turning 2 in a couple of days.. now dont get me wrong i love them to death.. but im getting so sick of them and maybe i wouldnt feel as bad if i was getting paid but they pay me like once a year and they give me 10 dollers and i babysitt about 4 days a week for more then 3 hours and im so sick of babysitting i feel like i dont have a life anymore.. and i want to tell my sister that i dont want to babysitt but my sisters the kind of sensative person where she would get all upset and stuff.. so is there a way that you can help me to tell her?
hey! well i totally understand getting annoyed by babysitting so much! what you need to do is just tell your sister, ya know, don't say omg sis i m sooo fed up or anything. simply tell her that you are only a teen(i'm guessing) and that when she was your age you know she wouldn't have wanted to babysit ALL THE TIME and ask her to give you a break, and have you babysit a little more often. you need some of your own time!
xoxo helpachick

Q: hi my name is Kelsey and auditions for our school musical r coming up and i am real nervouse what should i do? e-mail me at thanks
hey! qwll this is totally ok to be nervous. to relieve some of the stress try doing something you just love to do. one of your fav. hobbies. also another thing i do when i'm like stressed or nervous (like you r right now) or anything then i like to go on a run. i know it might not like sound like it but it really does relieve a lot of stuff out of you! do good things for yourself and just be sure you know your stuff for auditions and practice them often. good luck and don't worry i'm sure you'll do fine!
xoxo helpachick

Q: Hey I am 14 years old and me and my boyfriend have been dating for 2months. okay my boyfriend I really like him and he makes me super happpy when i am around him and can't wait for him to call me and stuff like that. But i have a crush on another guy. This guy i can't explain he just makes me feel different ,but a good different. I have liked him for like 2 and a half years. I see him once a year for one week. Is it crazy that i have had a crush on him for that long when i have known him for only tht long? I also just cant decide what to do about my boyfriend i mean i love him ,but i feel bad when i start to day dream about my crush. Do you know what i should do about my situation?
hey! ok well i've totally had this problem too! but ya know what it's ok to have a crush while you have a b/f. especially in your case. you only see your crush once a year, so a relationship with him might not work out very long. and it sounds like you love boy enough that you arent just gonna go around foolin with other guys. its ok to have a crush on this other guy as long as nothing happens while you and your b/f are together!
xoxo helpachick

Q: Hey .. does anyone know some good websites where i can just listen to music ? Not from xanga or anything .. most of them dont work anyway. But please if you can give me some sites thatd be awesome ! Thanks ..
hey! well one place you can go is and click on music and listen to msn radio free! or (real one player) :D have fun i love listening to music to!
xoxo helpachick

Q: for some reason the games on my msn don't work.. like the invitation is accepted but then it keeps on saying that it isn't like.. available or something so is it something wrong with my comp? i use dialup..
hey! well this has happened to me and it either won't load b/c you might not have the newest version of msn (if not download it) or it could be that you have to install i think its called like activeX control or something. its free and totally simple and is just there so you can play games on msn
xoxo helpachick

Q: Ok, for school I have to choose a book for this book report thing. Any books you like apropriate for a seventh grade girl? (Only if they're really good, because I hate a lot of books!)

Thank you! xoxo abercrombiebabiex3
hmm i understand my sister hates reading too. but i think when she was in seventh grade she read the sisterhood of the traveling pants...and she LIKED it!! lol so i read it it is really good also if you've read that one the second one is really good (second summer of the sisterhood) and i know there's a third out there...not sure of the name though. if you like mysteries, then a few good ones are twisted summer, or many of the ones from joan lowery nixon i liked those when i was in 6th and 7th grade.
xoxo helpachick

hey im helpachick & i want to help you if i can. more than most of the questions i answer i have experienced something close to that myself. so feel free to ask&leave stuff in my inbox or whatever, and i'll try to get back soonish.

what about me?
I'm in college majoring in Fashion Textiles and Merchandising. I love fashion, boys, my friends, music, and love being active and outdoors. theres a lot more i could put about me but this is advicenators not myspace!!
ask away^.^




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