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Q: Track season starts in Jan., there is something called "conditioning" where they help you get ready. Should I try running on my own warmin' up for the "conditioning". Has anyone juped hurdles? That is intersting, is there anything that I should know about that one?
hey! yeah start as soon as you can on running before track starts it will really help you those first few days!!!! yeah, i've done hurdles and i love them! a couple things are well ok you run and go over your first one. theres a little space in between that one and the next so measure how many steps that is for you and then jump. once you land and start for the next one think the pattern in your head. ex: step step jump (land) step step jump...etc. hope i helped and have fun in track!
xoxo helpachick

Q: Okay I was going out with my boyfriend for like 2 1/2 to 3 months and then I broke up with him because he was just not working out for me. But the worst thing is that he was my best friend and now it is kinda akward when we talk if we even talk at all. And he thinks I hate him because I don't talk to him all the time and i don't hate him I just dont have anything to say to him anymore. I just kinda need to know what do to here.
hey! well i think you could do two things here:

1. you could tell him how you feel right now. after that just tell him you also need some time, and maybe after that it won't seem so awkward.

2. whenever you guys are talking, for awhile while things are still new and awkward, make sure some other friends are w/ you guys, and your talking as a group. this away you will probably have something to talk about b/c there's more people there to come up w/ things to talk about. hope it works for ya!

Q: her it is, I think that I really like my friends brother and he is older than me too so how do I get him to notice me. I really like him and my friend says she doesn't care and that a lot of other people say the same things how do I get him to notice me????
hey! well what i would do is whenever your at your friends house, just like talk to him too and when you gurls are doing something (tv, computer, hanging out, w/e) try to include him in that and make it so you get to be friends too, and then you can flirt...and be hopefully more than friends!
xoxo helpachick

Q: ok. my bf and i just recently broke up. we have a dance coming up and we were going to go. he lives in a different town than me. so we were going to go to his on the 21 and mine on the 22. they changed his to the 22 too. so his mom said he had to go to the one in his town. we have talked only once since the breakup. but we are ok-ish with eachother. we had a hard breakup. when we were talking about his dance. he was like ill take you but i want to wait and see. and i was like if someone else asks you. and he said ya. and i was like ok. and he was like ya but ill most likely take you. and i was like probally not. cuz a lot of girls like you and want to go with you. and he was like o ya i forgot. do you think he just doesnt want to go with me.
hey! well i think he's probably just thinking that he will try to move on a little bit sometime...and a dance seems like a good time to do that. i'm sure he's still a friend w/ you and won't mind taking you but if someone else from his school wants to go, and he's interested in her he might take her, hoping to maybe move on as well. :(sorry... but i think that might be what's going on
xoxo helpachick

Q: okay i have an ipod mini but i wanna download a program that gives you the songs for free but doesnt ruin your computerr like no viruses and stuff
will rate 5s
hey! well u can go to and download that its totally harmless and you can get like any song on it! xoxo helpachick

Q: What are some really good scary movies that are out on dvd now?

**Amityville Horror
**The Ring
**Ring 2
**The Others
**the 6th sense
**The Grudge
**Scream 1, 2, or 3...those 3 r old but good!
hope u have fun watchin scary movies i love em!
xoxo helpachick

Q: Where can i download FREE LEGAl music??? i tried limewire but it makes my computer slow! so please any suggestions? I'll rate 5's!


hey! well the thing that i've found works best is it is 100% legal and free! you just download bearshare to your computer and you can find ANY song you want and download them!
xoxo helpachick

Q: How do you overcome jealousy?

The guy i like (along with previous guys) look at pictures of girls and comment on how good/hott they look and it makes me extremly jealous and i always end up creating drama... how can i get over this??? PLEASE HELP!!
hey! well you probably aren't that bad looking or anything, but they are guys and they like girls. but when they do this in front of you just think of things you like about yourself...and looks are kinda a bonus anyways, its your personality that is the best part!
xoxo helpachick

Q: okay i used to eat a lot.. and im not fat at all im actually really skinny because i play sports. But now i havent been eating a lot like i used to im eating very little. I dont eat breakfast and at lunch i only have like one little thing and then at dinner i only eat a little but i feel full. I dont eat any snaks in between meals.. is this normal?

i rate 6's
yeah this is totally normal. one thing could be that your not growing really right now so your body doesnt need much food to keep you going. don't worry b/c if you feel full..then you are and you don't want to over stuff yourself!
xoxo helpachick

Q: so i think i shood get a x mas present for my g/f
i dont have much money so i need sumthin a little cheap
ive got like 30 bucks to spend so itd be great to get her sumthin
hey! i would go to either american eagle, icing, or other stores with girl clothes in them, and they are bound to have jewelry. so go in there and get some jewelry for her. maybe like some earrings and or necklace and or bracelet. something like that would be good!
xoxo helpachick

Q: me and my bf have been dating for a long time. were both virgins. and he says he loves me. and i love him. i no he doesnt say he loves me just because he thinks he can get some. he knows(well thinks he wont) when we entered our relationship we both agreed that we wanted to have sex for the first time with someone we love. i love him adn have been thinking about it for a while. and i want to have romantic sex wiht him. not sex where hey ya lets have sex then just go home without even thinking about it. you know what i mean. i want it to be the right time. but i dont know how to tell him that im ready. and i dont want to rush him. cause i no that he is really into his religion and wont have sex without being in love. so ya. and i want us to have a good sex relationship along with our already perfect mental relationship. ya no. and i want us to be open to eachother about it. and he lives like 45 min away from me. but we have winter formal coming up in my school. so maybe then idk. i need help period. if this sorta question makes any sense. ps... im 17 and he is to
hey! well what you should do is just bring up the topic of having sex. then once you're getting the vibe he's ok with it atleast, then tell him how you feel. tell him that you truly truly love him, as i am sure he does back to you but make sure he absolutely does. do it when you both are sure youre ready and have told eachother this. also be careful
xoxo helpachick

Q: this question is about weight loss. im 5'4 and weigh about 136 pounds. i really want to lose a little weight so i've been running. does anyone know if running will actually make me bulkier, or if it can make me more slender? i really want to get a body like hilary duff's or jessica simpson. any tips? THANK YOU SO MUCH.
hey! yeah running definitley a good way to get skinnier and loose wieght. not only will it do that but after a while it will make your leg muscles in shape too, but it won't make you look fat. also to get a good body, be sure to do situps, crunches etc. everynight, and try to increase the amount you do everyonceandawhile.

Q: mah friend used to like this kid named billy, she liked him forever but he never liked her back. Now she has a boyfriend and I like billy. She doesnt know, and she still likes billy also. I think that she cant have her cake and eat it too.. since she has a boy friend she should get over billy. what should i do? billy said that he likes me and might wanna go out with me, should i go out with him and for get about mah friend or what?

please i rate well!
hey! well i think that if your friend has a b/f that she is happy with then she would have no problem w/ you going out with billy. but just to make sure ask her and talk things over w/ her. good luck!
xoxo helpachick

Q: i just got out of a long relationship and i want to know what are some really sad good songs about breaking up or something w/ the one you love.... prefer country
o hey this is a really awesome question for me i listen to music all the time!!
**Like we never loved at all- Faith Hill
**We Belong Together- Moriah Carey
**Behind these Hazel Eyes- Kelly Clarkson
**it's gettin better all the time-Brooks&Dunn
**Lonely- Akon

ok i know you prefer country but off of the top of my head those are the ones that came to mind
xoxo helpachick

Q: Lately my computer has been doing weird stuff like sending everyone on my buddylist for aim wierd messages my bother and mom think it has a virus well just recently somebody changed my password for aim and my brothers password for aim and i figured out the password the person changed myne to and nobody knew my password or my brothers password and the only person that had a clue what my brothers password was his ex girlfriend i think we have a hacker. if not a virus. does anyone know what could be wrong with my computer or how to fix it ? also my mom has called dell who our computer is from and they have no idea what it is and have tryed to fix it many ways..

Thanks helps appreciated!
well i think maybe its a hacker. so what you should do is both of you need to get a new account and so it will be clean and unmessed with...for good hopefully:)
xoxo helpachick

Q: I'm planning on buying movies next weekend because I have none! I love scary movies and chick flicks and comedy's. What do you recommand.

p.s. no rated R's
hey! well some really good movies are

The Ring (1&2)
The others
The Village
White Noise
The Sixth Sense

Chick Flix:
The Notebook (one of my FAVORITES!!)
Legally Blonde
Maid in Manhatten
How to Loose a guy in 10 Days
Miss Congeniality
Sweet Home Alabama
Just Like Heaven...altho i don't think its out on video yet

those are just some ask helpachick if you need more!
xoxo helpachick

Q: does anyone know how to play guitar? if so can someone please tell me somewhere i can go like online to show me what a D chord looks like cuz me and my dad are getting confused!!!! thank you so much!!!!
hey! go to and it tells ya all this stuff about playing the guitar. also to see a Dchord, and lots of other chords go to

have fun! xoxo helpachick

Q: ALright my ex-girlfriend still likes me appearently and i kinda like her but not as much as i used to and we NEVER see each other anymore or talk that much so it'd be a doomed realationship. But i really like a girl at my scohol but she doesn't liek em liek that anymore she sees me more as her big bro. And i don't know if i should go for the girl that doesn't like me or my ex. Becuase their friendships mean a lot to me and i don't wanna lose either oen of them or how close we are becuase i said no or i didn't take the chance and we grow apart. What should i do?
hey! well i know someone who's like going through this too! so you never see you ex g/f. what your thinking about the distance is might not work out. keep her as a friend and maybe someday you will be meant to be together again or something. as for the other girl who doesnt like you...has she ever actually given you any indication that she DOESNT like you? maybe you just seem like her bro cause she doesnt know if you like her. maybe start flirting a little and showing your feelings and see how she reacts.
xoxo helpachick

Q: ok...i am a guy 14 and i like this girl,shes 14 too.So how i make sure she likes me?I tried asking her out she said no srr im too busy this i know she could like me?or to make her like me?
well i'm sorry there isn't a GOOD way to make somebody like you. one of my guy friends was having this problem and i told him that the only way for anyone to really like you is to just be yourself around them. if they can't except who you are then maybe you shouldn't like them as a crush either.
xoxo helpachick

Q: okay so i have liked this guy since last year and we have been really good friends. he is in 8th grade and im a freshmen and he always waits for me before 4th period every day and hugs me everytime he sees me. and so i finally told him and he says that we are too good of friends and he doesnt want to mess anything up but i dont really get it because all the girls he has gone out with have like cheated on him and stuff and he knows i would never be like that and i dont understand why you wouldnt want to go out with your friend.. like would you rather go out with a complete stranger? someone please help idk what to do.
well, maybe what he's thinking is that if you two do go out, then that would be great. but: if you two one day break up then he's afraid you won't be able to be friends again. and even if right now you think you could believe me sometimes the friends option afterwards doesnt always work. he probably really enjoys being your friend and would also enjoy being your b/f but he doesnt wanna loose the friendship later. for right now put yourself in his shoes for a while.
xoxo helpachick

hey im helpachick & i want to help you if i can. more than most of the questions i answer i have experienced something close to that myself. so feel free to ask&leave stuff in my inbox or whatever, and i'll try to get back soonish.

what about me?
I'm in college majoring in Fashion Textiles and Merchandising. I love fashion, boys, my friends, music, and love being active and outdoors. theres a lot more i could put about me but this is advicenators not myspace!!
ask away^.^




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