Im a 13-year-old Aussie girl with nothing better to do with her time than give advice to people with problems.I can give good advice on guitar playing because obviously i play i can answer questions about emo stuff and suicide and any other random stuff that draws my attention.:)


i need easy guitar tabs and easy rock songs or metal or just any can anyone help ive been looking for a while and i just cant find any good songs or easier tabs.

Hi, TNT BY ACDC is pretty easy so is the intro of SMOKE ON THE WATER BYE DEEP PURPLE also SMOOTH CRIMINAL BY ALIEN ANT FARM (AAF) is easy if you like that kind of music.


Hello, i'm 14/f and i've been interested in finding someone in another country to talk to,like a pen pal~ What do you guys think i should do? How do i find people who want to talk to people in the United states? haha, thanksss.

hey im 13 and from australia...do u have msn?


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