Im a 13-year-old Aussie girl with nothing better to do with her time than give advice to people with problems.I can give good advice on guitar playing because obviously i play i can answer questions about emo stuff and suicide and any other random stuff that draws my attention.:)


Well a few days ago i started cutting myself and I don't know why. I haven't been upset or depressed about anything. Does that mean that I have a mental illness?

Oh hey...
well when i started cutting
i wasnt depressed, actually
i was relitively happy...
i think its a phase but dont let
it become a habit because i did
and it ruined my life...i became
depressed and some relationships
in my life were wrecked.

i know this reply a late but
it isnt just a cliche when i say
just stop...no and ifs or buts

hope i helped

good luck


17/f. I have had an awful year. And I thought the worst was over at the end of the year. (I don't feel like explaining it; it doesn't really have anything to do with this...well sort of but I don't have to explain.) Anyway...I cut myself. And I haven't for say about a week, but I really have been wanting to lately. It drives me crazy; I sit there and my entire mind is focused on that. It drives me crazy when I force myself not to cut. Just like right now. I really want to and it is really hard to just not give in. And I know I should probably talk to someone, but I have a really hard time opening up to people, especially those I don't know. However, there is this teacher that I have talked to before. So, if I told him, then maybe it would be easier to talk to a counselor, or he could help me or convince me to talk to someone or something. I know I can't do it on my own. I don't know what to do anymore. What should I do? And if I do end up talking to a counselor, they don't have to tell my parents, do they? It'll stay confidential?

stopping cutting is pretty hard and sometimes like you say the cravings get really intense but if you fight it off the cravings eventually lessen and stop.I have been there, and not very long ago either only about a month ago actually, so anyway i was dying to do it but with alot of self-control i managed to stop.Also like i did it is good to find someone you trust to talk to and in your case it sounds like this teacher. Occasionally i will get the urge to cut when something goes wrong but if you push through it, it goes away. Also a very important this is to keep yourself occupied so that you dont have a chance to think about it.
I hope that this helps.
stay strong and remember that only you can control what you do.


So yeah I'm like 15 and i'm a teenage girl who is having a really hard time with life and I think I should just kill myself. Nothing ever goes my own way. Guys never like me. People hate me in general I'm just an annoynce to everyone. I hate life. It never gets better it just changes and it still sucks after that. I'm sick of being depressed. Really I just want to lock myself in my room and cry then starve myself then die. I hate being a teenager its not like being a kidd its diff. Everything is confusing and nothing is ever how you imagined or wished it to be. So I dont know what to do ? Any advice?

Dont kill yourself.
Think about it there must be at LEAST one person out there who loves you even if you dont know it.If not for yourself dont do it for that at least 1 person.Imagine the pain you would feel if one of your loved ones decided to take thier life-how upset would u be.So dont put that burdan on anyones shoulders and dont take the cowards way out.Anyways once your over the teen years you will look back at this and say something like "what was i thinking". So just dont.
Also i may be only 13 but im not an idiot and i know what im talking about.
Please lets the words ov myself and others make a difference and remember someone out there loves you, you just dont know it.


Is this some kind of personality disorder im going through?

I jump from happy to angry to sad to just about different emotion to the MAX so if i am happy, im really really happy, but if i am angered by little thing, i get so aggrevated and mad.

I act on my emotion, such as yell at people, punching walls, swearing like crazy (which i have stopped now), saying i hate someone, and then pretty soon after, I just feel so sad and bad that I had done all that and regret so much.

Is that some kind of disorder? I would love to get that checked out by some kind of therapy, but my parents thinks im lying and they are kind of in denial because I said i need some help because I am sick and tired of crazy mood swings. They basically doesnt like to think there's something wrong with me, especially mentally.

umm...depending on how old you are it could just be overactive hormones.Gosh why do people have to think the worst. :)



Okay, I'm emo. Well, my other friends are emo too, but they cut themselves. I don't. I want to know, to be emo, do you have to cut yourself? People are spreading rumors that I cut myself and that I'm a pervert. I mean, sure I have a perverted mind, but I'm immature, give me a brake! can someone explain to me why they would say I cut myself, which I don't, even if I am emo. do I have to cut myself???

if your asking if you have to it means that you would only be doing it to fit in.That makes it even worse than cutting yourself because you are emotionally messed up-which is also bad.Dont do it cause like 1 of the other people said its a sickness thats hard to get out of.And by the way im not some person who is sticking my nose into something i know nothing about.A few months ago i started cutting myself as a relief and couldnt stop its addictive like any drug or alchohol.I am also the same age and gender as you.Dont let your self go there.

I hope that this makes a difference xoxo


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