Im a 13-year-old Aussie girl with nothing better to do with her time than give advice to people with problems.I can give good advice on guitar playing because obviously i play i can answer questions about emo stuff and suicide and any other random stuff that draws my attention.:)


what are the famous songs of savage garden again? "truly madly deeply" "i knew i loved you" and what else..?

some savage garden songs are:

crash and burn,
kiss from a rose,
to the moon and back

and others...
hope i helped...:)


what are the nice singles [old singles] from the -then- popular band BLINK 182?

the year ranges from 1998-2002?

Good Charlotte
Simple Plan

i dont knowabout the years but...
Blink 182 songs:

every time i look for you
im lost without you
adams song
all of this
all the small things
first date
roller coaster
stay together for the kids
the rock show
wasting time
what's my age again?

Simple plan songs:

shut up
welcome to my life
perfect world
thank you
me against the world

you also might like greenday if you like blink 182.

hope i helped :)


okay so im looking for some sad songs. songs that really give you that feeling inside. that heart dropping feeling of sadness. know what i mean? but yea im looking for some really sad songs. preferably rock, alternative, pop, country, acoustic kinda music.
for example a few of the songs i really like that are ones that im kinda looking for are...

Tonight I Want To Cry by Keith Urban


One Man Drinking Games by Mayday Parade.

or even

Adams Song by Blink 182

they can be break up or suicidel or loosing someone kinda songs or anything

i just need sad ones

thank you so much!

you and me by lifehouse

1000 miles by vanessa carlton(i dunno it might be a personal thing)

im lost without you by blink 182

Friends forever by vitamin c

it all depends on the situation-hope i helped.


I want to learn how to play guitar myself, but I was wondering whether it is really hard...or it it is ok..and in general, just pros & cons about learning it yourself, without teacher.

thanks :)

dont listen to every1 who says that you need a teacher.im self taught and im better than some of my friends who take lessons.The only thing that i would recommend is that you find a good chord dictonary and find out how to read tabs off the internet so that you can play the music that you see.once you have learnt some of that stuff go onto a website like www.ultimateguitar.com and type in the songs that you want to learn.Some tips:1.at first your fingers will get sore and you might get blisters until you build up calus in you fingers(then it wont happen any more.2.guitar isnt necissarily hard but you need alot of PATIENCE and i stess that so much that its not funny.3.have fun with it, one of the most important rules of music is if it sounds good it is good and dont forget it.HAVE FUN.(PATIENCE)


I've just started learning guitar a few weeks ago, and I just get so mad whenever I pratice because I suck. It's really hard. Does anyone play guitar and did it take awhile before you could actually play a song?

Hey,ive been playing guitar for about 2 years and i know from personal experience how frustrating it can get espesially if you are trying to play chords.After a while your fingers just go in the right place and ou'll be greatbut you have to remember YOU HAVE TO BE PATIENT.It works.


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