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hey, the name's gemma, i go by gemmy, gemmy-liz, and ginger. i play soccer like there's no tomorrow, have been since i was 3. hit me up, i'll help you out as much as i possibly can :D
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So the other day i was having people over my house to chill and drink a little. It was my bestfriend,my boyfriend and his brothers and another friend of mine.I got really tired so i went up to my room and fell asleep and they all continued to chill downstairs. Yesterday,my boyfriends brother told me something went on.My boyfriend finally told me that he and my best friend were so drunk were sitting all over his lap and she was trying to get him to touch her boobs and rubbing each others legs and shit and flirting etc.I was pretty mad. He cried to me and told me to forgive him and said he loves me and etc. etc.and he felt so guilty and he told me because he cares about me blah blah.I told him i wasnt gonna break up with him because they didn't kiss and i realize accidents happen and second chances are worth it...but my best friend hasn't said a word about it to me and thinks i don't know,which is pretty horrible on her part. My boyfriend told me he'd never talk to her,look at her,etc again..but he told me to let this time go and reduce drama. what should i do? she has done this to me two times previous ! and ive kept her..maybe im the dumb one. (link)
you're not dumb, you just look for the best in people. i'd say give the boyfriend a second chance, dumb the friend. one time is a mistake, 2 times is a pattern, 3 times is a bad friend.

i am 16 and a soffomore girl. theres two guys i kind of like one is 15 the other is 18. are either of thoes like wrong? i want an older guy because im sick of immature ones. the older one is in the sport that is my passion with me but the younger one is in theater with me and goes to my school. which should i go for? and any pros and cons would be greatly appreciated :) (link)
age differences really don't matter that much, don't worry about that. the thing that i would be worried about is that the 18yr old will be graduating soon and you won't be in the same school anymore. besides that, whichever one makes you happiest(:

So I recently found out that my boyfriend smokes weed. We've been going out for nearly a year. I guess the reason he hasn't brought it up before is that he apparently only does it rarely, if someone else brings it.

Anyway, when I heard this, I was slightly taken aback. For some reason, it really BOTHERED me. It still kind of does. I don't smoke weed, see a need to, or even care that it exists (plus, it's illegal..). So I'm definitely not its biggest fan. However, it's something I'd say at least 50% of the teenagers in my city do (my sister included). And it didnt' really bother or worry me to know that some of my other friends smoke it. Just him. Which is what weirds me out about this situation.

So...thoughts? Comments? What should I do about this? Why do I feel this way? Should I let this get in the way of our relationship? Etc. (link)
i think you should tell your boyfriend how you feel about it. he should have told you that he smokes in the first place, the fact that he didn't tell you makes it seem like he's hiding it from you. a serious relationship needs total honesty, you should know everything about each other. no secrets.

Well. right now its March 9th and ive liked this guy since October. My friend started liking him 2 months ago ALOT. even though she doesnt even talk to him. I NEVER told her that i like him becuase i kinda wanted her to be happy. But now i regret it.. and i like him ALOT.. but i talk to him alot and she doesnt. I'm 100% sure that he doesnt like her. I dont know what to do. I'm 15 and a female (link)
i understand exactly where you're coming from, i've been in this situation twice before. the best thing to do is to tell your friend exactly what you're feeling. it might be hard, and it might not end the way you want, but she has to know. it'll be better in the long run, and you won't regret it.

This guy that I've been talking to recently started texting me more and more. He asked me to go to the club last night to see him perform. He seemed like he really wanted me to go, so I went. He was pretty wasted, but he went around, grabbing my hand/holding me, introducing me to all his friends. I ended up sleeping over his house (ONLY CAUSE I WAS TOO DRUNK TO DRIVE)! and he tried to make some moves but I denied them because I don't believe in getting "intimate" too fast. The next morning, I left his house, and he texted me immediately! He asked me to hang out again today. I'm horrible at reading guys so I don't know if he really likes me or if he's just trying to get into my pants. Help! Thanks guys! (link)
it would seem to me that he likes you, if he's inviting you to see him perform and texting you all the time. but if you really want to know, you should try to be sober when he is, that way you know that whatever he does is all him, not inluenced by alcohol or anything else. but from what he's done, i'd say go for it(:

17/F. So i just recently started dating My current boyfriend, its been almost a month now. But the problem is my ex is still "in love" with me. I havent told my ex about my current boyfriend because I think it would hurt him too much. Would it be better if i just told the ex, and not spare breaking his heart.. again. Or would it be better if I just waited til my ex has moved on and got over me before telling him? As of right now, me and my current boyfriend are pretty low key, and only people who see us together or kiss know.. so its not likely that my ex will find out from someone else, and i want to be the one to tel lhim.. im just scared of he will react.. because i know itll hurt him deeply. Any advice on what to do would be greatly appreciated! :) (link)
you should definitely tell him. if he doesn't know about your new boyfriend and you keep talking to him, it definitely seems like you're leading him on. and if your new boyfriend finds out that you're talking to your ex who still 'loves' you, and haven't told him you have a new boyfriend, it could raise some red flags. the way i see it, your ex is your ex for a reason, it's better to keep things good with your new boyfriend than worry too much about your ex's feelings. hope i helped(:

hi 14f bf 16 xD

well yesterday i was talking to my bf I said I was going to change my hair. I told him I was going to make my hair wavy and where some makeup. He said "Me no like ;/ " and i asked him what did he meant and he said " I love your hair the way it is and You don't need make up." He said i don't like the girls with the make up that makes them look like clowns, i dont like the bright lipstick, a little eyeliner is fine but you don't need it. soo i like wearing makeup but what makeup should i do that he would approve of? I don't wear it often. Thanks!
i think it's adorable that your boyfriend said that, he obviously loves you for you, and sees how you're naturally beaautiful! i would say that he's 100% right, no girl needs a lot of makeup. yes, it's nice to wear some, and it can make you feel pretty, but i think he gave you a perfect reason to not worry about it. you're beautiful already(:

Okay so, Ive been dating this guy for a few weeks and things have been great. We are seriously perfect for eachother. He lives 30 minutes away but he told me it didnt bother him, and I have no problem with a long distance relationship.

Well the past two days he hasnt talked to me once, and then this morning he broke up with me. He said it was because the distance was an issue and it sucked that he couldnt see me very often. I reluctantly agreed and accepted that out relationship was over, but we both decided to still be friends.

So tonight he texted me and started being very sexual. He told me that he wanted me, and that it was a bad thing that he wanted me because we werent dating. While we were dating we'd send flirtatious text messages, and thats exactly what he kept doing tonight.

I am very confused. Should I just forget about him? Is it a possibility that we'll get back together? Any advice is appreciated. (link)
i've been in this exact situation, it isn't fun. 30 minutes can be a make-or-break kind of thing. don't give in to his 'flirting', he probably just wants a girl to be there for him when he wants, but disappear when he doesn't feel the need to have you. that's not fair to you. i'd ignore him, and like the last answer, tell him where to stick it.

Can someone please tell me how to let a guy know you want to kiss? I don't just want to grab him and kiss him, that is what I want him to do to me! So how do I get him to know that I am ready for him to kiss me. Alot. :) (link)
when you guys are hugging, just peck him on the cheek or maybe a tiny peck on the lips. tease him a little, that'll make him want it more(; if you don't want to be that blunt, then when you get close to him, look at his lips and sorta bite your lip. when he sees that look, he should get the hint. hope i helped(:


last monday, february 15, i went out with a girl. I knew she liked me and this other guy who is older then me i think 10th grade. After the movie we kissed, nothing else. So when i get home i text her and she texts me. At the end i tell her night and i'll be thinking about her. She said night and same. Well Tuesday comes, i send her a text in the morning same time i do everyday usually. No reply, i go to school, thinking she was busy.

Later that day i send a text after school. No reply. So i called her later that night. No answer, fully rang, 6 times went to Voicemail and i didn't leave a voicemail i never do.

So now its today, Feb 17. Didn't send anything till this afternoon well actually early evening. The text said that i was sorry and it was ok that she didn't like me because i like being her friend and we've been friends for awhile now. My friend told me that she didn't wanna go on a double date this weekend. He knows because we were gonna go so it would've been her, me, my friend and his date who happens do be this girls best friend. So he told me she didn't like me because her friend said it to him.

Thats when i sent the text, sorry this is getting long haha, So she replied asking who my friend was because i said his name. I asked her if she wanted to talk on the phone. No reply. Sent her another msg no reply to that either and i called her again, rang full amount again.

What does this mean? Like i know she doesn't like me now more then likely. But im still confused on it.

Anyhelp would be appreciated thanks :) (link)
first of all, i'm sorry that this girl led you on, you seem like a really good guy. don't take it as a hit to the ego or anything. she shouldn't have kissed you if she doesn't like you, that's messed up. it's not fair to you. if this girl is going to be like that, she's not worth your time. don't push it, just be her friend. hope i helped(:

my boyfriend wants to kiss me and ive never kissed anyone before and im 14. he understands when i pull back but i can see him hurting inside and that annoys me that i let him down so much. he asked me if its just that im unsure or whether its to early for me but my answer is always i dunno. i really want to kiss him but 1: im not sure how and 2: i dont wanna do it wrong
like i said i really want to kiss him but im just uncertain about it all. hellppp???????? im just not sure how to and i would rather be alone with him but its a bit hard theres usually 3 othr ppl ther and he says they wont c but i dont mind if they c there my girlfriends and they know that i always chicken out with every boyfriend i have had. i just freeze sometimes. im not sure but its weird cos i do really want to but yeh. im just glad he is so understanding :) (link)
a first kiss is something you shouldn't plan, it should happen because you want it to happen, and only when you're ready(: take things slow, start with a peck. if you just lean in like halfway, he should know what you're after, and help out a little. i know it's scary and you're worried you're going to mess up, but it'll be fine. i pinky promise(:

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