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I'm a student to the world. my mother was a philosopher my father was a biker and me, I'm just experiencing life one day at a time. I give the best advice I can think of unless I'm 100% that the question has be fully answered. I want everyone to know that I'm not here for popularity, but if someone misses something and I notice then I will submit it (giving due credit to previous Advice givers). I don't like repeating things and will try my hardest not to.

Thank you.
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First and foremost let me start by saying my mom had me when she was just sixteen and in an arranged abusive marriage which had ended in two years. She was never there for me in my young years. I remember when I was in kindergarten looking out on the stage, with high hopes, searching for my mom but no one was there besides my grandparents. It just wasn't the same. I was crushed to see an empty seat. My mom would make up to anything she did to offend me by taking me out shopping or grabbing a bite to eat.

When she was in her early twenty's all she did was go clubbing. I lived with my grandparents so my mom had much freedom for a mother. She would take me out every weekend and we would go out and do something fun. For some reason I always thought of her as a sister or friend but never a mother. I still call my grandparents mom and dad because, if you think about it they really are my parents.

I guess my mom, nevertheless, is still a great mom. I mean she's always cool and calm about everything [e.g. she is okay with me being in a relationship with a boy because she has faith in me] and she's only a phone call away.

Fast forwarding a bit to present day. I currently live with my mom and I love every minute of it but for some reason, every time my mom goes out dancing, I start to get oversensitive and start crying for absolutely no reason. I feel so clingy to my mom. For example, today when my mom left for class, I started bawling as soon as she left the house. Why, all of a sudden am I being so overprotected/oversensitive towards my mom? (link)
This is in no way abnormal. Whats happening is that you had a childhood without a mother and now that you have her, now that you've felt that love, you don't want to lose it again. My gf was the same way before I started dating her. I assure you that it will go away eventually, but in the meantime, look for things to occupy your mind. Take up a hobby or sport and have fun.

Hope I could help, o^-^o

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Thank you so much. I think you are absolutely right:]

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