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I'm a student to the world. my mother was a philosopher my father was a biker and me, I'm just experiencing life one day at a time. I give the best advice I can think of unless I'm 100% that the question has be fully answered. I want everyone to know that I'm not here for popularity, but if someone misses something and I notice then I will submit it (giving due credit to previous Advice givers). I don't like repeating things and will try my hardest not to.

Thank you.
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I was really living the life! Queen of the whole 1st year high schoolers was never hard to get used to. I was the most popularest girl in the whole grade, but only because I was head cheerleader, and ofcourse like every fairytale I had the star player on the football team, the most popularest, cutest guy in the whole grade, as MY boyfriend! Life could not get better! My dad had a great job so I was what you would call "Filthy Rich", and lived in a huge house!
Then one day my very rich dad lost his very "rich paying" job. We moved into a room in an apartment room, and I had to quit the cheer squad because we could not even pay the $80 fee. Then after that the roomer got around that I was now poor, and my boyfriend dumped me, which meant my popularity went buh-bye! Soon after that, my daddy got a call from his job asking for him back, so we got our house back and I re-joined the cheer swuad and the roomer went around and my ex-boyfriend asked me out. I said to him we can try. So I am going out with him on the Tuesday after X-mas, and I'm going to see if he really likes me or my popularity! But this guy is SOOOO cute, popular, and romantic! Should I dump him or take back my role, i mean after all, he is the MAJOR CRUSH of the whole grade and he likes ME out of 56 other girls! What should I do? (link)
The others gave you some pretty good advice so I'm gonna try not to repeat what they've said. This guy sounds like the typical hollywood football player which, in most cases, won't ever know how to love. Sure he's in his "A" game and has everyone in love with him. But think of this, how often do those people make it in the "real world"? Do you think that he is "best" for you? Think about how he treated you and how, if circumstances are right, he might treat you in the future and make the discission whether he is right for "you". o^-^o hope I could help.


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this was the best advise so far! thanks!

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