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hey!.. i can help you with almost anything.. ive been thru alot its un imaginable.. so juss leave something and ill check n and update.. k thanx.. *aSh

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Gender: Female
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Age: 14
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Hi im a 15/f. I really like this guy a lot.. more than ive liked any boy i think .. and thats big lol. Well whenever i see him he always wants to do stuff that i'd only do if i was going out with him. I doubt he knows i like him and hes very irresistable when he gets going. But hes a player and i really want a relationship right now. Its not like i only like him for his looks .. he has a great personality and almost everything i want in a boyfriend. Anyways, what do you think i should do or say to him ?

well if you wan t a realationship this probably isnt tha guy you want i mean sometimes they culd change but then again it could b hard... and some ppl just dont change.. you culd try n tell himthat you have feelings for him but make shur he is aloen.. b like.. "look i like you alot but i kno how you are.. i really wana b with you" n c wat he says otherwise you need a guy who could actually treat u right =] .. well keep me updated =p aSh!

hOpe i heLpeD..*


(Rating: 5) Yeah thats a wicked good idea next time i see him n hes not around his friends i'll do that. Thanks so much!!!!!

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