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hey!.. i can help you with almost anything.. ive been thru alot its un imaginable.. so juss leave something and ill check n and update.. k thanx.. *aSh

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i cut myself a lot just to make the pain go away and i told one person and they told me to tell my parent but i dont want to i wanna stop but i cant its just hard i need help can someone tell me wat to do please

..alot of girls have done this.. yeah even i have. my advice :: tell a good friend who will understand and help you thru ..i promised two ppl i wuld never do it again and i havent.. also talkin with other ppl who have done this will help.. your not alone at all.. but this needs to stop.. cuttin urself only takes tha pain away for tha moment but wat happens wen your hurt again? are you guna keep cutting?.. why.. write ur thoughts down n a diary maybe.. if you trust ur parents tell them.. otherwise tell a trustin friend.. doin it will leave ugly scars and n the end you'll feel worse.. put watever you use away .. try n take ur mind off wats cossin this pain.. have a long talk with some one who understands you .. then go out n have some fun and relax .. you'll feel ten times better.. *aSh


(Rating: 5) thx ill try it

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