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TheTeenGirl im not really good with running long distances without losing my breath..and i know may is far away..but we have a big race at school and i really want to be top 6 for my grade..and i know that if i run and run ill get better and better..but ive been so busy and i can never motivate myself to run!! i have no idea what to do..what are some good ways to make me not run out of breath!! thanks so muchh! :]

Everyone has said great advice and what I did was just push myself until I couldn't breathe which was quite unhealthy and extremely painful but it worked in the long run.

I don't suggest doing that but on top of what others have said you should practice sitting up straight and focussing on breathing deeply. Do this everyday whenever you get a chance because you need to increase your lung capacity.

Try listening to music when you run or thinking the same thought over and over again, it keeps your breathing steady while you run so that your muscles get the oxygen that they need.

Good luck :)



okay i don't know what is happening. for the past week or 2 weeks i have been tired all the time. i can never feel awake for some reason and im always yawning. i sleep for about 10-11 hours each night and it doesnt help at all so maybe i'm oversleeping or something im not sure. i dont even usually do much during the day. any ideas for why im so tired all the time?

This happens to me if I don't eat healthy food, exercise and get from 8-10 hours of sleep.

Try jogging during the day (or playing a sport, just some type of exercise) and eating lots of fruits and vegetables. Also go to bed in the early evening (around 10) and getting up around 8 in the morning

If you don't start to get more energy within a week or two I would go to the doctor to make sure there isn't a medical reason why you're so tired.

Good luck! :)
- Emily


I just moved in to a house in Lake Park, NC. I have lived here for a week and I like this girl that lives across the street. I don't have the nerve to ask her out. Can someone tell me a good way to ask her out.



You could ask her if she could show you around the city (unless you already lived there and just moved into a new house).

Like everyone else has said, try saying hello when both of you are outside and inviting her to lunch. If you have a pet (such as a dog) they make good conversation starters.

Good luck :)


i've had my glasses for a while now and some of the black paint has been chipped off so my glasses look kind of beat up. i was wondering if there are any types of paint i can use to 'paint' the parts where the black got chipped off? is there a special kind of paint or can i like just use a black sharpie to color it in or what?

thanks in advance!

you can get paint for touch ups on cars
try going to the hardware store
or even somewhere like walmart

that would definately work :)


If you're IMing someone you don't really you've never met them..but you know they're who they say they that bad?

That is fine as long as you don't give out personal information (such as your full name, school, phone number, address, postal code, where you live or any hints that could lead to those).

Just be safe and be careful, many people lie and can emotionally hurt you even if you have never met them. Make sure you always remember that you will never know a person completely and you shouldn't believe everything they say.

Have fun! :)


Im getting my belly naval pierced tomorrow and i was wondering on a scale 1 - 10. 10 being the worst.. how bad did it hurt? Im kind of nervous but I just want a heads up thing. Thanks in advanced

I got mine done about 4 months ago. It was my first piercing and the weirdest pain I've ever had. I would say its from a 2 to a 6 depending on your pain tolerance.

I was focussing on the needle going through my skin so it was kinda of painful.. so just don't think about it. No matter what it's worth it though, they look so good!

Don't be worried at all & have fun showin it off! :)


I have light brown hair and I was wondering what I could do to get blonder hair. Not totally blonde but light blonde or dirty blonde. And I dont really wanna buy something. Maybe I could make something.

If you live near the ocean I heard swimming in salt water (in the sun) lightens your hair!

Good luck :)


I asked a question about how much to pack, and this is what I plan on packing. I'm going away for 5 days.

7 tank tops & shorts sleeved shirts
5 pairs of shorts
1 mini skirt just in case
3 pairs of flip flops (I'm not gunna wear sneakers.)
11 pairs of underwear
1 face cloth
1 hair straightner
tons of earrings necklaces bracelets etc.
all my make up (mascara eyeliner lipgloss etc)
1 pair of sunglasses
3 bras
purses cell phone ipod all that good stuff
1 sweatshirt (its warm there)
3 bathing suits
3 pairs of pajamas
tooth brush and tooth paste
a hair brush and a few elastics and headbands
shaving cream and razor

Does that seem like enough stuff for 5 days of vacation? Or do I need more of something or did I pack too much? Or did I completely forget something?

Haha you're just like me. I would bring all of that.

You might want to bring a towel, magazine, book or cell phone charger though.

Have fun! :)


ok like i have big bags or circles i dont know what there called under my eyes. and people say to get rid of them you have to get some more sleep. but all i do is sleep. like i go to bed around 10 pm or 11 pm then i wake up the next day at like 11 am. i get like 12 hours asleep per nite or even more. so i was just wonderin how do i get them to go away? i eman there not bg but there dark. it makes me look like bad or like im on drugs or whatever so it like changes my appearance. sorry if this is in the rong category. so... does anyone know like what to do?? thanks

I heard you can put two spoons in the freezer. When they are cold take them out and put them under your eyes.

I have the same problem so I'm going to try that. Good luck! :)


This may sound silly but, I just got a new hamster.. He is black and has a white line on his tummy. I was just wondering if anyone has any cute names for a black boy hamster that are unique.
Thankz! :)


Haha I don't know if you like that but I've always wanted to name a pet that.

Or you could try the name of a character of a movie or TV show that you like. :)

Or.. Waffles, Cookie, Ham?
Hahaha sorry I must be hungry. Good luck!!! :)


Ok, I have been having dreams of being with other men even though I have a bf. I love my bf and would never cheat on him. I used to have those dreams a lot but it stopped for a while but now there back =/. I hate it, I used to just get up and forget about it, its just a dream right? But now they are really bothering me. I love my boyfriend so much and our two-year anniversary is coming up. We tell each other everything but I haven’t been able to tell him about this cause he can get very jealous. He tells me stuff like that and it really wouldn’t bother me. Should I tell him? Is there anyway to make the dreams stop? Do they mean something? I used to like all the guys that I dream about, but i really don’t like them anymore. This is how my last dream went...

We were on school busses and they left us at what looked like a mall but also a school. Any way my bf was with me but we got separated and I hung out with my friend and we found out there was a concert on the roof. we went up there and one of my bf's friend that I used to like was there. Anyway during the concert someone bumped into him and he feel on me and kissed me, I kissed him back and then stopped and started crying. He said come on you don’t like him he doesn’t treat you right don’t cry, don’t you like me? Which made me cry more and I ran downstairs and then woke up.

This guy is the one I dream of the most and he’s attractive but I love my bf and think he is much more attractive so why am I having these dreams! And do I tell my bf? I really want these dreams to stop I never even think of those guys and I end up dreaming about them! AH! Please help

"To dream that you are cheating on your spouse, mate, or significant other, suggests feelings of self-guilt and self-betrayal. You may have compromised your beliefs or integrity and/or wasting your energy and time on fruitless endeavors. Alternatively, it reflects the intensity of your sexual passion and exploring areas of your sexuality. It is a reaffirmation of your commitment.

To dream that your mate, spouse, or significant other is cheating on you, indicates your fears of being abandoned. You may feel a lack of attention in the relationship. Alternatively, you may feel that you are not measuring up to the expectations of others. This notion may stem from issues of trust or self-esteem. "

I got that from

I hope it helps!! :)


Hey Hey!

I am having a bat mitzvah and me and my 3 best friends are going into the city with my mom for a weekend, just us to celebrate before my big party. Any Suggestions on what to do, where to go, what to see?

I'll rate high!

One day try WALKING, yup, walking. And if you don't know where you are that's great. Get a map (so you stay in good areas that you are interested in) and explore the city. You will get the best idea of what it is like. Try stopping for lunch at a nice restaurant and later again at a cafe for a snack (and coffee?)

You'll have an awesome time! :)


So my parents are out of town for a few days and I threw a party (you guys know you do this stuff too!). Well, a fight kind of broke out and this guy punched threw our glass door. So I have a few questions.

If I call someone to come fix it, will I be able to pay them up front with a debt card? Will they even do it for me because I'm 16 (I'm about to turn 17)? If they only do it for adults I can get my brother to come down here because he's 22. Also how long do you think it'll take them to come? I have until Monday when my parents come home. Do you think I'll be able to pay them off or something to come sooner?

Any other advice? Other than not letting parties get out of hand and making the guys pay for it of course. I don't care about that. Thanks a million!

This will really depend on the business that you call. Try gettin out the phone book and looking for local businesses and call up more than one.

If it's anything like where I live they will be booked for months but try right away! You will probably have to call a bunch of places.

Good luck!! :)


it's summer and i need some extra cash for necessities. what are some jobs i could do? and if anybody suggests soemthing like cleaning/dog walking ora ntyhing HOW DO I ASK people if they want ym services? and how? like how do i say i want 4.00 an hour (or how ever many) w/out sounding demanding? what would you want to hear? and what would uw ant done around the house? or outside? whatver. what would u want to heaR? ANY ADVICE ABOUT GETTING MONEY WOULD BE GREAT

You could try putting up posters.

Some jobs are:
- mowing lawns
- doing gardening
- babysitting
- dog walking
- apply at a store (get your parents to help with a resume)

That's only the begining just be creative!
If you feel confident in the price you charge you should write it on your poster. It really depends on the job though. Good luck :)


I have a weird tan from my swimsuit top and it makes wearing tanktops look really there a self tanner i can use to fill that in?

You could try jergens natural glow I find it works pretty well but there are lots of products out there. You could also just try tanning with a tube top on (so theres no straps) and that should help. :)


How long do hangovers last and is there anything I can do to feel better?

Many people have said this but just get lots of sleep and have a 'lazy day', try staying home and watching movies and maybe invite over your other hung over friends.

I find that after drinking I take an aspirin and two glasses of water before going to sleep and I don't get a very bad hangover at all.

Feel better soon! :)


i dont really like thongs, but where could i buy underwear that is kind of like a thong, but doesnt go up your but crack. basically like are a bit thicker. any website/stores (NOT victoria's secret, i already know that one)

I'm not sure what stores sell them where you live, sorry. But I can say that you may want to try a different size (it may help the fit) or try out different stores. You can get them at most department stores even and the fit will vary from store to store and brand to brand. Good luck finding one that works for you!

[If you are interested in trying a g-string I find them the most comfortable. In fact, I find that the thicker they are the more you feel them.]


i havent had my period in a about a month is a half or so? so and im 13 and im a virgin. i was wondering if thats just normal.. like i could we getting it really late or maybe its a skip month? could someone help me!

That's completely normal, dont worry at all. You may get it late or not at all for the month. Especially when you have had your period for less than a year it will be irregular but soon enough your body will adjust. :)


its in the middle of summer and im starting to get lonely. like i want a boyfriend so bad! i want that special someone to talk to and i want to have just someone to hold on to. i really want one badly. all my friends have boyfriends and i dont! ive never had a boyfriend or a real close guy friend. idk what to do. i really want a boyfriend. i asked this kid out but he said "no"! now i feel rejected and stupid.

Hey I feel the same way sometimes!

The best thing to do is meet new guys and talk to them/hang out and become good friends. You will want to know the guy before he's your boyfriend and I'm sure he will want to know you as well!

Try going out as much as you can and meet new guys. Sitting on the computer isn't going to help you find a boyfriend. You may also find that if you have a close guy friend you will not feel the need to be his girlfriend. I'm not sure of your age but sometimes you're just not mature enough to have a boyfriend because it isn't always easy to keep a good relationship.

Good luck! :)


I was watchig Christina Argulara (sp) music video, "Come On Over"

I really like her hair, where it is blonde with some red in it. I'm thinking about getting mine done like that.

Does anyone know where I can find a picture of her hair like that?

I hope those help! :)


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