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ok im 16 and in gr. 12, tha last few relationships ive bin in have bin disastrous, some of them wanted ta be dominated and a little controlled, some thot i was being a dick when i was like that, some thot i was too nice sumtimes, and i pretty much just wanna know wat girls really want, i know it cant be generalized like that , but do you want a guy that makes decisions for you, gets jealous and protective, and is dominative, or do you want someone who romances you , visits you at work on your worst days just to make you smile, and kisses you randomly, , i really hope i dont get 50000 different answers but ya thx

Personally, I hate it when a guy thinks he needs to 'dominate' in the relationship. But then again if you try to change yourself to make girls like you then you won't end up with who you are meant to be with.

I would say overall girls like funny, nice, romantic, sweet guys who they can trust. Just be yourself and you will find the right girl eventually. Don't forget everyone is different so you probably will get many different anwers but that will show you how varied each person is and that not all girls like the same things. If you need anything else feel free to let me know & good luck! :)


hi, im josh, a 14 year old from the UK. my dad left when i was about 6 and i carn't really remember that much about him. about 6 months ago my mom started dateing this guy called barry. he's a jerk but she really, really likes him - if he says jump, she says how hi!! last month he moved in and since then has beeb trying to be 'dad' - setting the rules and telling me what i can and carn't do. last night was the final straw! i was doing my homework in my room with some music on, like i always do, my mom had gone out but barry and my sister where down stairs. Barry came upstairs he came into my room and told me i cudn't consontrate with that music playing and to turn it off and do my homework downstairs so he could make sure i was doing it properly. I told him i always did it on my own in my room and most of the time with some music on and that mom thort it was fine i did it that way. he started to yell about how i had no manners and its a good job he was hear to teach me some. he told me to take off my pants and my boxes and lay face down on my bed because i was going to get a spanking. it didn't happen because mom came in not long after but he told my mam next time he will spank because thats what i need. what should i do !!??
thanks x

Hey Josh

First of all, you are not alone, many teenagers have gone through this situation. That does NOT make it right and Barry should not have even suggested that you got 'spanked'. That is harassment and he has no right to tell you ESPECIALLY to take off your pants/boxers. Your Mom cares a lot about you and you should tell her right away about what happened and tell her that it bothers you and isn't right.

About the homework thing, maybe Barry wanted to be a father to you, since he cares about you, and wanted to be involved with your schooling or wanted to help you with it. He probably is feeling like he doesn't have 'power' or authority over you, so when you said your mom allowed it, he got mad. No matter how much you don't like that, maybe try asking him for help sometime but make sure your mom tells him that you can do your homework in your room with music on.

After you tell your mom things will either get better or stay the same. If your mom cannot fix the problem you should talk to an adult that you trust (an aunt? uncle? grandparents? teacher? counsellor? neighbour?) and they will be able to help you. You should NOT be treated like that. If you need any more help with this at all leave another question and I will help you right away with more suggestions. Good luck! :)


hello, well today was my first day of freshman year. i had a reasonable day except for one thing: i am the only girl in one of my classes. there's atleast 24 guys in the class, which is not only awkward, but it's a bit embarassing, because the class is computer programming. i really like computers and html and webdesign and stuff, so i thought i'd take the course. i really + honestly dont care if people make fun of me for being the only girl. it's just that a room full of guys is a bit different from what i'm used to, and it's just weird. the guys are all goofing off and i feel like im being stared at. the teacher is a girl, so i don't feel that bad about it...but i just kinda wanted someones opinion +/or reassurance that my class won't be so bad i guess ;} thankies!

Hey! Last year I was a grade nine in a drafting class full of guys from grades 9-12. I hardly knew any of them and wasn't close friends with any of them. Plus the teacher was a guy. Anyways, I'm sure you will find that you can be comfortable there since you work quite independantly in the class and you will make new friends. Don't worry about being left out, as everyone knows, guys like girls so they will try to talk to you. So just to reassure you, the class will be fine. Have fun! :)



I have this sleeping probelm it's like iam always tired even though I go to bed at 9:00pm and wake up about 6:00am in the morning to get ready for school and even though thats about 9 hours of sleep each night and that's how much sleep iam suppose to get and last night I went to bed at 8:00pm and I was still tired all day at school today and I was wondering why i've been so tired lately what should I do?

please help me now thankyou.

Your lack of energy probably has nothing to do with your sleeping habits, 9 hours is right in the middle of the recommended 8-10 so I would not experiment with more/less sleep.

Do you exercise at least 30 minutes a day?
Do you eat fruits and vegetables?

If you answer no or sometimes to either of those then you should work on getting some exercise and eating healthy food. I'm not a doctor, or anything close to it, but you need a balance of nutrition, physical/mental health and sleep to have sufficient energy.

Finally, are you under much pressure? Stress can cause you to waste energy/sleep lightly even if you don't know it. Take a couple of minutes each day to exercise, meditate, read, write, have a bubble bath or any activity which will clear your mind and leave you feeling more relaxed.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask me and I will help as much as I can.

- Emilyy :)


okay!!!!!1 i cannot think of the word...but its been stuck in my head and it is very irritating. it is a word for women who dont like men. not lesbians, but like those weird people that are like ohh men suck and women are so much better men are pigs blah blah.....theres a word for it. just one word. i want to say it starts with like an L or something.......idk!! please help me thiiiiiiiink it is bugging me so bad

Women's Liberationist
Women's Rightist
Women's Lib
Women's Liberation Movement
Liberal Feminism

Hopefully I helped, if not leave a message in my inbox and I will get back to you. I hate it when I can't remember a word, so I will try to help you as much as I can. :)


In high school, do most people carry around their bookbag? Or locker when they need to? I'm just scared that my class will be like across the school when I need to locker.

In my school, which is quite small, I carry a backpack/big purse to all of my classes even though I stop at my locker between each class. I just have a lot to carry so it is easier. If my classes are really far from my locker sometimes I bring what binders (etc) for both blocks.

Do what is easiest for you and follows any rules and restrictions.

Have fun in high school :)


I was wondering if anyone knows if getting your belly button pierced hurts? been thinking about getting it done but cant Decide.


It hurts a bit, it's not unbearable though..
Remember everyone has a different pain tolerance so no one can tell you if you personally will find it painful.
Just go for it if you like how it looks.


What are some tips so i can decorate my locker? Like places I can get certain things at? What do you have in yours that you think is cool/unique?

Any Ideas for mine? I already have a mirror =]


You could:

- get magnets
- get posters / pictures
- make a full length mirror ( I bought mirrors at Ikea and they came with adhesive strips which lasted all year even though I slammed my locker, I'm not sure if you have Ikea where you live though)
- tape on wrapping paper (this can look really good and can be changed for holidays, etc)
- get washable markers and get your friends to write on it
- make a collage of pictures/colours and tape it on the door

I hope I gave you some good ideas :)


the top layer of my nails is lie peeling and stuff and sometimes the side of my nail is like yellowish how can i stop the peeling?

I had the exact same problem 2 weeks ago, then I put on Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails with Nylon + Retinol. It's cheap, can be found at drugstores and is AMAZING. I thought nothing could help me until I bought that nail polish (it's clear) to paint over jewelry (metal allergy lol) but yeah anyways I tried it on my nails and now they are firm and growing very fast. Try it! :)


Age: 14
Gender: female

Today was the first day of school, and I had lost my bras the night before, so I had to use a push-up bra, which is padded (I only wear it for my tube tops. I only bought it because none of the other strapless bras at the store came in an A size). I'm 32A, and the bra makes me look bigger than I actually am. I'm worried that the next day, I'll wear my regular bra, and people will think that I was trying to make my breasts look bigger.

What can I do about my predicament?

Chances are that no one will notice. If they do, they probably won't care but if someone brings it up act like you don't know what they are talking about and say the shirt must of made them look bigger.

Besides, lots of people (including me and almost every girl I know) wear push up bras everyday. It's not a big deal. :)


This is for girls...

I'm 13 && female. I have hair between my breasts. Its not too bad, but I was wondering if its normal. Like, you can see it if you're right next to me and I have a low shirt on, but if you're more than a foot away you can't see it at all. I was wondering if I should shave/dye this??

Another question while I'm at it... I have a thin strip of hair on my belly, and it gets thicker and goes beneath my navel, spreading from side to side. I don't think its pubic hair, because it goes too high. I'm very self-conscious about this, and am careful about shirts rising above my jeans/shorts. Is this normal, and should I shave/dye it?


That is definately normal and I have the same thing. I use 'Sun In' which is a hair lightening bleach, found at most drugstores, to lighten it so it is not noticable. Do NOT shave it, it will come back darker and thicker (trust me, I learnt the hard way :P )

Good luck! :)


Hey does anyone know a good recipe for a good strawberry smoothie? Or any other kind? thanks a bunch!!!

Okay I make strawberry smoothies with:

- a handful of strawberries
- crushed ice
- yogurt

Put the strawberries in the blender and turn it on until they are a thick liquid. Then add in yogurt and ice (I usually use twice as much crushed ice as I do yogurt). It doesn't have to be precise and it's impossible to mess up. Just blend it all together and it works well. You can use this with fresh fruit, frozen fruit, fruit juices or frozen fruit juices and it works great! Plus it's healthy :P

Good luck! :)



I recently bought some clothes from the Hollister at my mall. I am a 17 year old boy and think the clothes are nice.

When I got home and showed my 13 year old brother the clothes I got (a polo and a sweatshirt) he started screaming at me and said that only posers and gays were Hollister.

I know quite a few people don't like Hollister and quite a few people do.

I am wondering what people think of boys who wear Hollister?

One word: yum.

Haha as long as you feel confident with what you're wearing other people will like it. And yes, TONS of guys wear Hollister and no one calls them names. If you like it, wear it. :)


For some reason, I find that running on the treadmill is much easier than running outside, like on an actual track.

For example, I can run for over 30 minutes nonstop on the treadmill, but I can only run for less than 15 on the track.

Anyone know why the treadmill is easier than running on the track?

I would definately agree that it only seems easier because you cannot see the full distance that you must run. I think that you find after running for a couple of weeks on the treadmill that you will find it easier to run outside because you will have more muscle and confidence that you can run for an extended time.

On the other hand, I find it easier to run on a treadmill myself for the reasons that I am less aware of my surroundings and more into a 'running zone' lol. But hey, as long as you're getting exercise and not in danger there's no problem with it.

The final reason would be that you have to make sure you do not fall outside so you are watching your feet and the ground more or that there are hills and obstacles.

I hope I helped :)


i read a question about lucid dreaming and i want to be able to do that so how do i do it? i want to do it so i can find out what to say to this guy that i like. cus when i am around him i just randomly laugh. but how do you lucid dream or make your self to that it sounds interesting... thanks so much

Hey! Well first off I'm the person who asked the question.

Lucid, meaning 'clear', is a type of dreaming where you can control yourself and your environment. You could use it to practice what you will say although you can easily do that without dreaming. However, lucid dreams are amazing and help exercise your imagination and allow you to do the impossible (such as flying).

This article:

is very good although it is quite long. It takes practice to have a lucid dream for most people but it may come naturally for others.

Before you go to sleep each night think about something you want to dream about and say to yourself that you will 'realize you are dreaming' and 'take control' of what is happening. Techniques for this are more in depth in the article (above). Just remember to think about the situation that you want to be in for your dream just as you are falling asleep and focus only on it. If you find that you are in a lucid dream tell yourself to wake up and then you will have a better chance of remembering all of it. Also, wake up in the morning without an alarm clock or someone waking you up and take 5 minutes to try to remember what happened in your dream.

With practice and time you will most likely achieve having a lucid dream so good luck! :)
- Emilyy


I'm "Advanced" Sex Ed. in school. Advanced is just when you go more in depth to what you should feel and/or expect in sex. My teacher encouradged us to go home and take a mirror to look at our "parts". So I went home took a compact and looked down there, only to discover that my Labia Minora are light brown. I know that's not normal compared to the light pink pictures we saw. I hardly ever masterbate,I'm a virgin, and am about 99% sure I don't have an infection. They aren't sore, swollen, or even tender. I have a regular skin tone if you're wondering. Why are my labia brown?

This is perfectly normal. They are brown because everyone is different and therefore will have different skin tones. Also remember that if you think something about you is abnormal that you can ask your teacher in private. In this case I'm positive they would say it's normal. :)


theres this one guy i like
he tells me he loves me and that wont ever change and that he's so happy he talks to me and he wants to hold me and kiss me
so obviously he likes me too
but when i go to his myspace all these girls comment him
saying i love you
and like text me later
and he says i love you back and comments there pictures saying cute and everything
i text him all the time too and i wasted all my 500 texts in like a week on him!!!!
and also my best firned started talking to him before i did and like he tells her he loves her too and i know its not a friend kind of love
and i dont know what to do!!!!
cause i really like the him but hes suck a little player/manwhore
i wanna talk to him
but i dont know that to say
someone help me!!!

You're right, this guy is a player.
If you want to continue liking him you need to realize you will end up getting hurt because he 'loves' so many other girls.
I suggest forgetting about him (stay friends though) and find other guys who will treat you the way you want to be treated.
If you are really determined try saying ' __ I like you a lot and you say you like me too but you say it to a lot of girls ' and see where that goes. If he says he will change give him ONE chance and if he denies it then he is a liar.

I hope I helped in some way! :)


In 6th grade, I fell in love with this kid named kevin. We went out for about a month but it ended up not working out and we broke up. After that we were still best friends but it was always akward seeing eachother because I never really got over him. Well, he's gone out with many ppl since then and i have gone out with a few people too. (We are now going into 8th grade) Last night Kevin told me how he has always loved me and how he never really got over me and I completely fell in love with him again the only problem is at the moment I have a boyfriend who I love but I know I really have always loved Kevin. Kevin says he'll wait for me but I don't know what to do. And I don't know if I can dump my boyfriend because I don't want to hurt him ANY ADVICE? Thanks so much in advance

Well you need to take into consideration why you broke up with Kevin in the first place and if the same thing will happen again. Make a list of why you like Kevin, then make a list of why you like your boyfriend and compare it. Pick the guy you like most. I know it might seem like you love both of them but chances are you won't stay with them the rest of your life so dont' feel too bad about hurting one of them. Just do it nicely.


ok.. so im 15/female.. and most of my friends are girls with a few guy friends. whenever im around guys.. its like i want to talk to them, but then again, im afraid of what there going to think of me. i want them to like me and decide to be friends and everything.. but i dont know how to act so that they would think that i want to be friends! ive tried just forgetting everything and to be myself.. but then theres that feeling that im afraid of what they think of me! what should i do to be myself without that feeling? how can i get more guy friends?

The number one thing is confidence. If you like yourself you have a greater chance that people will like you too. Try putting on your favourite outfit, doing your hair (and makeup if you wear it) and looking nice.

Even if it is awkward at the begining you will become more comfortable around them and it will be natural. When you are feeling nervous just smile. Sometimes also you can just laugh and when they ask why you're laughing say you remembered something funny and explain something funny that happened (within the last two weeks or so) and it will start a conversation.

The number one way to get people to accept you is to be nice, so avoid gossiping when you are trying to make new friends.

You should try to call your friends one day (and get them to call everyone they know) and go swimming either at a pool or a beach if that's possible. You will get to know people better that way and it's a good way to become friends.

I hope something in what I wrote helped, if you have any other questions about this (or something else) just ask me and I'll try to help. I know what it's like trying to be friends with new people (and guys) since im 15/f too. After a while it all just becomes natural though so dont worry. :)


ok well everytime i get in the shower like 30 of my hairs fall out and its so disgusting i dont no what its from
please help

Okay first of all a healthy human loses from 50 to 100 hairs a day.

However you may want to cut most junk food from your diet (keep it as a special treat) and add in a balance of the 4 food groups.

If you have colour treated hair or something along those lines try getting a shampoo especially designed for it (it will say on the bottle, you may want to ask on here what is a good brand - personally I use AG Silver which can be found at most salons and it's great) and a good conditioner.

Also you hair may not be healthy so, if possible, you should get it trimmed to remove damage and split ends every two months or so.

If you are feeling very stressed it may also cause this so try reading books, getting from 8-10 hours of sleep per night, taking bubble baths, getting exercise or any of activities which calm you down and make you feel relaxed.

I hope I helped, if you don't see results within 2-3 weeks you should see a doctor. They may know of a vitamin/mineral that you are lacking which would cause this or an illness.

Good luck!! :)


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