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Yeah, so i have 2 dogs and im hearing about this recall on certain dog foods and more and more on on the list daily. What are the ones so far that you know FOR SURE. and please dont give tell me to google because i have done that

Thank you

Hey, go to and click on "Recall Information." Then click "Dog Product Information," it's on the right. All of the brands in the recent recall should be there. =)


13/f. im depressed. i really wana do track. but my mom wont let me. because she thinks id run away bc i could run longer and faster. she doesnt think i could go far if i didnt do track. i can. i would. i have alot of nerve and reason to. is that a stupid reason for her to say? how could i get her to change her mind. whats wrong. im just confused.

Actually, I think participating in track is a great idea. Exercise can put you in a better mood and relieve stress considerably. It would give you something to work for and take your mind off other problems and causes of stress.

Your mom is just worried about you, and you need to prove to her that you are responsible and won't run away. Let her know that you have no intentions of running away and that it will make you healthy. And potentially happier.

If your mom still doesn't listen, you could get her to call the teacher/coach who is in charge of track. They may be able to reinforce that exercise is a healthy way to relieve stress.

Good luck, hopefully you will be able to participate in track and have fun doing it. =)


15/m/vancouver, canada

my older brother(17) is physically abusive of me, he throws stuff at me, punches me, kicks me, and pulls my hair and i really dont know why he does it. i cant tell my parents about it because my grandmother is on his side and shell just deny everything that i say, my sisters wont do anything about it either because they dont want to get punished. im really getting sick of this, physically and mentally. my parents wont belive me even if i show them the bruises, my grandmother just tells them that im a clutz and everything and that its nothing to worry about. i dont want to run away from home because its illegal. i really want to stay with my family and i know that if i get a restraining order from him theyd basically just banish me. i cant get emancipated because i have no job, and i dont want to go to a foster home. i need an escape from my hectic life at home, but im scared. what should i do?

No one deserves to be abused, and yes you do have options. Vancouver has many programs to help out teenagers, just like you. I am 15 and live here also, so hopefully I will be able to help you out.

Firstly, you are not alone and it is not your fault that your older brother is doing this to you. He is taking his own pain out on you, it does not mean he doesn't care about you. You may even be able to develop a normal, loving relationship with your whole family in the future.

At my school, we recently had counsellors come in to talk to us about depression and other problems. They were very understanding and helpful. I suggest that you talk to a school counsellor about what's happening in your life and they will be able to get you help.

Don't be worried about getting help, you're brave for even asking this question and trying to improve your life. I'm not some adult saying this, I am a teenager just like you so I hope you understand you are doing the right thing in this situation.

There is a toll free number for Kid's Help Line and I have heard that they are helpful. The number is 1-800-668-6868 or the website is if you would like to contact them. They are trained to help teenagers just like you, and should be able to help you greatly.

One more suggestion is to talk to a trusted adult. This could be a neighbour, friend's parent, teacher or something along those lines.

I strongly suggest that you try speaking to your school counsellor first. They will definately be able to get you help for your family and help heal the wounds that has been caused in your life.

If you need any more help, feel free to ask me. My advice column is "Emilyy" on here if you forget. Good luck, I really hope you get the help you deserve. =)

** Also, you can post a question on to ask a professional counsellor. If you are not comfortable with phoning them, that may be a better solution.


If you sweat and you wear black can people notice?
And someone please give me advice. I sweat a lot! I know you'd say, yeah it's normal don't worry about it, but I like super sweat so it looks like someone threw water balloons in my face and my whole outfit is soaked! And I was wearing a SWEATER!
Now that summer's coming I'm super worried because if I soaked through that many layers of clothing, think about one layer!

Yes, people can and do notice unfortunately.
Here are some suggestions to avoid this:
Wear less layers - as you probably know, your body sweats when you need to cool down. Wearing a sweater when you're already too warm will just cause you to perspire more.

Wear natural materials (such as cotton)- they allow your skin to breathe.

Try light coloured shirts (such as white)- they do not show sweat marks as much.

Make sure you're using an anti-perspirant on your underarm area, also.

Wear tanktops whenever possible. This will let air circulate under your arms.

Avoid wearing thick socks or boots when it is not necessary. If your feet are warm, chances are the rest of your body will be too.

If you have tried all of these techniques plus any suggested by other advicenators, you may need to see a doctor. There are disorders, which are quite common, that cause you to sweat too much. Since I am not a doctor, this would need to be diagnosed properly. Don't be afraid of asking the doctor questions, as this is a rather common problem that can be managed simply.

Good luck, I hope I helped! =)


Is one kiss considered "cheating"?

Absolutely. Cheating can be emotional and physical. Although a kiss isn't too physical, it will definately emotionally hurt your partner. Trust issues will arise and this may lead to other problems.

If you have kissed someone other than your partner you need to be serious about not doing it again and giving your partner time to trust you again.

If you have a partner who kissed someone other than you, you need to let them know how much it hurt you and that if it happens again you may need to end the relationship. Make sure they don't rush you into trusting them again.

Finally, do whatever you are comfortable with. If you feel like the relationship needs to end, have a talk with your partner. I suggest working through it, if you both are serious it can be resolved.

Good luck!


Is it true that if a guy is staring at you and you look him in the eyes and his pupils are big or get big then he likes you as more than a friend ?

In my opinion, no. Your pupils get smaller in brighter light so that less light is let into your eye. When it is darker they dilate (get larger) to allow more light in so you can see.

However, there are many signs with 'body language' as well as flirting that will help you see if he likes you as more than a friend. If he always hugs you / jokes around / etc he probably likes you as more than a friend.

You could try asking him who he has a crush on and seeing if he gets embarassed (turns red, looks down, smiles, tries to change the subject).

Finally, if you always catching him looking at you and turning away he probably likes you.

Good luck! =)


I'm in love with the Urban Outfitters Boyfriend jeans and pants. We're not gonna get an Urban Outfitters here in Vancouver until Spring. What are some other jeans that are similar to the style of these jeans? Any that I can at least find in Vancouver, BC?

These are the ones I like:
(The last one I like the brown and black ones)

I would buy them online but I wouldn't know sizing and stuff.

Hey! =)

Unfortunately, you're just going to have to check out different stores. The styles of stock changes constantly. I suggest going to Pacific Centre, Richmond Centre or Metrotown.

Try: Off the Wall, Below the Belt, Aritzia, Garage, Urban Behaviour, Stitches and those stores.

Keep in mind that you can take a day trip to go shopping in the states (at Bellis Fair or the outlet malls). They are 30-60 minutes south of the border, driving of course.

Good luck, let me know if you need anymore help with anything (especially relating to Vancouver)! =)


okay i need help
im 16/f
well lets get this started my mum died and well when we were in thehospital when she died my dad said it was all my fault and i will nevr for give you. my brother felix has been crying ever since that and i havent cried since
at school im the biggest popularest bitch ever everyone is afraid of me.
im having sex with a 21 year old who thinks im 18. he figured out im 16 by one of my back stabbing friends. my friends thought he was a total jerk but i loved him
when i told him i loved him he thought i was nuts.
then i went off at him saying i was just this hook up for him to have sex with an stuff. and then he told me he was in love with his room mate molly who doesnt like him in that way.
i got in a car accident with my back stabbing friends
the guys driving the car ran off afraid of cops (car ended up being stolen)
an i have a broken arm which looks like a alien coming out of my skin and my face has a million scratches.
my dad is mad because he figured out i was in the stolen car. he puts me on complete lock down an is thinking about sending me to boarding school. i saw print outs of different schools. smith(21 year old guy im hooked up with) came an took me to hospital since i couldnt tell dad. but i had to go back home smith was still mad that i lied to him about my age. my dad is sorta mad now but is now im off complete lock down. an me and smith well i dunno
this is what is going on in my life. crazy yes i know.

Wow, I am sorry for your loss. I can relate, and I know these situations are incredibly hard to deal with. For your safety, I suggest you stop seeing the 21 year old. He IS only using you anyways, and I'm positive you can do better. =)

You should try to build a relationship with your father. Try hanging out with him sometimes and talking about memories of your mother. If you and your father build a strong bond your life will run much smoother.

I suggest talking to an adult or school counsellor to deal just to express the problems in your life. You stress will be eased.

About your backstabbing friends, just ditch them. I have gone through this many times and they are not going to change. They are going to continue doing it and hurting you until you are strong enough to move on.

Good luck with everything =)
If you need any more advice just let me know!


The kid I like is a horny, horny boy. And who can blame him? He hit puberty. He probably just wants action.
But my idea is that if I gave him a blowjob, he'd like it. If i told him that I'd keep doing it if he asked me out, we'd be together.

What does everyone think of this plan?


Of course you'll be together. He won't be able to resist. But he will only be using you for at least the first few months (if it lasts that long). He may end up wanting to go further and say he will break up with you unless you do. By then your self-esteem will be ruined.

There's a slight chance that you will date and he will mature and the relationship will work and he will like you for who you are - not what you are willing to do.

Chances are, he will use you and things will be worse than they are now. If you're willing to risk your self-esteem for a guy who may not ever like you as a person then go for it.

Good luck! =) and be careful!


i just bought new uggs, i paid around 200$ for them from athletes world. (in richmond, b.c.)

im just wondering if i got ripped off.


WOW! I walked past that EXACT store today!
Gotta love richmond centre. =)


Yes, you could have gotten them for less. Try returning them and purchasing them from ebay or somewhere else. It does depend on the type though. Try looking on this page for prices:

Good luck!



Everyone tells me this kid likes me, but when it comes to seeing if people like me or not, I can never ever tell!

Here are some signs --
*He calls me twice a day.
*He talks about how he misses what we had.
*He always says we should hang out
*Hes called me pretty 3 times, in the past like.. maybe week tops?
*He asked if I'd ever makeout with him... lol?
*He always tries to help me with things.
*He drops like everything, just to talk to me on the phone type thing..

& alot of other stuff.. I just can't seem to think of it right now. =/ but, trust me theres alot more.. thats just super recent. & some of the other things, I don't know how to put it.

Anyways, what do you think? Does he just want to be my friend? or more...

By the way.. I won't rate you low, if you think he doesn't like me or something.. I want you to be completely honest.

OH..& sorry if we're not allowed to say we rate at all? I thought it was just as long as we don't say we rate high...

kthanks in advance.

Hey! The signs are there - this boy is interested in you. He clearly enjoys talking to you/being with you and is trying to make it more frequent. If you like him, he seems kind (helping you), dedicated (dropping other things for you) and what not, so go for it! Good luck. =)


I am asking this separately because when I included it in the additional info in another question no one saw it: SO HERE GOES: Why would a masseuse tell a thin/skinny girl with no celluite that the thin/skinny girl needs a cellulite cream. .

There could be many reasons but here are a few that make sense:

a) The masseuse may have been trying to promote a product, it's in her best interest to sell as much as she can. She would probably ask anyone to buy it - even if it would not benefit them in the least.

b) The massuese may believe that the cellulite cream would prevent the girl from developing it in the future or if she was to gain weight.

Overall, if the girl is happy with how she looks and does not have cellulite she should not fall for people trying to sell her unneeded products. =)


Im a girl, and i notice other girls boobs. Not like im a lesbian but i have a question.

Like me and this one girls boobs look the same size a 34A. but hers would be like morefilled in at the top and mine are like spaced out more. like theres like an inch space between them.

Does this mean that mine will grow like bigger than hers or something?

if not then like will its feel in and most likely i will have a lot bigger boobs than i do now, and than her?

No, not necessarily. Think of people's eyes. Some people have eyes that are spaced closer or futher than the eyes of other people. And some people just have bigger eyes than others.

Oh the other hand, she may have been wearing a push up bra. If you want to look fuller try one on a see how you like it - nearly every lingerie store sells them.

Finally, don't forget that you aren't finished growing until you're an adult and may have a growth spurt in the near future.



Does water really help your skin? I have really bad skin so I started to dirnk 8 glasses of water a day but as soon as I'm done I have to go to the washroom right away and all the water just comes right out! =S

Hi! Personally, I think you should only drinking when you are thirsty. Too much water can lead to health problems and 8 is a little excessive.

These things will help refresh your skin:

Face masks (found at any drug store)
Not eating overly salty/sweet foods
Splashing your face with cold water after washing (to close your pores)

Also, if you have the money, try proactive. It's a great product. If not, just wash your face with a plain nonscented, noncoloured product.

Good luck! =)

PS: I think tap water is fine. Don't waste your money on bottled water!


Do you prefer a girl who wears makeup v.s. no makeup. This question is headed toward the guys, but any comments are useful.

for example.

a] Natural:

b] Makeup:

2 Questions.

1] In my case, which would you honestly prefer/looks better.

2] In general, makeup v.s. natural look.

Alright, I'm not a guy but I'll give you an opinion anyways. You look completely fine with or without makeup, but I think wearing makeup makes you look like you put more effort into your appearance. The makeup look is more 'put together' and if you have fun applying it, I think you should wear it.

If you want a natural look with makeup try this:

A little cover-up on blemishes (if and when you have any).
On the inside corner of your eye, use a brush and put a little white eyeshadow. It makes you look awake and refreshed.
Some mascara and eyeliner (on the top lash line and outside 1/3 of your bottom lashes) to define your eyes.
Blush or bronzer on your cheeks adds some colour.
And lipgloss.

Mixing and matching any of those products just enhances what you already have. If you have any questions on application or what not just leave a message in my inbox! =)


My friend Mimi (size 6, but looks like a 4) went to a flea market and a woman was trying to sell her jeans. The vendor says to Mimi in a sheepish voice “I have jeans I am selling. You are a size 10, my daughter is a size 10.” That night when Mimi went home she told her friends what the vendor said and her friends said to her: “The vendor just wants to sell her jeans, she would say the same thing to a size 2.” My question: Do you agree with Mimis friends?

Of course the vendor was trying to sell the jeans to her. She would have offered a size 16 to a 0 if it was the last thing she had. The woman was simply trying to make money, she would not try to offend a potential customer. Besides, if Mimi is happy with how she looks, thats all that matters. =)


Okay.I really like this guy. we've known each other for about 3 and a half months. Everyone thinks we would be a great couple. We talk alot at school but barely have anything to say on the phone.So my question is can someone give me the longest list of questions they can think of of conversation starters. Please.

What are you doing today
What are you doing this weekend
What did you do yesterday
Remember when.. (something funny)
We should..
I had the weirdest dream..
How is your family doing
Do you have any pets
How are you pets doing
My pet is doing (well, bad, etc)
My family is (annoying, happy, weird)
Favourite sport
Favourite movie
A funny movie you saw
A good movie you saw
Favourite sport's team
Ipods, computers, fads
School work
Annoying things
Things you like
If you could have any wish what would it be
If you could have all of the money in the world would you take it
Favourite colour (haha)
Tease him (oh you're so __)
We should hang out
We should see a movie
Everyone thinks we'd be a great couple, what do you think
Something that happened that day
Tell stories about funny things that happened in the past
Places you have traveled
Places you want to travel
Something you'd like to try
Something you would never do
Your birthday
New Years
Valentines day (etc)
Other people
Good music
Music you dont like
Concerts you've seen
Concerts you'd like to see
What you like about the other person (eyes or something?)

It really depends on your interests, flirting type and how well you know eachother.

If you want to flirt with him, tease him a little but make sure you say you're joking. Example:

Ohh you're such a stud arent you
Its okay I like it

Hahah okay, bad example

Activites (sports, school) are always good to talk about.

Try making inside jokes with him. They can be about eachother, people or anything funny. Inside jokes are always something you can bring up in the future and laugh about. (nicknames for eachother or other people, funny things you've seen or talked about).

Good luck ! =)


Okay, so this has been bugging me for the past 2 days. Please don't think I haven't googled this, I have for quite some time. Probably not enough time, but this is really anooying me. I'm the one person who hates these stupid lyrics questions, but I'm being a hypocrite and asking one anyway.
Okay, everyone knows that song Let's Talk About Sex by Salt and Pepa, right? Well there's a song that has some of those lyrics (let's talk about sex baby...etc.) and it also has the lines "it's 5 in the morning". I know it's sung by a guy and I'm pretty sure it's rap (because I heard it on a rap/hip-hop station. Also each time I heard it I was either flipping through stations and didn't really catch it, or it was almost over and at the end of the song. So, being the major hypocrite that I am, does anyone have an ideas what song this is?

I've googled the lyrics I remember and all that comes up is the Salt and Pepa song and that isn't it. So please, if anyone knows, answer this. I really appreciate it. And I do apologize in advance, this is pretty much the worst question I can ask.

Is this it?
It's by Pretty Ricky and called On the Hotline

If not, leave a message in my inbox and I'll try to help more! =)

Pretty Ricky Ricky Ricky..
Pretty Ricky Ricky Ricky..

[Chorus, Pleasure]
Its 5 in the morning
and I'm up having phone sex with you
(So Horney, So Horney)
and now I'm in the hotline
over here lusting for you
(So Horney, So Horney)
Lets talk about sex baby
lets talk about you and me
Lets talk about bubbles in the tub
Lets talk about making love
Lets talk about you ontop
or me going down
Can we talk a little phone sex baby?
On the hotline

On the hotline it's not enough but
I had to call ya cause I'm home alone
lusting for ya I'm in my room nothin
but a towel on take them granny panties
on put a thong on I love it when I hear
you moan you got a sexy tone that makes the
d*** long. u in a complete nother city on the
fanline wit nothin but a baby tee on
u tha kinda girl thats sexy in the boxer shorts
I'm the kinda n**** that
make you ride it like a porshe
Yea, I met you on myspace, now I'm bouta
fly you out to my place in the morning

*** EDIT ***

Oops, sorry that this answer is the same as the previous. I posted a minute after. Haha oh well =)


I just got an IPod Nano for Christmas. Its working fine and everything but I just found out a few days ago that I can put pictures on it. Its only got 838 songs and its supposed to hold like 1000 songs. Its 4GB if that helps. My computer says the IPod is already full. How can i get the picture on it? Do i have to delete some songs?

You will only have to delete a song or two, depending on the size of the file. The reason why you do not have the room for 1000 songs is because many songs are more than 4KB. You can only hold 1000 songs that are 4KB in size. Many songs end up being 5KB or 6KB and that all adds up, giving you less room on the iPod.

Hopefully I helped! :)


What exactly is push to talk?

That website should give you tons of information!


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