okay =] the name is emily. im 13. i have told a lot of advicee in my life and i can say its pretty good too. i take it serioouslyy. ask me anything. im sure i can help.


wht do you do if some one you like as a friend lives far away from you and she lovess you tons!!!! but you never get to see her???
someone you no

well. um. truthfully i have no idea. but i do know what its like to like someone and not have them no.. or kinda just blow you off.

all i did was realize somethins small. if you like them go right ahead no one can stop you. but that goes for the person you like to. they can like someone else.

keep that in mind.
and realize that doesnt mean they will never like you, but at the moment they dont.



um well my friend is about to go out with my other friend but my guy friend (ill call him randy) randy changes who he likes about every week and i dont want my friend (lets call her randalina) i dont want randalina to get hurt because i shes my friend and he said he likes me then he likes randalina then he likes someone else and keeps switching an di dont want my friend to get hurt what shoudli do
p.s. your so sexy im jealous
p.s.s. im pregnat


i see your problem. this has happened to me on many occasions when you are stuck in the middle. what i think you should do is tell randalina that randy changes who he likes every week and if he says he likes you then he wont like you tomorrow. and your relationship would only last like 2 days. also tell her you dont want her to get hurt. and that you care about her. so if she makes the wrong decision. you are there for her and she knows it.

and with your jelousy. i think you should just keep being jelous. because it is very normal and you will soon learn that it is very true and not just jelousy.

and being pregnant! jee wilicurs i dont no what to say. dont abortion. give to family/reletive or put it out for adoption. a 13 yesr old girl without a husband can not keep up with an infant, schoolwork, volleyball(sports) and friends at this age.

glad i could help =]



friends are mad at me what do i do??

well, if you have no time for your friends. and they are mad at you. i dont really think they are your friends because if they were they wouldnt get mad at you for not having time for them because they know how busy you are.

so if they are mad at you i dont think they are really your freind. so tell them that.

hope i helped =]



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