:.Hey x3
My name is Emily and blah blah blah.

:.I have a lot of personal, family, and friend issues of my own so a lot of times, I can probably relate to you a lot of times if you have personal, family, and/or friend issues.

:.I can offer a lot of information, help, and advice on family and friend relationships, love lives, depression, stretching/flexibility, weight loss, violin, being organized, dog training, forensics (public speaking), keeping up with school/extracurricular activities, eating disorders, writing (stories and poems), and probably a lot of other random stuff like what to drink when you eat something spicy and why.

:.Although I can help a lot of you guys on the above subjects, I don't tend to take my own advice so it can become quite an awkward/ironic/contradicting situation for me or make myself sound like a complete and utter hypocrite.

:.Hannah Whitall Smith once said, "The true secret of giving advice is, after you have honestly given it, to be perfectly indifferent whether it is taken or not, and never persist in trying to set people right." I agree 100% of it. Advice is advice and it is given when asked for. I give it and I leave it at that. It's up to the questioner/advice seeker to take it.

:.That point leads onto my philosophies in advice giving:
1. Advice is given when asked and no time else, unless your friend is about to irritate a black bear, then you should definitely advice your friend to back away and run for his or her life.
2. Advice is not critical, not judgmental, and definitely not biased. Advice is advice and should remain neutral.
3. Advice is to help, not to get 5s on every answer. As a result, my advice ends up being quite blunt and frank with a hint of rambling mixed in.

If you have general questions on the topics I can be a lot of help in (as listed above), most likely, they will be in my FORUM

If it is not, you can inbox me to request me to put it up.

:.If you want to ask me a question directly...
a)if it is not urgent and can wait a week or so, inbox me.
b)if it is an urgent question such as "I'm being eaten by a shark! What do I do???" first of all, I'm quite amazed that you can type while being eaten and second of all, e-mail me at cancel.life@gmail.com. I will answer you by midnight of that day (or if it's 11:55PM, probably by 3PM the following day).


14/f. Sorry if this is a bit long. I have a group of 5 friends; we sit together at lunch, hang out on weekends, blah blah. Now, theres this girl, 'Jill', who thinks she is the 6th member of our group. We'd be happy to be friends with her, but shes so freaking annoying. She's immature, always copies us, invites herself places.. One time she just showed up at the mall when she heard about it, even though we didn't invite her at all.

The 5 of us try to ignore her, hoping she'll get the message, yet she still sits with us, walks with us, etc. The only problem is, I feel really bad. I think she knows that she is always being excluded in our plans, and she's obviously really upset. She has no other friends besides us.

The question is, should we keep being friends with her? I don't think it's fair to let Jill think her friends are us, when really all we do is talk about her meanly behind her back with eachother. Or should we just be nice and let her sit with us and stuff? She's SO annoying.

Hmmm, well I suggest you introduce her to a new group of friends and dump her on them...


(Rating: 4) Heh, not exactaly the nicest thing, but alright =]

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