My name is Datedoctor343 if you want 2 talk im always here my specialties are the following(dateing,love,personal help,ect.) my services are free and if you live in the according area of Jackson Tn. we can arrange meetings oh im limited to helping 45 years and under!! peace



Well, I just recently talked to my first boy friend from like 2nd grade and we technically didn't call each other that but ...we were. Well, his name is Andrew and he's a nice guy. Well, I really have a big crush on him now...even though we just started talking on Sunday. Well, today I asked him if he had a girl friend he said " No". I was nervous to ask him ..but he made me . Well, I told him that I didn't have one and he said " Cool". Well I told him I liked him and he said " Oh, we don't even know each other much". I told him that I knew that and I think we should be friends for now until we get to know each other and than we can go out or something and he said that sounded good. So, I was wondering if we would eventually go out. We have A LOT in common. It surprised me how much. Well, I asked him if he remembers much from when we were young and he said " yaaa , kinda". Well if he did he should of remembered that we almost kissed...but lol his mom ruined the moment...she opend the door soon as his face was up to mine. We had so much fun together...so do you think he'll eventually remember all that stuff? Do you think we could go out ? What should I do to keep patient?


Oh, and I'll rate fair!

Hey I'm Date doctor this is my speacilality so i think you shouldnt dwell in the past guys dont listen nore recall most things they have done so take it slow if you dont date move on if he likes you he'll fight for you so keep in pateints and wait for him or move on you see it will all fall in place


why is sex so big of a thing to people like 16 days from my 16th b-day i lost my virginity and so the people that ive talked to before i had sex said that it was a big thing and once i did it wasnt much to me so really why do people make such a big deal about sex?

The real reason is because most teens like u and i are inmature but u and i understand what it really is not what we see in the movies but these younger and most older people think it makes you more of a woman or man this is the real reason this is a big deal to most teens like us. Hope I helped

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