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OK my boyfriend just dumped me yesterday and eh used the line, "I love you, but i don't want a girlfriend right now." Has anyone gotten that one before? If any boys see this what does it actually mean? is it just a nice way to dump me becuase how can you *love* someone but not wanan go out with them? (link)
i dont use it but i have had it used on me (i know what it means tho) it eather means
1# he has things he has to handle
2# his parents sayed he cant see you
3# he dosent know if hes ready to be with someone
4# its a nice way of breaking up with you
well thats all i know so i hope i helped
please rate me

hi. erf.. i cut myself and i wanted to know if there is any thing to make u stop/get ur mind off of it?? i heard that snapping rubberbands help.. but it isn't working.. help (link)
just calm down and think about whats wrong cutting your self may sound like its the only way to go because i used to cut and you think that its the only pain you can controle well its not but it helps anyway so just get your mind off of it and do something els like punching a pellow or yelling in to it but dont cut its bad for you and it only makes your butieful skin look bad
hope i helped buy

I have this friend (lets call her amy) and she always gets mad at me for nothing and I dont no what to do because we do a lot of stuff together but with her I cant say the wrong this or shell FLIP i dont wanna say like stuff to make her even more mad .. Sometimes I dont even think she is my friend because she takes it ALL OUT ON ME. What should I do ? HELP!!
--confused (link)
leave her she has no wright to take all of he anger out on you so if i where you i would say see ya
hope i helped

I have a boyfriend and he's really sweet, but he dosen't live near me really.There's this other guy who goes to my church & today I told him I liked him & he likes me.I'm going to tell my b/f that I really don't feel a connection between us but I feel really bad about it.And when I found out he liked me, he wrote my name in a heart on his arm...& now I'm going to break up with him!¿!
What's wrong with me!¿!Plus my friend told me to trust my gut not my heart because your gut is a gift from God. But I'm having Second thoughts.Did I do the right thing¿¿¿ (link)
well its your choice but if i where you i would go with the first guy cuz he was with you first and you need to be with your first love unless thair is a good reason( having feelings for some outher guy isent right)
well hope i helped

I am thirteen and I have lots of friends at school but my best friend is scared to spend the night at my house. In order to try to get her to, I have to either pay her money or give her my most valuable possesion. It's really gay. If she spends the night at my house, she has to have another friend come WITH her and she picks people that I hate to come so she's never been over to my house! How can I get her to spend the night at my house without having to bribe or pay her? HELP!!! ASAP!!! (link)
im sorry to say this but you may not whant to have her over if she dosent whant to come over willingly then shes just trying to get something from u and shes also being a b!@&^ by bring people over that your hate

i have a tooth in my mouth that is loose and when i wiggle it and smell my finger, it stinks. kinda embarrassing. IS THIS NORMAL? (link)
its your spit that smell it always dose dont worrie its perficlty normal
hope i helped

my friend alyssa was seeing this guy ryan but they broke up bc she cheated on him. shes in love with this new guy tai they went out brok eup but shes still hooked on him. alyssa doesnt liek ryan any more and says she doesnt care if her friends like him but i feel likeid be betraying her if i did.. me and ryan have been talkin for a few weeks now. just online and on the phone and were making plans to hang out & stuff.. hes such a great guy and has the best personality. do you think its wrong that ryan & i are hanging out and talking??? me and alyssa have been friends for 4 years but she says its ok..i think shes too wrapped up with tai right now but.. i dont want to ruin our friendship at all... what do you advise..??

-kristi (link)
hey their is nouthing wrong with you liking her ex just follow your hart and if you think it is with ryan then be with him if not then dont its what you think and dont worrie if u truely care about him then thats all that matters

iz ther a certain wayy to makeout? like how DO you makeout?! someone said to bit they guys lip or like stick their tongue ACTUALLY down their throt? im sooooooooo stuuuck! (link)
just got with it, it will come natural just do what hes doin and go with it.
hope i helped

how do get evil little brothers to stop bothering you????????????? and i mean these kids are EVIL!!!!! one thinks hes ghetto and the other is a punk wannabe... and the scream and shout and break things and bother us (older sister and best friend) wow they are driving us insane... HELP!!!!!!!!! (link)
RITALIN!!!!! lol im joking that only works on saine kids but i think you should just tell him that their are ghosts that will come after him if he dose anything bad

ok so, what do you do if you're stuck in this situation:

your dad had an affair for 3 years .. without telling your mom or you or your brothers

sounds bad enough, right?

well .. he's still with the whore and expects me and my brothers to warm up to her... be nice to her .. accept her into the family and what not. oh right, and to add to that: she has a 2 1/2 year old son who is annoying as hell.

she comes with us on vacations, and i know my dad spends the money ...that he needs to 'save' before we're able to buy a BASKETBALL HOOP? ... on her

thats not right.. and i've tried having those long serious chats with him. he thinks i'm just doing what my mother does ... hating her for no reason. she screwed over my whole life, why shouldn't i hate her? ...what should i do? and don't say i should try to like her .. cause thats not happening .. other than that i'm up for any ideas

helllp me (link)
i dont blame you for not warming up to her i know how u feel because my mom did the same thing to my dad so when she comes over and that just make her and her sons lives miserable sooner or laer she will eather leave you alone or your dad will start talkin to you about it and then he will half to listen so just get his atention ok
hope i helped

Im going to get a root canal in about a few weeks and im REALLY terrified and scared!! I just went to the dentist today and they drilled my teeth, gave me 2 shots, put a dam on my mouth and pulled out the NERVES! The worst part was the dam adn the shots. Anyways I just want to know waht a root canal feels like and if it hurts on 1 - 10 and if you know any sites that tells about them. Please if you have had a root canal answer if you havent dont because I dont want the wrong information. (link)
yes it herts like a 8 but if you need 1 its worth it i had to get 1 cuz i broke my 2 front teath but it only herts like for 2-3 days and then its gone now they pain will kill for thos days dont get me wrong but it will stop and you wont feel it after its over
so i hope i helped and good luck
i hope you feel better when its over

do long distance relationships ever work if u see eachother lik every other month or so? bc i lik this guy and he likes me but he lives a state away were both dedicated but still...wat do u think? (link)
if you care about each outher thats all that maters just stick with it and when ever you get old enough that you whant to move in with each outher do it but you half to be total commited because this is mager and if you truely care about eachouther than you will wate and be their for eachouther when the time comes ok
well i hope i helped
good luck and good bye

i'm 13/f and i skateboard but like no other s in my school do... besides like this 6th grader, but thats it. and i wear "punk" cloths i guess, like skateboarding shoes and element shirts and hoodies and dickies skateboarding pants, but idk if thats like a turn off for guys that skateboard cuse thats kinda how they dress... i'm not like a tom-boy, god no, but i feel kind of weird around guys that are wearing the same stuff as me, if u know what i mean. help please!! thanks so much (link)
hey i skate bord and its cool if you weir cloths like that (i dont because i cant afford them) but you dont half to just do what you do and show them that your one of them and hey they will get to know you just remember skatebordings a very friendly sport and if u just talk to the guys they will talk back so dont worrie about wearing what they weair just do what you whant skatebording is about being free to do what you whant to
well hope i helped
l8er and sk8 on

ok so i have this friend... say "brittany" and she is very depressed and every litle thing makes her feel lke.. idk sad? depressed? emo? idk but its creeping me out.. i knwo we all go through this but she has it worse then most of my buddies... is there anything i can do to help her? ps.. ive already talked to her about it and that seems to help a little but not as much as i want to help her...
thanx!!!! 13/f (link)
well just keep doin what your doin if its helping than keep it up because she needs your help but also give her space because she needs to handle it
i hope i helped
good luck with your friend

hey um this is kind of awkward, but i'm 14 going on 15 in a couple of months, and i belive i have met "the one" i've know him sience i was 2 1/2 and he wants to um finger me, and i am totally comfortable with it, but my parents arn't. should i do it behing my parents back, or listen to my parents and not do it at all, but my mom is the one whos conserned my dad doesn't care. i've haven't talked to them about it they kinda listen in my phone conversations with one of my good friends, have you ever got fingered or done it to someone? if not then how old were you when you did it, please.... im so CONFUSED! i'll rate! (link)
hey just follow your hart people can tell you what to do but its your dession im a guy and iv done it when i was 15 but hey when its your time its your time just follow your hart and you will never go wrong
well i got to go i hope i help you and just remember that u just half to follow your hart

Me and my boyfriend of a year had sex not too long ago, and we didn't use protection. He said he didn't cum or even pre-cum but I don't think he is a hundred percent sure. Is there a possibility I could be pregnant? What are the signs of being pregnant? I really don't want to be pregnant I am only thirteen! Where are good places to get protection. Oh, and we didn't have sex for long! It only last a minute because we were really worried! (link)
no offence but at the age of 13 you shouldent be having sex but ok if u dont think he is sure then contact a doctar they can check you without your parents knowing and also there is a posibility that you could be pregnant some of the signs are mood swings and buldging stomach and stomach pain
also a good place to go for protection is the pharmacy well hope i helped

How mych money do u get paid for babysitting a couple of littel kids for about 3-5 hours?
depends on the people your babysitting for
hope i helped
(ask for a raise)

Someone told me that dieting wont help you lose weight. IF i eat a salad for lunch everyday, will i lose weight? OR do i have to do other stuff too? (link)
dieting dosent help all it dose is cause you to gain weight cuz it stores fat and aslo dont worrie about it cuz all you half to do is eat less and work out and you will loose weight but its not always good to loose tomuch weight because if you do you wont be able to walk or run or anytheing just talk to a physition and they will help

if you had the opportunity to have sex with someone you weren't dating but have hooked up with a lot over the past few months would you? i guess im just wondering because everyone says sex is supposed to be a "special" thing you share with someone you love. I think i'm ready but i'm not even dating the guy let alone love him-so if i think he is the right guy to have sex with is he worth the risk? My friend told me, "if you like him don't do it, if you don't like him then go for it"

also on a side note-if you were my friend would you lose respect for me if i made the decision to have sex?

thanks a lot yall :) (link)
well if i was your friend i wouldent loose respect but i would feel kinda weird cuz if u are gonna have sex with some1 then you schould love him first well thats all i half to say bye

I have a friend. We've been bestfriends for 3 years now. Well lately, we haven't been talking to eachother. She found some new friends, as have I. But I mean, once in a while, we'll talk. But, she's become this total slut. Seriously. She'll makeout with any guy (no matter the age). Plus she cheats on her boyfriend. She also tells everyone that she's gotten drunk/high/fingered/given a blowjob/given a handjob/had sex. Which is so not ture! But everyone at school is thinking she's a whore. I know she doesn't do it. But I have a feeling that she might, someday. She's only 12. But, she does all these crazy things with boys. No one likes her anymore. (link)
talk to her first of all maby she cant see whats shes doing so you should tell her that what she is doing can get her hert or worse
so if that dosent work try to talk to her parents to get them to handle it because she needs your help now if shes gonna be like that
i hope i helped thank u bye

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