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i an studying in +2 non medical
after my +2 i want to do something related to chemistry so what are the best courses available which best colleges are available please help i am from India

That could be tricky to answer on here. Have you tried to google anything? Does your school have a guidance counsellor who can point you into the right direction? Try asking one of your teachers as well. They are better fit to answer this question :)
Good luck!
I'm sure you'll have a ton of options to pick from!


What is a good site for cute girl locker things


They have some really cute things. Nothing really for lockers specifically, but you can always get creative with their things!

I also really like Staples. They usually have a good variety of things to choose from :)



What are good ways to detroy my enemy/make her jealous?

Sometimes the best revenge is to do nothing at all. Once they see that you could care less about them, that'll irritate them more than actually wasting your energy on trying to "destroy" them.


so im a sophomore in high school this year. I'm not really popular, and like all of my friends that i know have a different lunch period than me...and i dont want to be sitting alone. And it's hard to make new friends at me school, it really is. And alot of people are going to know each other during the lunch period that i'm in..but im going to not like anyone....!


I know how you feel. Don't stress about it. Im sure theres going to be people without friends during your lunch period. Try approaching them. Also, don't be afraid to chat up some people in some of your classes, some of them may have the same lunch as you!

If not, use that time to work on some extra homework or get ahead on some assignmets. Keep yourself busy :)

It can be tough, but you'll make it through. Don't worry.


I'm only a freshman but I've been thinking about class colors, song, and that kind of stuff since graduation is comming up and I'm seeing all of the seniors enjoy everything.

The Seniors class song is, "Dancing in the moonlight" by King Harvest. I'm really jealous of their song, it's a feel good kind of song but it also is sad when it comes to graduation. So any ideas for our class song? Something just as good if not better as Dancing in the Moonlight? I was hoping for something not too new, not something that plays on the radio every day. I want a song we'll all remember 20 years from now and say wow, what a good song.

I thought maybe "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey but I wish I could think of something better..


I was thinking about this stuff too.
I really like "The Adventure" by Angels and Airwaves. I think that'd be a neat grad song.


Ok im in 7th grade (13/f) and i cant do fractions. i mean like 4th grade stuff. and iv told my math teacher and he makes no attempt to help. well now im in Gate way to Tech. and i thought it would be about..well tech. and it ends up being about fractions and measurement.(and i cant do that) and he keeps trying to make me get the point. but all hes doing is makeing me feel stupid cause he says the stuff in front of my friends, when he knows i dont get it. then today in class he was trying again and this time i broke. i started tearing up and he just kept going. and by then like everyone in class was looking. and my friends were like are you ok and he was like she needs to learn this. and then when he was done. i was like almost sobbing. but the tears were just rolling. and i was like can i go to the bathroom. and he let me. but this teacher doesnt get it. he doesnt know my past with learning. he doesnt get that i can only push myself so far. then my english teacher say i was crying and was like you need to get this math down blah blah blah. so she was going to call my mom and tell her about it when its not her concern. when i push myself too far i get panic attacks. like 3-7 a day. and i just got over that.
so please help. what do i do?

You're teacher obviously needs a reality check and a smack in the face. He is suppose to be HELPING you, not making you feel stupid. Try enlisting help from someone else. Maybe a teacher that you feel comfortable with? It doesn't have to be another math teacher. Some teachers are glad to help even if it is not their subject. Check and see if there are any math help programs in your school and attend those sessions, if not see if you can get a tutor.

I've seen/am friends with students that are like you and they all share the same frustration and teachers today forget that it is our parents tax money that gives them a paycheck so they need to get their attitudes and shove it out the door. Talk to your parents about it. In the meantime, just do your best, thats all that can be done. Ask some friends for help.

Don't be ashamed. I have problems with fractions too, their scary! Lol.

Good luck.


There's this guy in my gym class who's really flexible than most guys because his mom forced him to take gymnastics when he was realy little. And for gym every morning we do these stretching excercies and these guys always tease him saying that a guy that can do that (bend down to teach his toes and wrap his arms around his legs) can have kids.

I want to tell them to leave him alone because he's a really nice guy! Why does everyone always hate the NICE guy?

And yeah I techniquely have two problems:
1. I don't want it to seem that I LIKE LIKE him by defending him.
2. They're the mean guys that would hit a girl and i am VERY weak and bruise easily!

Thank you so much! Please respond soon! I don't know how much more he can take of this or even I can take of this! he always defends others but he's not defending himself this time...

Find a weakness in one of these "bullies" and exploit him. If you can make one back down, then they'll all back off. Find a way to make this "flexible" boy seem more superior to them.
Ex: "Well maybe you could do that [stretch] too if you lost a few pounds!"


Instead of insulting back, compliment this boy and tell him you think it's really cool that he can do that sort of stuff. Get some of your other girl friends (or any friends) in your class to compliment him to. If those jerks see that they're the only ones thinking like that and no one cares what they have to say, they'll stop.


I am a freshman at the highschool and exams are in a couple of weeks. And they are a really big deal. And I am freaking out about them cause i don't do good on tests. Any advice on how to make me calm down and do good on the tests?

I always freak out on tests, just the anxiety of it all. For me, I think of it as just another assignment the teacher has given me. You don't really panic with assignments so think of the test as another assignment.

Also study as much as you can, if you feel comfortable with what've you studied then you shouldn't be as nervous.

Good luck.
it's not as bad as it seems.

Don't forget to ask your teacher if you do not understand stuff.


I have never been made fun of or anything before in my life, cause I`ve never done anything to give anyone a reason to be mean to me. On Monday, I just sat where I did every day like all the other days and these other guys sat back there too. I was sitting with my best friend & they were saying how 'hot' she was and then they just randomly started making fun of me. They went on for about fifteen minutes about how ugly I was and everytime I`d turn around they would yell, "OH MY GOD! Ew!" I got off a stop early with my friend and just sat there and cried for about ten minutes. For some reason, this bothered me more than anything anyone has ever said to me. I haven`t really been happy since Monday and I stopped riding the bus. Is there something I can do to get over this? Or is there some way to just forget about it or something?

Guys can be real ASSHOLES. I know how that would hurt because it's like really random and came out of no where. I know it hurts but don't let it get to you. Those guys are just insecure with themselves and who gives a shit about what they think? Just keep going on and show them that you really don't care, or even surprise them with a comeback insulting them ;) They wouldn't see that one coming!

Don't let it bother you.
Guys are jerks, but usually the meaner they are the more uncomfortable they are with themselves.


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