Hey there! I'm Carey. I'd love to hear from you so don't hesitate to ask me anything! I'll reply to you the best way I can. Feel free to even send me an email!



14f ok so.. well whenever I get the chance I love to make guys nervous or well idk. If they ask me who i like ill say you because I want see their reaction. Or Ill say hey sexy or baby or names that probably seem like it would come from their girlfriend. Or sometimes depending on who ill sit down next to a guy stroke his thigh and say hey. But I let them know that I'm just kidding. I guess I dont have a problem but I just want to know what people think of this. Like should I stop since I dont even like like them or just as long as they know Im playing then its okay?

Its okay to have fun doing that once in a while but you have to watch and respect the feelings of those guys. You don't want to hurt them. Plus if you're ALWAYS doing that people may get the impression that your "easy", a "slut" or "needy". So just watch not to go to over the top.


Okay, so I am 5'5 and I weight 175 pounds. I've got muscle...so I am not saying that I am fat at all. My prom is coming up on April 26th of this year. I was wondering if I walk every night....a mile...and since my calorie consumption averages about 1000 calories a day...would I be able to trim up about 15 pounds for my prom dress? It fits and everything..I just want to trim up a little bit.

It should work if you really feel motivated to. Also try other exercizes to do to trim up other area's of your body.
Good luck :)


I wrote earlier that my boyfriend and I recently broke up and that we were still good friends but I couldn't handle it very well.
The thing that is upseting me the most is that I know what I need to change in order to make this better but I don't know how to change it.
I know he misses me but I always have this feeling in the back of my head that he doesn't just because he isn't at home all the time mopping like me.
I feel like I want him to be miserable and that would make me feel better. i feel so bad for thinking this though because it is so selfish.
I think I think he is not upset about this because I have such a low self esteem that I think he can't be missing a b*tch like me.
I need help raising my self esteem and I don't know how. I know that if I do that this will go much easier and we will be a much better couple.

Its normal to want the person you miss to be missing you and feel the same way your feeling. But it's time to move on. Go out with the girls. Get all dressed up and go to a party. Don't waste all your energy on him.


There's this guy who I really like, and we've been flirting a lot over the last month or so, and everyone thinks that he's really into me.
Last night I had a dream that we were together (as in dating) and we were both really happy. Like we'd spend the whole day together and we were always happy. (and the dream was like in our school, so it wasn't a random place and there were my friends in the dream too)
So yeah, I'm wondering whether that could possibly mean something?
Also today, when we were hanging out between a double maths lesson (5 min break, he's in a different class) we were messing around and I was kinda pissed off cause I thought I failed my test and he was like hugging me and trying to make me laugh. Also when we said bye to each other he hugged me really tight, and we don't hug much :\

So yeah, any suggestions of what my dream could've meant?


I know how it feels to have a dream and think that it means that he does like me but sadly dreams are just our subconscience showing us what we truely want. So honestly, that dream is just you telling yourself that you really want him.

You only live once right, so why not make a move? Sounds like he might def be into you.

Make that dream become a reality.


ok so i am 22 and he is 29. I dont mind the age difference because my parents are 10 years apart and they married when mum was 25 and dad at 35... oh and they are happy! anyway... so we met through mutual friends during our dads' company dinner once. (all kids old and young are forced to go) anyway so i knew everyone was trying to set us up and all and he seemed like he liked that though so he was being very open and talkative and inquisitive. thing is i am not usually like this but i froze like hells gone blue froze!

then he kept trying to call and all after but we were having such a busy month after that with my cousins baby shower and birth (i mean she's like a sister and we were basically part of her immediate family) so i was always canceling and avoiding and stuff so i guess he took it as a hint.

a coupla months after he added me on facebook. so i just added him back as friends nothing more or less... thing is, its like he added me just to view my profile and how i interact with people and see what kind of mentality i have.... i don't know how long after he just limited his profile to me.. i did the same because i mean i gave him the chance to view who i am when on a normal day... thing is i don't feel comfortable with him there... its like a stranger on my list you know? he doesnt talk he doesn't interact in any way (i tried inviting him to causes and sending him some of the funny funwalls once in a while so as not to be one of hose people who flood your wall) but still nothing.........

i am not sure what to do... talking/messaging/posting on his wall/ or anything that involves direct communication is out of the question....
should i just delete him?

Theres more to a person than what they do on facebook. Why not try and reconnect with him offline? Get his number and give him a call or text him.

There could be several reasons to why people do what they do online, just because he doesn't respond or whatnot doesn't mean he may not be interested.

Good luck.


First and foremost let me start by saying my mom had me when she was just sixteen and in an arranged abusive marriage which had ended in two years. She was never there for me in my young years. I remember when I was in kindergarten looking out on the stage, with high hopes, searching for my mom but no one was there besides my grandparents. It just wasn't the same. I was crushed to see an empty seat. My mom would make up to anything she did to offend me by taking me out shopping or grabbing a bite to eat.

When she was in her early twenty's all she did was go clubbing. I lived with my grandparents so my mom had much freedom for a mother. She would take me out every weekend and we would go out and do something fun. For some reason I always thought of her as a sister or friend but never a mother. I still call my grandparents mom and dad because, if you think about it they really are my parents.

I guess my mom, nevertheless, is still a great mom. I mean she's always cool and calm about everything [e.g. she is okay with me being in a relationship with a boy because she has faith in me] and she's only a phone call away.

Fast forwarding a bit to present day. I currently live with my mom and I love every minute of it but for some reason, every time my mom goes out dancing, I start to get oversensitive and start crying for absolutely no reason. I feel so clingy to my mom. For example, today when my mom left for class, I started bawling as soon as she left the house. Why, all of a sudden am I being so overprotected/oversensitive towards my mom?

In your situation I think that's normal because you never really had to go through "leaving your mom" when you were younger like most little kids do.

It's just a phase and it'll pass, especially as you create a stronger bond with eachother.

I remember everytime I would talk to my mom on the phone I would always get teary eyed and choke up when we had to end the conversation and hang up. That happened well into my middle school years but it's something I grew out of.

Don't be ashamed and its not wrong to be clingy with your mom. My mom and I are best friends and it makes me really sad to see other teens have such distant relationships with their parents.


16/f im about 5'6' and i weigh like 130ish and im 100% no muscle. i would weigh alot less if i didnt have dds but is it bad for a chic to weigh this much?

Ainne is right. If your fit and healthy then it doesn't matter how much you weigh.

Everyone has muscle, it may not be super visible or toned but needless to say you do have muscle.

Weight is also distributed differently on everyone as you've identified your breasts carry most of it.

I'm 5"4 and I weigh around 140 but that doesn't mean im fat or overweight.

Don't stress about it. As long as your fit and healthy then its all good.


so this kid at my school recently died =[ i wasnt close to him, but of course its so sad. anyways, he hated this one kid, "joe" and they were major enemies and always beat eachother up. i didnt talk to "joe" either barely. recently, whenever i see "joe" at school, i recognize him so much, kind of like i dreamed of him the past few nights or something. idk if it makes sense, but it just feels like i was just with him, or just saw him recently. could this possibly be that i keep dreaming of him and just cant remember? and also in my dream, i was dating someone and we were having kids, and i kinda think that someone was maybe "joe"? but im not sure. haha any advice is appreciated thanks. 16/f

Possibly. This kinda happens to me all the time.
You could've had a dream and not remember, or maybe you saw someone on tv that looked like him and now subconciously your feeling like you've been around him?

Its hard to tell.
But eventually you'll remember/realize why lol.


ok so me and this girl have been friends for ever!
and every guy i ever liked well she got and i was left with no one ok so i hooked up with this guy and i was really liking him a lot!like i really like him! ok so today i was talking ot my friend and my friend comes up to me and was like hi babe and im like hey and shes like i got a bf and im like who and she said his name!!!!!!!!!!! i was so upset i got home and cried so its like a couple weeks later and im friends with her again(sadly) ok so im like talking to her on my space and im like Dylan wont answer his fone and shes like thats bc hes talking to me and sara im hooking them up and i was like Becca!and shes like oh i forgot you had a thing for him!

i cant stop crying now and i want to get back at her but im not that mean so what do i do??

Obviously she is to insecure to go out and find different guys on her own so she feels the need to pick out on yours.

So naturally I'm going to say talk to her about it because that's better than stooping to her level and doing something horrible back.

Next time, don't tell her who you like or who you want to be involved with then watch her struggle to keep up with what you are doing. Keep her in the dark and if she asks who you like simply say: "no one".

Good Luck. It's difficult but by keeping her in the dark she'll have to learn the hard way.


this one girl at my school is horrible. she harrases other girls and she broke onto my screen name some how and pretended she was me. the police have been to her house once when she was in 5th grade but she always gets out of things and blames other people. everyone, even boys, are scared of her. how can I stop this girl?


Well you can't really 'stop' her. Its up to her to do that if she chooses too. It sounds like she holds a lot of hostility towards people. Why not try being her friend because I'm assuming she doesn't have very many from how she acts. Maybe she was treated poorly when she was younger so shes beginning to lash out now. Show her that someone is wanting to show compassion towards her. That could be all it takes :)


does anyone know a song about either..
saying sorry
best friends drifting apart
you mean so much to me.

anything in that nature please!!
all would be great =]

End Of The Line - Christi Mac
Its also on the Cheetah Girls CD (1st soundtrack)
its really good.

"Will we be friends when we grow
old? is this the end of the line?

I hurt with you I love with you
the world just seems to get
in our way
Is this the end of the line?

Oh please don't leave me
Don't let your heart let go
We'll find a way
The journey has only begun
Is this the end of the line?
Oh yeah, oh
Is this the end of the line?
If you leave I'll follow
don't let your heart let go
We'll find a way
the journey has only begun
Is this the end of the line?
Is this the end of the line?


okay so i am like venting...but need help at the same time...so heres the deal: my mom ordered me 2 shirts from this club thing. We got them back to us like 2 or 3 weeks ago, but i just gave it to my mom a few days ago because i forgot about them, and i only got one (but i didnt know...i thought she only ordered 1) so the girl giving them back went down a list of people that got multiples, and asked them if they got everything they ordered. i didnt hear my name called and nothing was messed up with anyone else so i thought everything was good. now my mom flipped out at me because it was "my fault" and she is mad that she paid for them, and now i have to ask my club manager to re-look at my sheet...i am soooo embarrassed! i really dont want to, what if she threw them all out? ugh it was so long ago too!

Don't be embarrassed. If anything the club owner-person-lady-whomever should be embarassed because they're the ones who messed up the order.

Just go up to the person and tell her that you think your order was messed up because you realized you didn't receive what you ordered.

That kinda stuff has happened to me before so don't even stress about it. :)


Okay, 20/f. I've had my period since I was 12, and been on birth control since I was 16. A few months ago I switched from Yasmine 28 to Yaz (lower dose), and for the first month I spotted a little, then got my period, then everything was normal.
I got my period during the four day placebo cycle about two weeks ago, and now during the pill cycle, my period's showed up again.
Recently I came down with a cough, had no appetite, and lost about five or six pounds in two days. I know dramatic weight loss can have an effect on your period, but doesn't it usually make your period LATE, not come twice?
I'm also used to losing dramatic amounts of weight, as I have crohn's disease, which seems to flare up once a year. Every time I lose at least ten pounds in a very short amount of time, and my body has never done anything like this.
I'm sexually active, but very careful and have had the same partner for more than two years.
Very confused.
Any ideas?

I'm no doctor thats for sure but your situation does sound kind of serious so your best bet would be consulting your doctor especially if your losing weight rapidly.

Sorry I'm not much help.


i saw this icon that said "i spent a month there one night" and i was wondering what it means?

typing error maybe?


ok so over the summer i hung out with this guy a lot. But just as friends. So he kind of liked me more as a friend and i liked him too. But when summer ended he didn't even look at me in the halls at school. I don't really like him anymore but everytime I look at him i think of the fun times we have had together and I start liking him again. I really want to get my feelings straight. Do I like him or not? And why does he not even lok at me in the halls anymore?

I know EXACTLY how you feel.
I was best friends with this guy in 7th grade and we were super tight.
Then in grade 8+ he just kinda grew up and forgot about me. So every now and then I remember fun times with him and think I like him.

But you dont like him. A part of you still does and probably always will but not enough to pursue anything with him.

Don't worry. Your not the only one


I've been officially dating my boyfriend for about a month but we've been together for about seven. probably half of that time he was having sex with his ex girlfriend of a year and a half. I ended things twice with him, the first time hoping he would shape up and the second time I was just sick of all the drama with his ex. But he did shape up the second time and he officially was completely committed to me about 2 months ago. I'm not concerned one bit about his feelings for me. He's sometimes more romantic than me. He not only tells me he loves me and will never ever leave me, I can see he feels what he says. He's sometimes clingy and hates when I even talk to other guys. But I believe, once a cheater, always a cheater. So I check his myspace every now and then. He doesn't talk to other girls in a flirty way but he does comment their pictures saying "so cute" or "really pretty" and one time a girl asked if he had a girlfriend and he said "who cares" what should I think of this? I'm the type that likes to show I've got a boyfriend so I put some things on my myspace about him. but his profile says single and has nothing about me. although the single part is hidden so no one can see, still it worries me. I told him it bothered me that he didn't want people to know about us on his myspace and he said sorry and that he would put some thing but he hasn't. I feel like I can't trust him. He basically does whatever he wants wherever whenever because he has parents that don't really care about what he does. I don't know whether to breakup with him or just forget about it. please help!

If you can't trust him or feel very close to him then maybe it's time for you to move on. Theres other guy out there and maybe it's time for a change.

As for the myspace thing, some guys don't feel the need to post every detail of their lives online.

Guys are VERY different from girls when it comes to relationships and they think differently. You think: "I love him so much I want to tell the entire world" but for a guy, simply being alone with you or spending time with you is enough. It doesn't mean he doesn't love you.

Good Luck


i don't know what's up with me!!!

i really need help this is effecting my whole life!

i have a bad bad severe case of procrastination... and things are piling up and i do just the bare minimum to get through no one notices because even with bare minimum it always gets the job great. so no one ever notices....

but then my other problem.... i am a sleepaholic! i can't wake up... and if i do it takes me a good hour and a half to actually wake up wake up otherwise even taking care of my own self becomes a hassle.. ( i;m usually high maintenance! and this is killing me) i sleep for about 13-15 hours if i want to get up and take less the 1 1/2 hours b4 i dress.... all i want to do is sleep.... help!

Haha I think all teenagers are like this because I'm like that too. Especially now that Christmas Holidays are out and school's starting again my sleeping pattern is screwed and I'm lazy with my homework.

I think you just need to get your priorities straight and just do your assignments a little bit at a time.

Ex: A paper thats do in a week.
Take one day at a time and do one topic in your paper at a time. That way when the week is over your pretty much done. Push yourself to finish your daily limit.

As for the sleeping issue. Once you hear that alarm go off in the morning force yourself out of bed and open your curtains (if the sun is up). The sunlight will spark your brain and you'll get going faster. If you don't have sun up, set up your alarm away from your bed, that way to shut it off you have to get up.

Good luck, but hey, all teens are like this.


my best friend ever is a black boy named even and no one knows that he is my best friend on earth im afriad to tell my parents about him because they dont really like black people and i love him like my own brother please help i want to tell people about him but i dont know how please help and thanks

The situation can swing either way with your parents.
They may accept him or they may not but personally it shouldn't matter because he's your friend.

Maybe before approaching your parents, lightly ask what they think of the subject of having a colored person as your friend and see how they react.

Good Luck.
I know it can be hard but you can do it :)

They won't. Just say it was just something that you were wondering. For all they know the topic might of came to mind while you were watching tv or something.


ive never been the jealous or nagging or mad type. especially when it comes to boyfriends. ive always been the laid back girlfriend who never got attatched. and now i'm with someone i really like, and i sometimes just get mad for no reason. and then when i'm mad, i realize its for no reason and it gets me even more mad because i just wish i could go back and NOT be mad. and theres times when we spend soo much time together and i just want more. and one time recently i got mad when he went to go smoke with his bestfriend and this other girl. so me, and his bestfriends girlfriend(who is one of my bestfriends) were soo mad and flipped out. i was just jealous. but the thing is the girl they were smoking with im also friends with..so i had no reason to worry. whats happening to me! he tells me its okay, and he understands how i get mad sometimes-but i don't understand it. any ideas on how to just start being more chill..do i need to count to ten and just say "ok" or what? helllllp.


It's NORMAL to be a little jealous or worried because you really like him. It sounds like its not him your worried about its about the other girls and what they might do.

Just trust him, if he cares for you as much as you care for him and just remind yourself its not worth the effort that your putting into being angry.

Distract yourself with an activity you like to take your mind of stuff.


16 F
I've known him since 7th grade and he used to CRACK me up! So anyways we instant message each other everyday and as soon as he signs on he messages me! Awhile ago I liked him a little bit but I wouldn't tell him because I knew it was just a temporary crush. Well he speaks spanish fluently and I just take it at school. It came up so I told him I was "raw" at spanish (hahaha) and he said ok lets try. So he starts out "why are you so retarded?" (we act REALLY silly together) then "what's my name?" then "why are we just friends?" then he says "do you have a boyfriend?" I said no. Then "why not, you're pretty." Then I said I didn't know, most boys are stupid. (Hahaha no offense!) then he said "I don't have a girl either. I'm lonely, tho." Then he said bak to english!! Does it sound like he likes me? That was pretty random! And then he always wants me to pick him up and go eat! I don't kno....

Ive had similiar conversations with guys and personally I think that he's dropping hints that he likes you or has interest in you.

Ask him to hang out, or go and eat with him.
What do you have to lose right?


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