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i ALWAYS set stuff down and forget that i did, so i leave and then an hour or so later, when i realize its missing, i cant remember the last time i had it!!! (aka cell phone, schoolbooks, etc).
how can i stop doing this?!

Try and have a place for everything, and whenever you have to set it down, put it in its right spot. For example, if you're putting your school books down, put it on your desk and no where else.

If you have something that you carry around with you everywhere (like a cellphone) that is more likely to be put down more often, have a spot in each room where you'd put it. Ex: On the kitchen table, the coffee table in the living room, on your bed in your room..

That way, it'll always be in a spot you know where to find it. It could be hard to get use to in the beginning because you're use to just putting it down wherever is more convient, but if you struggle with remembering, try it :)


Ok so my friends from indiana visited me and one of them kept staring at me and calling me a stupid squirrel. And i called one of them a whore and they called me a whore. And one of them was teasing me with a card and kept throwing stuff at me. They kept poking me in the side and picking me up and stuff. And teasing me. And here is my question:
-what is a stupid squirrel mean? Because i have never heard it but my step brother said it means they are calling me retarded.
-and do they like me or something?

And they seriously hurt my feelings if it means retarded.

"Stupid Squirrel" hmm, I've never heard of that term before. It could mean "retarded" but it sounds like its just their form of teasing and joking around. If you feel that they're taking it to far, just step away from them, thats a good way to see how they really feel. If they like you or care about you at all they'll take the hint and stop, if they continue it that'll show that they just like to be asses.

Don't take it to personally.
Some people just reality checks sometimes.


Okay, it's a hip hop song, janet jackson sings it it says 'hot' at about 30 seconds in. its NOT So Excited.

thanks to all that can help!!

Try "Feedback".
I'm not positive though.


hey my eyeliner always smears like within an hour after i put it on for some reason... without even touching it AT ALL.

i dont have oily skin under my eyes and ive tried putting on powder underneath and over the eyeliner, and ive tried a lot of different kinds of eyeliners.

how do i prevent it from smearing??? is ther any type of eyeliner that i can buy that wont smear at all whatsoever????? thanks!!

That happens to me sometimes, but I started using waterproof eyeliner and it hasn't smeared at all.
Could try that ;)


I'm the shortest girl in my grade im 4'8 and people make fun of me because i need to be in a booster seat i really need some tips on ways top grow fast

Hate to break it to you, but theres no way to grow fast. It all in your genetic makeup. Don't listen to those fools. They're just too bored and cant find anything else to do but pick on you. If you show them you don't care about what they say, then they'll get over it.


i have oily skin. and i wear foundation EVERYDAY. and the foundation comes right off when ever i sweat.

1 is there such thing as a product that will not come off on your face when you are sweating?

i hate it. its a waste of foundation money!

2 what do you use to make foundation stay. and also your favorite foundation brand.

pictures please.

There are products out there called primers. You apply it to your skin before your foundation. It makes the application process easier and you're make stays on longer.

I use Smashbox Photo Finish. It's a little on the pricey side, but there are more affordable ones on the market. If you're desperate for something along these lines, they are definetly worth the investment! :)


I'm 13 and i pop my fingers. I really want to stop, but my finger get stiff. Is it really unhealthy to pop them? And is there a way to stop? Please help? I don't want to be old and in pain all the time!

Try just stretching or rotating your fingers in a different motion. I see a lot of people do it. I don't think its unhealthy but some people get bigger knuckles by doing that (I could be wrong haha).


Does the "Sasktel" network use sim cards? Because I have been on this network for a while and I have not noticed any sim cards inside the phone.
What would they be using?
Would GSM networks have anything to do with it?

They could just be using you're phones built in memory? Call your provider and ask, they are the best ones to help with your questions.



so im a sophomore in high school this year. I'm not really popular, and like all of my friends that i know have a different lunch period than me...and i dont want to be sitting alone. And it's hard to make new friends at me school, it really is. And alot of people are going to know each other during the lunch period that i'm in..but im going to not like anyone....!


I know how you feel. Don't stress about it. Im sure theres going to be people without friends during your lunch period. Try approaching them. Also, don't be afraid to chat up some people in some of your classes, some of them may have the same lunch as you!

If not, use that time to work on some extra homework or get ahead on some assignmets. Keep yourself busy :)

It can be tough, but you'll make it through. Don't worry.


I dye my hair by the box. My hair is a natural Dirty Blond. However, whenever I dye my hair..after about two weeks the color starts fading to a reddish color. ALWAYS. No matter which color I try to dye it. Its happened with Blond, Brown, Black, any color, you name it, it'll turn red after a little while. What can I do to make it not turn red?

Try using products that help preserve your hair color. Here are some examples:

"Pantene’s Color Revival: An excellent line of products at relatively low prices, this line includes mousse and a wonderfully fragranced leave-in conditioner.

Paul Mitchell Super Strong: Contains sunblock to prevent UV damage.

Aveda Color Conserve: Also contains UV blockers. 100% organic.

L’Oreal VIVE Color-Care: Helps hair retain more color. The Color-Care Masque is especially good - It only takes a minute and it makes hair smooth and shiny. "

I took those from the following site, have a click and see what else they have to say! :)



My boyfriend and i have been together almost a year now...he is a senior in high school and he graduates in january and then we are supposed to move in together...well my problem is, he goes to school everyday and after school he works, so i dont see him all week until friday. during the summer i saw him everyday and i got used to being around him...Its making me depressed because i miss him so much. i have four months until he graduates but each day is going by so slowly...what can i do? how can i not be so sad???

Focus on school and hanging out with your friends. Just remember hes your boyfriend and he loves you. He'll make it a priority to spend time with you. Just have fun. You're 16, do what you want to do while you can, especially if you're planning on moving in with him.

Time goes by fast, im sure you'll see a lot more of him than you think ;)


I'd like to have a sweet sixteen party. I turn sixteen in september, but I don't know what to do. I have a lot of friends, and I'd feel terrible if I left anyone out, so I would invite mass people most likely. My house isn't big enough to do that, and I can't spend a lot of money. Please help!

What's always best if you can't have people in your house is to hold it in a public place like a park. That way you can invite everyone and they can come and go as they please. Afterwards you could then bring over a few people that you're close with to hang out afterwards if you want to.

A sweet sixteen isn't about how much money you spend on it but about the people you share it with. :)

Good luck!


How do you stop pretending that you're happy all the time? Because I really just can't.

First off, it's normal to not feel happy. I myself have had those time periods where it feels like things just arent right, and you wonder why you're always putting on a happy face for everyone else when you truely arent happy.

We naturally do this because we don't want everyone to know our problems, and it feels like when we feel upset or look sad in public we become vulnerable to the world and people begin to question us and make us feel uncomfortable.

If you're upset, be upset. Close your bedroom door, listen to some music that helps you figure out what your feeling that way. Let out some anger by working out, or cry if you want to! Its okay! If you're not into being alone, find a friend or a parent to talk to. It's okay to feel the way your feeling.

Sometimes pretending to happy is part of the process to becoming happy. Just don't be afraid to be upset. When you have a quiet moment to yourself, just let it all out :)


in your personal experience, do you think thaat concealer sticks work?

if not, what works the best?
any recommendation would be great.
thanks gracias =]

I use a concealer stick to cover up pimples that my normal liquid concealer can't hide.

I buy a shade thats one or two shades lighter than my skin and dab a little bit on my blemish and it conceals it, also works with same with acne scars. :)


i rented cloverfield the other day, and at the end, the guy was like oh were almost out of tape. so i dont get it, what happened with the monster and everything??

The movie ends with the monster still attacking. The point is to still question whether they are alive in the rubble, or not.

Sucky ending but hey, can't win em all!


Okay I'm 15 years old. I've had my period since I was 13. It has ALWAYS been regular, I would get it every month around the 17th. But this past March I stopped getting my period. I AM NOT SEXUALLY ACTIVE at all. Im a little concerned because I saw on Tyra last night that this girl stopped getting her period for a couple monthes & it turned out she had a brain tumor? So if you ever had this happen to you.. or if you have any advice please let me know. Thanks so much!

Consult your doctor.
It may not be anything serious because your body is still changing and adjusting, so even though you've been regular your body can't always work perfectly. But just to be on the safe side.


Last November I did some really stupid stuff and ended up becoming more than friends with another girl. And even though I'm married, she & I dated and later on started having sex. My wife found out a few months ago and gave me some time to make up my mind about who I want in my life. (She was only so forgiving because she didn't want to freak out our kids & all, you know.) And I've decided. But I feel so dirty. I don't know how to go back to the love of my life after making such an idiot of myself. How can I even pretend I deserve her. Will counseling help me feel "clean" again? I want to just tear off my skin.

Time is key. It's impossible to get over things overnight. You cheated and its over, maybe you still have feelings for this other girl subconsciencely? Counselling could be your answer. Maybe you feel like you haven't told your wife everything you should? Sometimes when you harbor a secret like that for a while, letting it out is best, but sometimes there are parts of that secret you change so the damage may not be as bad compaired to the entire full truth..considered that?

Those wounds will heal, but like I said before: Time.


okay well we are having our end of the year 8th grade dance before our middle school graduation on monday and... i still dont have a dress! im really stressing and i was wondering if anyone has any links to some really good dress stores AND links to the actual dresses. i'd like something yellow maybe, but i dont really care too much about the color. i have a pretty tight budget [nothing over $60-70]. so please answer ASAP!!! thanks in advance!

I dont have anything specific to give to use, but keep in mind its a dance, and you want to be comfortable enough to dance in and have fun. It'll be hot, and if there is food and drinks you may be running the risk of ruining an expensive dress. I know this time of year some regular stores have nice day/summertime dresses for really cheap. You should consider one of those cute dresses, that way if it gets ruined then its no biggie, also those dresses tend to be more light and easy on your body vs something expensive thats tied up to your waist.

Good Luck :D
(Take a walk to the mall, look at some of those regular stores you go to, you may be surprised at what you find for really cheap!)


Iam 19 years old and my mom won't let me get a job becouse i have a learning disablity i know that's the reason becouse she let my sisters get jobs why won't she let me?

If you don't have to work, then don't worry about it. You have your ENTIRE life to work, why waste your time doing it now? If you really want one, try and prove to her that you can take on that responsibility by doing stuff like chores, or things out of your regular duties at home without having to be asked. If she sees you can put the extra effort in at home, then maybe she might reconsider.


so, my friend, N, and i got together last night and we drank a little. i had 1 and a half beers, and she has two water bottles full of wine. she was drunk off her ass and i was still sober as hell. so we wanted to go on a walk to smoke a few but she got really tired and sick and threw up. then she fell asleep. so i went on a walk alone. (keep in mind this is at like, 12-12:30) and i was on the phone with my boyfriend, M. well M kept saying that he wouldnt mind walking to N's house so we could all hang out and stuff. M lives like 5 mins away, so yeah.

well im walking around alone on the phone and stuff? and so im paranoid. so eventually he convinces me to let him walk up. and in about 10 minutes he and i are smoking in the middle of the street, hanging out and stuff. well, then his brother calls and says that his parents know hes out. so M runs on home. his mom called my mom at 2am and tells her we went on a walk and hung out in the middle of the night. my mom called N's mom and N's mom bitched us out this morning.

i came on home, and surprisingly im not in any trouble at all. i was just warned about what would have happened and stuff. (my parents only know about the walk, they dunno about the smoking and drinking. neither do N's parents or M's parents) N feels like shes about to get bitched out bigtime since i left, and M is grounded for a month. he cant get on the computer, he cant talk on the phone, he cant even sleep in his room! he has to sleep in his MOTHER'S BATHROOM in a beanbag chair!

i feel terrible about all of this! hes in so much trouble and im in NONE and basically the only way im suffering from this is not being able to see M. is this really my fault? what should i do?

You shouldn't feel guilty.
Everyones parents react differently and give different punishments. Some are fair and some aren't, just part of life.

Things will go back to normal soon, as long as you all have learnt from your mistakes, thats all that matters.


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