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I'm on the JV girl high school basketball team & we have a summer camp for boys & girls. We have practice basketball practice everyday and we have to exercise in the morning. After that we go into the locker room and take showers, get dressed. I was the last one there and after showering I was standing naked in front of the mirror (this was in the girls locker room, obviously) brushing my hair (otherwise I get really bad knots, but anyway, its not important). My male gym teacher was locking up the locker rooms and he came in to see if anyone was still in the girls room. So....I was totally naked, without a towel or anything and I spun around to face him when I heard someone come in. I didn't even cover myself up with my hands and I'm pretty developed (I'm 17). I just kept apoligzing for like, a minute, I don't even know why and he said it was fine, don't worry, but he didn't look away and I ran into a stall. My friend told me to act like nothing happened. So, we had gym and I tried not to act weird but when I saw my teacher he winked at me and looked my up and down. He kind of gave me this look, like he liked what he saw? I also caught him staring at my chest while running. I don't know, but I'm absolutely mortified and embarrassed. I feel kind of nervous and ashamed, I honestly feel like crying I don't know what to do! Can anyone, please please give me some advice, because I'm so confused right now and I don't now how to face him again!

What happened was not your fault at all, so do not feel ashamed or embarrassed. After all it is a girls locker room, you have every right to feel comfortable. If anything he should feel embarrassed. He should have knocked or called out for anyone before entering. If he is making you feel uncomfortable because of what happened and he is being inappropriate with winking and staring, you should approach another teacher or a parent about it. Or, you can approach him and tell him to stop. He can lose his job for treating you this way.

Don't let him make you feel this way, it's not your fault.



18/F Australia

My bf and I were playing in bed and were naked. He was rubbing his penis against my vagina, and I was wet, he came and it felt like cum seeped down toward my opening. Im a virgin and he didnt go inside me at all. Advice please?

Doubtful that you'd be pregnant. It takes a lot of sperm to work it's way to your egg to "fertilize" you. The vagina is actually slightly toxic to sperm because it's a foreign substance to your body, so naturally the vagina will try to flush it out. Chances are that even if some manage to get inside of you, it wouldn't have travelled far :) especially since he hasn't been inside you, you shouldn't stress!



hey thx for answering my question about me having sex with bf n my periods r not here yet even though we used protection ... rll helpful ... ya i changed my routine completely ... i have recently started exercising aggressively ... n started this diet ... with that .. i have been sleeping rll late n wake up rll early n sth sleep in the afternoon .. so my sleeping pattern is all messed up .. could that be a reason for the delay?

Very well could be! Your body is taking in different kinds of nutrients with your diet, and the extra exercising is a new strain on the body as well. Make sure to take a daily vitamin for your body to maintain a healthy balance of vitamins, it really helps to regulate everything. But like I said, if it doesn't show, do take a trip to the doctor. May not have anything to do with being pregnant!



Hi i recently had sex with my bf but we used protection n were very careful ... but the thing is .. we had sex when my periods were due ... but they have come yet ... which freaked me out so i started doing aggressive exercise ... like running and with a personal trainer n still the periods r not here yet .. i dont have any breast pain nor do i feel sick ... we talked bout it but he said that nothing happened ... n i know the more stress i take the likely it will get postpones and hence m trying to stay cool bout it .. but i still need ur advice .. wat do u think? it has been about 10 days since the last time i had sex .. pls help

Doesn't sound like you'd be pregnant, especially if you used protections and you have no symptoms. Chances are you're stressed about it. Have you had any other changes in your routines and habits? Best bet is to take a pregnancy test if it still doesn't show in the next week. If its negative, and no period, then go check with your doctor.

Just relax and I'm sure mother nature will grant you your flow soon :)



Ok, so my mom says that my boyfriend and I are a two people relationship. Which is true. But my boyfriend's sister 15s are coming up and she's going to a LMFAO concert and I would like to go. So that would be the three of us plus one more person, a friend of hers. My mom has made it clear in the past that she advices against me going with my boyfriend and his sister. Should I pass up going?

If you were invited to go with them then go! It's a good way to bond with his sister if he is important to you. And if he is encouraging you to join them then chances are he wants you to get to know his family :)

You're mom is right that you are two people in a relationship. Sometimes there are things you don't need to be part of with him. But in this case, if the invitation has been offered, then don't pass it up!



I've heard of at least five girls that claim they will not go swimming unless they are wearing a tampon. I'm just wondering why, because I swim while wearing a pad all the time. Is there something I'm unaware of?

It can get messy. Pads are made to absorb only so much fluid, so when it's under water, it'll be too full of water to absorb your period.

If you've never experienced any problems with pads while swimming then that's fine! Do what's comfortable for you, but just keep this in mind to avoid any potentially embarrassing moments :)



19/F - good girl, Christ follower, never dated anyone.

This guy I've known for 3 years is 22. He loves Jesus - which is SUPER attractive, wants to be a pastor etc. I really like him, but the question is, does he like me? Tell me what you think.

Background info: he's super popular, has a lot of friends, is very honoring to his mom and other girls.

I saw him last week (i go to school a few hours away) and took pictures for an event he put on. we talk a lot, he tickles me (never seen him do that to others), he jokes about hooking me up with one of his good friends because we both want to move to Chicago, texts me when I leave and tells me he is thankful for coming and i should transfer to his school, or hang with them more.

I see him the next day at something him and friends are preaching at. I head out early and I make eye contact with him. He walks me out and to my car. Hugs me 3 times in a span of 5 minutes. Asks me if we are going to dance at a wedding coming up, asks me what color i'm wearing to it, we talk about other stuff, he texts me that night and says, "im so grateful you came, can't tell you enough".

Also, we interact on Facebook, twitter, or instagram at least 4 or 5 times a week - (he will like a status, comment or something)

Am i reading too much into this? or does this kid like me?! or interested? how can i tell!?! whatcha think?

Sounds to me like he is interested. If he wasn't he wouldn't take the time out of his days to always be in contact with you. Bonus that he treats the women in his life with respect too! Drop a few hints that you're interested too ;)


i an studying in +2 non medical
after my +2 i want to do something related to chemistry so what are the best courses available which best colleges are available please help i am from India

That could be tricky to answer on here. Have you tried to google anything? Does your school have a guidance counsellor who can point you into the right direction? Try asking one of your teachers as well. They are better fit to answer this question :)
Good luck!
I'm sure you'll have a ton of options to pick from!


My teacher is always touching me when teaching something....is he wrong or am I overreacting?

I'm taking classes over the summer to gain additional credits for school.
There's this teacher that's always walking around me while I'm in class and putting his arms around my shoulders and arms. He'll just be lecturing and standing in front of the room and then walking by me putting his arm around me. I think he knows I have a crush on him cause I'm always smiling, But I DO NOT want to do anything with him. Sometimes I blush when hes around but that's it. He'll be in class teaching and put his arm around me. I don't think he'll try to do anything but sometimes he gets close to me and its really uncomfortable, even when I back away. He just stares and smiles at me a lot. Or he'll walk over to my desk and stand there for a while. I've know him at the school for almost four years. Am I overreacting?

If you're feeling uncomfortable then you're not overreacting at all. A teacher should not be making his students feel uncomfortable. If you're brave enough, have a chat with him after class and tell him. I know thats intimidating, but if you don't want to create a stir for him and his job, then that might be whats best. Or possibly switch classes for a different teacher if that's possible?

If not then try talking to another teacher that your comfortable with, or a parent.

That doesn't sound right to me, but trust your gut.


Okay ,so please any and every thought/ possible solutions I need! I'm depressed af! I hate myself more than I've EVER hated anyone In my life. My mom is having twins ,and I already have two older sisters that are really frikin mean . And when I say mean I mean mean! Abusive mean kay. And the other one just takes all my bf's away from me. And we're moving. again . To SC . And I'm afraid that everything is just Gunna be the same. And right now I'm really really lonely. Everybody Forgot about me or moved on worth their lives , ever since I got expelled from dropping a jolly rancher hard candy into a teachers drink because people dared me too and i just wanted to impress them, ya know?then the same people told on me, which I went to court 5 times ,had to have
My family get an attorney which cost $3000 .we couldn't afford that . We're trying to move and do this and do that And have babies. And I also got expelled . Now it's supposedly "over with". But, it's not because I'm on probation. And now I just feel so frikin mad at the world. And I feel worthless and hopeless and useless . I feel like a piece of nothing , already dead inside . Like I'm here just to take up room. Even though I help and clean and cook and am good. But, I just can't get up to do anything . I just want to sleep and never wake up. And I definitely hate myself because I can't even kill myself ! It just doesn't frikin work . I try hanging myself and I slowly pass, then I just wake up with a huge headache ! I'm like are you serious?! And there is not a single guy wanting to love me or be with me. And my only friend I was allowed to hang out with that I trusted, was a narcissistic, pedifile, pervert . Now I'm completely alone! How could I ever be so lonely, so hopeless? I never imagined life like this. And I also am not scared of dying but having to be without my mom and of my loved ones dying from doomsday . It's supposed to be coming soon isn't it?

Sounds like you're having a really rough time. Feeling alone is never a good thing to experience. But moving can have its benefits. See it as a fresh start. Maybe not from the home situation, but for finding new friends. Are there any sports/clubs/groups you can join? That's a good way to make loyal friends who can ease the lonliness.

I had a lot of times where I felt alone too, and I ended up making friends with a few girls online who really helped me during the difficult moments. I know its not the same as having someone near you physically, but even having someone to chat with on a regular basis makes it easier. Especially if joining clubs/sports isn't realistic.

Your home situation sounds really difficult to solve, and it may not be up to you to fix anything. It may just be easier to grin and bear it until you can stand on your own two feet with college or finding a job/moving out.

More or less it sounds like all you really need is a few loyal people to talk to who won't let you down.

Take it day by day, and please don't give up. And if having an online buddy sounds like a good idea to you, don't hesitate to msg me. I'd love to chat. You're not alone.



13/f today the guy I like asked a girl who I thought they were just friends out. Now previously, he was going to ask me to dance at the march break. He also used to make me laugh alot, look at me in class and brush against me. I honestly thought he liked and I really liked him back but now I'm really upset. I feel so played. What should I do: forget about him, move on or chase after him? I'm so confused!

Ps. This same boy has also liked a lot of girls over the year and even still likes my good friend even though he asked out another girl who he is now "dating"

I'd say move on. If he still likes a lot of girls, even when he's already asked one out, then imagine how you would feel if he had asked YOU out and you knew he was still interested in other girls?

Sounds like he's just playing the field, and thats an easy way to get your heart broken. Just stay pleasant with him, even flirt if you want. But I wouldn't expect much from a guy like him. I'm sure theres guys that would be interested in you without looking at other girls at the same time.

Don't settle for second best. xoxo


When 2 people are fighting & then one of the people goes off & vents/talks to someone & says what the other person got mad at them about & just keeps talking to them about it & say the other person theyre fighting with is bitching at them. & this person vents & does this whenever they fight. They always tell another person why the other person got mad at them about. Even one time they told another person that they're fighting with that they can never take a joke. Is that considered backstabbing ?

I guess it depends who the person is talking to.
People need to vent, and sometimes talking to someone else can help sort out their emotions and feelings towards the other person. If what's being said goes back to the person that was involved with the problem in a threatening way, then yes I'd consider it backstabbing. But if this person just needs to vent and have an outsiders perspective, then it shouldn't be a problem.



i have serious problem at home.my mother is constantly criticizing me. the moment the day starts she goes on from whatever errand i do..its never appreciated. everything has a flaw, u cud not clean it properly, u forgot to do this , to the point i borrowed her scarf, she got so possessive, wear like this it will spoil it. does not matter how i look. and if i want to do my way, i get abused, she starts blaming herself, banging everything, blaming her life, telling me what all she has done for us, and i can never measure up to her. i have to live like a robot in my house, i dont get any privelages like other kids i don't complain i never complained, if i asked for something and i dint get it, i never asked again, but this is too much..i cant take this critizing. i cant always be wrong. i feel so unappreciated...

Have you tried to communicate your feelings to her? I know its difficult if shes always blaming herself at the end of the day because I know you don't want her to do that. But having a heart-to-heart (as hard as it can be) can really make a difference.

"Mom, I'm sorry I didn't do ______ right. But I'm trying to make you happy, and when you say things like that it really hurts me..."

I know its not easy.
She's your mom, and Im sure she only wants the best for you. Stand your ground in a respectful way.

Or the alternative is to move out, but I know thats probably not realistic, and that'll only make it worse from the sounds of it.

Im sorry you're having a hard time, but like I said, try and communicate with her in a respectful/nonagressive way, as hard as it may be.



i am from india
My life is hell now...i m failed in class 11th
Everyone thinks i am a player bt i dint even want someone to be in a bad situation....my friends hate me now...,my parents are always shouting on me, my boyfriend always talk very rudely...everyone think i m selfish, i m mean..n no one love me thats why i dont want to live.

You shouldn't let anyone bring you down. I know its easier said than done, but this is your life. If your friends or your boyfriend treat you horribly, then who needs them? As for your parents, try having a chat with them. I know culturally it's different to where I am from and parents usually have the last say, but good communication always goes a long way. Your parents will always love you because you are their child. Hold your head up high, forget those who cause you pain and find those who are worth the time to be around :)

Chin up! One day at a time. Life is WORTH living. You'll always have a few bumps in the road but without the bad times, you'll never know to appreciate the good times xoxo


I got off of my period during the end of memorial weekend, last Sunday, June 10th, I engaged in risky sexual activity with my boyfriend. We didn't have sex and he didn't go inside AT ALL. He rubbed his penis against my clit, he did not cum and he did not do it long either. But I'm really scared the Precum will cause me to become pregnant. Im pretty sure it was the day after ovulation too. PLEASE HELP ME

It would be very unlikely for you to become pregnant from that, especially if he didn't ejaculate. You'll be fine :) don't stress!


I have been sleeping with this guy for 5years now the ladt tim being 4 days ago.when we first started he was on the outs with his on again off again girlfriend of 10 years he has had 2 other serious relationships and I have had one and two kids but we always manage to hook up.hes dating and living with his girl and we have been having sex more now than ever im single and I think I love him although we have never said it to each other.he never calls unless hooking up no bday valentines or mothers day reconition how do I get over him how does he see me?

He sounds selfish to me. Wants to have his cake and eat it to. I think you need to cut him lose. As hard as it may be because you have developed feelings for him. But, if he could do cheat on his long term girlfriend, then who are you? He probably wouldn't think twice to do it to you if you guys developed a relationship. I think it'd be better if you move on and find someone who will treat you how you deserve to be treated. it'll be hard, but in the long run I think that would be the best decision you could make with regards to him.

You know the situation better than anyone else, so its totally your call. But if hes already leaving you feeling like the "booty call", then you're way better off without him.

Good luck! xo


My boyfriend wants me to have sex with him tomorrow but I don't know:-/!! he is 3years older than me and I love him soo very much but I don't know what to say to him,help please?!

If he loves you, he'll wait. Don't let him push you around. You'll regret it if you aren't ready.


What is a good site for cute girl locker things


They have some really cute things. Nothing really for lockers specifically, but you can always get creative with their things!

I also really like Staples. They usually have a good variety of things to choose from :)


I met this guy last year but only recently started talking when we saw each other at a party last week. We exchanged numbers and everything. We talked a lot at the party and it was obvious he liked me. Even afterwards he would flirt with me and stuff. Later I found out he had a gf and I asked him about it and he said it was true but she is never there for him. I let him know that I wasn't the type of girl who would mess around with a guy who is already in a relationship but he said he likes me a lot and I guess I kinda like him too. I don't ask him to break up with her but he tries getting me to kiss him and stuff which I don't feel comfortable doing. What should I do? I am a 15 year old girl & he is 16.

Stick with your gut! You told him where you stood with not wanting to mess around while he has a girlfriend. Stand your ground. And if you want to, call him out on it! "You know, I'm flattered and all, but I did tell you that I'm not comfortable with messing around while you are in a relationship. Don't take it personally but thats just the way I am." Don't let him push you around :)



i am dating a guy but my ex wants me back and i love both but i don't want to hurt any feelings i don't know what to do!

There's a quote I was reminded of when I read your post.

"If you were really, truly, undeniably in love with the first one, you wouldn't have fallen for the second one"

and he had become your ex for a reason.
evaluate those reasons for him becoming an ex, and if he really wants you back, he'll work for it.


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