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I'm 16/m and i have a best friend who is a girl...well make her name nancy for this occasion. Now i don't think i want to really enter into a relationship with nancy, but i really just want to hook up with her. our friends think that we're going to hook up, and we kinda talked about it the other night. We overheard a friend talking to another friend and our names came up, and nancy said she loves me to death but if we hooked up she thinks it would change our friendship too much. What can i do to show her that i want to kiss her, but without being to direct?

This may seem rude, but if you were her bestfriend why would you just want to "hook up" with her when you know that could potentially hurt her and your friendship? Sounds a little bit selfish to me. If you really want her show her that you really do care for her.


i strongly love this guy: for the past four years!!!! (on and off, 95% of the time on)

is this really love? or is this just a crush?

were not together btw, he has a gf


It depends on what your definition of Love is. My defintion is having a strong friendship with someone you can trust no matter what. So with my definition I'd answer you with: its not a little pupply love crush, its a BIG CRUSH. If only there was a word for inbetween CRUSH and LOVE. =/


Alright, well there is this guy who is like super super sweet to me, but I don't know if he likes me. Even though we hang out all the time, and he's so funny and really can be sweet, but then agian a huge pain in my butt. His name is Nick, and he's really hyper at sometimes, and he's really competetive when he is around my other guy friend, who I hang around with ALL the time, Scott. They fight about everything and I mean everything. They even eat so much they puke and still want more food. I've seen them be friends when I'm not around, does this mean they are competing to win me over. All I know is that they are giving me a huge headache. So what should I do. They both are sweet, I've know Scott longer than Nick though. Ouch, I think I'm giving myself a headache.

Maybe just take a break from them for a bit. Hang out with some girls for now. Let them know they are annoying you but you don't have to be mean about it, just let them down lightly.


okay well one of my bestfriends has been on and off with this guy for about a year and the last 3 months he's been being really mean to her (telling her he hates her, making fun of her, not letting her have anyother guy friends, calling her ugly) but then he'll say something really sweet like im just kidding i love you your so beautiful or something like that. okay well this guy has even came up to me and told me he didnt really love her ive told my friend all of this but she really likes him and doesnt want to break up with him. so does anyone have any ideas of what i can tell her so she'll come to her senses because this guy has lowered her self estem and she doesnt feel like she deserves anything better because of him...thanks in advance

Make sure you tell her about what you think of her boyfriend and the situation. Let her know what he's doing to her and how you can see a difference in her personality. Thats about all that can be done. Its their relationship not yours. Just make sure your their for her and just don't push her, she's realize that he's not good for her soon enough.


I know it sounds really lame, but I realy do! I don't know if he likes me back, my friends say he does, and he's really protective of me, but I'm too scared to ruin our relationship to do anything! Somebody please help me!

The same thing happened to me a few years ago. If I were you I'd wait things out and see if he likes you. Drop a few subtle hints here and there and wait it out. If you decided to tell him how you feel, if he is a real friend he won't let it come between you (if he doesn't like you back). All I'm trying to say from past experiences, don't rush.


Im 14. Started my period when I was about 12 maybe. I think I had normal periods, but after awhile I started getting them every other month. The last time I had one was awhile ago ( 2 months or so ) and even then..it wasnt really like blood. it looked like dry blood..kinda brownish. Is it normal because Im 14? I do masterbate/orgasm but I dont think that has to do with it. Is there anyway that could have messed it up?
Also, my boobs have been hurting pretty bad lately. They normally hurt if I like push them in, but now it just feels stronger I guess. Could is be from wearing a bra to much? does it have anything to do with absent periods?

Also, Im not sexually active.
I dont really want to go to a doctor just yet because Im not that concerned yet, but if it continues, I will go. So please dont advise me to do so.

I'd like to say that this may be because your body is still adjusting to having your period and/or your body is still growing. Usually right before a period your breasts get tender so that may be the cause, but honestly your best bet is to go see your doctor. I know thats not what you want to hear but better safe than sorry.


Okay, I think I'm ugly. I think I'm overwieght. I have considered becoming anorexic, but I read an article about people dying from it and I chickened out. I have been trying to be healthy, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. I'm an 11 year old girl, I weigh 114 pounds, and my BMI is 20.8.

You're not fat. You're still young. When I was your age, I was a little big and I thought the EXACT same thing. But don't worry. Your body isn't finished growing yet, give it time. Once your body starts developing the weight will melt off. Trying to be healthy (eating right, exersizing, etc) is great but its not going to make the weight "dissapear" its a gradual thing. No matter what a person does to lose weight it doesn't happen overnight, you have to work hard and be motivated all the time. But If I were you, I wouldn't worry in the least bit :) I betcha in a year or two you'll look in the mirror one day and you will be amazed.


I am so annoyed. I always have acne. It is like..constant break outs, and it never stops. I dont know what else to do. I have tried everything from clearasil, neutrogena, clean and clear, differin, duac, tea tree oil, clinique 3 step skin care, olay, and alot more. I usually break out around the T zone, my chin, and forehead..basically everywhere. Please dont give me amateur advice. Like..drink plenty of water and get a lot of sleep ( I do anyways. ) Also please dont recommend products that you have never tried. Please recommend what you think will REALLY work for me. And also please don't tell me not to wear makeup because I cant stand to see myself without the acne covered up. I need a moisturizer also because if I dont use it before I put makeup on, than it looks cakey. But that may be because I have big pores in the spots that it looks cakey. Any help for big pores? I would really appreciate your advice

I don't know if it would help with major acne, but its worth a shot. Try Egg White.
Crack and egg and spoon out the yolk. Mix up the rest of the stuff until its frothy (bubbly). Then stick your face over a hot pot of steaming water (to open the pores) after about 5-10 minutes of that plaster on the egg white and let it dry -that usually takes about 15-20 minutes. You'll know its working when you can feel your skin tighten and itch in some places (the itch means its cleaning your skin). The Egg white is filled with protiens your skin needs which helps clean and have it look healthy. Don't expect your acne to be gone overnight, but after a few weeks of doing this, it should help.

Do this about 1-2 times a week.
Don't worry, its not as gross as it sounds.


Every night around midnighti eat...way too much and then make myself sick!

How can I stop this?....(besides the obvious)

If or when you do get hungry. Grab a glass of water or better yet an ice cube. :] It'll subside the urge to eat on something and its all water so its good for you :)


i always get wet sweat marks on my shirts ( the under arm part ) i take showers and wear deodorant. what should i do?

Try switching your brand of deoderante. I reccommend 24 Hour Lady's Speed Stick. It smells nice and keeps you dry :)



im the average female. im active, i do track and cheerleading. ive had this problem for a while, and i sweat badly.. on my butt. my crotch and ass sweat bad, like i get sweat marks on the back of my sofie shorts when i run. i feel like i pee my pants but its sweat and i get really sefl conscience. also when i tumble at times, i pee my pants a little. its usually funny but it is so uncomfortable and it makes me feel so dirty. how can i lessin the sweat and not pee my pants? haha thanks in advance

To be honest, I don't think there is any way to get rid of that. I think its natural to "dribble" a little bit especially when theres a shock happening to your body ex falling, getting hit, tumbling etc. Maybe go to the bathroom before you go for practice to prevent and leaks. As for the sweating, I guess that comes with the territory of being you. Its natural, so don't be ashamed.

Hope I helped a little.


Does chocolate make you fat?
How about popcorn?

It depends on how much you eat and what your daily routine is (exercise wise). Every person's body reacts differently to different foods. Any large amounts of Chocolate, Popcorn, etc can be unhealthy.


It's the half term and I'd like to spend most of it with my mates. What things to do can you suggest? Me and my mates thought of shopping/hanging in town, cinema, gigs, gym, swimming pool, badminton, round each others houses and that's it. So if you can think of stuff to do and places to go then pease tell me. Thanks, xxx

You don't neccessarly need to go out to have fun. Why not have a scary movie night? You and your friends rent a bunch of scary movies and watch them. Thats always entertaining.


ok i want to dye my hair black with red streaks so can someone tell me how to do this cause i know that i can't dye the whole thing black and then do the red cause i know it won't show up

I'd go to a hair salon if I were you. They are professionals.



ok....im 13 and pregnant i dont want to tell my family because i think they will be ashamed.I dont want to get an abortion because i think its wrong.I also dont want to give "it" up for adoption, because my friend was adopted and he doesent like it.I just really need some help.What should i do?

Well you can only hide it for so long. Tell your family, they are the only people who can help you through this. You might as well tell them now rather than 9 months from now -because by that time they definitaly know somethings up.

Good Luck.


so im a sophmore girl and all be 16 soon all my friends have gone pretty far with a boy and well me, i havnt. when my friends ask me how far i have gone im kind of ashamed of the truth so i exagerate the truth a little, well.......a lot!so they all think im something im not. what should i do, i'll sound like an idiot if im just like "just kidding i havnt gone that far". so a little help please?
and i have had the chance to go further but im scared of not doing something right or if the boy thinks im dumb or if i do something tsupid so yeah

Never be ashamed of who you are. It sounds like your not ready to go to a certain level with a guy. Don't push yourself just because your friends have. If your friends dove off a building, would you do it too? Next time someone asks you that you can either a)tell them the truth, or b)tell them to mind their own business (because to be honest, nobody should know about your sexual, thats a personal thing). If anything, guys will end up respecting you more if you stick to your limits- as for the 'easier' girls, the guys will just go to them for one night stands. If I were you, I think I'd go for the respect instead of the one night stand.

Hope I could help.


I'm grounded for about 2 weeks about I'm off grounding April 4th.
That's when I'm gonna hang out with my bf.
But instead of him talking to me all day and comforting me while I can't do anything since I'm grounded..
He goes out and hangs out with his friends and does other stuff and talks to me on the phone a little.
He has his fun while I'm grounded and lonely and can't hang out with anyone.
I've been talking to my friends on the computer pretty much all day and talked to him a little because he was 'busy'.
Wouldn't it be right for him to comfort me and talk to me all day because I'm grounded??!
I don't get it..

I dont want to sound mean: but even though your grounded, he still has a life other than you. He deserves to go and hang out with his boys. When your ungrounded I'm sure he'll be back by your side.


i just can't take my life anymore. i have issues with my family, alot of my close friends treat me like crap and are hypocrites/manipultive jealous attention-seekers, i dont have a boyfriend or anything, nothings really going right.

im just so sick of everything.
no im not suicidal at all.
i just feel like crap.
i can't wait to go to collage and move out of this place.
any suggestions - how do i make myself feel better?

I feel the EXACT same way you do, and to be honest, I don't think there is any REAL way to be happy. Just focus on the positive things and work hard on your goals to stay busy. Find a new hobbie and stick with it. Find someone to confide in (even though it may be hard).

Good Luck :]
(I think we both need it)


A few minutes ago my friend asked my something over msn and she says she needs advice so Im going to post it here:

She said:

well i hvee a boyfriend and i like him but i really like this other guy who says he likes me to. I have liked him since we broke up. What should I do?

any ideas on what I can tell her?

Thats a hard predicament. Whoever she feels most comfortable with, the guy she can be open and honest with -thats who she should be with. When things like this happens, its important to know what you want in a guy and you learn how truely honest you can be with yourself.

Good luck.


My "best friend" has been extremely mean and rude to me and many of my other friends. Plus, she's trying to pressure us all into drinking and stuff, which is something we do NOT feel comfortable at all doing. I talked to my mom and I thought about it, and I think it would be best for me to not be her friend. The problem is, one of my friends told her that I was mad (Even though I asked her not to...) at her and now she keeps texting me saying, "DO YOU HATE ME?!" and stuff, but I've just been turning off my phone. The friend who told her also has been telling me that my "best friend" has been crying a lot because of it. All I said in return was, "Well, I've cried many times because of things she has said or done to me..." and then my friend said that I have no soul. So, um, does that even make sense? My plan was to just be nice to the girl (my "best friend") at school and then outside of school, I just didn't have to hang out with her. Now I feel really bad about it even though I know that I don't want to be friends with this girl. Next time she texts me or calls me or something, what should I say? And is there some ideas of ways that I can calm down about this? (I'm just really, really stressed out about it...)

I've gone through similar best friend issues, and the truth is: if she can't see what she is doing is hurting you, then she isn't worth being labeled as your best friend. A best friend is someone who is there for you, cares for you and most definietly shouldn't be treating you like that. If she refuses to listen to you when you tell her whats going on, then just totally cut her off. (I know that sounds reallllyy harsh, but what good is it if she's always making you upset?).

As for my best friend --she's now my ex bestfriend and to tell you the truth, I've never been happier, sure I miss her at times but my days are filled with little to no stress or negativity.

Good luck!


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