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Hey guys, well i want a good party that isnt totally lame and i only got a few bucks, a girl like me cant barely afford to rent a DJ or something else so if anyone has any ideas....thanks in advance

For music, burn a few mix CD's and have them play in the background. It's cheaper than a DJ and you get what you want when you want :)


when your frieds with a guy how do you know weather its just a friends feeling or weather is a wanna be more than friends feeling.
15/f if that helps?


It's different with everybody because everyone is different. Usually you may be able to tell if they like you from the way he acts around you compared to how he acts around other girls. Good luck


i love my boyfriend alot but he can be kind of immature. how do i get him to stop without hurting his feelings. do i like hint at it or something?

Maybe drop a few "your so immature" lines (in a joking way) and if he hears it enough he might catch on.


so the other day i slept on my mattress with no sheet or anything underneeth and then i woke up and my back was all itchy and today i'll have like a random itch on my leg so i'll scratch it and then five minutes later its all red and bumpy. what is this?

It may be a heat bumps. The friction you create when you scratch constantly may cause your skin to be red and bumpy and because you slept on a bare mattress with no covers rubbing your body on it may have made your skin sensitive.


eh my stomach has been hurting really bad i dont get my period for another 15 days or so. But this morning i got really sick and ended up waking up at 5am and throw up for like 10 mins. I layed around all day and couldnt get up i feel horrible. Whats wrong with me am i pregant?

You may get your period early this month. That use to happen to me. I use to be in so much pain, to the point where I was right there ready to throw up.

You could be pregnant but you'll have to see if your period is late. Talk to your doctor if you still feel ill.


I am a girl. Im 13. I have a boyfriend. He is ordinarily a really shy person. But when i am texting him or talking to him on the phone, he isnt as shy. But in school, he doesnt even talk to me. we dont have any classes together, but i see him in the halway sumtimes. But when we walk past each other he doesnt even say hi. he just looks at me. and thats it. and wen he looks at me its like a very COLD look. i have tried to talk to him, but i always chicken out. what can i do??!!!!

Just let him know that you care for him and that it hurt when he doesn't acknowledge you in the halls at school. You can't change a person but maybe if he knows that it hurts, it might change a bit.

Good luck


f/17 I broke up with my bf of a year, and tommorrow I am going to the movies with this guy I have been friends with for a while. I'm not sure if it is a date or not...but he is coming over to my house first to meet my parents and he says he is nervous...

I'm REALLY nervous! I was so used to being around my exboyfriend and now it is like I have to start all over. But like I said I dont know if it is a date or not...But everyone at school seems to think it is.

But at the same time I'm really excited! I have butterflies in my stomach!

Any advice?

Just go with the flow. Maybe after you guys hang out ask him if it was a date. To be honest, it sounds like a date to me. Its always going to be tough to start over again once you break up, but you can do it :)


O.K. 1st of all i really need help I'm just so confused.I'm a 14 yr. old girl & I think I might be a lesbian but i don't want to be. I mean I've only liked about 2 guys & a couple girls. I've had a really bad cruse on a girl for about 2 yrs. now & the wrost part is were really good friends I tell her I love her but not in a gay way. sometimes I think she likes me back I kinda want to tell her but I don't know what she'd do. I just don't want to be a lesbian but i just can't like guys. I mean I dream about this girl alot. I mean were perfect our families like each other we have lots in common it's heaven.I just don't know what to do except that I'm probably a lesbian but I'm scared my parents said they would kill if I was gay, i'd probably lose lots of friends but I told 1 of my friends & it did'nt change her. I just don't know. I'm scared, confused, my feelings are so insane.

I think you should just be honest with yourself and accept who you are. There is always going to be people who hate you for your sexual orientation but you cant help that. You just have to keep your head held high. You are your parents daughter they will always love you no matter what. When you find the right time you'll tell them. Its nobody's business about what gender you prefer. Just always be honest with yourself.


I'm 15/f and this is kinda a weird question.
but most people i know are baiscally a "type" like more prep, emo, athletic, gurliy..ya know? and well i'm everything i listen to emo/rock/rap/alternative. i'm most def. not a girly girl but some days i'm a total girly girl. it just depends on my mood that day. and i'm just everything and sometimes i worry people think i'm a poser or something cause i'm just so unique. i mean i'm friends with total preps, emo's, jocks and etc. but i'm starting to think that maybe being so diverse is a bad thing. cause sometimes i have my emo days and others my jock and prep. and i'm starting to think being so many differnent things is making people think i wanna be something i'm not and maybe thats why i've never had a bf. cause woudln't a guy want a girl who she knows who she is? cause i don't know what i am cause i'm everything. and i don't know if i should stay like this or try and lean towards one direction...should i try and stick with my emo/rock side or my athletic side or maybe the guy of my dreams wnats me to be the girly girl. i just have no clue what to do and i just need some help. i'm so lost in life right now.

Even though you are a bunch of things you can't make yourself be one specific thing. Its really specical to be able to fit into any group. You shouldn't worry about who you fit in with, or how you should be "labeled". Being labeled is just a word. Emo is just a word. Punk is just a word. Girly is just a word. You shouldn't let a word determine who you are all of the time. I am just like you, I can fit into everything but If I was just one type, then it can make things very boring and you may end up feeling very limited.

Hope I helped.


I'm a 17 year old female and my prom is tomorrow night. I don't have a date, but I'm going with my best friend and another friend of hers (this was planned from about mid-year).

My problem is that I can't dance to save my life. I can follow if it's a slow song, but I can't dance to anything fast. I just wasn't gifted with rhythm I guess. It's too late to learn now and I'm not willing to embarrass myself so here's my question:

What if someone asks me to dance? How do I say no without being rude or giving them the idea that I'm not or could never be into them. If I'm into the guy or interested, I don't want him to get the wrong idea and just walk away.

I know "No, thank you" isn't rude, but I don't think I could say that to someone. I don't want the guy to feel rejected. I may sound conceited, and if I do I don't mean it. I know being rejected by me wouldn't ruin the guy's evening and I probably won't get asked anyways, but I want to be prepared with something.


I know what you mean by the whole "no thank you" thing. Maybe just say "how about a little be later, save me a slow dance" or something. That way you are distracting them and if they come to ask again it'll to be something easier to dance too.

Good luck.


I have this weird thing in my nose...its almost like a pimple but without a white head, darker, and more tender. Its like in my lower inner nostril..close to the cartilidge. This whole week the area has been hurting..it felt kindof like a bruise. Now its this weird pimple-ish thing and it still really hurts. What is it? How does it go away?

Im not exactly sure, but it could have been a pimple that grew under the skin. I could be wrong. Sorry I'm not much help.


Hey, I'm looking for some songs that have to do with the girl loving this guy but him being so oblvious and not understanding how much she likes him and how she wants him to notice her. Ne type of music is fine. Thanks!

Try Notice Me by the Zeta Bytes


I just bought new shoes for my choir program (we're going to New York) and my director told us today that our shoes are not allowed to clunk, mine do. Is there anyway to make the heels not make noises, or am i totally screwed and need to go buy new shoes?

I dont know if there even is such a thing, but maybe you can find some fabric or something to stick under the shoe so when you walk it doesn't make a noise.


I have been best friends with lisa ever since third grade. We were inseperable until this year (freshamn H.S). She got her first boyfriend in the beginning on the year and its been downhill from there. ahhg. She's now very arrogant and acting as if she's SO "experienced" and can get any guy that walks in her path which is untrue. She will not sit next to me in after school activities or social places like in the lunch room, but she'll sit with her friend natalie who is friends with the crowd her boyfriend is in. It's really hurtful that she is now a totally different person wanting to dress differently, acts like a cocky witch, shoves her new "friendships" in my face, acts like i don't exist if i'm around her in social situations, and expects me to be there for her through and through. She makes me feel like CRAP plain and simple. I have other friends, but is it worth it to keep with one?

thanks =/

The same thing is happening with me but you have to ask yourself, is this friendship worth all the pain your going through right now? If she was a real friend wouldn't she want to include you and keep in informed all the time? I don't want to say "dump her as a friend" but just pull away from her for a bit, let her figure out what she's losing and if she chooses her "new" life over a lifetime best friend then I don't the think decision should be hard. Good Luck though. Its hard when people decide to change.


I want to try Nair, the hair removal thing.
I don't want to buy the bikini line one, so I just want to but the plain Nair lotion. Can I use it on my bikini line? I mean, it says you can use this one anywhere, so why do they still make a bikini line one?

I'd buy the Bikini one just incase, they may put a specific ingredient into the bikini one for that one area to make it safer. I'm sure the regular one wouldn't hurt but better safe than sorry.


I have a really reeeeeeeeeeally important audition on thursday and i have to prepare 2 two-minute contrasting monologues.

How am i going to accomplish this in 2 days?

I'm a teenage girl.

can anyone reccomend monologues for me?

Become characters that deal with issues you're going through right now. Talk about things that you feel strongly about.


I've liked this girl and she's liked me for 3 and a half years now. We've had our problems but have pretty much always stayed best friends. Now we've been going out for a while and senior prom is coming up. We're going to go together. Our relationship is going amazing. I've never felt more comfortable with anyone, not even family. My family loves her and vice-versa. I'm so in love. Everything is great. Except for one thing. I like another girl. She has a boyfriend and likes me back. She offered to get drunk with me on Saturday and said she thinks that her boyfriend is cheating on her. She basically straight out OFFERED to break up with her boyfriend for me tonight and make out with me. I don't know what to do. I love my girlfriend so much and don't want to mess any of it up but I really lust for this other girl and like hanging out with her a lot. I know that I just need to get over the other girl but I'm having a really tough time doing so. Any ideas? :)

I know this wont mean much but if you really care for your girlfriend, keep her in mind and think about how if you actually made out with this other girl, how much that would hurt her. I suggest just staying away from this other girl and avoid any other situations involving her.

Good luck.


ok so a few days ago me and a friend bought geraniums.its still in the little plant holder that it came in because my stepmom siad that replanting them is the part they may kill it so i should keep it in the little plant pot thing it came in for like two weeks.but today when i was sleeping my cat got in my room and knocked it off my dresser i thought it would be ago as it didnt come out of the container.so i put it back and yelled at my cat but i forgot to lock my door and she did it agian!but this tiime it got knocked out of the container i just put it back in because i didnt know what to do but its but around the stem it is lose and some of the leaves are broken

is it going to die ??????
should i just get a new one
this is my first plant and i really want it live!!!

If the roots are still tight in the soil then it should be okay, but plants are fragile anything drastic that may happen to a plant can kill it. Keep watering it and give it plenty of sunlight. Good Luck.


Well I just found out that I may be pregnant again, I just had my second kid and then had my tubes tide and now he is only 6 months old I just had this gut feeling that I might be so I took a store bought test and it came back positive, so is there really anyway that I can get pregnant that fast after having a baby and my tubes tide?

If your tubes are tied, I doubt it. But then again I'm 15, I could be wrong. I'd go to your doctor and get them to test you if you are pregnant. Those storebought tests aren't always 100% correct.


My bottom lashes are really blonde and you can't see them and it's really hard to put mascara on them. I need to darken them, without completely damaging them. Any suggestions??? Thanks

Try adding a thin line of eyeliner on the bottom of your eyes, so then you can see where your eyelashes start.


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