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my name is Bree.
I havn't been on this site in ages.
buh ree face is my screen name if you care.

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Gender: Female
Location: madison...but east haven schools (connecticut)
Occupation: student JMMS grade 8
Age: 13
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i dont know what this falls under but i write poems and i run out of things to write about i want like love friendship breck up anything
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watch movies, sit out
and think about things
read books and things
will come to you.

write about rael life
and drama you see.


I've been having a lot of problems at home and everything in the last forever long. Last night something got to me really bad and I ended up taking off. I was swimming and after that my mom literally almost dragged me to my school, told me to clean out my locker and that I wouldn't be going back to school there anymore. after swim practice, mom walked into the aquarena and started to scream at me right in front of my friends. he litterally dragged me over to pwc, where she made me clean my locker out, telling me i was never coming back to school here again. once we got outside i just dropped my books and started walking back towards the pool. mom followed me and we actually started to fight. now mom's smaller then me, and i didn't want to hurt her so i just shoved her off and ran for it. lachlan lives like a 5 min walk from the pool.. but it ended up taking me like 20 mins to get there because i had to hide. mom was driving around looking for me. went to lachlans, snuck around back and walked into their kitchen. neil (his dad) just smiled at me and said 'your mom dropped by here about 10 mins ago looking for you. i thought you'd turn up eventually.' and he offered me food. i just decided to sit out on their back deck for like 30 mins thinkning... mom came by while i was there, neil covered for me and said they hadn't heard from me. they promised not to give me away. anyways, fio (his mom) came home and we talked outside for awhile, then lachlan came home and we talked.. i called kids help phone and then went inside his house. my hair was wet from the pool and i was outside for over 2 hours so i was freezing! didn't eat like a thing. figured out that i'd be spending the night at their place. then we went and picked up jamie, went to the village mall where i left a msg at home saying i was okay and i was staying at a friends house...when i came home today she flipped out at me so bad. I'm at the point where I can't stay at my house anymore but I feel really bad for not staying there. Has anyone ever done this, or anything similar? And how can I get help or be able to stay there? =\

ive never been in that situation before. i think wat mite help is that u talk to ur mom about wat ur feeling. ask her if u can temporarily live with friends or sumthing...if she doesnt like the idea then u shood def go to a family counselor. im sorry if this doesnt help......good luck..briana


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