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i am a very loveable friendly single lady very wise and out spoken and i'm usually always right.......
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I have been dating this guy for some time now and I have caught him lying to me several times already. Lying about stupid things like who he has talked to and just little things that build up. I love this guy with all of my heart but all the signs are there that he is cheating on me and that scares me to death. We were so close for so long and now we really just aren't. I don't want to loose him, but I can't have him lying to me all the time. No he has been doing things, hanging out wise, with all of these different girls and he doesn't tell me about it until one of them call or I find out by him telling a friend or something that retarded. Is he cheating on me? (link)
it doesn't mean he's cheating but if you have to wonder about everything he says or do then you will never be able to enjoy what a real genuine relation is or what you have to offer to this union because youre so focused on what he might be doing you have to love yourself be you can began to love someone

Wats up.. Im shocked that i even came here for advice... and i have my own advice column here but i wanna kno sum suggestion so here goes...

See,there's this boy i like... uhh... I had a chance to go with him last year when i was a freshmen but i said no.. because i felt i didnt really kno him and he kinda rushed it. Well we hadnt talked at all after that situation.. well now im a sophomore and in the beginning of the year i wrote him a letter telln him i apologize for wateva happened and i would like for us to be friends again.. and he is a understanding guy and he doesnt hold grudges.. so we became friends again. But as the year went along.. i started to like him again and i really regret wat i did last year and i feel stupid. But he calls me and we talk on the phone all the time and we also talk in school but the problem is.. is that he has a girlfriend but she's a senior so she's gonna be gone next year and he is a junior.. and i kno he feels me becuz we talk all the time.. when he is suppose to be talking to his girl, he's on the phone with me, and I 've talked to him about wat happen b/t us and he's cool wit it and everything. So should i try it again with him becuz i really like him, or should i jus leave him alone...?

I would appreciate an answer... Thanks a bunch...

My email: (link)
i wouldn't sweat it because if he really had any feelings for you at all there will be some type of sign then you would know whether to approach him in a boyfriend or girlfriend way.

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