So. me and my boyfriend have been going out for a little more than five months. we do alot of things together. making out, fingering, him feeling me up, phone sex. stuff like that.

My problem is that my parents are SO OVERPROTCETIVE. they will not let me go to his house. he can't come over here without me having like three other people over besides him.

So pretty much all we do is go to private places like after school (closets, behind dumpsters, lame. i know) or go to the movies(my parents won't let me go with just him, so i have to usually bring along friends or go with a larger group)

SO yesterday, we went to see dreamgirls (AMAZING MOVIE btw)and it was me, him, and like on of my close girlfriends. we made out, he felt me up AND freakin fingered me.

I told my friend that she should bring some of her friends because i didnt want to make things awkward for her. But she came by herself. and now i feel emotionaly horrible. i feel just terrible that she had to sit through that, with nobody. i have never felt like such a rude and inconsiderate friend in my life. I love this chick, and i feel horrible about what happened. But i did tell her to bring other friends, and she was just like nahh, it won't be awkward.


well, not to chastize you about your endeavers but your parents have your best interests in mind. now to get around to your friend.

are you feeling guilty, or did you really hurt your friends feelings? if you are just feeling guilty about what took place, and your friend doesn't seem too hurt by being ignored and sitting through a make-out session that probably left her, as well as everyone else around her feeling awkward. then try not to sweat it too much... if you are serious about feeling bad and wanting to make it right again then give her a little bit of Quality time, go out with her to go shopping or something.. just you are her, let her know that you "I love this chick", and aren't just using her as a make-shift chaparone, so you can get your parents off your back.

i remember when i was 14 years old i spent the weekend at my good friend cindy's house. her boyfriend was over alot of the time and it made me feel uncomfortable that she felt so bad that i was the "third wheel" i didn't feel like a third wheel, but it was awkard that she was sooo concerned.

the last night that i was there her parents took her two younger brothers out for the night and left us "kids" there by ourselves. ofcourse my friend and her boyfriend snuck off to the room and had sex while i stayed in the livingroom watching tv... that was weird but not half as weird as when she came out freaking out about the condom breaking and thinking that she was pregnant...

LOL, so until you go THAT far, don't worry about making your friend feel awkward. :)

good luck


ok well i have a lot of guy friends...like half of my friends are guys...so thats not the problem. its just like in my group of friends, im kind of like the one they all tease (mostly in a nice way), but its just like its kinda turned off any guy wanting to date me, as weird as that sounds. The only guy i like outside of my group is totally off limits.
im really sick of being single. i dont want a boyfriend just for the sake of having one, but i want a boyfriend. i cant stand being single!
i mean its not like theres anything really wrong with em because i've had 5 boyfriends in the past two years.
i mean im a bit out there...like i dont really tend to give the impression i care what people think of me, but i know im not ugly, and ive been told by everyone ive kissed (and they've also told other people who told me they said this) that im a very good kisser...and as i said i've had boyfriends. so how do i get a boyfriend right now? what do i do?!?!

well, seeing as how you've already had 5 boyfriends in the past 2 years, you should have some idea on how to snatch one up, i mean it isn't like you've never had one before, and therefore you don't even know where to begin. at the young age of 13 i think that the best thing that you can do for yourself is to just continue to develop yourself as a person, and an individual. your education, your family, friends, hobbies, etc. don't worry about finding a boyfriend they will come along when you least expect it, and then they are so much more meaningful and fullfilling then if you hunt them down and try to make a relationship happen...

also, if you have already had 5 boyfriends, i doubt that you are an undesireabe girl. most girls your age have never even been in a relationship let alone been kissed. so just take your time and before you know it love will come knocking at your door. :)

good luck with that


i was wondering if there was anyway to treat a bladder infection minus the antibiodicts. (without going to the doctor and getting a perscrption) thanks.

Annerszz_101 is right, cranberry juice is very helpful in flushing out the kidneys, and bladder.

i don't know your situation, if you can't afford a doctor, or maybe have a fear of them. or perhaps you are a stubborn person that would only visit a doctor if your arm fell off, and even then you'd try long and hard for an hour to attach it by yourself... I know a lot of those kinds of people...

otherwise, 'infection' might be something else... perhaps a UTI test would determine that, also if you go for a long time untreated, and you have gotten worse, instead of better on the cranberry juice diet. then you stand the chance of having kidney failure, and it will cost a heck of a lot more to survive that rather then going to a doctor and getting a bottle of anti-biotics. whatever you choose good luck to ya! :)


(freshmen)at school i have no friends it not cuz im weird it is because i just dont fit in anywhere there are many cliques and i dont fit in is because i came from a different school area and because i am in advanced classes i still dont rele no anyone, all my friends from my middle school went to different schools but we r still tight. the thing is i have been very depressed over that all i do is hw i dont participate in school activties because i have no one to enjoy it with and i cant join clubs it is too late and i also feel very different because i am black and go to a prodominant white school i dont no wat to do, my other friends are also dealing wit this problem i feel rejected so the question is how so i become accepted in a world where i feel rejectedand also does this get better as i further my high school education

advanced classes?

umm, i think that the only thing that you can do is wait it out, be patient, over time you will learn more about this new school, and these new people.

growing up i hated school, middle school sucked and even though high school was a little more accepting of me i still hated it and felt like i didn't belong there at all...

when i went to college it was like night and day difference.

i was jocks hanging out with goths, and nerdy guys hanging out with cheerleader types... it almost seemed to me that whatever your title was in high school was left at the door when you went to college... no longer are you there because you HAVE to be, but you actually WANT to be there so much that you are paying ridicuously large sums of money just to be there...

i think that sort of mind-set is enough to get everyone willing to be open-minded and accepting of others... of course you still will find those silly little cliques of pretty girls, or skater guys hanging around, but the friendship diversity in college is vastly superior then in high school...

good luck!


so i'm a fifteen year old girl.
i've had sex before with my boyfriend with condoms and it's been all good.
until today, we had it with the "mint tingle" from trogen.
we went all the way
and it broke.
we didnt notice it broke until he cumed.

so my questions are
what should i do? i've cleaned my self out a lot. we got it (or most of it) before it got in, i cleaned it with water and i'm about to go shower.
and what are the chances of me getting preg?
and has this happened to some one else, what happened, and what condom did you use?

my husband and i are trying to start a family, i have read so many fertility books, and am currently turning to my doctor and priscription pills in order to be able to become a mom...

i'm 25 years old now, and i remember the start of my relationship with my husband,then only my boyfriend, i was 18, and had my first of many pregnancy scares... i can't even tell you how much money i have wasted on pregnancy tests...

recently i was watching Sex in the City, and Charlotte was telling her friends how difficult it is for her to concieve.. and she said something to the tune of: "in my twenties i was so scared of getting pregnant 'it only takes one time', now in my thirties i'd give anything to be pregnant!"... or it was something to the tune of that...

when i was 15 years old all i ever heard was how easy it was to get pregnant... almost as if the first time of having sex would get me pregnant... now that i am actually trying i have found out that it is alot more difficult and more complicated then that...

sorry, i didn't mean to go off on a tangent... all i am trying to say is, don't beleive everything you hear, yes, it can take only 1 time, but sometimes it takes a whole lot more then that... i wouldn't be worried until about a week after your missed period...

on another note, 15 is very young to become a mother... you technically aren't even old enough to get a job, or drive a car by yourself yet...

i would put the sex on hold for a while... this scare might make it easier for you to convince your boyfriend that you want to cool it on the sex...


ok so i just met this guy and he is so cute and we were talking in my friends care wile my friend wasnt there (was pumping gas) and we were talking and he asked me if i had a boyfriend i didnt want to sound like i wanted one really bad so i said "no i dont like boyfriends" and then hes said "oh your afending me" what did he mean by that does i didnt know what me meant so i was just like oh and then my friend got back in the car so we didnt talk anymore what did he mean by i was afending him?

the word is Offend, to offend someone is to cause them hurt or discomfort through words or actions.

so any other words, when he asked you if you had a boyfriend and you said, "no, you don't like boyfriends" then you offended him...

you hurt him through your words... though i don't think that you actually hurt him... he probably said it in a light hearted manner that was meant to be flirtatious.


My best friend got DUMPED by her boyfriend, for NO absolute reason, except for another girl of course. And her boyfriend cheated on her several times with another girl, and she knew it. I guess because it was her first boyfriend, it's hard to let go, so she let him. She didn't even confront him about it! I wanted to, but she didn't let me.

I knew from the start he was disloyal. Now this guy is asking her out again and I know why. It's because he wants to make another girl jealous. I tell her, and she says that I was making things up just because I wanted to go out with HIM.

Okay. I thought that was ridiculous. I HATE guys that play around with girls like their toys, and this guy is one of them. I don't know where she got that idea, but now we're not talking.

What am I supposed to do????

if you want to salvage your friendship then the only thing that you can do to get back into her good graces is to tell her that you didn't mean to upset her, but that you were concerned for her because you know how difficult it has been for her... if she accepts your apology then make sure that you are a supportive friend, don't throw your two cents in, don't try to save her from her mistakes, but just be there for her when it inevitably all falls apart.. if she doesn't accept your apology then cut your loses, and be satified in the knowledge that your friendship ended because you cared so mucht that you didn't just stand by....

good luck!


I am really bored.People tell me to get a life.How do I do that.Please tell me how I should get a life,get rid of my boredom,meet new people and make new friends. Any answers are appreciated

well, if you are old enough to drink the best way to be entertained is to go to your local bar, or club, a friday or saturday night around midnight and you will be walking into a frightful, yet entertaining sight... beating pop/dance music pulseing through the air and dim light coupled with a few martinis, or whatever the "deal" is that night; that my friend is a glorious combination of fun... if you are a girl you will lose your inhibition and shed your fears and become the "dancing queen" the "sexa thang" out on the dance floor.

if you are a guy then it will be fun to watch the drunken girls bouncing sometimes grinding to the music.

if however you are too young to drink, not to worry there may be hope for you yet...

an after school activity? a board game, a video game? shopping, music, surfing the net, planning your future, take a walk, get in tune with nature... if you live in a large city there may be cheap if not free places a young person could go to make friends, or fill some of their time.

you could do homework, or try to learn a new language...

the easiest way that i have found to make new friends is first look in the mirror, and make sure that you are presentable, not creepy, or looking as if you might need a bath. if your looks are ok, and you put your best foot forward then you are ready to try... if you go to school try using manners, please, excuse me, thank you, hello, are important to convince someone that you are a nice person... a simple 'hello' followed by an obvious question can be a conversation starter... ask for the time, or if you can borrow a pencil... don't go over board or get carried away with talking, but be very nonchalant about it, as if you are so 'cool' that you could care less if they blow you off, but that you are so sincere that you really would like to get to know them better...

the same rules apply in adult hood. except that it is easier to become acquainted with someone you never thought that you'd have anything in common with... adult generally tend to be more mature, open, and accepting of others.

good luck


Ok so i'm gonna start working out and i would like to just start working on my trouble areas so what are some good exercises to do for my stomach my arms and my thighs????? please help

i have a personal trainer at a local gym that i go to, my trainer put me on a rotation of 20 minutes mid intensity (high is fine to) or cardio... walking/running on a tread mill, or bicycle, (i do high intenisty eliptical, burns more calories)

after the 20-30 mins of that then she has me do 2 sets of 15 reps of various core and upper body strengthening excersizes: military press, bi-cep curls, upper lower back presses, leg curls, etc.

if you have major probelm areas then i would suggest this routine, if you just wanna lose 15 pounds then i'd suggest a simple cardio workout 30 minutes 3-4 times a week will do the trick.

good luck!


heyy umm i have just picked a new hairstyle and the picture shows dark brown under the blonde and im a natural blonde with straight hair and i wsa wondering what you guys think i should get the regualar blonde or the brown under the blonde well here is the hair style:

i think that low-lites (contrasting high-lites) look just about great on anyone...

this is something that you can do on your own, it isn't hard just buy the dye you think is best for your natural hair color, divide and tie it off with a high pony tail..

follow the directions for the lower sections of hair and you're in business!

the most difficult part of this is going to be deciding the color. you don't want something that looks too brassy, orange, or red... a blue or "cool" hue will look better with blonde hair...

good luck!


Ok so i have this problem with my ex boyfriend i really need advice.We were talking the other day and i was telling him that i was going to leave and he will never know anything about me,he made so i wont leave him and actually confessed to me he still loved me like the first day and says that he wants to keep talking to me to see where things go again and what could happen i decided to accept but... i really dont see the point i love him to death and still talking to him means the world to me but he doesnt call me or does not send me any messages doesnt even make a move to at least proove to me he still loves me he makes it seem like he doesnt and this all makes me soo confused i dont know what to do with this.I still love him and he is scared because he says that my parents hate him and thats why he hasnt gone back with me but my parents really dont they are actually ok with him and wouldnt mind,and maybe he is just afraid of making that move again of talking to my parents but i have to do something because there has to be something wrong when you tell someone you love them and want to keep on talking but dont even call...should i be the one to call him or just wait...i know its kinda long but i really need advice

i would wait, if he wants to be an adult and put his money where his mouth is then he will take the first step to try to be with you, seeing as how you are gracious enough to try to make it work with him, he needs to do his part to try to make it work also...

wait, don't call, don't try to get in touch with him... put your energy into developing yourself better as a person, make new friends, excercise, indulge in a hobby, spend time with your family.. whatever, you need to do to keep your life on track and to fill your mind and life with positive and rewarding experiences... it is easier said then down, but it is better for you in the long run if you don't let this consume you.

and if you were meant to be then it will all fall back into place... he needs to get over what ever he is hung up on... and he needs to do it on his own.


Ok so i have kinda sked this question beofre but asically theres this guy i really really really like and a while ago his friend Nolan asked me if i would go out with this guys i like and i said no thinking they were joking but then last week 2 of his friends asked me if i would go to the valentines dance with the guy i like and i didnt even answer them thinking they were joking again too so basically i have no clue whether they are joking or not and whether or not this guy like me and my friend said this one day i had to leave my class that the guy i like was looking for me saying where julie wheres julie(my name)and stuff like that so now she think he likes me and so do a bunch of my other friends and they also think that if they were joking why would they be asking twice so i really have no lcue what to do other then talk to the guy i like but i cant even talk to him cause like everytime i do it's like i go to say something but the words dont come out or like i freeze so Anyone PLEASE HELP ME i dont know what to do and also my friend asked the guy i like if he liked me and he said no but my friends still think he likes me so yeah PLEASE HELP i really like this guy so i cant just forget him and well yeah just help please and thankyou

if there is a next time that his friends ask you to go out with him simple say "why can't he ask me himself, i don't bite" say that in a really sweet way, not a mean irritated way... maybe this will coax him out of his shy shell... also if you think that they are just messing with you then you won't look like a fool when he never shows up to ask you himself...

don't agree to anything through his friends... it might possibly be a trick... but just in case it isn't a trick make sure to just smile at him when you see him, nothing flirty, nothing mean or rude, just a simple friendly smile is all that you need to give... you need to seem approachable... but also you need to seem too nice to have a joke played on you...

so in the end, if you smile in a polite, friendly way, and dodge the intrusive questions with "why doesn't he ask me himself" then one of two things will happen..

1. he will get the courage, or confirmation that he is looking for to ask you out himself..


2. you being nice and polite will make them less interested in playing a trick on you...

you are young and have your whole life ahead of you, and though it may not seem like it right now, 15 years from now this issue you are having will seem like nothing to you... wait until you have to start paying bills...

take this opprotunity to develop your social skills. i was painfully shy as a child and after college i developed so much confidence that i can hold my own in a conversation with strangers.

just ask questions, keep the conversation going with questions about their hobbies, etc... and if you have something in common the say it out loud...

my best advice for you right now, is to focus on your grades, and your education... boys will come and they will go, and this boy might not be around in the long run, but your education will last you your whole life...


16/f. I've been best friends with Maria for 3 years. We have an amazing bond, and we're so close. This year, however, we don't have any classes together, so naturally we don't talk as much. We are still just as close though. But there is this girl, Tina. She's been okay friends with us in the past, more so with Maria, but this year they have like 4 classes together. and here's how their relationship is. Tina will go and visit Maria at work for hours. She skips basketball games to go hang out at Marias work in hopes that they will get to talk. She leaves these really long comments on Maria's myspace that are talking about how Maria is the only person that makes Tina happy, and that she appreciates her so much. It's really weird. She always gives Maria these long hugs. She recently came out to both of us as Bisexual. Now, honestly, Maria and I both wonder if Tina has a crush on her.

Now, sometimes I think its ridiculous, but I can't help but get a little jealous. And I think Tina tries to push me out. Like, online, she'll talk to me and say "You know, me and maria really have become close this year. We really are best friends now". And Maria has a note box, and she told me look at the note from a boy she likes, while she was in the shower, and I was looking and couldn't find it, and found one from her and Tina, where Maria told her about her mom cheating on her dad. She said "I'm not going to tell *me* because I just don't ever wanna bring it up again" but I can't help but be hurt that she wouldn't tell me. She also tells Tina things before me, like all about boys she likes and stuff. I know they don't have THAT much talking time in class. It just hurts my feelings.

1. Do you think Tina has a Crush on Maria?
2. What should I do about my jealousy?


1. i wouldn't know if Tina has a crush on Maria, it could be, or it could be that Maria is a rolemodel for Tina... or perhaps, Tina is confused of her feelings for Maria, if there was a guy that you were aquainted with, and he gave you attention, you might develop a crush on him. it is natural for this to occur. bottom line it is not up to you to decide this, this is something that Tina and Maria must work out on their own... if Tina is clingy and needy for Maria's attention and Maria doesn't mind, or if she does mind is something that she will have to handle, later on you can be the supportive friend.

2. it is hard to cope with jealousy, some grown women still have issues with it... the earlier you learn to cope with it the better off you will be...

i know that it is hard to watch a friend get close to another friend. and in highschool it is very easy to drift apart from someone that you have grown accustom to being close to. but that is how life works... and you should prepare yourself with that reality... though it may be hard, or seem difficult for you i think that the best advice i could give to you now is for you to take this time to make new friends. not only will it show your independence, flexability, and help improve your social capabilities, but it can help you get your mind off jealousy...

and last but not least, don't try to seperate Tina and Maria, you never know, next year you might get a ton of classes with either one of them allowing you to be in the loop once more. and if you have done something to compromise their friendship, and your relationship with them then not only will you lose your friends, but you will have the unfortunate awkwardness of having to be around them...

good luck!


My girlfriend OD'd last night. she took 4 lortabs & 4 kutecs(thats a perscription).she also took 1600 mgs of ibuprofen.she thinks that lortabs were expired because when she opened the bottle, it smelt bad.she became really dizzy, broke out into a major cold sweat, threw up 4 times,tight feeling in chest, and periodic headaches. its been 24 hours and she still is somewhat dizzy, and still has headaches in the back and sides of her head.
how can she get better?
how can i help her?

i am not advocating that you not take her to get emergency medical treatment, if it were me, or up to me i would have been in the emergency room 10.8 minutes after the first side effect.

but apparently you both decided that medical attention was not neccessary, and seeing as how 24 hours later she is still standing, i would think that she is not going to die anytime soon, though i am not a doctor...

seeing as how she threw up 4 times she probably got rid of most, if not all of the undigested pills. her lingering side effects might be the cause of the little amount of pills that her body was able to digest.

if she is improving then i wouldn't be too worried about her physical state. if she is the same, or worse then before, then i would say take her to the hospital.

i would tell her to drink a ton of water, and cranberry juice to try and flush out her system... her remaining headaches might be the cause of dehydration due to vomiting... don't give her anything though, no headache medication... that is the last thing that she needs... in order to help cope with the dizziness i'd have her rest, and drink chamomile tea, or sleepy time tea, it will help calm her, also there is a product at the local Vitamin shoppee ( it's like a GNC) called "mygrastick" you rub the peppermint, and lavender oil on your temples and behind your ears and it instantly calms you and helps with headaches... i swear by the stuff...

mostly i would just treat her like she is sick with the flu, (minus the medication) give her soup, liquids, and plenty of rest...

and when she is better i'd sit down and have a talk with her on why she OD'd was it an "accident" do you believe her if she told you it was an "accident". a few years ago i felt my life had taken a turn for the worse; i spiraled into a deep depression that i couldn't climb out of and i had very real thoughts of suicide... though i wouldn't have believed it then, things do get better. they got better for me, and i hate to think of all that i'd miss if i had committed suicide... and how much it would have killed my family, and boyfriend (now husband)... there is so much to live for, even if you don't think so... so if this was just an accident, then be careful next time, but if this was something more, then please try to help her heart and soul...


14/f. Yesterday I shaved my pubic hair for the first time. at first I didn't notice anything but later on it started to hurt! When I shaved, I shaved downward and upward. Now whenever I put on jeans or underwear or something the clothes rub on it and it hurts! Also when it's growing back it feels prickly... also when you move your hand upwards on it it hurts SO MUCH. The area kind of feels raw too. Why is this happening, when will this go away, and what can I do about it? I tried baby powder, lotion, baby oil, itching cream, and much more! Thanks so much!

i remember being 14, and playing around with a razor, but unless you are cleaning up your bikini line (just as the name suggests, the area where your bikini rests just above your thigh) when swimming season comes around, and you have cousin "IT" between your legs then is the time to do something about it, a nice wax, or even the nair specialty for bikini area would do the trick, waxing hurts something fierce the first few times, but after you get over that hurdle the hair comes in softer, less thick and less coarse, and is easier to yank out.

as for the pain, sorry, the only thing that is going to help you out is waiting it out... your gonna have to wait for it to grow back in...

hopefully you just meant your bikini line, i'd hate to think that a 14 year old girl would be concerned with "landscaping" down there at such an early age.... and it might be "sexy" to go "bald" down there, but not until you are 18 if you know what i mean...




hey does anyone know how to get JoJo`s eye make up (like how to do it..ahah) no false eye lashes *& preferrably CoverGirl products...but i just dont want to spend a lot. lol thanks

*& if you could tell the steps

thanks so much =]


I'm not sure if this is what you are looking for, but it this site has a few cool things on it.

i looked at the pics of jojo, and i am not convinced that you are going to achieve that look with out the help of fake lashes. i'd suggest the darkest black liquid eyeliner that you can find, i know cover girl makes some good ones, but it can get pricey, if you want to stay on the cheap side of it i'd say a dark smooth gliding pencil eyeliner and a couple of heavy coats of a dark mascara would do the job, though it would be as crisp of a line that you'd get with a liquid... as for the cat eye affect, your just gonna have to spend an hour with a bag of cotton balls, and an eye make-up remover, a steady hand and a ton of practice to get that look. also, like with a hairstyle, just cuz it looks good on her won't mean that it'll look good on you. a dark color might make your skin look washed out and pale, too much on the crease of the eye and not enough at the corner of the eye might make you look less Sexa, and more goth.

Good luck, practice makes perfect!


One of my very close friends is a soldier in Iraq right now and I have made a commitment to him that I'll talk to him every night. The problem is, he isn't able to talk until about midnight every night and then wants to talk for several hours, when I have to get up at 8 or 9 in the morning every day to go to class. I drink coffee in the morning to wake me up but I still feel pretty dead all day. I know that most of you are going to say to just stop talking to him so I can get on a regular sleeping schedule but it's not that simple. We're very close friends and enjoy talking to each other a lot, so I can't do that...I don't know what to do...help?!

it is great that you want to be loyal to a friend of yours, they are serving our country and it must be very hard and lonely for them to be in completely unfamilar territory; not knowing when/if they will ever see their loved ones again...

i was involved in a long distance relationship with my now husband for about 3 years. it was very hard to be away from him, and the only thing that kept me going was those late night phone calls. so i do know how it feels to be obligated to a few hours of talking on the phone:)

i agree with what one of the other posters said about getting a few hours of sleep before the call; lots of coffee also helps.


14/f. i hang out with guys alot and now girls think im a slut. does that seem slutty to hangout with mostly guy? im just friends with them, and i still hang out with girls too. this is really bothering mee.

well, i would like to tell you that what you are going through is nothing then your peers being immature and unable to accept your choice of friendship, possibly due to their jealousy and feelings of inadquaces. but, sadly what you are going through may very well be an obstacle that you will have to overcome for the rest of your life.

i am sorry that some girls think less of you, but girls are going to do that. all you can do is develop a tough skin, and make sure that you are conducting yourself in a friendly manner, not a flirty manner.


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