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okay my homecoming is this weekend and im getting my hair done at a very nice place but i dont know what do get done. my hair is a little below my shoulders and i dont mind if the hairstyle is curly or straight. please send links of pics of you can! thanks

something like this would be really cute..its simple but still appropriate! and to dress it up more you could do half up half down, some type of updo, etc.!

good luck♥


TELL ME WHERE TO BEGIN! School starts in 2 days now... I cant set myself to just pick out an outfit. I love all my new clothes... just cnt pick! I need to pick something out tomorrow.... how do I start to make myself accept n outfit. I just dnt wanna wear the wrong thing... first day of hs. In years prior I could pick out so quick! Wt? Helllllp!!!!!

you can never go wrong with this combo: classic jeans with a stylish shirt! this is perfect for the 1st day b.c its casual and yet still cute! good luck!! [♥]


can some one give me some pics of destroyed jeans. ive been looking but my search hasnt been succesful. it would be sooo helpful. thanks a lot! bu bye


im going out to a party tonight. i have hair down to my shoulders and side bangs. im need a cute hairstyle. i usually just straighten it but im getting bored of it. any tips or ideas? or websites with details would help. thanks!

my hair is pretty similar to yours..sometimes ill put it up in a messy bun! this looks really cute especially when the bangs are still swept to the side and not pulled back! or i put half back in a clip, again with the bangs still left out! or you could try a cute headband just to add color or some style! those would work good for your straight here..but then again dont be scared to try to curl, scrunch, or crimp your hair! im sure it will look gorgeous ♥ good luck!


Does any bodyd knwo nay really good face products??? Beside proavticte...and that they worked for you?

if youre talking about other perscriptions..i would ask your dermotoligist to think about giving you Differin! it works realllly good! if he dosent think it will work for you, then he'll prob have some other suggestions! good luck ♥


this year I want to dress more preppy. What are some styles that look preppy? I rate very high!

try stores like abercrombie, hollister, american eagle, urban outfitters, gap, and some of wet seal! go in those stores and you cant go wrong! hope i helped ♥


Hey hey hey... thanks ahead of time. I will rate and leave feedback if it's wanted, but anyways- i dyed my hair about two weeks ago and I absolutely HATE the color of it. I thought that I heard of something called Stripping... which is where you get your hair color stripped and it will go back to your natural color. Is this something real and is it bad for your hair, how much does it cost? Thanks

im sorry i looked online for "hair stripping" but came across nothing to help..however ive heard of making mixture of your shampoo, baking soda, and a little bit of water! if you wash your hair with this a couple times the color should get ligter..maybe this would fix the problem??? hope i helped =/ ♥ please rate if ive been of some assistance


hey! i am having a birthday there will be boys and girls, i don't wear skirts and i want something casual! any ideas

try some distressed jeans from hollister..they are way cute and there are tonsss to choose from! some even have little sparkels on the back pockets, this will make your oufit a bit more dressy! then try layering two tank tops of diff colors! its looks really hott but casual! or find a cute graphic tee you like! best of luck!!! ♥ please rate


i asked the question about what 3 tops to wear and most people said the second one and i put the same link for 2 and 3 the 3rd link was supposed to be

this is the one you guys said i should wear >>>

so which one the first link or the second link with blue jeans and pink and black shoes
thanks 2 everyone who answered my last question..

I definately like this one better.. (the first one)!! then again its up to you! that shirt would look way cute with jeans but id find a diff pair of shoes! i dont see how the pink would fit in but maybe plain black..good luck! ♥


I have a light light light brown almost dirty blonde shade of hair. It comes to about an inch past my shoulders. I have bangs. Just like straight across my face. I want to do something cute to spice it up and make me look pretty. I will rate really high PLEASE this is like a fashion emergency!

id try giving your hair some layers that frame your face, this will give your hair some body. wait a while until your bangs get longer then make them sweeping bangs! i have it and omg i love it, you prob will too! and also concider getting some blonder highlights! then again if this dosnet sound like something youd like you can always ask your hairdresser for styles that would look good on you or you could look through haircut magazines! hope ive helped ♥ good luck


hey i was wondering if abercrombie && fitch clothes runs small?

theyre meant to be tight and they actually run in a smaller fit then hollister or american eagle! but then again their clothes tend to be way cuter! remember to wash the shirts on delicate and then leave them out to dry, the 1st couple of times you wash it, just to prevent potential shrinking! ♥


heyy -
you know how people have those cute little falling hearts on the top of their webpages or myspaces? I think thats soo cute & i wanna use them! But i cant seem to find any HTML webpages with the code for it! Do you know of any good sites with that code? Or if not do you know any good myspace HTML code sites? Thanks a million

Love Always,
xoxo nicole

Im soo sorry, but Im completely the wrong person to ask about this lol! so sorry! all I can say is try and google it or you can post a bulletin asking how and maybe some of your myspace friends will reply and tell you how ♥ good luck


Hey i play sports and dont get me wrogn I love playing them and wouldnt want to quit...but iam kinda a tom boy so how can i become more girly??

to be more girly wear cuter clothes! instead of basketball shorts or whatever try on a cute skirt! instead of plain T-shirts try a polo, theyre still comfotorable but theyre also way more stylish! top it of with earings, heels, and makeup! now remember dont ever feel the need to change yourself..these are just some tips to embrace your girly side lol, hope Ive helped ♥


if my eyes are dark blue-green wut color eye shadow should i use to make my eyes stand out?

I have a similar color and I wondered the same thing..I asked someone from a makeup store and they told me that a taupe color would work the best! so try something brown/goldish with maybe a litte shimmer! hope Ive helped ♥


i have STICK STRAIGHT hair no matter what i do to it. how can i give it some wave without curlers or a curling iron cause i dont have much time in the morning

scrunching hair is pretty easy and dosnet take much time..however your hair usually needs to be wet so try taking a shower the night before then scrunching it before bed! this way all youll have to do in the morning is touch it up! hope I helped ♥ good luck


I am 14/f but i have drawn few clothings and dress designs and my friends and teachers really liked them and quiet good but i wasnt really satisfied with them, because i know i can do better if i just learn.

so my real question is. is there a book that helps to make pattern and how to draw better when you design clothes? like use certain color pencil and how to draw this and that when you are designing dress or clothes or purse or whatever.

and is there a PC program that have like cyber design ? like you design a clothes and you can see it in 3D?

Please help i rate 5 if they are any help. even a little but if you are going to bash about my question and not even going to answer it then i am SO REPORTING you.

Im sorry I really dont know of any names..but I know they def have the books youre talking about! I know this is vauge but just go to a book store near you and look under the Art/Design section and there should be tons of books that can help you! hope I helped a little? ♥


im 13 and goin into 8th grade i have really bad acne and i was wondering what i should do i have persripion medication and i wash my face 2 times a day!!!

Talk to your dermotoligst who perscribed the medication and maybe ask for another..Or ask if you can try proactiv (ive never actually tried it but have you seen those commercials? it looks pretty awesome)! Another gel called differin works really good too! There are alot of options your dermotoligst can tell you about! good luck &hearts


Right very soon i am going to meet my girlfriend for the first time. And I don't know what to wear!! Disaster!! Should i go smart and casuall.. Or should i go formal dressed (trosuers and dress shoes) I dont know any ideas??
All help appreciated

well it depends on where youre going..just be yourself and dress for the occasion and i know youll look great..and if youre really worried then call the resturaunt or location and ask about the dresscode! hope i helped and good luck &hearts


Ok..i was can you make your jeans like..all ripped..instead of buying them for like 80 can you rip them and make them look good you know.? like on the knee areas you have the white things going across and near your pocket you have a little rip..if anyone knows what to do and knows what im talking about...PLZZZZZ answer this..

oh yea..and dont tell me to go wear the jeans and jus keep on sliding on the cement with them on..


ive found rubbing a nail filler over the knee or other area to work good! it gives the jeans a distressed look and looks much more natural then cutting with sissors! hope this helps &hearts please rate


does anyone no any good tanning products or any good ways to get tan??


i rate high :)

id recommend spray on tans or lotions with a tanning aunt just got melonoma (skin cancer) and trust me its not fun, even if it clears up theres only a 63% chance she'll always put on suntan lotion and avoid the tanning beds because they're just as bad if not worse..however spray tans from the drug store or professional spray tans are great!! hope this helps &hearts


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